The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: unrealhypnosis


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Story Codes Added
ABDL Hypnosis Temptation mc mm ft 05 Aug 2023
The Brainwashing Academy: An Erotic Hypnosis Journey of Surrender and Pleasure mc md 05 Aug 2023
The Enthralling Seduction mc mf fd 05 Aug 2023
Enthralling Trance: The Hypnotic Seduction mc mf md 05 Aug 2023
Into the Depths of Desire mc mf md 05 Aug 2023
Nexus Unleashed: A Dronification Erotic Hypnosis Tale mc mf ff fd 05 Aug 2023
The Queen of Spades — Seductive Secrets mc mf ff fd 05 Aug 2023
The Trance Temptation: A Journey of Forbidden Desires mc mm 15 Jul 2023