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Synopsis: Sometimes it’s best not to interfere with local customs

All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older

Leaving Tomsk, they travelled north-west for seven days. They were a small party of three.

Ivan Obolensky (34) a professor of anthropology in Petrograd headed the three man expedition into the vast wilderness of Siberia.

Dimitri Bazool (25) was of Tuvan descent. He was chosen because as well as Russian, he also knew some of the local languages, such as that of the Chulym, Tatarlar, and Ket peoples that they might encounter.

Andrei Brusilov (25) was one of Ivan’s students. Originally from Krasnoyarsk he was acclimatised to Siberia’s testing weather.

Three men, six animals.

It was at night, as they camped that they heard him first…

A strange little man. He was atop a mule, rather than a horse. He held the reigns in one hand and the other he held a strange ornate rope that lead to a woman on foot.

Dimitri and Andrei had drawn out their guns at the sound of a stranger approaching. Ivan, more calm stood by his rifle.

“Ni! Ni!” the little man gesticulated.

Dimitri approached the man, tucking his gun into his belt so as to be less threatening. He moved forward because he thought he’d be better suited at communicating with this night-time stranger.

He conversed with the man who continued to make wild arm movements as he talked back.

“His name is Okhlopkov,” Dimitri said “Though it’s hard to understand him as he’s Yakut.”

“Yakut!” Ivan gasped “What is he doing this far west?”

“I… I don’t, know… I… I think it’s something to do with the girl…”

“And the girl?” Andrei asked

“From what I can gather,” Dimitri said “Her name is Azyan.”

“What is she to him?” Ivan asked concerned for her well-being.

“I… I’ll try and find out,” Dimitri said as he turned back to face the funny little man.

“It’s not right,” Andrei protested.

“What?” Ivan asked.

“Dragging a woman around like that!”

Ivan was cautious. He believed how the girl was being treated like that—like a possession—was wrong. But he was a pragmatist. He wasn’t going to stir up trouble in the middle of the night. He had no idea if there were others lurking near-by.

“He’s asked if he can share our camp-fire,” Dimitri reported to Ivan.

“As her if he’ll release the woman first,” Andrei said.

“He’s welcome to share the fire,” Ivan said, holding back Andrei’s enthusiasm.

Okhlopkov kept a tight leash on Azyan as he rushed over to the fire. Azyan looked at the men with a mixture of curiosity, and innocence… like she was pleading for help.

The three watched as Okhlopkov drew out a hessian bag. He had some salted pork and he began consuming that.

Andrei drew out a can of preserved meat he’d been eating from, and squatting down he offered this to Azyan.

Okhlopkov turned and saw this and protested violently. Dimitri interpreted.

Dimitri said that the strange little man had said the woman was dangerous—that she had killed a dozen men…

Andrei couldn’t believe that such a petite creature could ever had done such deeds.

Ivan had to insist however that Andrei return to his place at the other side of the fire.

Okhlopkov smiled triumphantly, annoying Andrei that he leapt to his feet yet again.

Ivan had to restrain Andrei again…

They settled down around the fire, in an uneasy circle.

Azyan gazed at Andrei. Ivan noticed his young colleague staring into her eyes from across the fire.

“Andrei?” he kept saying

Andrei didn’t move.

Ivan nudged him with his elbow.

He hit him harder…“Um, sorry?” Andrei said.

Okhlopkov protested seeing this too… He seemed concerned that Andrei was so engrossed in the young captive.

Dimitri went over and spoke in hushed tones.

“He thinks she’s trying to possess Andrei…,” Dimitri interpreted as he came back to his place next to Ivan.

“That’s ridiculous!” Ivan said.

“Tell her we’ll let her go…,” Andrei enthused.

“But…,” Dimitri began… he didn’t want to interfere. Ivan had a calmer head.

“Tell her… Tell her we’re not going to harm her,” Ivan said.

Dimitri leant closer to her and had to assure her he was not going to harm her.

The woman was, despite the grime, quite beautiful. She turned her head to Ivan who for a moment thought he saw her eyes turn from brown to blue. He blinked. Her blue eyes… so unusual for a woman of these parts. Her otherwise Asiatic features could have meant she was of Siberia.

Ivan felt he was unable to stop looking at her…

* * *

In the middle of the night Andrei rose coming out of his tent and crept over towards Okhlopkov. (Andrei and Ivan both slept in their own tents—Dimitri, like the two strangers, slept in the open under blankets).

He went over to Okhlopkov and looked down at him. He looked over at Azyan. She appeared to be asleep

Andrei drew out a folding-knife and began cutting through the rope.

As soon as the rope was severed he turned to see Azyan standing next to him, naked.

