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The Babysitter Becomes a Slave, part 2

Note: I am writing this at the request of Sonya Esperanto. She wanted me to write an alternative ending to her “The Babysitter Becomes A Slave” and I agreed. You can see where this will be more than one chapter, although an alternative to her second chapter. You should read at least the first chapter of her story to gain the background on what is happening here.

Michael Tan was 17, barely stood 5′4, wore glasses, had pimples and a skinny body, in other words, a total nerd. No one knew his secret, that the previous Saturday night he had hypnotized his babysitter, Marie Antoinette, a French student studying here on Macau, and had made her his sex slave. Marie was 22, stood 5′7, emerald green eyes, short brown hair and a sexy body. He had her do a strip tease for him and then he had fucked her cunt, ass and mouth. He had her masturbate for him and suck the cum from her fingers as she orgasmed. As he prepared for bed he had ordered her to break up with her boyfriend and exchange cell phone numbers so he could keep in contact with her. He then retired before his parents came home.

Now it was Monday afternoon and Michael was headed for Marie’s apartment to get a little ‘afternoon delight’. He walked up to the door and knocked. He had called Marie at lunch and informed her when he would be there and what he wanted. Marie opened the door and Michael stood and appraised her. Saturday she had worn black bra and panties, a pair of jeans and shirt. Now she stood before him dressed as a French maid. She had the typical short black dress with white apron, wrist cuffs and hat. A black lace choker with gold medallion was around her neck and a feather duster was in her hand. The white garter belt straps were visible for several inches from the hem of the dress to her black stocking tops.

“Hello, Master,” she said as he admired her outfit and the body so openly displayed by the scalloped neckline. “I was just cleaning and preparing for your arrival. Please, come in.” She gestured into the apartment and Michael entered. Marie closed the door locked it and led him into the living room. “Please have a seat, sir and can I get you anything?”

“No that’s okay slave, you can continue dusting,” Michael told her. She turned her back to him and bent over the coffee table to dust. As she bent forward the back of her dress rose, showing her white thong as it hugged her pussy and disappeared in the crack of her ass. Michael leaned forward a little and rubbed on her exposed ass cheeks which caused Marie to squirm and grind back at him. He had commanded her to instantly become aroused at the feel of his touch. Her ass undulated against his hand as her breathing increased in pace and became heavier. Then she was panting as his finger tip traced her thong from clit to where it disappeared between her buttocks. Michael pressed the palm of his hand up against her crotch and tickled her clit with a finger tip and Marie responded, getting wilder with her gyrations as she rubbed her cunt over his hand. He could feel the crotch of the panties growing wet with her juice.

“Okay bitch, sit on the coffee table and pull your panty aside. The I want you to finger fuck yourself with three fingers and pull your dress neckline down to expose your tits.” Marie quickly straightened, spun around as sat on the edge of the table. Pulling her skirt up with one hand and her neckline down with the other she uncovered both her white silky bra and front of her panties. Her right hand slipped the crotch aside and her first three fingers slipped into her cunt as her left hand pulled the bra up, freeing her breasts.

“Lick those titties,” he ordered her and Marie lifted her left breast and began running her tongue over the nipple. Her three fingers continued flying in and out of her cunt and her breathing got even more rapid and Michael could tell she was approaching a climax. “Okay, get on your knees between my legs and get my pants down, my cock exposed and your lips wrapped around it.”

Marie slid off the table to her knees and reached for his belt. She unfastened it and then his school slacks and then grabbed the sides as he lifted his ass off the couch and pulled the pants and his underwear down. Her right hand encircled his cock and began stroking the shaft as her head came down and her tongue came out to kick his head. She finished licking the pre cum that was oozing from it and then ovaled her mouth and sucked him in. She removed her hand and sank down his cock until the head penetrated her throat. Marie had no gag reflex and started swallowing, working the cock deeper into her throat until the tip of her nose rested in Michael’s pubic hair. Her tongue licked on his shaft and tried to wrap itself around him. Michael was playing with her hair, loving the feel of it between his fingers.

