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The ‘Beating Winter’ Deception

October 2008
Classifications: m/f male dominant, mc,


About a teenage Punjabi-Canadian boy who tricks his Czech-Canadian neighbour into letting him hypnotise her in order for her not to feel and fear the cold coming fron an early November Winter. Instead of her being herself not feeling the cold, she becomes his sex slave.


It was a cold November in Vancouver, Canada. Ranjit Singh had his bedroom heater on and even though it was only 6:30PM, it was already dark outside his apartment. “Ranjit it is dinner time,” his mom called out. His apartment flat was on the second floor of a an apartment block with six floors. He was a high school student who lived with his parents. He was a second-generation Indian-Canadian. (Specifically Punjabi Canadian). He had a mom, a dad, and two younger brothers. Ranjit came out of his bedroom. He joined his family in the dining table, having dinner. “Ranjit next week your mother and I are taking your two young brothers to India for their ritual. Will you be ok here all by yourself?” his dad asked. “Dad I am not a kid anymore. I can take care of myself,” Ranjit smilingly responded. “We will leave you some money dear. Not to worry. And please don’t forget to go to school. Your classes are not ye over. ,” his mom digging in into her chapatti bread. After dinner Ranjit went back to his bedroom. He was hunched over his PC, being online. He was looking up articles on mind control. Next week was a good opportunity to try it out. Someone who lived on the first floor, where it was much colder.


Selena was an attractive Czech-Canadian lady who lived all by herself. She was watching television all by herself, as she lived all alone. She had a nice office job and it paid her bills. At the age of 30, she was slender and attractive; with long black hair, green eyes, and stood at 5′10. One thing she hated was winter. She really hated it. She then heard a knock on her door. She turned the tv off and walked towards the front door, shouting, “I’m coming.” She opened the door. Ranjit stood out the doorway, wearing his coat. “Oh hello Ranjit. You know it is cold outside. Why don’t you come in,” Selena letting him walk through. “Please have a seat and tell me what is with the visit?” Selena closing the door and smiling. She knew his family. Decent and hardworking. She liked his mom as a good woman. Ranjit sat down. Ranjit was roughly about 5 foot 8.Shorter than her. She walked up to him, smiling. “Remember how you once told me how you hated winter and the cold. What if I told you there was a way to beat it,” Ranjit looking helpful. “If I knew that I would have tried it myself. You came here all the way to tell me this. How about if I make you a cup of tea and then you tell me all about it,” Selena walking towards the kitchen. “Sure,” Ranjit nodded. Selena brought Ranjit his hot cup of tea with a saucer. She sat down on another chair as he sat down on the main sofa. “So would you like to explain how I can survive this terrible winter. Even with the heater on I can still feel the cold sipping through,” Selena giving out shivering signs. “I can. Through hypnotism,” Ranjit smiled. Selena was sat down on her chair. Ranjit was stood right in front of her. He was swinging his pendulum. “No I want you to continue looking at this pendulum as I swing it before your eyes and I want you to never take your eyes off this pendulum,” Ranjit said. Selena followed what Ranjit said. “Now you will think about nothing else but this swinging pendulum and will only listen to the sound of my voice. Your mind is opening up and your thoughts are being emptied. Your mind is allowing itself to be re-programmed. You are getting sleepy and you will close your eyes but still letting me talk to you and re-program your mind,” Ranjit spoke. Selena closed her eyes. “Now your new program is that you will obey the first person you see totally. I will count to ten. At the count of ten, I will snap my fingers and you have will awaken. Once you wake up your new mind programming will resume and you will obey the first person you totally. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten,” Ranjit counted and snapped his fingers.

