The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Becoming Brainy

Chapter 4


I hope she didn’t figure anything out, thought Will. But he knew the extent of Nicole’s powers of observation.

“Damn!” he silently cursed to himself in frustration. It was a careless decision to leave the door open. He’d done such a good job keeping his secrets hidden. An inquisitive mind like hers will keep rolling and processing until she arrives at an answer that makes sense. She can be way too curious sometimes, he thought. He wondered if there was something he could do to make her forget. That would be something worth looking into. Maybe that’s something Empathy can help me with, to help her De-Link from specific memories. It didn’t pertain to the research study, but may be valuable to pursue in his off-time.

Will buttoned his shirt back up and felt his tender skin rub against the stiff shirt collar. He turned back to his computer and logged into the secure research site. Ever since the lab upgraded to Windows 98, getting to his folders was much easier. He accessed the notes for Jessica O’Dell and found that Nicole had updated them today. Her professional thoroughness pleased him most of the time. Curiosity and diligence were her modus operandi in the lab, simultaneously advantageous for work and disastrous for those trying to keep secrets from her eyes. He sighed at the consideration.

Her entry was more than sufficient: “Jessica provided feedback after her first evening of homework, stating it was a very pleasant and beneficial experience. To be specific, she said that she is ready to question her sexual desires from the past and that she is noticing the attractive physical features of women more in the last 24 hours. Men hold less appeal to her right now than the softer curves of women, she stated. She said this is the first time she’d reached orgasm while fantasizing about women. (That’s significant. — N) Overall, she described her first homework assignment as eye-opening and freeing. On a scale of a one (low) to a ten (highest), she rated the surprise factor of her homework a nine, the comfort factor a seven, and the chance for a long-term change a five or six. This information was pivotal as I decided to graduate her from Initiation to Stage One, which she readily approved. Bio measurements continued to be strong during treatment, exceeding the baselines. Conversation after the treatment indicates she continues to be consciously accepting of the new perspectives. These perspectives include a doubt that Tommy, her former boyfriend, should be part of her new, healthier lifestyle, a doubt that men might not be good to be romantically involved with, and a hope that maybe there’s a special girl out there for her. (The comment about Tommy was more personalized and specific than we expect at this point in the treatment.—N) Results appear to be positive and are likely to assist in her departure from damaging relationships. The forecasted status of this candidate to have long-term beneficial results continues to be high.”

Will smiled. His hunch that the program would be off to a good start was confirmed. Once the process was proven to work with the first subject, Ms. O’Dell, the next group of ladies would provide a greater challenge, stretching Nicole’s ability to adjust to their individualized responses. Her true value to the effort would become apparent. And as that group completed their treatment, the core of his personal group of special ladies, or harem, would be formed. Nicole would be an accomplice and yet never suspect a thing. His overall plan was clever in its unexpected plainness. The hook is planted when women come in and get the treatment needed to fix and improve their lives. He is their benefactor and they’re grateful for his ability to help them. However, due to the temporary nature, they discover the need to keep coming back for supplemental treatments. Over the months and years his influence over them grows. He remains the only doctor for their recurring setbacks, the feeling that they’re slipping back to their former selves. He’s the dealer for what they need. Because of his influence over Nicole and her brilliant mind, and the cravings of these women, he is able to make his ultimate request and fantasy. He will ask to be the only sub for all of the dommes that are created, to the exclusion of every other man in town. They’ll gladly satisfy his sexual needs and also work to keep up appearances with other men as part of their duty.

With new drops of sweat dotting his forehead, he exited out of the computer account and logged into the University’s Research Central site to check if there were any responses to the program updates he posted. As he got to the screen he was looking for, the phone rang. Will recognized the number and knew this person would not call unless it was very important.

“Dr. Will Freeman here. How can I help you?”

“Will, this is Dean Clifton.” Even though he knew the caller’s identity, the gruff and aggressive voice of the old, crusty, money-obsessed man always threw him off. “How’s it going over there in Applied Behavioral Sciences?” asked the director of the University’s Science, Technology and Mathematics department.

Not waiting for an answer, he continued. “Listen, I received a fascinating phone call this morning. I don’t want to delve into all the details at this moment; I’ll give you the specifics later. Bottom line is this: a private donor in California would like to make a sizeable donation to my department. They especially like what you’re doing. They want you to fly out there, meet with them and discuss the ENE program, and most importantly, accept the donation in person.”

Will was stunned. He assumed the penny-pinching Dean would be calling him to chew him out about going over his budget and then delivering slower than predicted results. Instead, Will was thrilled to hear this new development, surely a sign of more good things to come.

“That is great news, Dean. I knew that getting to the human subject phase of the program would help us out a lot. I’ll work to clear out my schedule next week and make plans to…”

“They want to see you tomorrow,” Dean Clifton interrupted.

Will allowed a couple seconds of silence to pass and then spoke.

“Tomorrow?” asked Will. He felt his anxiety rise. What’s the reason for the hurry? Who’s crafting the situation here? Is there something I should know, but don’t know? He was getting nervous about the unexpected.

“Well, truth be told, I’m the one that wants you there tomorrow. They agreed to meet that early,” said the Dean. “Or did they mention it first? Anyways, who cares, right? You know how tight things are for my department. We’re not going to let this offer go cold. Money has a tendency to fade away to nothing when we wait too long after the initial “Hello”. Since money makes this world go ’round, you’ll be on an early flight to the west coast tomorrow morning. They’ve already purchased the tickets. How do you feel about flying Business Class?”

“I like Business Class. And I’m glad to hear the donor’s willing to spend some cash already,” Will replied. “But I’m not sure the timing is good. There’s a lot going on right now. Do you have any idea how long I’m going to be away?”

“Don’t be silly, man! You’ll be there as long as it takes, of course,” said the Dean with a chuckle. “But, if you have to promise someone waiting for you at home, you should tell the little wife it will just be the weekend.” He paused. “How is that hot little wife of yours anyway? You know, the last time I saw her, she was quite the sight. She really made an impression. I can still picture that low-cut red and white sundress she wore at last summer’s faculty cookout. Ha-ha, she was smoking more than the barbeque.”

“She’s doing fine, Dean, real fine,” Will cut in, trying to smother the irritation in his voice. “I’ll get my bags packed and will be on that flight in the morning. Just have your secretary send the itinerary over to my office.”

“Good,” replied the Dean. “This is big, Will, real big. I can feel it. Seems like a breakthrough point for the both of us. It’s the first taste of a new reservoir full of cash for all of us. You need to do whatever it takes to secure it, Will.”

“I’ll do that, Dean. You can always count on me. Thanks for calling,” Will said, putting closure on the conversation, and hanging up the phone receiver.

This sudden change of plans was not going to be easy to explain to Beth. He could not keep it from her or delay in telling her, however. In a few hours it would be to go home and face the music. An unexpected schedule change like this could cause her to feel scorned. Whether her reaction wrecked his social networks or just sentenced him forever to a love-less marriage, he was forced to roll the dice and test the outcome.

He knew what she was capable of in the past, before they met. He had been told some things that were hard to believe during the class reunion they attended during their first year of marriage. From what others told him, they nicknamed her “the Scythe” because, for a time, she would come out of nowhere and seduce a particular girl for the purpose of slicing apart the relationship. Numerous girls were leaving their boyfriends for Bethany Faa and her cult-like convictions. Although her name was the constant element in every situation, and was an imposing omen when she was in the picture, the real answers to why she did it and how she did it were never known by the bystanders that watched the relationships crumble.

Vengeful did not describe the girl that rescued him from the depraved world of his first dominatrix, Kelsey Whitman. At that time, Bethany was both tough and gentle, an angel in his midst. He had nearly lost his mind and control of his body and after the rescue, he decided to never return to that life. He told Beth the same, and she agreed. The personal resolution held for several years, but the discipline faded as it always did in his life. He never stayed convicted very long.

During the time when his resolve held, he heard more rumors at the reunion about Beth and took it upon himself to reform her. He worked with his new bride to set up a series of conscious and subconscious safeguards. He spent time with her nightly using hypnosis to keep her vengeful side at bay and to create an alternative persona, the trophy wife. As his trophy wife, she learned to focus on what was important to him, adhering to duty in the name of their marriage. He succeeded on most accounts, but he began to grow frustrated with the leashed, tame glamour girl. His resolve cracked as he returned to his carnal passion. When that happened, his interest in keeping the hypnotic sessions going lagged and he failed to see that less exposure to his semi-professional treatment was allowing the safeguards to unravel. Beth’s old nature was resurfacing and she was becoming less reformed over that time.

An unreformed Beth didn’t hold back. She was one of his earliest ventures that led to his idea for Empathy and Empowerment, being transformed over a long period of time from vengeful vixen to stunning socialite. With the news about the necessary travel, he was about to light her fuse and possibly risk a reversal to a woman he had tried to keep buried.


Arriving at her home on the west side of the college town, Nicole exited her car, looked around, and sensed something was awry. Things looked different. There were no girls reading, listening to music, or talking on the front porch. The porch was always bustling with social coed activity. Now it was empty. She was looking at the façade of an uninhabited building, very different than the other massive residences on the street known as Sorority Row. All the rest had the normal activities going on at the moment, but not her home.

There was always too much chatter and gossip being shared on the front porch to notice the creaky steps. Now she noticed them. Walking through the front doorway, the scene that exploded in her vision took the meaning of “unusual” to an entirely new level. It was a scene that only existed on B-movie tapes behind the curtain shielding the Adults Only section at the back of a video store.

Within a second, it became apparent to Nicole that the occupants of the sorority house were getting very amorous with each other. As far as she could tell, nearly all of the residents were present in the oversized living room. She scanned the room. On the old red velvet sofa, Carol, McKenzie, and Jenny had their hands all over each other. Carol’s light hands were caressing Jenny’s tan shoulders as she nibbled, sucked, and licked Jenny’s neck. Behind Carol, the freshman, McKenzie had her hands slipped up Carol’s shirt and was rubbing the less-than-pronounced breasts. Nicole felt a sting of arousal as she recalled how small breasts reacted to the stroke of soft hands. She and Carol had that physical feature in common.

Against the narrow side of the cherry-wood wall piano, stereotypical blonde bimbos Mindy and Laney, both girlfriends of popular football players, were enjoying their first tastes of Sapphic passion. During one evening a couple months ago, they had drunk a little too much Jack Daniels and both confessed they had never kissed a girl. They never even had the desire to try it out. Now they were French kissing, tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths, and grinding their groins against each other. Laney’s hands were strategically placed on Mindy’s daisy-duke covered butt cheeks, enjoying the alternating tactile combination of frayed denim and smooth flesh.

In the other corner, Lori and Angela, both education majors, were playing an improvised game of “how does that feel?” Lori was seated in the Lay-Z-Boy recliner with her legs spread. Angela kneeled on the floor. As Angela gently dragged her moist tongue up the inside of Lori’s thigh, Lori squealed in delight, saying the physical sensation was “definitely a seven out of ten”. Lori then spread her knees further and instructed Angela to “come up even more on my leg”. She was breathing hard.

Nicole found herself taking a couple steps in the direction of Liliana, the quiet, olive-skinned chemistry major who was seated on the floor. Her eyes were steadfastly focused on the hot action between Mindy and Laney. Liliana’s fingers were slowly rubbing up and down the surface between her legs covered by her skin-tight black yoga pants. Nicole felt her heart beat quicker as she licked her lips. I should share this moment with Lily. Show her how good it can feel. A little exploration will be good for her.

She felt her own body temperature rise. My mistress would be proud of me. I could help Lily be like me. Then Serena will love me more than she does now. I’d be her favorite girl. She’d be so proud of me. Flashbacks of previous lessons swam through her mind. She wanted to join… No, she wanted to SAVE them.

Save… Save her… what? Maybe I can’t save these girls. Could I really save anyone? Suddenly cooled by her doubts, Nicole froze mid-step. She felt conflicted and with added stress. All of the sensory information in the room was overwhelming her. She put her hands over her ears, the only way to muffle the sucking and moaning and giggling sounds. Carefully stepping around female forms that had settled into the main walkways, she directed her steps through the kitchen door.

Closing the kitchen door behind her and uncovering her ears, Nicole hysterically whispered “Brenda, what is going on?!” The meal-preparing house mother looked over at her. Brenda had little makeup on, some bland lipstick and slight eye-shadow. She was wearing a yellow ribbed tank top and stone-washed denim skirt that showed off a figure that was a little softer than the lean look she carried in her younger years, but could certainly be attractive in its own right. She still retained pleasing curves with her bust, backside, and legs. She retained plenty of sexual potential.

“I have no idea, sweetheart. It’s the strangest thing. Some of those girls, who are getting it on, you know, like Laney and Mindy, couldn’t even spend thirty minutes in the same room without viciously sniping at each other yesterday. They’ve gone beyond getting along. Now they’re exploring the essence of some twisted Harlequin romance. I think those two have been going at it for over an hour. I don’t know what caused it, and I don’t know how, or if I should try to, end it,” Brenda answered, tilting her head slightly and looking at Nicole. She did not blink once before looking down to resume her cooking. As if trying to convince Nicole, Brenda again and again claimed ignorance of the cause.

“How long ago did it all start? Nobody was acting like this yesterday,” said Nicole, sensing that Brenda was much more knowledgeable than she was claiming. “This was not happening for anyone when I left for work this morning.” She racked her brain to come up with a cause, but drew a blank. Nicole knew she locked her bedroom door every day before departing, so entry into her room was unlikely a contributing factor and none of the resident girls had been to the lab for any kind of treatment. Something very peculiar had affected them.

“I have no idea,” Brenda shrugged and began taking deeper breaths. “I’m telling the truth, I have no idea. I had finished cleanup up after preparing lunch for the girls that were here at the time, and the ones that were away began returning from their classes. That was normal. Oh, and the air in the room started feeling heavier. I didn’t think anything of it, maybe just a bit of humidity. It wasn’t hotter in here, just a little denser like a deep fog. The thickness made it harder to breathe. I started to get a little warmer too. So, I decided to close all the windows and get the air conditioning going. Maybe it got too hot outside all of a sudden and the moisture build up or something. That’s all. I have no other ideas about what caused it. Or maybe they do like each other that much and are opening up to other sexual options. Who am I to say?”

“Heavier air? And you chose to close the windows?” Nicole thought the way Brenda repeated the same defense over and over was suspicious, but this decision made little sense.