“Okay, you will finger fuck yourself up to the point of orgasm and then stop. You will continue to do that until I say you may finally get your nut.” Marie’s hand plunged into her panties and he could feel the warm breath on his stomach as she panted through her nose. Marie pulled back and got a breath and then buried his cock in her throat again. Michael could tell she was about to explode and was lost in her growing orgasm so he reminded her,

“Remember, you may not go over the edge, you cannot cum,” he said. She looked up at him with eyes imploring him to please, let me get off. “Not until I say so,” he answered her plea. “I’m not ready for you to cum yet. I am also not ready to cum, so you better pay more attention to making me cum, instead of worrying about yours.” Marie started bouncing her head up and down, making his cock fuck her throat as she began continuously swallowing, knowing that the moving of her throat muscles would milk him further. She also stopped her fingers, keeping them buried in her pussy but unmoving until her rising orgasm settled down. When she had control again she began a slower in and out thrust with them, hoping to make it last until she was allowed to erupt.

“Oh shit, you dirty whore,” Michael gasped, “I’m about to cum. Hurry up and get your nut, because when my cock stops pumping your nutrition down your throat, it’s all over.” Marie instantly increased her pace, her fingers flying in and out of her as she pounded her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, I’m Cuummmiiinnnggg!!!” Michael screamed as his cock erupted, spraying his seed directly into her stomach. His cock sprayed cum over her face as she pulled off it to shout her own orgasm. She quickly grasped his cock with her hand and pumped it so that his balls would continue to ejaculate their load over her face. As Michael’s cock grew limp in her hand she quickly withdrew the other hand from her panties so that her orgasm would subside.

After they had both recovered from their sexual highs, Michael stood and Marie pulled his underwear and slacks back up and fastened them and his belt. He allowed her to put her breasts back in her bra, pull her bodice back up over it and straighten the crotch of her wet panties back over her pussy.

“Do you have a soda?” he asked. Marie went to the kitchen and returned with a can of cola. Michael opened it and took a large swallow. He then looked at Marie,

“When do your classes at the university end tomorrow?” he asked.

“I’m out at 2:30, Master,” she replied.

“Okay, I’ll be here at 3:30 and I only want you in bra, panties, garter belt and stockings,” he ordered. “Also, I think a sandwich would be nice.”

“Yes, Master. Would a hamburger be okay?” she replied.

“Fine, fix me a burger and some fries and have it waiting on the table when I get here. We’ll have sex after my snack” he said. Marie walked with him to the door and they got there as someone knocked. Michael looked at Marie,

“Who could that be?”

“I don’t know Master, should I open it and see?”

“Yes, but remember, do not call me ‘Master’ in front of them” he reminded her.

“Yes, of course, Michael” she replied and opened the door. Michael felt his jaw drop as he beheld a vision of stunning beauty at the door. The woman appeared to be 21-23 years old with deep blue eyes, blonde hair down her back, almost to her ass and about 5′6 maybe 125 lbs. She had on a sky blue mini dress with white knee high socks and sandals.

“Hi Marie, what’s up?” the beauty asked his slave. She then noticed Michael. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know you had company. I heard you dumped Bruce and came by to see if you were okay. I’ll come back.”

“No that’s okay, Danielle” Marie said. “This is Michael, the boy I babysat for last Saturday. Michael, this is Danielle, a friend from school. She’s from California and lives a couple blocks away.” Michael and Danielle both extended their hands and shook as they both mumbled ‘hi ya’. Michael was enraptured and Danielle looked like she couldn’t understand why Marie had this geek over at her place, so, she had babysat the nerd, why invite him here. Did she feel sorry for the pimple faced geek?

“No, Danielle, I was just leaving” Michael said. “Marie forgot a book at my house Saturday night and I was just returning it to her.” Michael squeezed by the two women and started for home. Danielle waited until the door closed and turned to her friend.

“What the fuck are you doing dressed as a French maid? You may be French but I didn’t realize you had taken a job that required you to dress like that.”

“Oh, I was cleaning and decided to wear this old Halloween costume. I didn’t know Michael was coming by or I wouldn’t have had it on,” she lied to her friend. It was a good thing Michael had let her wash her face, she didn’t want Danielle seeing all the cum that had covered it. Her cell phone rang and when she picked it up, she saw it was Michael. “Excuse me, Danielle. This might be important, it’s my folks and I called asking for some money” she again lied. “I’ll take it in my bedroom.” She left her friend and went to her bedroom, closed the door and hit ‘talk’

“Yes, Master,” she answered.

