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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank



Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? Could we?
Memries, may be beautiful and yet
What’s too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So it’s the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...

Melanie sat staring blankly ahead. She had no memory of who she had been. No memory of what made her this way. She would never remember who she was or the way she was. She had no memory of what had happened in the bank earlier;

In the side room of the bank, the four shiny clad women including the brunette stood in front of one of the four women. The brunette in front of Melanie, the Asian in front of the Security Guard, the redhead and the black woman in front of the other two women who were a lovely pregnant woman and a college student. The brunette said, “PROCEED WITH CONVERSION TO LEVEL ONE” “WE WILL OBEY” the other three shiny clad women said as the shiny clad women rubbed their camel toed crotches and 12″ dildos telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK. They were the other end of the dildo in each woman’s vagina. The women bent their gloves arms and the women’s clothes glowed and disintegrated and in a cloud was vacuumed up as “raw materials” as nothing was wasted and no evidence was to be left behind.

Each of the women then walked their dildos into the four now naked women in front of them. Melanie moaned and then her mind went blank. Each woman’s dildo slid in and out of the four women spurting cum-like foam inside each woman filling her and radiating her. They then withdrew their dildos wiping them off of cum and foam with their right gloved hands and they stroked them spurting some of the cum-like foam on the women and then they retracted with a POP. Each naked woman stood at attention as outfits began to form on their beginning from the feet first. Their feet raised on their toes as thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels and 2″ bottoms formed on their legs. Then their leotard with dildos for their openings—anal and vaginal began forming, all from “Raw materials”……………..

In the side room of the bank after a few minutes—exactly three minutes later—the four women including Melanie each walked out of the side room dressed identically to the other women in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips were not silverized and their breasts were not large like the others. The pregnant woman however was no longer pregnant.


A short had passed,

Tiffany found herself awake but sitting in a chair in the van clad in the same shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfit including arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, a low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. She noticed a soft buzzing sound and the sensation of two dildos—one in her anus and one in her vagina’s buzzing and fucking her constantly. Rather than feeling scared she simply felt aroused and a couldn’t seem to remember how she got like this. Then she saw Melanie and the other eight women. Then her memory returned and though difficult to think she managed to get out, “m-melanie what is this?” “SHE IS ALERT. SHE IS RESISTING. SHE IS STRONG WILLED” “YES. SHE WILL MAKE A SUPERIOR ROBOT. THE MISTRESS WANTS HER PROCESSED PROCEED” “mistress?” Tiffany said as the hood was lowered over her head. “wait……..”

As the hooded visor/helmet covered her eyes her mind turned off again. Tiffany shuddered in orgasm as she watched and learned new truths…………

A short time later the hood raised up and Tiffany now had a 38DD chest and her eyelids and lips silverized, as were her areole under the bustier, her blonde hair down and she stared blankly ahead. Tiffany Alexander no longer existed. Now there was only Robot #27.

The brunette said, “REPORT”

Tiffany said in a monotone voice, “ROBOT #27 ONLINE READY TO SERVE”





“I EXIST TO SERVE” Melanie said coldly.

On the side of the road Melanie’s car was vaporized in an explosion set by Melanie herself.

In the van Tiffany sat next to her best friend Melanie unaware of who she was other than Robot #25. Their memories had been erased and replaced with false memories and new programming. There was only obedience and purpose.

She then sat silently like the other robotized women the only sounds in the van were the engine and road noises and the sounds of the dildos buzzing and fucking them.

The van arrived at a mansion and stopped at a gate guarded by two women dressed identically to Tiffany and the others. As the van was allowed inside and the gate closed, one of the robotized women at the gate called the house reporting, “VAN SEVEN RETURNING CONTROLLER”

As Tiffany and Melanie sat together in the van they heard in their heads, “ALL UNTASKED ROBOTS ASSIST WITH UNLOADING AND NEW ROBOT ORIENTATION”

As the van parked they stood up and as the van doors opened assisted in unloading the gold.

Another robot woman approached the new five Robots and said, “YOU WILL NOW BE INSPECTED BY THE MISTRESSES. ATTEND” Tiffany and the other four new robots shuddered at this and went with her walking in perfect step with each other as they were taken to their new Goddesses. One they would serve for the rest of their lives—which as human Robots was a VERY long time.