“Yes, like something hung in the air. It seemed to be a good idea,” reasoned Brenda. “I’m kind of still feeling it now. Don’t you feel it? Anyway, all the girls started talking to each other, and then their tones changed, like more hushed. I was going in and out of the rooms seeing these things. It was like they were telling secrets. They were getting closer to each other. It was strange. Then I saw the first amorous gestures, came in here, and ....” Brenda motioned her hand to indicate the adjoining room.

Nicole noticed Brenda sway unevenly a bit, side to side like she was getting a little light-headed. “And then you what?”

“Oh, then I called you,” said Brenda, reconnecting to the conversation.

Nicole sensed the heaviness in the air too, now that it had been pointed out.

“Brenda, are you feeling okay? I think you look a little pale.”

“Yes, I think so. I just need to sit down a bit,” said the woman who was nearly celebrating her fortieth birthday. She slid out a chair to sit in. “I’m just going to rest here. I hope it doesn’t affect me in the same way.” She chuckled to herself as she looked back at Nicole. “Of course there was that time when I was in school and had a cute little roommate named Kimberly. She looked a little like you…”

Brenda stopped. After the pause, Brenda changed the subject said more slowly with less inflection, “Why don’t you get yourself a shake, dear? You look like you could use one. I got a new flavor. It’s on that first shelf.” She pointed to the shelf a few feet to the left of where Nicole was standing.

Nicole began to feel a little light-headed herself, and thought the idea of consuming a wellness shake sounded like a great idea. It just made sense. Brenda was so smart. Her advice was good for Nicole and could be trusted. Over the last several months, their relationship had really grown.

She combined the powder and some skim milk in the blender. After blending the shake to what seemed to be a satisfactory consistency, Nicole looked at Brenda and asked “Where do you get these shakes? The flavors are so unique and they’re very satisfying. This mix is called Coconut Dreams. It’s so delicious; it’s addictive. If it weren’t for pizza, I could live on these alone.” She laughed at her own joke.

Nicole supposed there was some special protein and amino acid combination in the drink that helped her stay clear-minded and focused. With her slight build, she agreed that extra protein was important. Whenever she had conversations with Brenda, or anyone for that matter, after drinking the wellness shake, whatever the others told her made much more sense. She never felt offended or irritated and it was easier to trust. It was nice getting along with others who cared about her. She could not remember when she wouldn’t take the woman’s insight to heart.

Brenda broke out of her look of exhaustion but still looked distant. It was possibly a side effect of the “heavy air” and Nicole was starting to feel the effects too. Brenda allowed an odd, crooked smile to form on her face. Nicole noticed it for only a second then looked away and took another gulp of the Coconut Dreams shake. Brenda couldn’t know more than what she told me, could she? The thought traversed her mind. Nicole then decided not to think on it any longer and took another frothy gulp. She knew that Brenda would always be truthful with her. Mistrust didn’t make sense.

“The shakes? They get shipped to me. Although I pay for them, I get them on discount. I have reasons to be concerned about your health, Nicki. You’re working so hard these days with so many long hours. I do it for you. I was a chemistry major and I studied biology too. I know what nutrients your body needs. You know that I only want what’s best for you. In a way, I feel like an older sister to you.”

Nicole watched as Brenda slowly licked her lips again, twirled her hair, and returned an unexplained look of allure. For that moment, the sisterly house-mother didn’t look a day over age twenty-nine. Is she attracted to me? Does she like what she sees? Am I showing her enough to keep her interest?

Flustered by the consideration, Nicole quickly reacted, “I’m going to head upstairs for a bit. Ummm… thanks for talking, Brenda. That’s a lot to think about. I’m going to relax, maybe lie down, and mull it over.”

“You’re just going up to your room? Not anywhere else?” Brenda inquired.

“Nope. Just my room.” Nicole paused, and then asked, “Where else would I be going?”

“Oh, nowhere really. I need to clean the upstairs bathroom, and I’m going to have a project going on in the attic. Lots of cleaning. You know it never ends. Didn’t want you to get lost among the dust bunnies that collect up there. Anyway, I know where to find you when dinner’s ready,” Brenda explained, using slower, drawn-out words to complete the end of her statement.

Nicole smiled, and stepped out of the kitchen. She headed upstairs, barely considering that Brenda said she was afraid of working in the eerie attic just a year ago.

As she stepped closer her second floor room, Nicole felt her arousal begin to progressively build. It was as noticeable as when she was stepping around the Sapphic love virgins in the living room and more obvious when confronted with Brenda’s odd gaze before she made her departure. But now, alone, she felt it all. It was like a wet blanket pressing down over her. It had doubled in intensity after Nicole climbed the stairs.

Her body felt warm and tingly, but not from the temperature of the house. She closed the bedroom door and locked it behind her. The pressing kept up, not allowing relief. Her heightened, scientific-minded keenness was slowly slipping and becoming dull, giving way to her more basic instinct. It was atmospheric erosion to her mind. She walked slowly, carefully, to view herself in the tall mirror in the corner of the room. She smiled. That’s a safe place. She was intentional in how she approached the glass. That what as she was taught. She loved that mirror as though it was an intimate part of her, a friend looking back at her. It never lied. It held many memories. It was her outlet. She knew that what happened next would relieve the suffocating pressure from the air.

Nicole slipped all of her clothes off while carefully watching herself in the mirror. After they were removed, she stood naked before the glass and whispered “Aperuit Ianuam. A-per-u-it I-an-u-am,” as her mistress taught her. It was a Latin phrase meaning “open the door”. Then, she broke the gaze to reach over and to pick up the lemon-colored thin cotton nightshirt, but then changed her mind. She chose to only wear her violet pair of crotch-less panties. She treasured them. Nicole believed that every girl should have secrets and the panties were her secret. They were her favorites due to the distinct slit in the middle. Her womanly flower, when aroused, had a tendency to peek through the opening, exposing itself to contact with whatever material was on the other side. With just with a quick rub, she could give herself a quick sexual jolt whenever she needed one. No one would ever know.

Slowly, she reached between her legs and ran her fingertip along the exposed contours of her womanhood, sending electric currents through her pelvic region. She did it again and again and again. Usually, this path led to relief, but it wasn’t enough under these circumstances.

Nicole needed a full lesson to relieve the chaos rampaging in her body.

She glided ten steps over to her computer workstation, took a seat, and pressed the key combination to bring her monitor to life. Following protocol, she adjusted the webcam attached to the top of the monitor to focus on her face. The camera adjustment was a requirement to gain entry into the online portal. A person’s face was an open book, revealing hidden feelings and thoughts to the careful observer. Secrets were not permitted to remain hidden during the lessons. Her teacher watched the feed from her room studiously during their sessions.

Years ago, during her first years at college, her first computer came fully equipped with Windows NT, the most advanced at the time. Besides its more serious applications, it allowed her to fill her screensaver and desktop with pictures of beautiful, fun things. Playful and innocent puppies, rainbows, unicorns, butterflies, castles, horses and cats all had a turn being the focus of attention on the monitor. She had a boyfriend back then, reaching a goal in her romantic life, and she was obsessed with him. She was in love with the idea of love and with his approval of her. The cute non-boyfriend images helped her stop the romantic daydreaming and remain focused on her studies. Today, the boyfriend was gone, along with all the other youthful images. The pussy cats remained. She flooded her computer with pussy cats in all different settings. Though appearing immature to some, Nicole was following the change her Mistress wanted; a focus on lots and lots of exotic pussy cats. The façade of innocence was maintained and the sexual undertones continued.

The façade of naiveté hid an online destination that diametrically opposed innocence. The destination was full of decadence, instead, and Nicole felt cravings for it as if it were a street drug. After opening her America Online internet browser, she selected the bookmark that brought her to the website. The banner at the top of the home page read “El Latex y el Encaje”, or “The Latex and the Lace”. Yes, it was a website that sold its wares of adult toys and lingerie to a Spanish-speaking market. Nicole’s ability to read Spanish was very limited, and even though the pictures were helpful, she had not purchased anything from them yet. It also contained the hidden portal to connect with her mistress and her life-giving lessons. Both Empathy and the site “El Latex y el Encaje” were established to be different routes that arrived at the same destination, the room of Instruction.

After bypassing the pink and black bordered home page by clicking on the Spanish “Contact Us” button, she reviewed the background of the next screen. As she had hoped, the picture of the typical-looking studded collar that was lying on floor next to the pile of crumpled lingerie had a green glowing outline. She ignored the invitation to email feedback on the page and clicked on the collar. After clicking on it, a new Username and Password box popped on to the screen. She typed in “Nicolette” and her password, “sisterhoodxxx”.

She felt her heartbeat increase and a buzz in her fingertips as she clicked “Enter”. Her portal was a fantastic place of hope. When she initially found the site, it opened a new chapter in her life. The hurt and pain of scorned love was replaced by a purpose and acceptance.

Nicole briefly recalled the memories. She met him when they were both juniors in high school and they continued dating throughout her senior year. Upon graduation, both enrolled at the local university, promising to do what it took to stay together. She planned on continuing the relationship to its likely conclusion, an engagement. After he settled in to campus life, his interests began wander away from her and toward other girls. She remembered noticing the signs of change, but ignored them. Then the fight happened. She remembered the fight. She blew up and accused him of cheating on her. How could he disrespect her like that! In response, he affirmed her accusation, and then said, “Why wouldn’t I?” He went on to accuse her of being plain, uninteresting, and dull. He said, “All you have are your studies but you have no life. You’re too ordinary.” She stood in place, stunned, and then he continued. “I used to think you were great, even fun, but that was before I got here. Then my eyes were opened. I know girls who are adventurous and look great too, much better than your small boobs and boring body. You’ll be here waiting for me after I’m done playing around.” She had lost his love and approval. She ran back to her sorority room and cried much of the evening. After several hours, she lifted her had off the wet pillow and found her tears dried. Looking for a distraction, she decided to pass some time on the World Wide Web. What did he mean by “adventurous”? The word itself didn’t pull up much, so she looked for “sexually adventurous” girls and what they were doing, figuring she could change to be more like them. That search yielded better results. She signed up to join a few email lists as she found examples. At one point in her search she was sent a message. That email eventually led her to this site and the discovery of her own purpose.

That purpose turned into an aim to serve her mistress and make her ambitions come true. And when that boy, Todd, or whatever his name was, tried to ensnare her back into a relationship after he faced multiple rejections, Nicole was strong enough to stop his advances and push him away. She was sturdy enough to be without him and his approval. Now that she had found a purpose to live for, the remnant of the hurtful past was gone.

On the screen, a tantalizing scene opened before her. On a deep-shaded red leather couch reclined a fit looking light-skinned brunette outfitted in shiny black latex. She was nearly lying on her back and her hips hung over the side of the furniture towards the viewer. After some time to take everything in, the camera’s focus moved to concentrate on her feet. They were settled inside gorgeous shoes, smooth black pointy-toed pumps with four-inch stiletto heels. Her feet were tipped outwards as her knees were slightly spread, causing her feet to rest on the outer edge of the shoes. As the close camera shot slowly glided upwards, Nicole’s eyes traveled with it up the side of the girl’s calves. She liked how smooth, soft, and pronounced they looked under the effects of the high heels. She found something captivating about a female’s strong-looking calves. She imagined running her hands over the sculpted features. As the view approached the top of her knees, the camera swung slightly and pulled back to allow a screen framed by two toned legs with knees spread about eighteen inches apart, that led to a latex-covered intersection where the top of the legs met.

Bass music was reverberating in the background. It was punctuated by rhythmic sounds of heavy female breathing. Nicole’s heart began pumping hard. Saliva began accumulating on the surface inside her mouth as the camera pan paused for a moment, then slowly, reluctantly, elevated to a view from above the girl. The girl returned a seductive, but tipsy, look. Her eyes weren’t glassy, just foggy. Quickly reading her facial expression and body language led Nicole to believe the girl was being affected by the same elements of heavy air that was present in her own room. The girl was aware and in over-sexualized euphoria. As the camera slowly lowered to first fill the screen with the young girl’s face and then continue to her mouth, the whole picture became obsessed over her blue gloss-covered lips. They were so young and thin, not yet filled out. Nicole licked her own lips, imaging what it would be like to kiss them.

Through the heavy breathing and obvious arousal, the girl kept her arms relaxed at her sides. The screen moved the focus to her smooth flat stomach that was bordered by two thin strips of black latex. They bridged the top edges of her shimmering panties to the bottom of the shiny lingerie cups that encased ample amounts of luscious, young female breast. A single translucent blue jewel, pierced right above her bellybutton, caught the light and sparkled, making Nicole smile.

As the camera’s eye moved upward, it settled over the girl’s chest and shoulders and began to zoom in to capture more detail. The eye found multiple droplets of moisture cascading down from her neck to her collarbone and beyond. Nicole focused on one droplet that dropped, then swerved, then slowed more as it reached the slope where her breasts began to emerge. The girl’s breathing was pronounced by the noticeable rising and falling of her chest. The droplet modified its pace, pausing at the start of the mound before continuing course inward, hugging the curve alongside the inner edges of the breast, and slipping out of sight under the latex casing.

Nicole was mesmerized by every second of the droplet’s journey and wished she could follow it to its final destination. She loved the introduction. Each time there was a different girl, who was in a similar physical position and had the same droplet. Sometimes the introduction seemed to take longer than other times, but that didn’t decrease its effectiveness. It was always enough for Nicole to begin her path to lust intoxication. It gave her a taste of the buzz she craved.

Suddenly, the ever-present bass thumping and breathing sounds quieted and then ceased. She saw the top of the door in the rear of the room open. That was followed by distinctive heel-produced clicks amplified by the hard floor. Onto Nicole’s screen walked her mistress, approaching the back of the furniture on which the girl in shimmering black latex reclined. Mistress Serena was young, even younger than the girl in the introduction, but it was difficult for Nicole determine her exact age. She could only guess about eighteen years old or so. Nicole did know she was watching someone very real, not some computer graphics representation of a person like she experienced in Empathy. Her mistress sent to Nicole had enough cutting edge technology for her room to bring reality to her home, in real-time through her computer. The first package was marked “Love, Serena” and was a substantial performance upgrade to her previous computer equipment. Also, the internet was really taking off these days under President Clinton and the push for E-commerce. It all basically allowed the next generation hardware’s potential to be nearly maximized.

The new arrival had youthful light platinum blonde hair that lay flat and extended past her shoulders. She had her lips and nails covered in deep brick red, even darker than the leather couch. To this lesson, she wore ivory-colored baby doll lingerie and matching G-string. The translucent lace baby doll had padded demi cups that barely covered her breasts and a satin ribbon sash underneath the cups and intricate patterning at the hem of the top. The G-string strap was visible through the thin lace material and stretched from around her hips to join at the front as a thin triangle of cloth a couple inches wide. It all fashioned a delicate appearance, strongly contrasting Serena’s self-assured authoritative reality.