“Has Danielle left?’ Michael asked.

“No, Master. I am in my bedroom and she is in the living room.”

“Okay, good. My mother is going to call you tonight or tomorrow about babysitting again Saturday. My parents were talking about going out again and dad told mom to give you a call before you got tied up with a date or something. Now listen very carefully. When my mother calls, you will tell her you have a date but, you also have a friend named Danielle that you can recommend as a replacement, do you understand?”

“Yes Master, I have a date Saturday night but Danielle would be an excellent replacement, I understand,” Marie responded in a trancelike voice from his hypnotic suggestion.

“Tomorrow, instead of sex, I’m going to teach you how to do hypnotism. I’ll bring a friend for you to practice with. You will still meet us at the door in lingerie, understand?”

“Yes Master, I understand. I will wear lingerie only for you and your friend.” She responded.

“Tell me you love me,” he commanded.

“Oh yes Master, I love you with all my heart and soul,” she responded as she had been programmed. Michael hung up and Marie changed into shorts and a T shit before rejoining Danielle in the living room. That night she followed her master’s commands when his mother called.

The next day at school Michael looked up his friend Tommy and dragged him into a corner.

“I need you to go with me to a girl’s place after school,” he said. “I’m going to teach her hypnotism and you’re going to be her subject.”

“Why me?” Tommy moaned. “I don’t want to be hypnotized.”

“Because a very cute 22 yr old French girl is going to answer the door in just her lingerie and that’s all she’ll wear while we’re there. If you be a good boy, I’ll have her fuck or suck you before we leave. We’ll probably even have to go back Wednesday and maybe Thursday before she gets it right. You got a problem with looking at a hot girl in her underwear and then fucking her, just for being her subject?” Michael asked. Tommy, like Michael, 17, skinny, 5′6, pimply faced and wearing glasses, vigorously shook his head, almost dislodging his glasses.

“Hell no Michael, I’ll do it” he responded. “But why would she do all this for you?”

“Because I have her under my control. I hypnotized her last Saturday night when she babysat me.” Michael answered.

“You mean that hot brunette I saw knocking at your door last Saturday night?”

“Yeah, and I fucked her in her pussy, ass and mouth that night. I also got a striptease and masturbation show from her before mom and dad got home.”

“Holy shit! You fucked her ass? Damn man, that is so cool. Can I fuck her ass too?” Tommy panted.

“If that’s what you want, her ass is yours this afternoon. I’ll get a blowjob while you fuck her,” Michael assured his friend.

That afternoon at 3:30 sharp, Michael knocked on Marie’s door. Tommy felt like his jaw had hit the ground it dropped so fast as he looked at Marie in a baby blue bra, panty, garter belt and stocking set with matching 3 inch high heels. His cock throbbed to instant erection as he thought of it being buried in the girl shortly.

“Michael, how nice to see you, and who’s your friend?” she asked as she stepped back to allow them in.

“Slave, this is Tommy, and he knows you are my slave. Now kiss me,” he ordered. Tommy watched in disbelief as Marie French kissed his buddy.

“Okay, into the living room,” Michael ordered as they broke apart. “Slave, you lead the way because I want Tommy to be able to admire your ass as you walk there.” Marie gave Tommy a big smile,

“Yes Master and I hope he loves my ass as much as you do,” she said as she turned and put a little extra sway into her strut as she led the two boys into the apartment’s interior.

“Tommy, you sit in that chair over there” Michael said pointing to the chair he meant. Tommy got himself seated and Michael pulled his pendulum from his pocket and handed it to Marie.

“Let it hang from your hand on its chain and start it gently swaying to and fro in front of Danielle’s eyes,” he told her. Seeing Tommy’s puzzled look, he informed him, “Danielle is a friend of hers that she is going to hypnotize for me.” Marie got the pendulum properly swaying and Michael continued,

“Now tell her to watch the pendulum and relax. Remove all thoughts from her mind and relax. Listen to my voice and relax,” he instructed.

“Watch the pendulum and relax. Remove all thoughts and just listen to my voice and relax,” Marie chanted in just the right rhythm.

