The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: hypnoololook


Email Status: Valid as of September 2002

Story Codes Added
Battle of the Vampires mc ff mf fd 04 May 2008
Confessions of a Vampire’s Slave mc ff 11 Nov 2007
Dear Diary, Today I Met a Vampire mc mf ff md 14 Oct 2006
Hypno Hips mc ff 08 Nov 2003
Jenny mc mf md 21 Sep 2003
Lustful Hypnotizing mc mf md 14 Oct 2006
Mind Control Dust mc mf ff md 10 Jan 2004
The Program (hypnoololook) mc mf md 21 Sep 2002
Sleepnatized mc mf md 08 Feb 2004
The Swingers and the Hypnotist mc mf md 01 Feb 2004
The Taking mc mf ff md fd 02 Aug 2003
Vampire Hypnotherapist mc mf md 10 Sep 2006
The Vampire on the Move mc mf md 17 May 2003