Serena looked at the camera, right into Nicole, and said in her sweet young voice “I’ve missed you, Nicolette.”

Nicole felt her fortitude melt under the exposure to Serena. It was like Serena was her sun, and any consideration of disagreement dissolved.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Soon we’ll finally be able to meet in person. We’ve been together for so long, but never in the same room. I want to be in the same room with you, like I am with Kitty. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Her hands rested on Kitty’s shoulders in front of her and began rubbing them sensually. The girl’s eyes closed and a high-pitched moan escaped her blue-colored lips. Serena continued for a bit and then dipped her dark red finger tips to the edge of the girl’s exposed collarbone and gracefully stroked the base of her neck. Kitty put her head back, exposing her beautiful pale neck to her mistress in a gesture of submission.

“You see, her passion runs hot for me, just like yours, Nicolette,” Serena gazed seductively at her student. “You’re so far away, but… you’re doing the work that needs to be done.” Her girlish voice continued its sing-song tones.

“I know I’m doing good for you. I follow my lessons like you tell me to, and I started the program…” Nicole pleaded in a near whimper. She wanted the approval and closeness that Kitty was getting. Someday, in person, I will prove my devotion to you, and you’ll be so proud of me.

“Oh, I know, I know, Nicki. I’m proud of you, I really am. I’m waiting for the right time,” said Serena. “The Empathy program must be well under way before I can move about without threat. Culture can be so fickle. Society is not ready for me yet, but it will soon be ready because of you.”

Nicole watched Serena look down on Kitty and lean closer, allowing her outstretched fingers graze downward from the base of her neck to the dampened cleft between the two full youthful breasts. The girl’s moan was audible and for a split second, Nicole thought she heard the words “Join me” echo in the background. Thoughtlessly, Nicole removed her right hand from the computer mouse and slid it between her thighs. Her fingertips grazed the swollen edges of her arousal. Saliva was coating the walls of her mouth. As the surface of her fingers made contact with her flower, Nicole’s reality shifted suddenly from being tilted by a feeling of horniness to being dominated by sexualized hypnotic overload.

Within the overload, Nicole felt her power to define reality slip into oblivion. Her focus glazed over and her deliberate motor movements slowed, minus the index fingertip that continued to gently massage her moisture-slickened petals. In Empathy, the machine stimulated her, but at home she performed the erotic movements herself. It was under this condition that she began receiving the instructions from her beloved Serena. Her mistress always knew how to fix her. Nobody was ever able to repair her brokenness before her mistress. Her mistress loved her, both body and mind, and believed in her.

“My dear… my precious one… the time is near… you must be brave, so brave. You must be strong… for me. And you must be devoted… wholly, entirely devoted to me, your mistress…”

She felt her confidence grow, but was unable to nod her head. She felt determined and physically powerful, but was now unable to respond. Nicole thought of her verbal affirmation of devotion, but was unable to speak. She was just able to stroke herself and delight in her loss of control. Serena’s words became her thoughts, her beliefs. Personal control was undesirable. Serena, her mistress, was in control of her. When Serena was in control, Nicole had her approval.

Her eyes gazed on the screen, watching Serena’s hands circle around Kitty’s covered breasts, moving from between the female mounds of flesh, and scraping her deep red lacquered nails underneath. Serena finished the motion with quick lifts of the breasts, a firm rounded half-circle path of caressing the outside of the womanly adornments, and then return to the starting point over the sternum to restart the pattern. Over and over again, the mistress’s hands proved masterfully erotic stimulators, as revealed by flushed skin tones and hardened nipples that announced their presence from beneath the apparently thin latex. The reclined girl was splaying her legs wide and tightening her stomach, fully raptured in the moment. Nicole wanted to be physically charged that way by Serena, and someday she would. For now, it was just visual, and that was enough. Mesmerized by the repeated, soft manipulation of Kitty’s breasts, Nicole felt she was being pushed by the overload deeper into mental nothingness.

Serena’s eyes returned and remained locked on her distant student’s eyes. There were on one singular wavelength. Nicole’s focus matched Serena’s intensity.

“Nicolette, you hunger for girls. Only female flesh satisfies you.”

“I hunger for girls. Only female flesh satisfies me.” Nicole was mouthing the words in response. These words were familiar.

“You have no need for men. They bore you. You are above them.”

“I have no need for men. They bore me. I’m above them.” Like a photograph left in sunlight, any fond memories of her past boyfriend continued to fade and crack, becoming barely distinguishable. She was willing to let the memories go. She believed that when they left, so did the pain from the break-up.

“You have good memories of girls, girls that have loved you and have wanted you. Remember them now. Picture them in your mind.”

“I have good memories of girls, girls that have loved me and have wanted me.” Her mind began pulling up new memories of Elizabeth, Karen, and Shannon, and their impact on her sexual development. She could see their faces, their bodies, and their names. She floated through the tender moments they shared in exploring their sexuality.

Nicole watched the glossy deep red lips of her mistress speak the words. The words that Serena said and repeated again and again became her truth. Nicole believed her. All lessons were so intense, so incredible. At first, she was willing to explore the idea of loving girls, but wasn’t ready to leave her past. Serena opened a doorway to another world of Sapphic options, but for a time Nicole mindfully kept the doorway to boys accessible also. During each lesson, she would sample the pleasures that her mistress provided and revel in them. At the close of each lesson, she figuratively nailed a single board across the doorway to boys. Each lesson prompted a new board. Now, instead of a slight interest in girls like after the first couple lessons, girls were the only option. She felt the doorway to boys was nearly completely blocked. Her sexual paradigm shift was nearly complete. Instead of her desires having a slight preference for girls, she craved Sapphic lust and her fundamentals were changed.

Her mistress was watching and listening through the webcam, and that pleased Nicole. She wanted her mistress to be content with the display. A mistress that was happy will provide more lessons for her student. Her student would continue to feel the teacher’s approval.

“Your pets are safe. You don’t worry about them anymore. Your mistress has made arrangements.”

Any concern for the chimps slowly drained away. “I don’t worry about them anymore.”

“You no longer remember where you put them. They’re safe. They are being cared for. They are happy.”

“I no longer remember where I put them. They are being cared for.”

“And now for your relationships, here is the essence: You will control the men in your life. Women will desire you.”

“I will control the men in my life. Women will desire me.” Her subconscious recognized the words as a fresh command, but the routine of repetition was executed flawlessly. A new idea was born, dropped into her conscious like a drop of food coloring in a cup of water that slowly, but predictably, spreads to all the edges. It would be a tint on all of her relationships moving forward.

Her fingers were rubbing at her clit and over her flower’s petals intensely as she watched her mistress make a final play on the reclined girl in latex. After the new command, Nicole sensed it was about to happen. She found comfort in predictability and this moment had always been the notice.

“It’s time, my love,” the teen mistress said as she flipped Kitty’s latex coverings down, exposing the girl’s breasts Rich dark nipples provided stark contrast against pale white mounds. Serena’s fingernails dragged their edges along the surfaces toward the dark eruptions. Not making anything more than small motor movements, the girl was moaning and gyrating under a mistress who stayed completely calm and in complete control. Serena licked her lips once more, inhaling slightly. As she brought her finger tips together to pinch their targets, she looked at Nicole and said, “Give in to me now.”

Focusing on Kitty’s breasts, Nicole yelled out “I give in! I give!” Her body convulsed in orgasm and her eyes clamped shut. She felt her juices bubble up and coat her fingers. She forced her eyes to re-open. She wanted to see her mistress’s mastery of the privileged one at the end of her fingertips. Kitty’s body was still being racked by spasms that resulted from blessed orgasms.

She felt her own tremors continue like aftershocks, her pelvis and stomach flexing involuntarily, and her swelled petals pulsing with life. Pulse, pulse… pulse…… pulse. Many moments later, her own body quieted.

Serena was still watching her and then spoke, “You now know what you must believe as we move forward. Your lesson is complete, my love. Men are no longer essential to you. You will learn to merely use them, and then discard them. Or… keep them around to play with a bit, until you get bored. And women will desire you. Embrace the attention. Allow their love to soak you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Nicole with a slight nod. She relaxed and sat back as the screen faded away and reverted back to the El Latex y el Encaje homepage. Her small breasts hung openly and her nipples remained erect from her body’s earth-shattering stimulation. Her wrist rested against the inside of her thigh as her fingers floated just inches from their target, the darkened lips of a pussy left uncovered by purple crotch-less panties. She was satisfied, for now.

She was getting more than just getting a sexual buzz, or masturbating to physical orgasm as she had done in the past, even when she had a boyfriend. These lessons from Serena fulfilled her some of deepest needs, far beyond the physical. Her Mistress addressed her physical, emotional, and mental cravings, and completely replaced the other mundane activities. Nicole knew how deep the lessons affected her and had stopped up masturbation to orgasm. It was like she had traded in cheap romance for passionate love. Serena was all-affecting, imparting even her morals and view of the world. She was shown the importance of increasing the number of Sapphic relationships in society and her role in doing making that happen.

Nicole arose from her chair, her breasts barely swaying. It felt good to be nearly naked. She didn’t need men. They were of no long-standing use to her. She then realized that after Will has served his purpose, the phase would be was complete and working for him would no longer be needed for her mistress’s success. She might be stepping into his role and he would become expendable. Or, like her mistress suggested, she could keep him around for her own enjoyment. What is it like to have a man-toy?

How Will would be deposed from his high profile position was something Nicole did not know. Her Mistress said all men were disposable. At some point, “all men” would include Mr. Will Freeman. This was a new, clearer direction from Serena, one that she would never signal if the time wasn’t soon. Nicole had to now make preparations for her eventual takeover of the research lab’s operation. That takeover would begin with her personal effect on all of the human trial volunteers.


With his established status in the household, Will couldn’t understand why he felt so nervous. His neck and hands were sweaty as he parked his blue Toyota Camry in the driveway of his home. I’m the king around here… I’m the boss, he affirmed to himself.

A significant part of his concern would not be calmed. He was always afraid of the unexpected. If she did something, her motive would surely be retaliation. She was historically adept at retaliation. He reached his front door and pulled it open, and slowly walked inside.

She was waiting for him on the plush sofa in the well-lit small room to his left as he stood in the entry way. She got up and came to him.

“Hello, honey,” Beth greeted Will. Before he could reply, she planted a wet seductive kiss on his ill-prepared lips. The cherry gloss on her lips tasted sweet. His hands finally sprang to action in response to her aggressiveness and gently grasped her waist, where he felt the slippery smooth surface of latex. He was quite familiar with the material. Holding her in place, he took a step back and looked at his wife.

First he noticed her eyes. The colors of her eyes were dark, rich brown, several shades darker than normal. Her eyes were rimmed above and below with dark eyeliner and her lids were colored a smoky gray. Her cheekbones were highlighted bronze, her lashes were long and dark, and her lips were colored candy apple red. Her lips stood out like bright color on a black and white photograph. She had curled her blonde hair that hung lightly on her shoulders. As he reviewed her, she seductively licked her lips. His eyes skipped down to her outfit. It resembled a sexy one-piece swimsuit that had gone rogue. It began as an inverted V from her neck that spread wide to go under her arms and rejoined under her breasts. She had gone to great lengths, even using makeup, to emphasize the cleavage between her mounds. They were supported by a one-third latex cup that lifted the exposed tips forward. The entire upper and middle surface of Beth’s breasts was fully exposed to him, no coverage at all, and on the end of each nipple she had clamped a tear drop red jewel hanging from a one-inch chain. The latex covering continued downward under her chest for a few inches before elegantly curving inward to meet above the bellybutton and proceeding down again between her legs as a thin strip. Material did not cover her lower waist or hips at all.

“Uh… Beth, are you wearing special contact lenses? Your eyes seem darker than usual,” Will stated, returning his observation to her eyes. What was it about her eyes again? thought Will. That was so long ago. Think, Will, think. In that moment, he couldn’t quickly recall the memory and subsequently lost the train of thought as Beth smiled at him. She didn’t respond; just grinned. “You look real… good,” he said, momentarily distracted. He then remembered that he had a pressing item to discuss, the travel assignment.

“Um. Beth, can we talk a minute?” He had no idea how to make this conversational transition.

“Sure,” Beth finally spoke, making it easier on him. “What would you like to talk about?” Before he could answer, she turned away from him to walk into the kitchen. Her nipple chains made a momentary swooshing sound and he watched as her hips swayed side-to-side and her heels clicked against the floor. Each firm, bubbly butt cheek was on full display, showcasing the strong line of separation where her rear ended and the back of her thights began, as a sassy latex thong divided them. His memory started to fall into place. Beth had never acted this way with him, but she could have been like this around the time she rescued him from the lusty control of Ms. Kelsey Whitman, a high ranking member of the group called the Sisterhood. Kelsey was his domme and nearly drove him insane until Beth, a junior ranking member, stepped into his life. Beth had shared how appalled she was at how he was treated, was afraid to do that to him, and wanted him to reform her. They spent time as client and graduate doctor, and then fell in love, dated, before finally marrying. Beth had said her domme tendencies were cured by his work with her. She said she didn’t feel any attraction to them at all.

Will swallowed hard. “Look, Beth, Dean Clifton called. There’s a private donor that’s very interested in my research, and he said I need to meet with this donor.” Will spoke quickly to get all the words out. He figured it was better to dump all the information out quickly and let her sort through it. “I need to leave on the first flight out of town tomorrow morning.” He paused and then decided to explain what was at stake. “And you know… that if you like this life you’re living, I’m going to have to…”

“You should definitely go,” Beth interrupted, not yet turning around.

“What?” Will was sure he heard her wrong. He was sweating profusely under his shirt, much more nervous than ever. He loosened the knot of his tie and unbuttoned his shirt collar.

“I said that you should go,” Beth repeated in soft tones. She turned and smiled at him.

“You don’t mind?” Will asked. “You aren’t mad?” He took a step toward her.

“Oh, I do mind. And I’m not really happy,” Beth replied. He noticed the air of confidence in her words. “But you should go on that trip. I think… more may be accomplished because of it.” She leaned toward him, placing her hand on the edge of the countertop island, and lifted her other hand to her mouth. She placed her forefinger in to suck on it as she continued to look at him with smoky eyes. The tips of her pronounced breasts tingled slightly.

Will was surprised. She didn’t fight. She just approved. Was he really that good?. He was tempted to be thrilled at his ability to persuade his wife in this discussion. The work continues to pay off, he thought. All that time putting her under hypnosis to cure her dominatrix tendencies while also reformer her worldviews and shaping the tenets of their relationship was well worth the investment. He wondered what caused her to transition from being cold to being hot for him. That was something unusual.