“Wha…?” he began

She pressed a finger to his lips.

She gazed at him, her eyes so deep and enticing. She smiled and for the first time he noticed how pointy her teeth were.

Mewing she sank to her knees.

He watched as her hands unbuttoned his pants. His cock was already rock hard when she took him into her mouth. He gasped. He felt a sharp prick and suddenly a wetness leaving his body into her hungry mouth. She sounded like she was purring.

Her mouth rode his cock hard and fast.

And then he came…

He came deem and hard, and kept pouring out jizz… and… he felt so weak, like she was sucking on his life-force, his very essence.

He next realised he was lying on the ground looking up at the sky.

He rose, light-headed. Azyan was sound asleep. He had no idea how long he’d passed out for.

In a daze he wondered back to his tent, his cock had been bleeding from two small wounds at the base, but now there was dried red-brown flecks on his pants.

* * *

In the morning Dimitri cried out in alarm.

Andrei and Ivan rushed out of their tents.

They saw immediately a husk that looked like a body…desiccated and sunken in on itself…

It took a while to process that this… these remains… had been Okhlopkov.

Dimitri turned to see Azyan sitting in her bedding… smiling? He couldn’t tell at first. She did seem though overly calm. Then he looked back at the poor Okhlopkov. He turned to Azyan again, and it was too much for him.

He leapt at her.

“Did you do this?” Dimitri growled shaking Azyan.

“Is the girl alright?” Andrei asked “Leave her alone!”

Andrei grabbed a blanket and went to her and wrapped it around her…

The men discussed what it was they could do. They had no idea what had happened to Okhlopkov. It seemed—inhuman…un-natural….

“Shall we break camp?” Dimitri asked.

“I don’t think we should…,” Andrei said suddenly.

“This place is cursed!” Dimitri said “We should go… and leave her behind!”

“Noooo!” Andrei gasped. He turned to look at her as if seeking instruction.

Azyan’s hand was inside his pants, caressing him.

“We should go…,” Dimitri said again.

“We’ll bury him…,”

“No, we need to go now…” Dimitri insisted.

“We can’t leave her…,” Andrei said as Azyan’s eyes bore into his.

In the end Ivan decided that they would bury Okhlopkov and stay till the following day.

* * *

Dimitri woke as he heard the horses were disturbed. He took a moment to get up off the ground and then he made his way past the other’s tents to where the horses were. Then he saw his own horse Grom (Thunder) frothing.

He heard a rhythmic moaning. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

He moved around to get a closer look and then his jaw dropped. Azyan was bent under the stallion, her hips pushing up against him… She was taking his massive hard cock into her.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” she continued to moan as she rocked her hips up hard against the horse dick.

Grom whinnied and then seemed to collapse. Azyan stood up, almost laughing, full of energy. She turned and saw Dimitiri.

“Sleep!” she said in his mind.

His eyes rolled up and he collapsed where he was.

In the morning Ivan found Grom, that once proud massive beast withered and barely able to stand. What was worse is two other horses (also stallions) were also dead… they appeared like Okhlopkov had appeared … desiccated husks.

Andrei was with Azyan, gently caressing her head when Ivan called him over.

Dimitri woke where he was and saw Ivan and Andrei talking together.

“What…?” he gasped.

“Where have you been?” Ivan asked.

“I… I’m not sure…,” Dimitri said… “What’s happening?”

“The horses…,” Andrei said.

“What about them?” Dimitri asked

He looked…

“It’s like it’s ‘life-force’ has been drained away from it…” Dimitri said as he looked at it. He made a sign across his forehead… not a sign-of-the-cross, because he was an Animist, but it was for the same effect… protection.

“Don’t talk rubbish,” Ivan said. He was a man of science and reason.

“No… I think he’s right,” Andrei said. He tested one of the remains with the point of his boot. The flesh caved in immediately, as if it were a dried husk.

Ivan looked to him surprised. He might have summarily dismissed Dimitri’s provincial wisdom, but Andrei was one of his best pupils. And, as a man of science Ivan now considered differences of opinion. And, it was clear the beasts had not simply passed away from some easily defined malady.

“Has anyone seen the girl?” Andrei asked in a sudden panic.

“No.. I…?” Ivan turned and already Andrei headed back to the tents.

But there she was, asleep in her bedding.

Andrei rushed to her.

Azlan woke, and seeing him lean over her as he squatted there she smiled. She was so beautiful. It was a moment before Andrei realised he had a massive hard on. There was just something so seductive about the petite Siberian.

She looked to his crotch as if she could see it through his pants. She looked into his eyes and smiled again. And as she did she pulled the blanket back from her and then lifted her clothes to reveal her bare sex.

