The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Zyzzyva


Email Status: Valid as of June 2013

Story Codes Added Updated
A Day in the Life (Zyzzyva) mc mf fd md cb hu 17 Dec 2011
Fever Dream mc 10 Sep 2016
Internal Affairs Bureau mc ff 01 Oct 2016 22 Oct 2016
La Belle Dame Sans Merci mc mf ff fd cb 15 Jun 2013
Let’s You And Her Fight mc ff cb 13 Aug 2016
Masks (Zyzzyva) mc ff cb 30 Jul 2016
Memetic Badass mc fd cb hu 15 Jun 2013
A Night on the Town mc fd md cb hu 23 Jul 2016
River City Stories, Volume 4 mc mf ff md fd rb cb 29 Jun 2019
Starlight mc md cb ft 23 Jul 2016
Wild Thing mc ff mf fd gr la sf 30 May 2015