Will felt emboldened. He finished slipping off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.

“I assume we’re done talking, Will,” Beth stated and Will nodded. “In that case, follow me. I promise to deliver the unexpected. Are you interested in something a little… unexpected?”

Like a horny teenager, Will followed his wife’s sexy backside into the bedroom, discarding articles of clothing along the way. When he stopped, only his boxers remained. His erection announced its presence.

She turned around and approached him.

“I know you like what you see,” Beth said, whispering in his ear as her nipple adornments skimmed across his chest. “I’m going to give you a show, but there is one rule. You can’t cum until I tell you to cum. Understand?” He nodded in agreement.

“And another thing,” she said as she walked over to retrieve something from her closet. She stepped back to him holding the nineteen inch strap embedded with special metal studs in her two hands. “You do remember Kelsey, don’t you? She had some special skills, wouldn’t you say?”

She fastened the ‘Initiation’ collar around his neck. “Now, do you feel better dressed for the show?”

Will nodded again. His erection had further hardened with the collar around his neck as he watched his wife begin. His thinking became foggy and senses became distorted as she continued. A strong state of arousal was his Achilles heel. It was when he was most vulnerable, made rash uncalculated decisions. It was also then he was able to feel the most pleasure. That’s what trapped him under the power of Kelsey Whitman. It was addiction. She knew how to control his body to achieve greater levels of pleasure. Domination was a strong fetish. It didn’t matter which woman was alluring him, if he was hard, he was defenseless and foolish.

Beth began her dance by slowly moving her hips side to side and making immediate eye contact. She dragged her fingertips up and down the exposed sides of her hips and waist. A slow bass rhythm beat had begun playing on their CD player which complimented the way she was moving. Her generous breasts swayed as her upper body made a show of it. She then turned around, giving him a full view of her back, nearly nude butt, and hard, fit legs. Her calves jumped out at him as they remained flexed in the high-heeled shoes. She rolled her shoulders, kept her arms up, then slowly turned one side and then the other, giving him generous views of her side boob. She looked over her shoulder, winked, keeping her back to him, placed her palms over her breasts, and slowly leaned forward, making her pair of butt cheeks the focus of his view. As she nearly leaned all the way forward, on the beat she simultaneously smacked each of her own cheeks, making loud skin-on-skin noise. The skin flushed pink for a moment.

She then stood back up, turned around, re-engaged eye contact, raised both hands to her hair, and then slowly began lowering them while giving him an expression of one in erotic bliss. They lowered along her cheeks, then her neck, to the top of her chest and then lower where she tugged on the jewels and emitted a sexual moan. After the moan, she cupped her breasts and pushed them together while licking her lips, slowly released the natural D-cup globes and slid her hands down the latex strip down the middle of her waist. Once she reached the beautiful apex between her legs, in rhythm with the music she used her left hand fingers to pull the thin latex cover to the side, exposing the outlines of her swollen flower. Two fingers of her right hand slid further between her legs, causing her eyes to close reflexively and her knees to buckle slightly in apparent pleasure. For some moments, she slid those fingers in and out, rhythmically to the beat. Instinctively her hips began reacting and thrusting in response to the intense stimulation.

Will’s hand eventually wrapped itself around his member and stroked in response. Pre-cum began to moisten his hand, tip, and shaft as he kept going, quietly indulging in self-pleasure. He felt the collar compress around his neck. It was more noticeable as he swallowed the saliva collecting in his mouth.

Finally his glistening, hard-breathing siren removed her fingers as the dance was near its end. She walked up to him and stared into his eyes with her deep dark brown orbs. She brought her right hand up and slid the first two fingers between his lips and into his mouth. He tasted the tangy and sweet essence of her juices. She was unshakeable. He was shaken. He was lost in her gaze, hardened and vulnerable before her. Once the one who saved him from subjugation, she was now another in the long line of women who had collared him.

“This is a new chapter for us, Will,” said Beth as she removed her fingers and wiped his saliva on him as she soothed his face, fingering his cheeks and jawline, causing his internal heat to rise even more. “Yesterday, you were my king. You ruled my whole world. You told me when to jump, and I asked how high. Today and tomorrow, it’s my turn. That world has slipped away. It’s old. It will be forgotten. Now I’m going to give the orders and you’re going to obey.”

She tugged on the collar around his neck. “The funny thing is that you’ll want to obey me. Kelsey was such a bitch, and an amateur. She didn’t understand nuance and subtleties. I know both the fierce ways and the soft ways. I’ll be much better to you.” She sighed and took in his reaction.

“I’d love to give you a taste of the future. Would you like that, honey?”

He slowly nodded, his mind swimming in a fog of lust. With her hands still near his face, she looked down at his still raised manhood. “Let’s try it like she used to do it: Will… cum now!”

The open hand she was using to gently caress his face swept downward and made contact with the side of his hardness just as she said “now”. The hand’s split second sudden squeeze and then knocked his manhood firmly to the side where it quickly bounced off his thigh. In response, his juices erupted from the tip of his rod and dripped onto Beth’s foot and the floor. His body began to spasm in orgasm. His fragile mind, made exceedingly vulnerable in his state of arousal, immediately began to crash. The only purposeful reaction he could muster was to stumble forward one step, and then two, and fall face-first onto his bed. Harsh mental exhaustion began overwhelming his physical and emotional being, leading him to the first level of sleep. It felt peaceful for some moments. It was euphoric.

Before falling to the deeper realm of sleep, Will cracked opened his eyes and peered over at his wife. She was lying with her back on the bed, now completely naked except for the ornamental tinkling chains attached to the ends of her breasts. She was thrusting her hips, raising her butt on and off the bed, breathing, moaning, using something between her legs, and intermittently saying “I did what you wanted, now let me cum. I’m in charge, you golden-eyed wench! Let me cum!” He wanted to watch and listen more and get lost in the sight of his masturbating wife, but he could not stay awake.

He drifted off before knowing how her situation was resolved He reached up to his neck and tucked a finger inside the collar In his dreams, he questioned whether he is now getting what he was hoping for. I want to be controlled. But I’m the one who made it all better. Am I the strong one? Beth could control me. I’m alright with that. After the considerations, sleep came like an avalanche.


“…and so, I had to take an early flight out this morning. I’ll probably be in the air when you listen to this. I know you can handle things the next few days. We’ll talk soon. I’ll be back on the ground in about four hours. Bye for now.”

After the message ended, Nicole hung up the phone and considered the implications to today’s plans. Since Will won’t be here to conduct the pre-treatment interview with Danielle, that will be my job, she thought. Then she recalled the directive given to her by Serena to take more control of the project. This was an opportunity to show what she can do.

Will is not really necessary. She caught the thought as it soared through her mindscape and compared it to the days when she believed working for him was a privilege. For months she pursued the opportunity to work in the lab. In her first few months, she felt it was a dream come true to land him as a mentor.She would certainly become a better scientist under his tutelage, she was convinced.

That’s not how I feel anymore. Now she thought more on his shortcomings and his dirty little secrets, the secrets that were highlighted by the reddish burn marks that were around his neck. Because he obsessed with keeping them hidden, she thought about them throughout the day too. Curiosity affected her that way. The more effort used to cloak a secret, the more deviant the truth.

Nicole spent the next half hour getting her work organized to do the interview and then set up the treatment. She was able to take a short break before Danielle arrived and spent the time sipping the rest of her Wellness Shake, this one called “Rejuvenate Red”, and letting her mind wander. After a time, and the woman Nicole assumed to be Danielle walked in.

“Hi there, how can I help you?” said the slightly nervous research assistant as she stood and offered an outstretched hand.

“You must be Nicole. So nice to finally meet you. I’m Danielle,” replied the woman with a warm smile and silky, firm grip.

Danielle’s outfit was both feminine and commanding. She wore a silky turquoise dress with bateau neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and knee length hemline. It was accented by asymmetrical sunburst pleats that flattered her figure without revealing too much skin. Her cleavage was covered, but her bust was full. She accented her lips and nails in candy apple red. The fit-looking blonde haired woman with deep dark brown eyes carried a tender but profound physical presence.

Nicole felt a little underdressed, with her brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a black tank top and Levi’s jeans under her stiff white lab coat. She slid her brown flats off her feet and tucked them under her chair as they both sat down.

“So, we’ll talk about a few things first, and then we will set up a schedule for the treatment.” Nicole paused and placed her focus on the interview questions. “The first one is simple. Why are you interested in this program?”

Danielle seemed ready for the question. “Well, I’m in a marriage where I don’t think my husband respects me. In fact, I know he doesn’t. Nor does he love me. It’s really just an arrangement of convenience. There’s a good chance more hurt is coming. But I’m ready to change the trajectory of the relationship. In order for that to happen, the fix is going to have to start with me.”

“Can you tell me more about your husband?” Nicole continued the inquiry. She checked the question as one of the directions suggested on the preprinted worksheet in the situation that marriage was indicated.

“Yes, we can talk about him, but first I’d like to hear about you, Nicole. I like to know who I’m working with. Why are you here and how do you feel about the program?” Danielle responded. She looked at her with those dark eyes and tanned complexion, allowing her hair to fall behind her shoulders.

“Me? Well…” Nicole was surprised by the switch in the conversation. She agreed that the client is likely to open up more if the practitioner is a little vulnerable, so she didn’t mind sharing a little.

“I guess the main reason I’m here is I want to help other women out. I think we have a good tool here. The program is getting promising results so far and even though it’s way too early to say definitively, I think we’re headed in the right direction and we have the best of intentions.”

Danielle looked into her eyes and waited a moment before responding. “You seem like a really sweet girl, Nicole, but that is exactly the answer I’d expect from a simple lab research assistant trying to keep her job. You tell the party line just like you should.”

Nicole felt slightly offended by this woman who at first seemed more friendly. “Well, I actually do have strong feelings about the project, but I don’t think it’s my place to share them with everybody.”

“I apologize if I offended you. I’m not ‘everybody’. I’m just one person. Why don’t you share them with me? I’ll keep your confidence. Besides, I think it will be a good way for you to find out where the line is between an interesting conversation and doing damage to your cause,” said the beauty before her. “I have a lot of experience with these sorts of things in social settings and I’ll be glad to help you. Now, let’s try again. Why are you here, and how do you REALLY feel about the program?”

“Honest… um,” Nicole now struggled to find the words to match her feelings. “I’m passionate about helping people, I think people should know what I’m good at, and… well… I’m pretty much a damn genius,” Nicole rebutted.

Danielle responded with a broad smile and confirming nod. Nicole felt encouraged to continue.

“The truth is that I carry over ninety-percent of the technical load around here. My boss worked with me to design it, then set me loose, and now he meets people and makes connections. These days I do nearly all the work. And the university is too cheap to bring in another research assistant. If it all succeeds, or if it all fails, is based on what happens in the lab. That’s all me. Honestly, I wonder if we’d be better without….” Nicole stopped herself.

“Go on,” Danielle prompted.

In a lower volume, Nicole finished, “without him.”

“You can be really bold, can’t you? I bet deep down inside there’s a she-devil that’s just itching to get out and show the world what she can do.”

Nicole smiled, nodding in agreement. This woman, who she barely knew, was able to pull genuine feelings out of her. She felt a sense of affirmation for what she was doing, kind of the same way Serena affects her, though not to the same level.

“To be honest, Danielle, I’m tired of all the crap from all the men in my life. I think that if girls can re-define themselves, many will have a chance to avoid the awful pain caused by their damaging perspectives of men. Boys are so immature; you and I both know the grown ones aren’t much better. If I can alleviate some of that misery by empowering girls to choose their own path by redesigning themselves, then I’ve given them a great gift,” continued an unleashed Nicole.

“So how does your success on this project make you feel?” asked Danielle. She was sharing Nicole’s excitement and moved closer to her, placing her hand on Nicole’s arm. She felt a warm tingle from the contact.

“Strong,” Nicole replied, her motivational puzzle starting to piece together. “I never realized how much I needed to feel that way. I’m so used to being the mousy, smart girl, who was never bold. I feel like I can be bold now because of the things I’m doing and I’m passionate about them. When I sit back and realize that I can help girls control their own sexuality with this technology, I’m giving them control that no one has ever dreamed of before.”

“You’re right about that! You’re real intelligent, Nicole, and I like hearing what you can do with this technology. Does it work like you hoped it would?”

“At this point, it works like Dr. Freeman and I planned. The one fascinating thing we’ve seen so far is how effective it is at getting past the barriers. There are always hindrances to change. Some girls still have life-long subconscious barriers that could prevent them from truly realizing the potential of this control.”

Danielle appeared impressed. “Amazing. Really remarkable. Personal mental barriers have to be broken down first. Makes total sense. Only after that would the girl be able to engineer new desires.”

Nicole nodded at the logical conclusion she had presented.

“So,” continued Danielle, putting her hands in her lap, “now that you’ve shared your thoughts, I’ll share mine. It’s true that I want to fix my marriage, that’s a goal, but I think that I also want to help you. The idea presented on the flyer interested me before I met you, and now that I’ve heard you talk about it, my choice seems clear.”

Danielle put her hand back on Nicole’s hand and Nicole felt an attachment begin to form. Not a lust, but an admiration. It was like she was a sister that Nicole, an only child, always wanted. She hungered for her Mistress, but she felt this woman could help her too. In feeling that, she began to notice doubts about her complete and total allegiance to Serena.

Could I work with them both? If I did, would I remain loyal enough to Serena, or is that cheating? Serena is my world, but there’s something special about this woman.

Still excited, Nicole refocused on the interview. “Let’s quickly finish up the rest of these basic questions and head back to the lab. I really want to show you what we have back there.”

Minutes later Nicole was leading her guest down the hallway and into the Control Room. Danielle stopped to look at the bank of computers and monitors, taking it all in. She was clearly impressed with the advanced state of their seemingly small operation.

“I’ll tell you all about that equipment later. I promise. Over here is the piece that I really want to show you,” Nicole prompted and led Danielle into the Delivery Room.

“She’s beautiful,” said Danielle. She walked over to the chair and gently ran her hands along the smooth glossy finish of the two-foot long half shell that hung over the chair that looked like it belonged in a dental office.

“Her name’s Empathy and I built her myself. Well, Will did a lot to design, but I put it together and tested it all out. We got the components from a company out West. This is cutting edge stuff. You’ll be amazed at what she can do. The software program inside is De-Link, and it’s a great starter program, but nothing compared to what Empathy has as her true potential.”