“That’s good; now tell her she’s getting sleepy, very sleeping. Keep your eye on her eyes and when her eyelid droops you continue and tell him his eyes are very heavy and he can’t keep them open. Tell him to sleep, sleep. Be very soothing in speech,” he continued his instructions.

Marie obeyed and Michael could see Tommy was actually going under. Marie had just the right tone and moderation of voice and Tommy would soon be under. And then, he was.

“Very good slave, now tell him to come over and unzip my pants and pull my cock out. I want to see if he’s actually under your control.” Marie placed her command and Tommy got to his feet came to Michael and dropped to his knees. He reached up and unzipped Michael’s pants and fished his cock out. Marie then embellished,

“Suck his cock,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Tommy replied and then opened his mouth and sucked Michael’s cock in.

“That’s enough, slave!” Michael exclaimed. It felt funny, having another boy suck on him, but it definitely proved Tommy was under Marie’s command. “Tell him to go home, forget he was here and forget I asked him to come be your subject. When he hears his door close when he get home, he’ll wake up thinking he just got home from school.” Marie gave Tommy his commands and he got to his feet picked up his books and left.

“Why did you not tell him what to do Master?” Marie asked.

“Because he was under your spell, not mine. I couldn’t get him to obey unless you ordered him to obey me. Tomorrow I’ll approach him again just like today never happened. If Danielle comes over I want you to attempt to hypnotize her. If you succeed, you’ll command her to be at my place at 7:00 Saturday night to babysit. After my parents have been gone for 15 minutes, she’s to enter my bedroom and perform a striptease. She’ll be wearing that mini dress she had on when I met her here, along with the knee highs and a white bra and thong set. When she is nude she will then do anything I tell her to. Have you got that? You will command her to obey my commands once she is nude, repeat that”

“Yes master. If Danielle comes over I will attempt to get her to let me hypnotize her and once she is under I will command her to babysit you at 7:00 Saturday wearing a white bra and thong set and white knee highs under her sky blue mini dress. When your parents have been gone 15 minutes she will enter your bedroom and do a striptease. When nude she will obey all your commands,” Marie recited.

“Very good, and since you had Tommy start to suck my cock, why don’t you finish the job?” Marie came to him and fell to her knees. She lovingly guided his hard length of meat into her mouth and started to swallow it down her throat. Michael wouldn’t admit it, even to himself, but Tommy’s mouth felt good on him and he was already excited from that. It didn’t take Marie 90 seconds and she was swallowing his cum. After they had cleaned up and Michael was heading for the door to leave, a knock came again.

“Why is it that every time I go to leave, someone shows up?” Michael groused. Marie ran to her bedroom and put her housecoat on and returned to open the door on Danielle, who immediately noticed Michael this time.

“Are you here again?” she asked.

“Yes Michael just came over to let me know his parents want me to babysit again Saturday night,” Marie quickly lied. “Okay Michael, I’ll see you Saturday night.” Michael left and Marie closed the door behind him and went into the living room behind her friend. Danielle sat on the chair that Tommy had been on and then noticed her friend’s stockings and high heels.

“My God!” she exclaimed. “What have you got on, open your housecoat,” she demanded. Marie opened her housecoat and then removed it and threw it on the sofa. She did a slow 360 degree turn for Danielle because she had just remembered a rumor she’d heard that Danielle was bi. Maybe if she turned her on some, Danielle would let her hypnotize her.

“I had a meeting with Professor Dupree at 2:45 and so brought this with a dress and changed in a bathroom after my last class before the meeting. I need to improve my grade and figured this outfit and a little panty flashing at him would get me a few points added. I finally gave up being coy about it and spread my legs wide, giving him a great crotch shot.” Marie said as she sat on the couch and spread her legs wide, demonstrating to Danielle what he had seen.

“Did it work?” Danielle asked with a catch in her voice. It was obvious she was attracted to other women, the way her eyes were glued to Marie’s crotch.

“Oh yes, I got fifty points, which raises me from a C to a C+. I have another meeting in a week and I may not wear panties for it. Maybe I can get a hundred points then. Or maybe I’ll wear panties and just do this,” she said as she pulled her panty crotch aside to show off her pussy. Danielle’s breathing was definitely becoming faster and louder. She was almost panting; maybe it was time to ask.