The five Robotized women were led into a large throne room where there were Robots like them and others who were naked wearing only the black PVC thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 6″ heels. Their pussies were shaved and they laid on cushions at the feet of two women.

As the robotized Tiffany and Melanie recognized the two women as women from their programming. The two felt that tingle again as they orgasmed with one word filling their robotized minds—MISTRESSES.

The Mistresses were both beautiful but not stunningly so, clad in latex rubber, they ruled absolutely here. In the minds of the robotized women and the Slaves and Sex Slaves these women were perfect, female goddesses. Examples of female sexuality and perfection. Of course this was all programming and brainwashing.

As the robots looked at them, a free Tiffany Alexander would have recognized one of them from a paper she read when she delved into college on psychology and the COMPLEXITY OF THE HUMAN MIND by Dr. Alexandra Knox.

A free Melanie Johnson would have recognized the other woman as a woman who one approached her while she was a barista. She offered her employment as an Assistant;

Six months earlier

“Gee another boring day we……….” Melanie said as the woman approached flanked by two latex rubber clad women. Everyone in the shop seemed to stop and stare at them as she approached the counter and said, “Yes……..ah Melanie I would like a coffee please”

Melanie felt a strange sensation as the room seemed to fill with perfume—perfume of Sex and latex with something else………..

Time passed and Melanie and the others seemed to zone out. Until the woman said, “Excellent……….Melanie? I asked for a coffee”

“Y-yes of course………” as she made the coffee for the first time she felt arousal for a woman. Or women. The women with her were beautiful, like strippers or models, wearing platform stiletto heeled boots and coats. They wore nothing else and they were at her beck and call, hovering around her.

She looked at the other woman she wore shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, a low cut leotard and a coat. She wore lightly tinted glasses.

“Here you are……Miss……Miss………” Melanie said,

“Stella, you may call me Stella Melanie……” again time seemed to stop as she stared into her eyes. Had she paid attention to her watch she would have noticed ten minutes had passed staring into her eyes.

Melanie seemed to snap out of it as she was kissing the gloved hand of the woman “Oh……..what am I?. Lisa?”

Melanie called to her coworker Lisa who stood staring blankly ahead zoned out or something. Before she could try to figure out what was going on she looked into the woman’s eyes, “Stella I……..” and staying down kissing her gloved hand.

Stella stuck her finger in Melanie’s mouth and she sucked it staring at Stella. “Yes a good girl……… will not remember this only that you liked me, you trusted me, and you want to work for me. You will not remember showing me your devotion Hahahaha. I will contact you soon to have you serve me my dear. When I summon you, you will obey”

“yesss I will obey” Melanie said dreamily………and again she snapped out of it as she was getting up from kissing her gloved hand. She noticed she had a weird taste in her mouth………like sex…….

“Thank you Melanie for your excellent service. You are just the type I am looking for in my company. So receptive and so responsive……….” The woman/Stella said again as Melanie stood staring at her and her “assistants”, “You are just the type of girl I want as one of my er…..Assistants. I offer you a job right now”

“Oh-h thank you Stella but I can’t now my boyfriend he…….” Melanie said as Stella put her hand out and Melanie stopped and zoned out again.

“Loose ends………..pity I wanted you today. You will break up with him soon and live alone. I will summon you after you obey” the woman said this time assertively, “I am working on a new project you may be perfect for it…….”

“yessss I will break up with him…..I will obey” Melanie said staring at the woman.

“Good girl after I am gone you will forget me until summoned. You WILL however dream of me every night and be ready for my commands. I will be watching you my dear and intervening now and then” Stella said.

Melanie blinked and had a 100 dollar bill for her coffee and a weird taste in her mouth. “Lisa what was that?”

“What was what Mel?”

“That woman she……….she…….”

“What woman?”

“Er I don’t know? Funny I got a hundred dollar tip from someone?” Melanie said as she still tried to figure out why her mouth tasted like she had sex. She was not a lesbian but she had the taste of a woman in her mouth as her mind quickly forgot as instructed.

That night as she fell asleep she dreamed of the mysterious woman;

Melanie was at work bent over kissing her gloved hand.

Stella stuck her finger in Melanie’s mouth and she sucked it staring at Stella.