“I am impressed.” Danielle turned toward Nicole with piercing eyes and a mischievous smile. “And I trust you, Nicole. And because I trust you, I think we should double up on my treatments… or at least go faster.”

“Okay? What do you mean?” Nicole was confused.

“From what I heard you say, Empathy has some incredible potential to improve lives, and you eventually want to make this all a short-term. What if you could do it all over a weekend? My guess is that would be a big deal. But, before you get to that point, you’ll have to prove that it works and is a benefit, right? And my impression is there’s a lot of red tape between now and when you finally find a willing participant.” Nicole agreed with the assessment. “You should let me be the crash test dummy. Why not test the approach on me?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,“ Nicole responded with the first words that came to mind.

“Of course it’s a good idea, sweetie. Step back and think about it. See the big picture. Your goals are much bigger than this one project. It’s not just a phase. And for some reason, fate has decided to send your boss away, a person that you probably don’t really need, and has given you a very small window to chase your dream,” said Danielle enthusiastically, using her hands to emphasize her points.

Nicole considered the point. Will tended to want more, faster, not slower. The red tape to get approvals would eventually become a problem. It made sense to do this.

“Okay, I’ll do it, with you having full knowledge of the risks. And you know that I’ve never done it this way before. There’s been no test run completed to see where we’re headed. It’s all theory on paper, or in my mind.” Nicole smiled.

“Of course. I’m assuming all the risk. But really, how bad can it go?” Danielle asked, putting her hands on Nicole’s shoulders as she faced her. Even though Danielle’s lips were little more than a short step away from her own, instead of feeling stimulated, Nicole’s mind went somewhere else.

It could go very bad, thought Nicole as flashbacks of the ill-fated chimps crossed her mindscape. But within a couple moments, Nicole convinced herself that Danielle was right, the opportunity was now, and she is smart enough to take this project much farther than where Will ever imagined.

On the bottom of Danielle’s consent form, which was already signed, Nicole wrote “Additionally, I authorize Nicole Bunning and the University Research Lab to accelerate my De-Link program to the level they see fit. I hold them harmless of any consequences, foreseen or unforeseen, of my decisions.” She handed the form to Danielle, she read it over, and then signed and dated the statement.

“Now that we have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, let’s go over here. I should tell you some things before we try this out.” Nicole led Danielle to a soft grey couch at the other side of the Delivery Room and they both sat down.

“You’re not the first subject we have. The program is having an effect on another that is only following the preset guidelines. And before we worked with people, human volunteers, we started with test chimps…”

“Oh, I’m not the first. For some reason, I thought I might be the first for this part. Who else is in the program?” asked Danielle.

“Well, only Jessica O’Dell…” Nicole stopped mid-sentence and put her hand over her mouth. She was shocked at how easily the words slipped out. “Damn, I wasn’t supposed to say that. It’s confidential. We signed a confidentiality agreement with her.” She looked wearily at Danielle. “You won’t say anything, will you?”

“Of course not. Slips happen all the time. It’s what you do next that matters. You can trust me,” Danielle smiled. “So, since we opened that box- How is Jessica responding to the preset guidelines?”

“You know I can’t say anything more,” Nicole replied, feeling bad that she couldn’t unpack more details for her new friend.

“Okay,” Danielle said. “I understand. Then tell me about the chimps. Certainly they didn’t request confidentiality.” Danielle chuckled to keep things light-hearted.

Nicole smiled in return; glad to steer away from potential violations of confidentiality. “No, of course they didn’t. I won’t bore you with all the scientific jargon, but what basically happened is the treated females took over the group. They physically subjugated both the males and the untreated females to humiliation. They… um… controlled them, like… dominated them,” said Nicole. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, she said the last words in a quiet, hushed tone, although she knew no one else was in the lab. “I might be a little low on experience, but I know it… err… dominance… when I see it. The males gave complete control of their bodies to the treated females, who had also established an authoritarian hierarchy in a short amount of time.”

“That must have been shocking. After seeing that, what did you do?”

“I reacted quickly, though that’s not usually my style. I shut down that phase of the project completely. I had to. Things were going way off-course. So, I collected what data I could. I took the data to form some hypotheses. And also took note of variables, both expected and unexpected.”

“What do you mean by unexpected variables? I understand data, I know hypotheses can eventually become theories, but with variables you lost me,” said Danielle.

“Okay, there are two types of variables in research, independent and dependent. The independent is like the cause and the dependent is like the effect, resulting from the cause. We try to predict what will happen. Here the cause, or independent variable, is the treatment. The dependent variable is what happens. Some things that happened weren’t expected. So, when I was removing the chimps from the Delivery Room, I noticed the treated females were giving off a different odor than the other females; it was sweet, like a pheromone. Chimps are naturally pretty rough with each other, so this variable could help explain the dominance that was going on. And when I picked them up, I confirmed that the possible presence of a pheromone by a slick, oily sheen on their fur. Only the treated females had that characteristic. Since Will was so consumed with moving forward to the human volunteers and was not interested in discussing the chimps further, I took note of it in my personal logs, made plans to run further tests on the substance at another location, and removed the chimps from our lab.”

Danielle appeared impressed by Nicole’s excusable insubordination. “How did you move them all?” she asked.

“I just loaded the individual cages in to the van and drove them away,” Nicole thought about that. “I don’t know. I just did. And from there I brought them to…,” Nicole stopped. She had a blank look. “You know, I can’t remember where I put them. I should remember where they are.” Nicole began to feel desperation rising up inside her.

“Why can’t I remember where I put them?” She stood up and gradually began to pace, back and forth, four long strides one direction, and then four long strides the other direction. Her heart beat was increasing as her mind tried to open what seemed to be a closed door. Why can’t I figure this out? The need to figure it out and avoid embarrassing herself in front of Danielle began to overwhelm her. She felt teardrops form at the corners of her eyes. She’s going to think I’m not very good at my job after all. How could a responsible researcher misplace chimpanzees? I need to prove to her that I am smart, not some flake.

“Nicole, Nicole. It’s okay, it’s okay,” said Danielle as she stood up and wrapped her arms around the younger girl’s in a hug. “I understand how frustrating it is for someone as smart as you to not remember something. I still think you’re really smart. I still think you’re capable. This is just a blip. Besides, I can help you. Just calm down and you’ll eventually figure out where you put the chimps. I’m sure you made arrangements and they’re safe. Your mind just went blank for a moment.”

After the hug, Nicole did not resume her pacing. “Okay. You’re right again, of course,” said Nicole as she smiled and wiped her eyes with a nearby tissue. “Sorry about that. I throw my whole self into the lab, but I try not to get too emotional. This is more than the usual for me.” She took a deep breath. “Let’s get back to you and your treatment.” She looked down at her notebook to help her regain her professional train of thought.

“Since we’re moving yours up and accelerating it, you can return this afternoon to get started. If that’s good for you, it will work for me. That will give me time between now and then to make adjustments.” Nicole smiled again at Danielle. “Thanks for listening and thanks for the hug.”

“You’re welcome.” Danielle looked right into Nicole’s eyes and spoke more softly, raising her hand to run her fingertips through Nicole’s brown hair. She felt a tingle. “I feel like we connected today.” Nicole nodded in response.

“I’ll see you in about three hours then?” Danielle asked.

Danielle turned to leave, leaned over and gently kissed Nicole on the cheek, and headed to the door to exit the Delivery Room. Nicole took another gaze at the woman’s full chest when she leaned over and then her rear when she walked away. She licked her lips. She felt familiar urges simmer below the surface as Sapphic thoughts appeared in her mind. They did not dissipate. They lingered in the forefront for her to relish them. A few moments passed. She licked her lips again and walked to the front entryway again to be sure the doors were locked.

Her core was buzzing now as her mind echoed the words “women will desire you” from her lesson with Serena.

Women will desire me. Women will desire me. Danielle… Danielle will desire… me. She continued to focus on the words and meaning. Women will desire me. Danielle will desire me. Jessica will desire me. They’ll want to touch me… please me… satisfy me…. She felt her heart beat hard and a rising urge between her legs as she walked back into the Delivery Room to the soft grey sofa. She quickly lifted the hem of her black tank top and pulled it up over her head, exposing her bra-covered breasts. Her breasts weren’t impressive in size, just barely filling a B-cup. What they lacked in presence, they made up for in sensitivity. She reached back and unclasped her beige bra and allowed it to slip forward, off her shoulders, down her arms and into her hands. She tossed it to the end of the sofa.

She reached to the front of her jeans, unbuttoned the clasp and lowered her zipper, exposing the front top of her white Barely There panties. In the last two minutes her simmering urge had become a directive from her mind—to bring her body to orgasm.

Historically, this instruction had been a challenge. She didn’t begin actively discovering her sexual urges until her junior year in high school, although she was now recalling some less than innocent adventures with other girls in her teen years. The main exploration advanced to the next level when she and her boyfriend began a serious relationship and would often park in the more secluded areas of the nearby municipal parks, drop their pants, and take turns rubbing each other. They rubbed until they were both satisfied with an orgasm. Having the visual stimulation was simple as she visually devoured the sexually ravenous teen boy who was handling her lady parts. The pursuit of orgasm stopped after the nasty breakup, waiting to be awakened by her next lover, who ended up being Serena.

Once she had attached to Serena, she was only able to bring herself to climax with a constant visual image to look at and lust over. Since the last lesson, something had changed. There was no present external stimulation, yet the embers of her lust grew increasingly hot.

She reclined length-wise on the sofa, with her upper back and shoulders against the side arm, her right leg resting fully on the cushions, her left leg partly hanging off the side. She slid her left hand down her side and under the band of her panties and rested her fingertip on the fleshy opening of her slit. The pads of her fingertips glanced over the slightly moistened surfaces. With her right hand, she reached over to her left breast. She cupped underneath the fleshy mound and then ran her thumb from the upper inside surface downwards towards her coral pink colored areola surrounding the nubs that had been standing at attention. Now that arousal had increased, they become hypersensitive and withdrew slightly from their previous position. She moved her thumb over once, then twice, and then as it approached a third time she squeezed the nipple flesh between her thumb and forefinger. A jolt shot from the pleasure center in her brain through her body, causing her flower’s petals to pulse against her fingertips and trigger an ensuing fantasy of herself in Serena’s room.

She looked down from Serena’s position behind the red leather sofa and found that instead of Kitty, it was Danielle who was reclined before her. She wore the same black latex outfit. The words kept ringing through her mind. Danielle will desire me. Danielle will desire me. A rush of newfound power thrilled her. Not only did the lust-filled Danielle seated before her approve of Nicole’s abilities, she also lusted after her body. She craved Nicole deeply. “I want you so much,” Danielle looked up to tell her.

As Nicole saw herself in the fantasy begin to slide her hands across the front of the woman’s shoulders and slightly downward, her real hands were enthusiastically fondling her left breast and nipple and the crevices between her legs. Her juices had built up substantially and rose to the surface, allowing her finger to be well lubricated and slip back and forth with ease. Her hips and abs flexed as she felt the climax grow closer.

Never had she been able to go this far with just internal mental stimulation. There were no doubts that she would be the one desired by the others. The words of her mistress echoed through her mind.

I no longer need men. I crave only women. Women will want me… desire me… crave me… and then… satisfy me. Satisfy me. Satisfy me.

The Danielle in her mind allowed Nicole to do whatever she wanted to her. In one moment, the latex cups were flipped down to expose beautiful mounds of tan flesh with dark tan areola and piercing nipples. Next moment, Danielle had pulled the latex strip that ran between her legs to the side and was rubbing her own tender flesh while sucking on the ends of Nicole’s tender breasts. Then Nicole pictured herself reclining on the red sofa, naked, with her legs spread wide. Her hairless pussy was revealed and the beautiful, seductive Danielle spread a trail of wet kisses up the inside of her thighs. She then pulled back, took a look at the moist jewel at the apex, and moved in to intimately stroke it, tongue extended.

Nicole was moaning loudly now as the thoughts compounded on her conscience. “Oh my…” Desire me… “Ooooh…” Want me… Seduce me… “Mmmm… Ohhhh…” Lick me…Taste me… Her hips were causing her to grind hard against her hand as a pair of fingers slipped into the wet pocket, boosting her arousal again.

Her body was rushing faster and faster to the anticipated peak, throwing off all physical and mental restraints. As she focused on the images in her mind, the lusty Danielle took several more licks of Nicole’s pussy, slowly looking up at her as she collected the juice that covered her lips with her pink tongue. Then she said “Nicole, I really want you. I want you so bad. I want you more than my I want my husband, more than I want any man. I’ve been naughty, so naughty. I need you to show me your power.”

Danielle got up off the floor, stood up, and then leaned over at the waist and put both hands on the adjoining sofa cushion. Her large well-formed breasts hung forward and dangled back and forth for a moment in front of Nicole’s gaze.

Heavily intoxicated by passion, Nicole felt a firm, slick item appear in her right hand. She looked over and saw she was gripping a slick, flesh colored dildo that was attached to a black harness. She had never imagined using one of these, until now, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out how to put it on. After she slid it up her legs, she noticed a small dark protuberance, like a mini-dildo, facing her. It was surrounded by hundreds of incredibly soft hair-thin nubs.

She placed the harness over her lower frame, the mini-dildo entered her pussy after separating the lips, and the tender nubs played over the surface of her petals. Tightening the harness around her hips enhanced the sensations and she looked over at Danielle. She took a step towards her. Danielle leaned over, took the end of the dildo in her mouth, sucked on it, licked around the surface applying generous amounts of saliva, and then looked up at Nicole.

“It’s ready. I’m proud of you, sweetie. You’re finally coming into your own. Now, teach this naughty girl a lesson.”

Nicole’s mind was spinning in her lust. You will desire me… Want me… Crave me…

The thoughts were bordering on foreign and she never imagined taking another woman this way. She felt no confidence to do the act, but felt compelled by the words echoing off the walls of her mind. They were driving her and she was unwilling to question them. Serena had triggered this journey and she felt confident in following her instructions. It was one thing to gently pleasure a woman. It was completely different to mount one this way.

In her fantasy, Nicole softly stepped around to behind the frame of the elegant woman before her. With each step, the soft slick dildo swung slightly side to side, causing the tiny nubs to tickle her petals. Her breathing fluttered with the perceived stimulation. She peered down as she stood behind Danielle. She placed her hands on the firm buttocks and ran them up and down the curved surface. As she traced her finger along the inside of the woman’s flower, she found a trail of clear liquid that had begun seeping down the inside her leg. She was well lubricated.

Danielle breathlessly mused, “You can do this. I believe in you, Nicole. I’m real close to the top… take me… rough.”