“Danielle, do you believe in hypnotism?” she coyly asked as she slid a finger between her lower lips and then slowly inserted it into her pussy. Danielle was having a hard time restraining herself. She wanted to cross the room and dive between Marie’s legs and replace her finger with her own finger, or better yet, her tongue. She managed to catch enough breathe to ask,

“Why would you ask that?” She still couldn’t tear her eyes from Marie’s finger, idly slipping in and out of her pussy.

“Oh it’s just Bruce and I saw a hypnotism show a few months ago and I got to wondering how real that is. Do you think someone can hypnotize someone else into doing anything they want them to do?” Marie slipped a second finger into her pussy and smiled as she saw Danielle unconsciously start to rub her own pussy in time to her finger fucking herself.

“I don’t know,” Danielle gasped as she increased the tempo of her rubbing to keep up my Marie’s increase in speed, plunging in and out of her pussy. She was getting as turned on watching Danielle rub herself as she was from her finger. She had to get to the point or she was going to have Danielle come and eat her out.

“Do you think, if you’d let me try, I could hypnotize you?” Marie kept her eyes on Danielle’s hand. The rumor had to be true; Daniele was as happy having sex with a girl as a boy. “I’d even pay you to let me try.” That caught Danielle’s attention.

“What do you mean?” she gasped.

“I mean, I’ve heard you’re a bi-sexual. You can stop rubbing your pussy through your shorts and panties and get it exposed. I’ve never been with a girl but if you let me try to hypnotize you, I’ll let you come over here and shove your tongue up my cunt and I’ll even finger fuck you. What do you say, want to eat me and let me finger fuck you?”

“Oh God, yes!” Danielle exclaimed as she jumped to her feet as she pulled down her shorts. She didn’t have panties under them. She rushed over to Marie and fell to her knees and lowered her head. Her tongue came out and she ran it up Marie’s pussy, lapping up her juices from her masturbation. Marie reclined on the coach and as Danielle adjusted to keep her pussy in her mouth, Marie dropped her hand and found Danielle’s clit and started twirling her finger on it.

“Now don’t forget. You cum on my hand and I cum in your mouth and then I get to try to hypnotize you, right?” Marie asked as she teased Danielle’s clit but kept her finger out of her pussy, for now anyway. Danielle mumbled a “Uh Huh” around her mouthful of cunt and kept licking.

“I wish my Master were here,” Marie thought, “he’d probably like to watch this and maybe even fuck my face while I finger fucked Danielle and she licked my pussy.” Marie finally slipped one and then a second finger into Danielle as she thrust her hips up and gyrated them around to Danielle’s ministrations.

“Oh fuck Danielle girl, you’re going to make me CUUUMMM!!!” Marie cried as her orgasm broke and she slipped a third finger into Danielle’s cunt and started finger fucking her in earnest. Her hand was a blur as she thrust and withdrew from the cunt. Then Danielle shuddered as she had her orgasm, but it was silent as she kept her lips sealed to Marie’s pussy, sucking all her juice out. The two girls finally collapsed back, Marie on the couch and Danielle on the floor.

“So when do you want to try?” Danielle gasped.

“Right now,” Marie answered as she forced herself to stand up and take Michael’s pendulum off the coffee table. “Get up on the coach and relax.”

“Relax? Hell Marie, I am relaxed. That nut you gave me was great and I love the taste of your pussy. Any time you want to try to hypnotize me, let me know. I’ll gladly be your guinea pig as long as I get some of that sweet, sweet pussy.” Danielle got situated and Marie started,

“Clear your thoughts empty your head and relax. Relax and watch the pendulum. Relax and listen to my voice. You are growing sleepy, very sleepy. Your eyelids are growing very heavy, you’re very sleeping. Relax, relax, sleep, relax, and sleep.” Danielle’s head dropped forward, her chin on her chest as she went under. Marie wondered what to do next, she had to be assured Danielle was under her control. If her Master was here she’d have Danielle suck him off. Wait, maybe there was somebody out and about outside she could invite in. A quick look showed her the apartment courtyard was empty except for a Collie breed dog. Then she got it, she’d call her master and get his advice.

“Hello slave, what do you want?” came her Master’s voice as he answered her call.