She then lowered herself and her arms went around Stella’s hips, and she slid her tongue into a slit on the pussy area of the shiny black latex low cut leotard she tasted her and licked and lapped deeply. Melanie’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. Stella was very wet—she was aroused and Melanie took in her nectar.

Melanie awoke but then fell back asleep as she thought ‘what a dream?’

The first of many…………………

* * *

As the robots approached they bowed fully to them and their heads stayed lowered as the Robot woman leading them said, ‘MISTRESSES THESE ARE THE NEW ROBOTS’

“Yes thank you Robot. Excellent! Five new Robots……….five? Controller #1 report at once”

The brunette robotized and acting as Controller #1 quickly entered the chamber and bowed saying, ‘YES MISTRESS YOU SUMMONED ME?”

“There are five beautiful Robots here, not four? We are pleased but explain”


“So you are telling us you lied to us?”

The brunette said nothing. But rather than bliss and reward her dildos stopped. She felt isolated. “NO MISTRESS SHE WAS OUTSIDE AND WE WERE UNAWARE”

“So you are telling me you failed? You should have made sure the exterior was secure! You should have questioned them before you robotized them. You should have made sure there were no witnesses as we instructed”


The two women on the thrones, clad in latex, both brunettes, sat silent for a moment. Then one of them said, “Unnecessary Controller #1. But if you fail again you will be reassigned. We will consider this a learning experience my Robot. The fifth Robot is outstanding so your failure is forgiven. But DO NOT fail again”


“Now go and resume your duties Controller #1”

“YES MISTRESS” As she bowed fully and went to obey.

“These five are exceptional………..”

“I agree. Especially these two (pointing to Melanie and Tiffany) this one risked all to help free her friend even though it was too late hahahahaha. Such loyalty.”

“Is that the one you summoned to the bank Stella?”

“Yes Alexandra and she obeyed perfectly. I summoned her telling her to tell her friend she needed to go to the bank for money for dinner and a party. Hahahaha of course there is NO party, well except for this one hahaha. Too bad her memories are erased during robotization, she might have made a good Slave”

“Yes they both would, the robots reported she resisted the Robotizer. We can create artificial personalities and still use them for that. Even for Sex Slaves”

“No, now their fates are set. They will serve as our Robots forever”

“Agreed forever Hahahaha”

“Now Robots demonstrate your sexual programming—service us, each of you in turn”


As the first two robotized women knelt before their Mistresses and began lapping their pussies as though they were skilled lesbians—they were now as their programming dictated.

The robots serviced their Mistresses until they moaned loudly in orgasm and delight.

She saved #25 for last with #27 Tiffany servicing Mistress Alexandra and #25 Melanie servicing Mistress Stella.

“So my dear, too bad you are unaware how much I wanted you with me that day. You serviced my pussy then, but you forgot that part didn’t you?”

The robotized Melanie stared blankly ahead at her not remembering anything except her existence as a Robot.

“Too bad…….Too bad you don’t realize the last six months I have manipulated you and guided you to this moment my dear. Changing jobs—which I arranged for both of you. And working at my pharmaceutical company allowed me to ensure you were given drugs to help you obey me like I gave you that first day. My atomizer let you breathe in my drug. And you ingested it at work every day.

You resisted my order to break up with your boyfriend so I had to step things up. The gifts I sent you and you dreaming of me every night made your boyfriend paranoid. He acted like an ass and my prompting helped you obey me by breaking up with him as I ordered you to do. Then obeying the summons when I gave it to you Hahahaha. You have been so obedient. You make a perfect Robot my dear, absolutely perfect………………”

This morning,

Melanie woke up in her bed, alone. She thought, as she changed her sheets again, throwing these in the washer. ‘I must be having some wild dreams?’ she thought as the sheets were routinely wet.

She was drinking coffee and getting ready for the day when her cell phone rang, “UNKNOWN NUMBER”

“Hello?” Melanie said expecting some bogus telemarketer.

“Ms. Johnson time for you to come to me”

Melanie dropped her coffee cup and said, “Yes I am ready”

“Tell me my dear do you remember me?”

“Yes of course Stella. I dream of you every night as instructed”

Melanie shuddered as she orgasmed as she listened to her Mistress.