The words in her voice pounded off the walls. She desires me… her body won’t hide it… she wants you… she craves you… take what’s yours… take her… take her… consumer her… desire… lust… soft… control… dominate…

She lined up the end of the slick dildo at the entrance of Danielle’s pussy, grabbed hold of her soft hips, and pushed into her hard, probing deep into the woman. Simultaneously she felt the smaller dildo jab further into her own slit. With that, she burst back into reality.

She was stunned by the erotic explosions felt throughout her body. Her thighs clenched around her left hand that was getting coated with her own sexual juices. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen seconds later the orgasmic spasms began to subside. Nicole began to descend from the erotic high.

She looked down and saw the end of her left breast was red from the ferocious stimulation. She removed her hand from inside her panties and saw the thick clear fluid string between her fingers. She relaxed and smiled, resting her hands on her stomach. A moment later she closed her eyes, then reopened them quickly to check the time on the clock. Just as she thought: Danielle would be returning to the lab shortly.


Adopting the Danielle persona was beginning to feel much more comfortable. She liked the commanding, manipulative edge contained in her alter ego. There was much more clarity and single-mindedness. When being Danielle, her femme was in control. After being in the forefront of her mind for hours, her femme was now settling into the background and the socialite returned.

I like her. I like her a lot, said her femme. She’s the next one we need to bring it all back. To bring it back the way it should be.

Her femme continued whispering to Beth. You’ll need to let me loose again. You like how it feels when I’m in charge. When I’m in charge, I go after my goals. My goals accomplish your desires. Keep your desires in sight and you’ll be satisfied, I promise. I keep my promises.

True, her femme did keep her promises, but for a time after having control, she also maintained occupation over every facet of Beth’s sexuality. This included not being permitted to reach an orgasm except when her femme deemed it alright, which was only during times she felt would be of benefit. That benefit would only happen in a Sapphic encounter, not with her husband or by herself. That stipulation left her horny and ravenous most of her waking hours.

She was still angry about the control issues, but decided to focus on the future instead of fighting with herself. Beth knew that the intelligence held by Nicole was the next key on the path to reviving the Sisterhood. It would be impossible to bring the last generation of sisters back together. Therefore, starting from zero would be the only way. Empathy could do what Nicole said it could, it may not take generations for the order to return. It would just take years. Nicole’s importance to having an acceptable timeline was clear.

It was risky to put so much weight on the dependability of one person. What if Nicole stops cooperating and following Danielle’s lead? In that case, it will be up to her to know the technology herself. That was not a viable alternative plan. The surest solution was to alleviate the risk and properly “turn” Nicole in the old ways. The old ways would help her become a devotee to the Sisterhood, not just an addict to the effects of the technology.

Recalling the earlier conversation, Beth remembered Nicole’s been through the gateway of her personal inhibitions. She’s clearly addicted to Empathy. At this time, it has a powerful hold on her, and that’s all the better.

Because of the inherent shortcomings of the Empathy-alone approach, Nicole would have to keep getting her treatments, especially to maintain such a high level of effect. Unlike a properly done mystic Sisterhood ceremony, which builds a foundation and adds block upon block at ensuing rites, the Empathy gateway would fade over time. It’s a matter of personal ownership: Becoming versus Receiving. Becoming is permanence and Receiving is temporary. Only the old ways could truly guide someone to truly becoming a new woman.

The old ways could only return to their zenith on the same grounds they held before. Therefore, her next task concerned money. Beth called her bank to check the balance of their household account. Good. More than enough to make the next move, she confirmed. He won’t be pleased, but that no longer matters. She was confident in her newfound influence over the marriage.

After making a quick list of the next steps and items that may be needed, Beth changed into an outfit much less formal than the dress she wore earlier and more comfortable for the lab treatment later on. She got into her silver Ford Taurus to take a drive to the outskirts of the university campus. She was headed to a special place in her past, 350 Avery Boulevard.

The conditions of the road began getting worse as she drove from the east side of town, through campus, to the west side. The west side was the older part of town, away from the newer developments. The financial affection bestowed by the current city council was far less than in previous years. When she arrived at 350 Avery, she noticed the bold red and white realtors’ FOR SALE sign in the front yard. That was beneficial. She was thankful she wouldn’t have to buy from someone not motivated to sell and run the risk of overpaying.

There was a lot of history in this building. It was first built in 1898. Through the decades it was always a home for young women. It thrived with the lives of college coeds that were attending the university and reaping the social benefits of the Greek sorority system. There were parties and graduations, of course. But there were also initiation ceremonies that had very old roots and the girls embraced them. Within the sorority, there existed a sisterhood. The Sisterhood pledged to guard the affairs of the sorority and every member in it. Due to wild accusations after Beth had left, the university forcefully disbanded the sorority and in effect, the Sisterhood. The university then took the property at a discounted price, intending to make a profit in the future. It was vacated about ten years ago. Even though it was vacant, she believed the grounds still held a powerful Sapphic energy that could be awakened. She had to restore the common sanctuary for the Sisterhood.

Beth got out of her car and casually walked up the gray cracking sidewalk, looking around at the physical state of the surroundings. The outdoor amenities and exterior of the home was aged and degraded by weather. Though the grass was mowed and the realtor had obviously cleaned up the front yard, there was a lack of substantial financial investment in the property. It could be sold as a fixer-upper. Any money the agent put in it would be lost.

She walked up the front steps and saw the coded real estate lock on the front door. That effectively prevented her entry into the house this visit. She stepped to the side to look through the part of the large bay window unblocked by the curtain. Inside she could see the furniture covered by white sheets, like a summer house that was put to sleep for the winter. She recalled the images of lascivious activities that took place in that room after hours, after the house-mother had retired for the night. Girls in nightgowns and sleep shirts, gathered around to gossip or play “spin the bottle” or chasing and wrestling each other between fits of giggles. They also participated in the Choosing, the Initiations, and the Rites of Sisterhood that happened through the deep hidden passages of the house.

She sighed when she considered the memories of what it was and the potential of what it could be. She could be a house-mother and bring it all back. When she returned to her car, she lifted her Motorola car phone receiver from its cradle and dialed the realtor’s phone number found on the sign. The realtor answered after the first ring.

“This is Jersey Shaw with Sundance Realty. How can I help you?” asked a pleasant voice with a slight Southern twang.

“Hello, Jersey. My name’s Beth Freeman and I’d like to talk to you about the house at 350 Avery. I’m interested in it, but I do have a few questions if you don’t mind answering them.”

“No, I don’t mind, honey. What did you say the address was again?”

“The address is 350 Avery Boulevard.”

“That’s what I thought you said,” replied Jersey. “You’re the first inquiry in a very long time for that property. I thought this might be some kind of prank pulled by someone at the office. Those boys are always kiddin’ around. And Beth, please call me Jersey.”

“Okay, Jersey. How long has the property been on the market?”

“Beth, you’ll find I’m a different kind of agent. I’m completely honest and up front because I want you to be happy and fully informed when you buy from me. Maybe that’s why this one hasn’t moved. Anyway, regarding that property, I’ve been trying to sell it for three years. As the newest member to join my office, I was assigned the residence as kind of a hazing joke for the newbie. It had been on the market long before that. I think the University’s been trying to sell it since a year after it took possession of the property.”

“Is that so?” Beth responded, trying to show surprise in her voice.

“You know it. There are strange stories about that sorority group and what they did in that house. I pay no attention to that gossip. I just keep in mind that people will talk, even if it’s just to hear their own voice.”

“That’s interesting. I can understand how stories can keep some people away, but what about the others? What usually happens to the offers you get on the property? Haven’t you dropped the price to get it off your books?” Beth asked, trying to probe for the particular problem that Jersey had been running into.

“I have received offers and they’re at very low prices, of course. What we’ve run into an odd clause that’s part of the deed. The clause requires that the property must always be insured by a local shop, Scamp and Sons Title. They haven’t approved any of the buyers and the university won’t spend the money to take them to court. If you can convince Tony Scamp and his crew to insure the title to the property, we’ll probably be able to close the deal,” replied Jersey.

“That’s good to know,” Beth made a mental note to do more research on the title company. “One more question. How soon can I have a look inside?”

“Let’s see,” Beth heard the agent flipping through her appointment book. “Well, my first available time is tomorrow. I can meet you there tomorrow in the evening,” said Jersey.

“I’ll be here at six,” said Beth. “Will that work for you?”

“It’s great for me. See you then, Beth. Very good talking to you,” said the realtor before Beth hung up the phone. She took one last look at the large dark, empty building before leaving. Her femme was very excited and was telling her it was the right time to start using that place again for the Sisterhood. The group would get their rebirth.

She began to envision the rebuilding of the Turning Room, with its mirrored walls and ceiling and extravagant designs. It would be the next stop after Empathy has run its course. The Sisterhood would return, stronger than in the years she belonged before she had the conflict with Kelsey, before the authorities investigated, and before the Sisters were dispersed and evicted from their Sanctuary.

As she drove, Beth reflected on this mark she’d leave as a legacy. In the process, Danielle would be fully unleashed. She had to be let go in order to make it all work.

Sometime later, Beth returned to the lab for her first treatment. She casually walked through the dual glass-paned front door. She had clarified a couple of goals in her mind. First, she resolved to experience the treatment to the fullest extent and begin that process this afternoon. Second, to eventually bring about the resurgence of the Sisterhood, she would begin to align Nicole’s loyalties with her.

The outfit she changed into after this morning’s dress was selected to stun Nicole. Her outfit consisted of light beige wedge sandal heels to give a two-inch lift and to cause her calves to flex when she stood, dark cutoff denim shorts to reveal plenty of toned thigh, and a tight-fitting blue and white striped baby-T with capped sleeves and a V-neck that revealed a couple inches of bra-enhanced cleavage. She was the huntress looking to entice the girl. She was prepared to reach the next stage with her prey.

As Nicole greeted her with a handshake and began a compliment about the outfit, Beth drew her close and gave her another hug. After a couple seconds, she felt Nicole’s body melt into hers, both sharing in the full frontal contact, and whispered, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I want to make your dreams come true.”

Nicole hummed a sigh into her shoulder, and responded in the same way. “Thank you.”

The embrace ended after another moment and Nicole said, “I’m ready to get you started. Let’s go back to the Delivery Room. You are going to love this introductory phase and be amazed at the one you meet. You don’t know her now, but I think you’ll fall in love with her. I know I have.”

“Who is this? A special woman? Is she in the machine?” Nicole didn’t respond but took Beth down the hallway.

As Nicole led Beth to take the seat in the chair, she said, “Danielle, she’s a digital projection of a real person. I know the real person too. I don’t want to tell you much more than that or it may influence your results.” Nicole paused and looked Beth over. “Go ahead and take off your bra and your shorts.”

When Beth hesitated and smiled, Nicole went reminded her, “It wasn’t my choice. You’re the one who wants to accelerate the De-Link program and its effects.”

With the brief display of modesty over, Beth complied and reached back to unclasp her bra, drew the shoulder straps through her sleeves and off her arms, and pulled the pair of cups off her breasts by reaching up the front of her shirt. She felt her firm breasts droop slightly and her nipples press hard against the front of her T-shirt, sending a little buzz through her. It wasn’t a surprising feeling; when unpadded, her nipples were notorious for making their presence known and making contact with whatever material they could reach. Then she reached to her waist, unbuttoned the front of the shorts, and slid them down her legs. She stood upright, her firm breasts lifting her shirt upwards and stranded in her white cotton panties. She put her hands on her hips.

“Is this good?” asked Beth.

“Yes. That is good, Danielle,” Nicole stammered, her green eyes holding the gaze a little longer than was appropriate for a casual friendship.

Beth could tell she was getting to her. The key was not to go too fast, or she could get skittish. Better to track slowly, provide morsels, and eventually allow the hunted to think the resulting conclusion was their idea all along.

“What’s next?” asked Beth with anticipation. The seat and backrest were very comfortable and supportive. She watched Nicole go through the routine of adjusting the machine to her height and physical dimensions, setting her legs at a certain angle, and bringing the different attachments into contact with her body. She enjoyed the sensations of Nicole’s hand underneath her breasts when the time came to place them in the rubberized half-cups.

As she brought the headgear downwards, Nicole repeated, “I really think you’re going to enjoy the De-Link treatment. It’s going to open your eyes, make you a new woman, and totally change your marriage.”

“I’m planning on it,” replied Beth as the world became dark for about ten seconds. Soft glowing lights slowly appeared around the periphery of her sight. The warm lights eventually became brighter, fully engaging her sense of view. Gradually, as the bright lights began flashing in a pattern, Beth felt her mind began to flow with the programming. Then the patterns became random. The lights pulsated and confused her conscious mind which soon became exhausted in its attempts to decipher the patterns. Colors were then added to the mix. Then the patterns and colors began slowing back down. They started settling into place and just pulsed. What was shown next was a wonder-scape of shapes and colors. It felt like she was walking through a park. Instead of natural coloring, everything was alive in bright pastels. Blue, orange, yellow, pink, green, and purple abounded in the rich environment. Every sensory receptor was in full operation to take it in. She felt so relaxed, so nice to mentally travel on autopilot. This is so good. I wonder what’s next.

The horizon of the wonder-scape revealed some colors that did not conform to the rest of the environment. From what she could tell, these colors were dark, rich hues of violet, deep blue, and dark red. As her mind drifted closer to the sight, she felt an attraction to the abnormality. Then she began to realize the darker colors were actually two forms. One was leaning onto the other, engaging in some series of moving and rubbing motions.

Original thoughts barely registered in her disoriented mind. The only thoughts heard were those that were suggested, and she responded compliantly. Yes, let’s go see what they’re doing.

Her mental alertness was completely frozen while her senses were on overdrive. Whatever was suggested, she acted on. In this case, she was guided to get a better look at what was happening and she moved even closer. The bold colors flowed through the two forms, now identified as people, like the signatures of internal heat. And if in the blue-violet-red spectrum the color red indicated “hot”, these people were burning up. As she got closer, the panting and moaning became more audible and gave hint that they were female. Her brain registered very slight vibrations between her legs as she continued to get closer. It was a pair of young females on a park bench. They did not acknowledge her presence. One girl was reclined against the bench arm rail on one side and seemed to be passively receiving the advances set onto her by the other girl who leaned into her. She was hungrily devouring the girl sensually.

As she arrived within arm’s length, she received an audible instruction. “Reach out and touch them. Love them. Caress the girls. Let them love you.”

