The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: miketheFable


Email Status: Valid as of October 2006

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Story Codes Added Updated
Daughters mc ff ma la in 23 Aug 2008
Fable mc ff 28 Dec 2008
Faceless mc ma gr la 14 Dec 2008
The Fantastic Ms. Fox mc mf ff md gr la 01 Feb 2014
Femininism mc mf ff md 25 Mar 2007
Flashes of Silver: A Garden Anthology mc mf ff md fd in rb 10 Sep 2006
Go Team Porn! mc mf ff fd md ma gr 23 Sep 2007
Laid Bare mc mf md 14 Jan 2007
Meghan’s Story mc ma gr 27 Jan 2008
Purge mc ff gr la hu 11 Feb 2007
Questioning mc mf md gr 04 Nov 2012
Sexcafades mc mf md gr 11 Nov 2012
Viral Shards: A Garden Anthology mc ff mf 02 Nov 2008
William the Patron Saint of Sodomy mc mf md gr 18 May 2008
Worth the Effort mc mf ff gr ma 12 Aug 2007
You Tart mc mf md 02 Sep 2007 30 Sep 2007