Selena woke up. She saw Ranjit. Ranjit put his pendulum away. “Do you know who I am?” Ranjit asked. She nodded,. Answering him, “You are my master whom I must always obey at all times.” “Good. Now stand up,” Ranjit ordered her. Selena stood up. “Selena are you expecting anyone to come here tonight?” Ranjit asked. “No master,” Selena shook her head. Ranjit has never had sex before and his parents don’t allow him to have a girlfriend. “Slave we shall go to your bedroom and once there you shall take off your clothes,” Ranjit started sounding bossy and drunken with his own power over her. Selana led them to her master bedroom. Once there she started taking off all her clothes until she was completely naked. Her bedroom had the heater on. “Slave I am going to take off my clothes and when I do I want you to teach me how to have sex and have sex with me,” Ranjit commanded. “As you wish master,” Selena nodded. Ranjit stripped off his clothes. He climbed on top of her bed, telling her, “Now I want to have sex with you,” he demanded. Selena climbed onto the bed and she started moving her body closer to his. She helped him out his cock inside her vagina and encouraged him to start fucking her and suck on her boobs at the same time. He was so excited with having sex with her as he was a virgin that he was ejaculating a lot of his Punjabi sperm inside her ancestral eastern European Slavic pussy. He loved her green eyes too. He was fucking her quite a lot while kissing her nipples and started to suck a lot on her right nipple, then to her left nipple. Touching her flesh this way was the most exciting thing to happen to him. “Ok Slave I want to do anal sex with you now,” Ranjit spoke.

Selena was on all fours on top of her bed. Ranjit was fucking her ass while pulling her long black hair and then squeezing her boobs really hard. He was twitching her nipples with his fingers. Selena just screamed with joy. Ranjit’s cock was ejaculating more and more sperm inside her asshole. After thirty minutes he puilled his cock out of her and said, “I want you to give me a blowjob slave,” Ranjit commanded. “As you command master,” Selena remained on all fours. Ranjit rested his back on the bed and rested his head on her pillow. Selena was still on all fours, but she lowered her mouth over his cock, sucking on it. She was cleaning all the sperm stains on his circumcised cock. And sucking really hard too, like a baby sucking on his or her mother’s nipple. “That feels good,” Ranjit savoured the moment, smiled and closed his eyes. After fifteen minutes of her sucking him, he then pulled her by the hair and said, “I want to lick your pussy. And I want you to guide me how,” Ranjit smiled. They changed positions. Selena laid her back on the bed. Ranjit was licking at her clitoris and she was using her finger to point to him where and how to lick. He could tell from the sounds she was making that she was enjoying him touching her too. He tasted her cum coming onto his mouth and tongue. He then stopped after a while. “Ok slave. I feel like having a bubble bath with you,” Ranjit spoke.

Selena ran them a bubble bath on her bath tub. It was nice and warm. They got inside. Ranjit rested his back on the top end of the bath while Selena rested her head on his chest. He was massaging both her breasts. “I like playing with your boobs slave,” Ranjit chuckled. “You can do whatever you want with me master. I am your slave and you are my master,” Selena robotically responded. He could only keep her as a slave until his parents got back from India. And he would have to re-hypnotise her again to forget the whole incident. As Ranjit laid his head on that end of the bath tub, his mind was wandering elsewhere. He had a dark side that he had been trying to contain for a long time. Now that she had thought him to have sex he knew what to do. There was something he wanted to try out with her. “Slave I think I am finished with this bubble bath. I want you to help dry our bodies out,” he commanded.

* * *

Selena laid on top of her bed. Naked. Spread eagled. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the four bed posts. Her mouth was covered with some kind of cloth. Ranjit climbed onto the bed. He then whispered to her, “Now I am going to give you a commandment. When I say the word VICTIM for the second time tonight, you will act and behave and feel like a rape victim. And when I say the word NORMAL,. You well act like how you act now. Understand,” Ranjit said. She nodded. “Victim,” Ranjit spoke. There were fears in Selena’s green eyes. She tried to wrestle herself free, knowing that she was about get raped. “You are going to enjoy this you fuckin whore,” Ranjit slapped her hard on the face. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Open your eyes or I’ll bite your breasts off,” Ranjit threatened. Selena opened her eyes. She was crying. Tears coming out. Pleading with him not to continue with this act. Ranjit thrust his cock up her pussy, raping it violently while sucking and licking at her nipples vigorously she couldn’t scream. She could only muster a helpless moan. He enjoyed raping her and living it out. Squeezing her breasts and licking her left cheeks. After fucking her pussy really hard, ejaculating more and more sperm into her pussy, he finally got off her and said, “Normal.” Selena started looking once more like his mind controlled slave. “That was fun wasn’t it,” ranjit giving her a dirty smile. Selena looked at him lovingly, nodding her head with happiness in her green eyes, just like a puppy dog.