Beth was very receptive to the idea. She extended her hand to touch the leading girl’s back. Her fingers registered the pressure and smoothness as if a naked back was really before her. It was smooth and fresh, as a young female’s back should be. Beth’s sexual interest began to rise as she continued to stroke the girl’s back. She watched the lovemaking and listened to the moans of the girls as they groped and rubbed each other. Beth’s brain held no concept of time, but at some point the girl receiving the passionate advances squealed carnally as she reached climax.

After the girl on top had brought her lover to orgasm, she turned to face Beth. The deep hues continued to swirl underneath the surface of the girl’s skin and her bright eyes flashed at Beth seductively. “Hello, pretty, do you like what you see?” Beth could barely respond, eagerly anticipating her next words. “I’m a great lover, and my girlfriend will be resting off that high for a bit. Would you like my attention next?”

Beth felt her mind reply “Yes” and she leaned in to kiss the girl’s lips. The sensations felt so real. She felt the soft luscious give of the plump lips and tasted the grape-flavored lip gloss. It tasted sour and then a hint of sweet. They kept kissing until Beth felt the girl’s mouth open slightly and the girl’s tongue emerge to push apart Beth’s lips. She immediately complied and felt her excitement grow. This girl was a great kisser and knew how to use her tongue to send erotic feelings throughout Beth’s body. When they finally broke the kiss, Beth was breathing hard.

“That… was… incredible. Wow!” said Beth to the girl.

“Yes, Danielle, it really was.”

The girl stood before Beth and gave her a close, affectionate hug. Beth felt their bodies melt together intimately. She felt her hands slip down the girl’s back, to the upper curve of her buttocks, and then lower, discovering the girl’s pure nakedness. It felt so good to touch her.

“Shall we go somewhere a little more comfortable that a park bench?”

Beth felt agreement, but didn’t respond outwardly.

The girl pulled away, took her hand, and led down a path that went behind the trees and to a cottage that was hidden from the view of the park. The deep thermal hues were flowing through her body, with the deep reds densely settling in the area between her legs, the front portion of her breasts, and the edges of her lips. The girl had a sexy hip-swaying gait that showcased her naked firm, round butt cheeks. This being was physically blessed in the most enviable ways possible. Though much of her mind remained muddled, Beth wanted to reach down and run her hand on each surface, but held back, allowing her desires to burn hotter by delaying.

The girl opened the door to the cottage and led Beth inside. Within this structure, everything changed. All the colors shifted to skin tones and colors that were realistic, not fluorescent or translucent. Beth now realized the girl she was with was an exotically beautiful teen with platinum yellow-white hair and dazzling blue eyes. Sporadically a blip of impurity identifying the encounter more as video game than as real life would show itself, but at this point realism did not matter to her.

“You are a great lover too, Danielle. Come to this couch and let’s get to know each other better,” said the girl. She gently but firmly laid Beth against the cushioned back corner of the couch and straddled her legs on either side of Beth’s left thigh, keeping one foot on the floor. As they reconnected with a passionate kiss, Beth felt the girl’s love mound press against the top of her thigh. Then the girl’s hand reached over and caressed Beth’s right breast. She gently sculpted and molded them and Beth’s mind was told the erotic sensations were far more dynamic than she ever felt in her marriage. Her mind was swirling in a cloud of desire as audible messages reinforced the thoughts in her mind. “Her touch is amazing… you’ve never felt like this… she pleases feel fulfilled… you crave her caresses…”

Beth began moaning with earnest. She didn’t think her reaction was just virtual; but she had no way of knowing if the sounds did not escape this world, nor did she care. This girl was better at loving than her wildest dreams. The girl broke their lip-lock, smiled at Beth, and then moved her lips to her erotically swollen left breast. Simultaneously, she put her left hand over Beth’s engorged flower between her legs and began gently stroking the surface.

Beth reached over and began caressing the girl’s dangling breast, especially enjoying the smooth skin underneath. She and lifted it, feeling the weight in her hand. Then Beth tightly drew the brazen nipple between two fingers and gave a squeeze. The girl cried out and that raised Beth’s arousal even higher. The constant finger action occurring between her legs was drawing her near the tipping point.

Beth looked into the girl’s eyes. She mirrored the high level of arousal. “Come for me, Danielle,” she said in a young sing-song voice, dripping with innocence. “I want you to give in, for me.”

Beth couldn’t believe the girl’s effect on her. So vulnerable, and yet, so commanding. It hit a part of her she didn’t know existed. It was an unknown, unmet need.

“Give in. Give in,” the girl whispered. Beth felt the small delicate fingers slide over her slick arousal in a provocative, steady rhythm. “You know you want to. Just let loose. Show how you feel about me.”

Beth’s eyes closed as she felt the desire to comply with the girl’s wishes. Why wouldn’t she want to? The message bounced through her mind. “She causes sweet sensations… show a worthy response… she is so good with you… her beauty rewards you… let your feelings out… give in to her… free yourself….”

Her breathing was rapid, her thighs and stomach were tense and twitching to bring her arousal to the peak, and her nipples were poking out, hard and sensitive. Beth gazed upon the beauty of her seductress. The internal eruption pounced on her without warning and she felt her entire body convulse in erotic spasms. They continued for three, five, ten seconds and longer. She felt her flower pulse against the girls hand in a rhythm that slowly decreased until it stilled in peace. Her body relaxed the next moment.

“That was so good,” Beth said as the afterglow set in.

“I knew you’d like it. You’ll not stop thinking about it. You’ll be back for more,” said her confident lover.

Still in a daze, Beth stammered, “I… I will…Wh- who are you?”

The girl leaned in real close and put her mouth against Beth’s ear as her naked breast flattened against Beth’s chest. “Danielle, you’ll be changed forever because of me. You’ll see a whole new world of Sapphic love open before you. I’m your Mistress. I’m Serena.”

Right after the words were spoken, the surroundings vanished in a flash of bright light that stunned Beth’s eyes and blanked her mind. She felt mentally stunned in the darkness. Slowly the headgear was raised off her head and her eyes opened to reality. She looked around the Delivery Room, then into Nicole’s eyes and grinned. Nicole returned the expression.

“I never noticed how beautiful your eyes are, Danielle. I don’t remember them being that light. Are they hazel?” asked Nicole.

Beth winced internally. In the recesses of her mind, her femme was nowhere to be found.


This had to be the most pleasant business trip that Will had ever taken. Of course it didn’t hurt that he was seated first class, an unexpected upgrade from the business class seat he was promised. There was all the booze and amenities that came with status. He thought the stewardess was cute, but not his personality type. During one of the many short conversations they had, she told him she was “just too busy for relationships.” It was a harmless flirt, but if she had expressed a propensity for devotion or commitment, he may have to talked to her about EnE.

The instructions he received were to take a cab from the airport to get to the nearby hotel, take thirty minutes to put his traveling bags away, and then ait to be picked up by a cab sent by the donor. It was well thought out. It was the kind of treatment to which he could grow accustomed. Clearly, these people thought on a higher level like him and they would be able to see the big picture as he did. He could see being accepted in this layer of society quite easily.

After he placed his traveling clothes into the drawers provided in his room and had been waiting for some time, he received the call from the front desk that his ride had arrived. Apparently the wealthy lived on different time than the regular people. They had definitely taken longer than expected. When he walked to the lobby entrance, he was greeted by a driver who stood before shiny, sleek black Chevrolet Tahoe.

“Are you Dr. Will Freeman?” said the driver.

“Yes, I’m Dr. Freeman,” replied Will.

“I’ll be taking you to the estate. Benny is my name,” said the driver with a slight bow.

“Nice to meet you Benny,” replied Will as Benny began to lead him to the SUV.

“I hope it was a comfortable flight for you. I’m sure it will be a relaxing drive,” Benny said as he opened the back passenger door. “It’s about a thirty-five minute trip, depending on traffic.”

“That will be fine,” said Will. “I’m ready to go.” He was expecting a cab and instead got a chauffeur. This was certainly the life for him. Things were getting better each step of the way.

With Will’s approval, Benny steered the Tahoe away from the curb and began the trip to the donor’s residence. Although it didn’t take long to get there, Will ended up taking a short nap. He figured it was a result of jet lag.

The black vehicle pulled up the curved driveway in front of an immense three-floor, red bricked residence with towering white pillars that set upon the foundation of the large front porch with shelved overhang. The architectural style was similar to that of the late 1800s. It exemplified the tycoon living from the American Gilded Age. Those were the days of Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan. Will wondered what type of tycoon this was.

Will walked up the stone walk after exiting the car and up the marbled steps to the porch. Benny opened the front door, invited him in, and indicated he could wait in the entry. Benny excused himself to alert the owner of their arrival. Minutes later a tall lean man with dark, graying hair and precisely trimmed beard walked through the atrium and greeted Will. He was dressed impeccably in what Will recognized as a black Valentino suit and frosty blue silk tie.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice. I’m Raymond Scott Hecate the Third. My friends call me Scottie. You must be the renowned Doctor William Freeman,” said the gentleman.

“Really nice to meet you. I’m flattered. I had no idea that I was known by anybody,” said Will with modesty.

“Oh yes, my associates and I are aware of the work you’ve been doing while employed at the University. We’ve followed you for a couple years, but we’re especially intrigued by your current project. It’s the ‘Empathy and… and…the other part escapes me.”

“Empowerment,” Will provided.

“Yes, yes. The Empathy and Empowerment project. Sounds like something Orson Welles would include in his novels.” The older man chuckled to himself.

“Well, never mind my sense of humor. It’s very fascinating work. I like to dabble in the sciences myself, but I was never very good at it. I’m more of a money man. I work my magic in the financial realm. Here, come with me to my study,” said Scottie Hecate. “Benjamin, you may go,” he said to the driver who promptly left the room.

Will was led down a long corridor that contained a smattering of family pictures hanging on the wall. There were portraits of all sizes, some of individuals and others of groups. He assumed most were of family. They arrived at a large room with a cherry desk as its centerpiece. There was a set of sofas and cushioned chairs in the corner of the room where Scottie took a seat and indicated for Will to do the same.

“You have a nice home,” Will began, feeling a little shaky on social graces but confident this would be appropriate to say.

“Thank you. I inherited the estate from my father, Raymond Scott Hecate, Jr. He founded Hecate International Pharmaceuticals and built the company’s success on things like pain reliever, medical supplies, and vaccines. He died about nine years ago and, after doing much of my own thing, I stepped in as the chairman. I’m interested in maintaining that success by adding to it. You know that if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back.” Will nodded in agreement. “Here, would you like some brandy?”

“Yes, that would be nice. Your last name is Hecate? I recognize the name from the many commercials I’ve seen. Should I be aware of the company’s relation to my research?” said Will as he was handed a glass of the rich liquor.

“Well,” the old man put his finger on his grizzly chin as he thought. “We probably sold the parts out of our subsidiary, West Coast Digital Logistics. Through that company, we did supply nearly all the components for your Empathy contraption. At least I think that’s the name of the delivery system you were constructing. We received most of our orders from a woman named Nicole.”

“Yes, Nicole is my research assistant,” confirmed Will as he recalled seeing the West Coast Digital Logistics letterhead, “WCDL”, atop many of the invoices he signed.

“She’s real smart. My people were tipped off by reviewing the equipment she selected. So, they took the liberty of pulling her file and academic transcript. I must say, she’s much more intelligent than the sum of her years. Are you the one that found her, or was she already on staff in the lab?” Not waiting for an answer, Scottie continued, “You’ll want to keep that one with the university for a while.”

“I’ll heed that advice. She applied for the position a couple years ago as a grad student and I could tell she’d be good. I’ve developed an eye for good talent. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she really wanted to work with me too,” replied Will, trying to emphasize his value in Nicole’s eyes. He’d never heard someone praise Nicole’s work like this before and he didn’t know how to respond. Keeping the focus on him seemed the safest reply.

“Listen, as you can see, Hecate is very interested in what you, and Miss Nicole, are doing at the university. I also know there’s some kind of ethical wall between academics and corporate research, but I’d like to remove that wall on this project, or at least get around it. One way we can do that is work the financial accounts through my non-profit organization. In addition to the cash I’m giving personally to the school, I want to help by having the non-profit connect you to our corporate family work to amplify what you’re doing. Would you be interested in having more resources under your control? I would think they could move your timelines up a bit.”

“I am interested in that possibility. Very much. Mr. Hecate, what are you expecting in return? I don’t know any international companies that do pure pro bono work these days. They generally want to get something out of it. At least some good publicity,” replied Will, feeling proud of his insightful response.

“It’s Scottie, please. Like I said, I expect you to be unsure about this idea. Tell you what; I can have my directors over here in less than an hour to talk more about the nuts and bolts of this kind of relationship. There’s no need to skip any steps.” He paused. “Why don’t we take a break? You can walk around a bit and stretch your legs, feel free to update your boss, and in about thirty minutes meet with me at the dining room for some lunch,” said Scottie with a bright, gracious smile.

“That sounds good,” said Will. Relieved to take a break and clear his head, he headed to the back yard for some stretching and a chance to make a phone call. Things were moving very quick, but he knew he could handle it.

While strolling through the well-manicured flower garden full of dozens of different varieties of flowering plants, Will had a chance to collect his thoughts. Yes, this was the opportunity of a lifetime for a university researcher like himself, but with more funding comes more strings. Although he might be in control, at least initially, he would be absolutely leveraged to Hecate and their wishes. They could put conditions on any request. With that concerning thought, he headed inside to call the Dean. He found a house staffer who knew where he could go to be accommodated.

The house staffer led him to an unoccupied office that contained a nice desk, comfortable chair, and functioning phone. It didn’t look like anyone had used it in a while. Will punched in the direct phone line to his boss.

“This is the Dean,” answered Dean Clifton.

“Dean, it’s Will Freeman. I’m calling to let you know how things are going,” started Will. Sensing he could continue, he did. “Mr. Hecate will deliver on a very generous check for our department. He would also like to work a little more closely. It seems they have corporate interests that fall in line with my research.”

“I see,” the Dean replied. “How much was the check for? Answer that. And then, let me ask you this: is he likely to write another check if the relationship proves to be mutually beneficial?”

“He promised a check for a half million dollars. And yes, I would imagine the financial benefits would continue. I don’t see why he wouldn’t.” Will wondered about the Dean’s questions. “Aren’t you concerned about the control factor? Corporations follow different research rules than we do and we could lose control of this entire project if we sign a memorandum of understanding with them,” indicated Will.

“That is a good point. Of course that’s a concern. We need to maintain some integrity to keep our standing in the scientific community. In light of that, I’d like you to hear him out. Be patient and don’t be too quick to react. If you think we can keep the important boundaries in place, I will trust your judgment. I think you have a firm grasp on the reality of the situation,” said the Dean. Will considered how odd it was for the Dean to put this much responsibility on his shoulders.