“Master, I got Danielle to let me try and I think I did it. She seems to be out but I don’t know if I control her,” Marie explained.

“Have her eat your pussy,” Michael commanded.

“That’s no good Master. She is bi-sexual and I just let her eat me to get her to allow me to try my hypnotism on her.” Marie said

”She just ate your pussy?” Michael exclaimed.

“Yes Master. I started by letting her watch me play with myself while we were talking and finally got to the point where I said I’d let her eat me, since I heard she was bi” and I’d finger fuck her if she would let me try to hypnotize her.”

“Damn, I wish I had been there to see that!” Michael exclaimed.

“I wish you were here so I could order her to suck your cock to see if she’s under my command and would do it.” Marie confided.

“Okay, are there any men around that you could order her to suck and fuck, that she wouldn’t do, if she were not under control?” Michael asked.

“No, I thought of that and checked the courtyard, only a dog out there now,” she explained, thinking how happy her Master would be because she had thought of everything before calling him.

“Is it a male dog?” Michael asked as an idea exploded in his head. Damn, that would be hot, why hadn’t he thought of Marie doing it for him?

“I don’t know Master. I can check if you want,” Marie said. She opened the door to see if the Collie was still out there and got her answer. “Yes Master, it’s a male. He has his leg raised as he’s peeing on a tree.”

“See if you can get him up to the apartment and then call me back,” Michael ordered and ended the call. Marie obediently grabbed her housecoat and put it back on before going down to the courtyard. The Collie looked at her as she approached and his sensitive nose picked up the scent of wet, juicy pussy. Freshly fucked or masturbated into orgasm. All he knew was it was wet and juicy, with the scent of female cum juice.

“Here boy,” Marie coaxed as she squatted down and beckoned him to her. The Collie took a sniff and realized this was the bitch with wet pussy, so he went to her. As Marie went to pat him, he thrust his nose between her legs and took a lick over her thong’s crotch from asshole to clit. Even through the nylon fibers Marie felt his rough tongue scrap her clit and it sent a jolt through her. She quickly stood and snapped her fingers at him and started back to the stairs up to her apartment. The dog hesitated and the taste of the bitch lit up his taste buds and he loped after her until he caught up and then walked by her side, continually smelling her scent. Unknown and unnoticed by Marie his blood red cock had extended about six inches from its sheath and was extending further the more he sniffed of her. Marie got him into her apartment and picked up her cell phone. Michael checked the number of the incoming call. He didn’t want it to be busy when Marie called.

“Is the dog inside?” he asked as he answered, seeing Marie’s name on the caller id.

“Yes Master, he is,” Marie replied.

“Ask Danielle if she can hear you and then if she knows who you are. Put your phone on speaker so I can hear,” Michael ordered. Marie pushed speakerphone and raised her voice.

“Danielle, can you hear me?”

“Yes Marie, I can,” Danielle answered in a robotic monotone.

“Do you know who I am?” Marie then asked.

“Yes, you are my mistress. You are the woman I love and the woman I’d do anything for,” Danielle replied. Michael hurriedly jumped in,

“If she’s bi-sexual, then ask when she started loving you,” he said.

“When did you start loving me?”

“I’ve loved you since shortly after we met last year. I was going to make a play for you but you were with Bruce, so I didn’t. If you would be with me, I’d give up men totally and only be with you. I would be your greatest lover if you’d let me. Could I move in and live with you?” Danielle asked with a look of longing on her face.

“Tell her to go to the dog and play with his cock,” Michael ordered Marie.

“Go to the dog there and play with his cock. When it’s extended and hard I want you to suck his cock for him,” Marie ordered.

“Yes Mistress,” Danielle replied and stood up, walked to the dog and dropped to her knees. She reached under to stroke his sheath and found a rock hard rod instead. The smell of bitch in heat was radiating from the two females in the room that the Collie was ready to fuck. Give him a hole and his cock would be in it. Danielle turned to Marie,

“Mistress, his cock his hard now. Shall I suck it for you?” she asked.

“Yes, take his cock and suck it. Make him cum. I want to see his cum explode all over your face. When he cums, pull it out and stroke it, aim it all over, coat your face with his offering.” Marie ordered.