It was almost too much to bear. Andrei unbuttoned his fly. He mounted her, pushing into her….

She felt… amazing. “Oh, God!” he exclaimed as he felt her moist softness envelope his shaft.

Then she spoke to him. It was in her own language… but somehow he understood her as if she was speaking perfect Russian.

He couldn’t even hear the shouts of Ivan and Dimitri as the implored him to stop.

“Do it!” Azyan whispered in his ear “Don’t listen to them, you want me!”

Ivan grabbed Andrei by the arm.

“Don’t stop!” she urged him.

As he yanked at his colleague’s limb he noticed Azyan, almost purring as Andrei fucked her.

“You want me!” she kept urging.

“Yes!” he cried.

“You want to be inside me…. forever!”


She made no effort at all to push her ‘lover’ away.

“Andrei! Ivan cried…

The two men finally pulled him away and together they all fell in a heap.

“My God, man!” Ivan said “What’s got into you!”

“Please… let me… I …. I have to…” he wept and leapt up and drove back onto Azyan.

“You can be in me forever!” she purred.

“I want you…” he cried.

He began humping her again and she drew her legs up at the knees so he could push in deeper.

“I wan….,”


Dimitri clubbed Andrei over the side of the head with a rifle butt. Andrei fell off Azyan, bleeding and unconscious.

“What on earth has got into him?” Ivan asked.

“I… I don….,” Dimitri began when he turned to see Azyan lying there, her legs open, smiling so innocently. Her pussy glistened.

He gazed at her perfect pussy… hairless, and now virginal tight. It was…

He shook his head… He tried to focus. He looked at her again. She almost mewed as she rolled over onto her stomach and parted her legs again. Even her tight ass-hole was inviting. It was as if she knew what he wanted.

“Dimitri!” Ivan said, shaking him.

“Huh? What?”

“I was speaking to you… and you were off with the stars!”

“Um… sorry,” Dimitri said and he made a conscious effort not to look back at Azyan.

As things calmed down they realised that they were in some difficulty. With three horses missing.

Ivan made the decision to break camp and they would ride with the remaining horses as quickly as possible back to a river portage where they’d be able to get a ride (without the remaining horses) back to civilisation.

They’d have to leave all their scientific equipment behind. All they’d take is food, their weapons and ammo. Not even the tents would be packed.

Azyan was put on Okhlopkov’s pack animal.

“We should leave her,” Dimitri said.

This surprised Ivan. How could he leave such a young woman here in the middle of the wilds of Russia?

“Please, leave her!” Dimitri begged.

Andrei, taking a while to recover woke to find Ivan’s plan being carried out without him.

“Where’s…?” he began before he realised Azyan was safe… He felt such a wave of relief…

He went to her. “I… I don’t know what came over…,” he began.

She leant down to whisper in his ear

“You are my slave…,” he heard her sweet voice.

He took her hand “I’ll look after you”.

“You will obey me!”

“I will…,” he smiled.

“You will kill the Tuvan,” she said “He vexes me!”


“You obey”


“Then you will kill him”


They headed off at midday, eating as they rode. They didn’t bother with water because there’d be plenty around… creeks, waterholes, etc.

They climbed up from the creek towards the pass that they had traversed only a week or so ago. They knew the way got rough, and there’d be a point where the track grew narrow; a sheer drop on one side.

Azyan looked back at Andrei. He nodded. His cock ached to be inside her again. Only obeying her would mean he could have her. He had to obey her.

At a point the track turned almost 90°. This was the most dangerous part and even the beasts understood this.

Suddenly Andrei spurred his horse. Surprised it pushed into the back of Dimitri’s beast. It in turn was surprised and lost its footing.

Man and beast toppled.

Andrei showed no emotion as he watched.

Ivan who’d already passed turned. Azyan between him and Dimitri gazed into his eyes. Azyan held Ivan’s gaze.

Then as Andrei moved forward his saddle suddenly slipped.

His scream as he fell broke the silence of the morning.

And still Ivan gazed at Azyan. He could not look away.

She gently nudged her horse forward.

“You want me…,” she whispered in his ear.

“You will obey me…,” she said.

Clicking her horse forward she took the lead, and Ivan turned his horse and followed.

She smiled knowing he had fallen in behind her. They would camp that night and she would feed again.

What remained of Ivan was never found.

The remains of his horse, devoid of life-force simply was consumed by the forest.

All that remained of the 1914 party was Azyan’s horse. It managed to survive her feeding.

And as for Azyan… She returned to the wilds again to feast on the creatures of the woods. They were of sterner stuff then men…

But perhaps not as much fun.

The End