“Alright, thanks Dean Clifton,” Will said as he hung up the phone. Will felt alone in the process, but worked to convince himself that he knew what to do.

After enjoying a delicious lunch of roast beef sandwiches with all the fixings in the dining room, he and Scottie headed to a different part of the house than before. This area was designed in more of a corporate style and the room was set up like a conference room. The chairs were all padded high-back stools and the table was a rectangle with a rounded table attached at each corner. Though odd to have four round tables around the rectangular main table, Will was intrigued. He imagined it’s design was to allow both roundtable discussions and impromptu small-group breakout sessions. There was no need to depart into different rooms should the need for separate conversations arise.

“The directors will be in here soon. Before they arrive and focus more on the detail of the relationship between us and the University Research Lab, I’ll describe my big picture to you. I know your program is called Empathy and Empowerment, or EnE, and it has very noble intentions. Its intentions are pure, but frankly, intentions never got anyone anywhere. Something for the good of mankind could only be truly beneficial with the right amount of financial backing. So, I think our partnership takes EnE into something that is mass marketed. I’m calling it Gender RePowerment. This Gender RePowerment will become a whole new pharmaceutical specialty. We could go a different way and stay with the boundaries already set for us in the market, but that’s boring. I always think it’s better to create a niche market than fight over one that already exists. That is just the first phase. Fast forward on the timeline, and once the market for Gender RePowerment is established, we head to our true target, a sub-specialty called Next Generational Relationship Modification. My think tank guys like to call it NextGen ReMod. That is where the real success will originate. It will take us years to get there, so we need to only focus on Gender RePowerment for now.”

Will was amazed at the immensity and aggressiveness of Scottie’s vision. These were things he’d barely considered, if he thought about them at all.

“Gender RePowerment will be a whole line of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical grade supplements and medications, and will change the whole “relationship” medication industry. The core of the product will be the lab treatments. This Gender RePowerment is where two people in a relationship can change its balance psychologically… and chemically. It’s a big vision that I’m talking about, but like I said, my company can provide the equipment, the chemists and their research.” Scottie paused. “You and I are alike in many ways. Deep down we want to step closer to the edge, engage in a little bit of ‘mad science’. We like to pretend to be patient, thoughtful, and methodical, but deep down inside we are not.” Will couldn’t agree more. Scottie continued, “Okay. Enough pontificating for now. With this project, I think we can eventually get to a point where the treatments are more impactful in a shorter period of time. That’s the significant first milestone of the big plan.”

Will was nodding in agreement but had a question. “On the surface, I like what you’re saying. How does De-Link, the software application we’re using now, play a role?”

“Ah, yes, the De-Link. That software architecture is from a company called Connect Systems. They’re here on the West coast too, I believe,” replied Scottie.

“That sounds right,” replied Will. He was actually unsure, but didn’t want to appear clueless before the visionary tycoon. Nicole had selected the De-Link Software.

“That company is one of ours too. Connect Systems is a subsidiary of Hecate. They operate independently, of course. We share some facilities and some of our leadership work for both companies,” informed Scottie. “We’re like their parent company.”

“Oh.” Will was feeling a little uneasy about Hecate’s apparent involvement on the project before any agreement was signed. Better to move on, he told himself. I’m sure I can iron things out. “Back to the fast track, or boot camp idea. Has your team has researched the idea already?” said Will. “If so, have there been any surprising side effects?” He was thinking of what happened to the chimps in his lab several months ago.

“You’ll have to get more details from my directors. They have not been studying exactly what you have. One thing I remember is they figure some women will actually devolve into nymphomania. It happens when they start messing with certain parts of the conscience. They calculate it to be rare, but it will happen.” Scottie smiled a good old boy grin at Will. “But is that really a drawback? Seems like a very, very small risk to take in order to produce long term success. Besides, we can resolve that by providing other treatments that address nymphomania. We can steer the casualties into one of those programs and bill their insurance.”

Will felt concern about how the company was already in the phase with human volunteers. As he was about to ask, a short, stocky middle-aged man who wore a black coat like the rest of the house staff knocked twice and then peaked into the room. When he made eye contact with Scottie, he said, “Your other guests are here, sir.”

“Very good, Charles. Please send them in,” said Scottie.

Four well-dressed professionals entered the conference room, two older men, a young woman, and a middle-age woman. They all took their respective places around the table, the two women at one rounded corner and the men at their own individual corners.

“I’ll introduce all of you in time,” Scottie said to the new visitors. “But I would like to introduce you, Genevieve, to Mr. Freeman. Will, this is Mrs. Genevieve Powers, the Director of the Women’s Advancement Division. And the young lady next to her is Ms. Cynthia Meyers, the Assistant Vice President of Research for the Division.”

Will reached over and shook the hands of the middle-age woman, Mrs. Powers, and her younger associate, Ms. Meyers. He could tell a lot from it. Both had impressively firm grips. Mrs. Powers was dressed in a dark blazer and skirt over a white blouse that was unbuttoned to the point of being nearly inappropriate for work. A small crevice between the tops of her breasts was available for all to see. Her green eyes and cleverly cut blonde hair complimented a pleasing face and well-built figure. Ms. Meyers had deep blue eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair that surrounded a youthful looking face. Her grip was tight and more intentional than Mrs. Powers. Will guessed she blended a personal agenda with her work projects.

“If we get done what I think can be accomplished this weekend, you’ll be working closely with these two extremely competent ladies,” Scottie said to Will. “The Women’s Advancement division will be the new crown jewel for Hecate Pharma. These two will be fully responsible for making that happen.”

“It’s good to meet you,” added Will. “I guess you’re already familiar with my current research?”

“We are,” said Ms. Meyers. “We have an ongoing project that’s somewhat parallel to yours. Dr. Freeman, your work interests us because it blazes a new path to somewhere we already want to go. We had never considered a piece of technology like your Empathy chair. We’d like to learn more about it. In a figurative way, your research may be the highway we’ve been looking for to get past some obstacles. We’ve been stuck just using Main Street and it’s a lot slower than we’d like.”

“That’s what interests me,” said the older man at the other corner pod. “I’m Thomas B. Rainy, the Technology director, and I want to know something from you, Mr. Freeman. Is what you’re doing with this chair equipment going to yield only temporary results, or can the results be made permanent? Frankly, I’m skeptical about any forecasts that claim permanence.”

Will turned to answer him. “Mr. Rainy, we’ve only been doing human trials for a very short time and with a very small sample size, so I’m not certain of that answer. Theoretically, though, any change that is permanent would have to be the result of cellular impact. It would have to be as close to the DNA level as possible. If the tech can dig that far below the cellular surface, then the answer is yes. If not, then I would bet the changes will only be temporary.”

“That would have to be very advanced technology, and very expensive too,” said Mr. Rainy as he looked over to Scottie Hecate who nodded in response. “I’m going to need additional funding if you’re serious about this project, Hecate.”

The sophisticated-looking middle-aged woman, Genevieve Powers, spoke up. “Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Richard Gavin?”

“No, not really, but I do know the name,” said Will. In reality, Will never bothered to learn about the work of other scientists unless it directly benefited his current project, but he didn’t want to be stumped by a name he “obviously” should know.

Mrs. Powers smiled. “Are you familiar with his most radical research, his study of a condition he called the Denyall Disorder?”

“I’m afraid I’m not.”

Powers continued, “Those who know about the condition often mispronounce it like a girl’s name, “Danielle”, but it’s actually pronounced “Deny All” due to its destructive proclivities towards relationships with males. Anyway, it’s a very rare, serious condition and it’s inherited genetically. He theorized it was a naturally recessive genetic trait that ran rampant among female-dominated ancient tribes, like the mythical Amazons. It could also skip multiple generations. In his studies, Dr. Gavin was able to prove that a trait of folklore is one that affects some females today. He recorded that the trait, if it even surfaces, begins affecting girls when they embark upon puberty. He did his study a little over a decade ago while living in your part of the country, I believe.”

The timing of Gavin’s study peaked Will’s interest, but he had other questions first. “Tell me more about Gavin’s findings,” said Will with interest. The rest of the people in the room remained quiet as the Director of Woman’s Advancement continued.

“Well, you might think it’s funny, but it usually begins with the girl acknowledging the existence of an invisible friend. Every case Gavin studied shared this common trait. Most parents ignore this because it is what young kids do, have invisible friends. It is odd, of course, for a ten year old to have an invisible friend, when she did not earlier in life. In Gavin’s cases, the girl’s mind decides to create this entity, or “femme” as he called them, and it has a significant impact on the girl’s sexual development. While certain effects may be viewed as negative by some, he recorded positive effects such as deeper intuition and greater personal confidence. The doctor theorized the condition actually taps into a part of the pituitary gland and surrounding areas of the brain that generally remains dormant and unused in 99% of people.”

“More intuition and confidence. Those are both qualities that girls need more of. Sounds great so far. What’s the downside?” asked Will.

“The downside is really defined by one’s perspective. Cynthia and I do not agree with the detractors’ view that there is a downside. We try to focus on the condition as a positive development, like have good sports genes,” replied Genevieve confidently. “Since this Denyall condition is so rare and misunderstood, it stays hidden from the rest of society. Some scientific circles still consider it only folklore, like the study of the unicorn. We know it exists, and there are so many girls and women who don’t get to benefit from the condition. Because of that, we’re working on ways to artificially recreate the condition. My hope is that the treatment eventually provides permanently elevated intuition and confidence. I’m all about its effect on women in society and their well-being. More superficially, the men in this room will be pleased with the money to be made. That amount will be much higher if we get only temporary results, which has a far better likelihood.”

Cynthia added, “Someday, we’d like to create a way to provide a weekend treatment for those who need a boost of confidence or intuition, whether it’s for a job, for school, for a sports event, or just because her life needs it. It’s akin to mental training, or a boot camp.”

Will liked the idea and he wanted the prestige for this kind of achievement. Going this direction, however, would diminish the chance for his personal fantasy to be fulfilled. He wondered if there could be a happy medium where both scenarios win out. He wanted women to be confident with men, but they should be needy for him. He wanted women to be aggressive, but only in a way that he allowed. If all these girls were infected with the Denyall condition, he might lose his influence over them.

“And in that way, Ms. Meyers, it compliments my Empowerment and Empathy research well,” said Will. “But let’s talk about how your company would want our current business relationship to change. At this time, we’re buying our technology and chemicals from your company. Actually, we’ve bought nearly everything from your subsidiaries.”

Scottie stepped in. “You’re correct. Now we’re basically just a retailer for you. We provide the parts, you provide the smarts. With a new arrangement, we can add to your research and insight. I’ve read your promotional material. It’s not to our level and that will have to change. To be honest, you’ll have to give up the façade of providing healing and protection for broken women, which occurs after they are hurt. Together, we’d switch to a proactive, aggressive pursuit of equipping women in the general public with exceeding confidence. Your human trial sample size will grow exponentially. We’re not looking for bitter victims any longer; we’re looking for the next generation of world changers. In effect, we’ll be changing womankind for the better. We’ll be providing an evolutionary upgrade.” His enthusiasm had the rest of the directors nodding in agreement.

“Let’s talk nitty-gritty,” said Will, trying to gain more sway on the direction of the conversation. “How much information will you ask to be shared with you?”

“I’ll shoot straight with you, Will. I know researchers, and their department heads like the dear Dean Clifton, like to hold on to their findings until the opportune time to cash them in. It’s like currency to them. But if we’re going to be on the same team, we’ll need detailed updates on your progress so we can give you additional feedback and together figure out direction. That means it’s provided in real time.”

Will didn’t like the sound of that word, “direction”. It was another indication that his real future command would be far less than he had planned. He would end up being hijacked.

“To be more precise,” Scottie continued. “In exchange for the unlimited resources we’re going to put at your fingertips, we’ll be equals on access to all of the findings and, of course, all human candidate information would also be available to us.”

Will was already shaking his head. “I don’t see how there is any way I could agree to that. It’s MY research and it’s MY vision that we’ll follow. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish, but it’s the way of the university research world. I do appreciate the gracious gift, but we are far, far apart on getting to any sort of future working arrangement.”

Will noticed Scottie remained unexpectedly reserved after his loud rebuttal. He expected a firm volley in return in that he might lay claim to “all they had done for the university”, but it didn’t happen. No temper flared. He was calm and very professional.

“Well, then we have some work to do.” He calmly folded his hands on the table and looked at Will. “I hope we can get there. Can you stay in town for another few nights?”

“Yes, I can do that,” replied Will. With so much on the line, the Dean would definitely approve the extra cost.

“Great. Let’s adjourn this discussion until tomorrow morning to begin the more formal negotiations,” said Scottie. “We all want the same goal. We just need to decide how to get there.”

A moment after all of the occupants of the conference room began rising from their seats, a discreet side door to the large conference room opened. It was an entryway that blended into the fine wood-stained molding along the wall. It opened after what sounded like a small metallic latch disengaged. Will had not seen the entry until this point. Into the room stepped the most impressive physical specimen of a young woman that Will had ever seen in person. She looked like she was still in her teens, but very maturely developed. She had captivating crystalline green eyes and very light blonde hair, a healthy, fit physique, and wore a bold purple single-strap dress. It revealed a dynamic female silhouette. There were curves in every correct place.

She walked into the room with an air of command. “Mother, I’ve been looking for you,” said the new visitor. “You did promise that we could begin the lesson early. You know I don’t like it when you’re meaningless meetings take up my time with you. Besides, Kitty and I spoke with her again. Don’t you want to know how that went?” The girl placed a hand on her hip as she awaiting a reply.

“You were instructed to wait for me,” admonished Genevieve Powers. “I told you it would not take long. You really need to learn about boundaries, Serena.”

“Serena?” Will said out loud as he stared at the girl. All eyes in the room turned to him and immediately showed concern. He began connecting the name to the De-Link software they were using in the research. “I know that name…”

“Oh damn,” mumbled Scottie, who looked over to someone and said, “Guess you’ll have to take care of this. You know what to do.”

Still trying to decipher it all and captured by the beauty, Will sensed Ms. Meyers moving swiftly toward him is in periphery. A second after she reached him, he felt a sharp nick in his neck and heard the depression of a syringe. Will quickly lost his equilibrium and stumbled to the floor. The room began to spin, and he was no longer able to hold himself up. He saw movement in front of him, and Ms. Meyer’s black pumps appeared in his view. Instead of a name brand label on the shoe, a gold double-Venus symbol, one facing horizontal and one facing vertical while both sharing the circle, were etched on the side. Then his mind faded to black.