“Yes Mistress,” Danielle said and laying on the floor she maneuvered under the dog until the tip of his cock rested on her chin. He turned his head as he stood patiently waiting to see what would happen. Danielle grabbed his cock and pointed it downward as she opened her mouth to accept it. She closed her lips around it and savored the earthy taste as she ran her tongue around it. Marie remembering the feel of his tongue sat down in front of him, spread her legs and pulled his head into her crotch as she pulled her thong aside, giving the tongue direct contact with her flesh. She gasped as the rough tongue again found her clit and then drove into her pussy to lap up the juices he sensed were emanating from there. Marie’s moans were heard by Michael.

“Slave, what is going on?” he demanded.

“Oh Master, it feels good. Danielle is sucking doggy cock and doggy tongue is shoved up my pussy lapping at my juices. Oh Master, I wish you were here to enjoy this. I would love to suck your cock as you watched Danielle and me with the dog. Wait, I feel something on his collar. It’s a name tag, his name is Brutus. Oh God, Brutus lick my pussy. Slave, Brutus is making me feel so good. You had better be returning the favor to him,” she ordered. Danielle, with doggy cock penetrating her throat and making it difficult to breathe, mumbled an apparent acknowledgement.

“Does your cell have a recorder?” Michael asked.

“No Master, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t” Marie gasped as Brutus sent her higher up the mountain of orgasmic relief. “Oh God Master, I’m gonna cum, oh fuck I’m so close, come on Brutus lick me boy, EAT MY CUNT!! OH, I’m CUUUMMMIINNNGGG!!!” she screamed as she slumped sideways, just in time to see Danielle swallow and pull an ejaculating doggy cock from her mouth and guide it’s discharge over her face. “Oh Master, Brutus’s cum is coating Danielle’s face. Oh it looks great, we need a dog slave. If you want to live with me you must do 2 things.” Danielle pulled the cock she was sucking clean from her mouth and looked at her mistress,

“Anything, I’ll do anything to be your lover and shack up with you. You only have to name them and I’ll do those 2 things,” she cried in happiness.

“First, you must love and obey my Master Michael, as you love and obey me. Second, we must find a dog to adopt or steal. Brutus has made me feel so good and made you look good with his cum. We need a dog we can have sex with at anytime we, or my Master, want us to. Our dog will lick our cunts and our asses. In return we’ll allow him to fuck us and we’ll suck his cock in gratitude,” Marie gasped.

“Yes Mistress, I love Michael as you love Michael and I love you. I’ll help look for a dog to keep our pussies happy. Is there anything else I can do?” Danielle asked.

“Yes, Saturday night you will put on your white knee highs and a white thong and bra set. You’ll then put on your sky blue mini dress and sandals and go to Michael’s to babysit him. His parents are expecting you and after they leave, you’ll wait 15 minutes and go to Michael’s room and perform a striptease for him. Once nude, you’ll obey whatever commands he gives you,” Marie ordered.

“Yes Mistress, I understand and I will comply. May I have the honor of moving into here tomorrow?” Danielle requested.

“No, you may not move in until after you satisfy Michael Saturday night and you find us a dog,” Marie replied.

“If Michael comes here tomorrow, I will come over dressed in that outfit and satisfy him then,” Danielle offered.

“Master, did you hear her offer?” Marie asked.

“Yes, but I can’t make it. Danielle in her outfit and you in your maid outfit will be at the apartment at 3:00 tomorrow. Some of my friends will then arrive and you two will obey them as you would me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master” both slaves replied together. “We will satisfy your friends as if they were you and do anything they ask of us. We will make you proud of us.” Michael hung up and called Tommy.

“Hey buddy, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon?” he asked.

“Nothing why, what’s up?” Tommy answered.

“I need you and some of the other guys to go to an apartment tomorrow, set up a video camera to record it all and then do anything you want to the two girls that will be there. Anything goes, fuck their ass or pussy, have them suck your cock, or have them suck each other. Anything you guys want to see or do, is okay, got it?” Michael asked.

“Sure my man. Where do we go?” Tommy asked.

“I’ll get with you at lunch tomorrow and I’ll fix up a list of friends to enjoy this and give you the address then. The girls will expect you at 3:00 sharp,” Michael finished.

“Okay, see you at lunch then,” Tommy said and they both hung up.