“Good girl. And you broke up your boyfriend as I instructed”

“Yes Stella as you instructed”

“Over the last six months I sent you items that you used as instructed. Ensure you destroy them. You will report to the First National Bank of…….at 1000 AM. You will go inside and wait in line. There my associates will pick you up and you will begin your new life serving me”

“Yes Stella thank you”

“Yes and from this moment forward you will refer to me as Mistress”

“Yes Mistress”

“If anyone asks you what you are doing, you are getting money from the bank for dinner and a party tonight. You are happy. All burdens are lifted from you. Soon you will be at my side”

“Yes Mistress”

As Melanie was eager to get to the bank, Tiffany ran into her and asked, “”Where you going Mel?”

“To the bank, getting money from the bank for dinner and a party tonight” Melanie said.

“Can I come?” Tiffany asked.

“Sure I guess so………sure. It’ll be fun”

Then the two took Melanie’s Honda to the bank.

Melanie went inside……………

* * *

After all five were finished they stood before them and one of them said, “Robots #25 and #27 you are assigned Throne Room duty. You will remain at our sides”

“YES MISTRESS” both responded bowing fully. The other three were dismissed to other duties.

That night the two stood on guard as they had for the last twelve hours.

The Mistresses were drinking and watching television when they saw a report of the bank and images of the missing women were shown on the screen. Robot #25 and #27 saw themselves pre-robot on the TV but gave it no thought.

“Ah yes very nice. No leads and no one left behind, no evidence. You have a sister #25 and so do you #27? Excellent they will be joining you soon hahahahaha”


Two months later,

In the dead of night, a black van which drove up in front of the house of a famous actress. The van was one of ten similar vans. It looked like a regular van except if had no windows except in the front and rear windows. The driver’s side and passenger side windows were dark tinted as well as the front and rear windows. Also it had antennas on the top including a small dish.

The right side door facing the bank slid open and six women got out and went to the house, which was in fact a mansion. All were strikingly beautiful, large chested for their size and clad in shiny black latex or PVC outfits from head to toe. Their faces blank of all expression—blank, emotionless, their eyes fixed and glazed, they walked smoothly but mechanically. Their lips and eyelids were coated with light silver. The alarm system had been disabled as they were met at the door by one of the Maids, a brunette who was subservient to the robotized women. One of the women was the woman formerly known as Melanie Johnson, Robot #25 who stopped and asked the Maid, “SHE IS ASLEEP?”

“Yes as instructed I drugged her drink” “GOOD SLAVE YOU HAVE DONE WELL. PACK YOUR THINGS YOU WILL BE LEAVING WITH US” “Understood”

She then went inside.

Sometime later,

The actress emerged now dressed identically to the other women in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to her height, low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face emotionless and blank, but her eyelids and lips were not silverized and her breasts were not large like the others.

They loaded the van with valuables and the actress and the other robotized women got into the van as well as the Maid.

The van then departed. The actress was placed under a Robotizer and a hood lowered over her head. The woman formerly known as Melanie, Robot #25 called, “MISTRESSES MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. TARGET IS BEING PROCESSED IN THE ROBOTIZER NOW. VALUABLES RETRIEVED AS WELL AS THE MAID SLAVE. ALL EVIDENCE OF OUR ENTRY ELIMINATED”

“Excellent Robot #25, you serve well in the role of Controller. Return to base so we may inspect the new Robot and offload the valuables. Reward the Maid Slave by robotizing her in the Robotizer”

“YES MISTRESS I WILL OBEY” The robot shuddered as she briefly thought of what the Mistress had said but then focused on her duties. “YOU HAVE DONE WELL. YOU WILL BE ROBOTIZED”

“Yes I understand” as she sat under the Robotizer and she was prepared………..

As they back to base, a short time later the hood raised up and the actress now had a 38DD chest and her eyelids and lips silverized, as were her areole under the bustier, her long brunette hair down and she stared blankly ahead. The actress no longer existed. Now there was only Robot #44.

Melanie/Robot #25 said, “REPORT”

The actress/Robot #44 said in a monotone voice, “ROBOT #44 ONLINE READY TO SERVE”




A few minutes later,

The hood raised up and the former Maid was not Robot #45, clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 6″ heels, low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving her each a camel toe. Her face emotionless and blank, her eyelids and lips silverized and her breasts were now 38DD. She stared blankly ahead. The Maid no longer existed. Now there was only Robot #45.

End Part Two

(To be Continued……….)