The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Behaviour Modification.

By The Slaver.

1. Behaviour modification, not anger management.

Officer Tiberius entered the office building and rode the elevator to the 49th floor. The therapist, he was going to see, Dr. Dynarski, had scheduled his appointments for 6pm, an half hour after he had come off duty. Tiberius’s station was across town and he needed the time to travel to the office building. As Tiberius exited the elevator, he walked towards Dr. Dynarski’s office. His secretary, a tall, well built, bald headed guy in his late twenty’s’ escorted Tiberius into Dr. Dynarski’s office and announced his departure for the day. Dynarski after shacking Tiberius’s hand offered him a chair, in front of the large desk behind which he sat.

The officer had been involved in several domestic violence cases against his girlfriends, but the last one of been against his wife. The wife had required medical and psychological attention. Tiberius’s Captain had convinced Tiberius’s wife not to testify, Tiberius, his lawyers and the Captain had then, negotiated a deal with Tiberius’s wife that resulted in a quick divorce, but no criminal prosecution, in exchange for their promise that Tiberius participate in anger management. Dr. Dynarski hated these cases, but especially this case, as Tiberius’s wife was his younger sister. But Dr. Dynarski had worked out a solution that would deal with this arrogant, alpha male bulling cop for once and for all. And maybe not just Officer Tiberius.

Dr. Dynarski’s solution was Behaviour Modification. He would employ a combination of drugs and Hypnosis to render his patient into a state, where he could be mentally retrained. As far as he was concerned, the world did not need another arrogant, alpha male arse-hole. Then, Dr. Dynarski would train Tiberius to make men’s pleasure first, not his own. For revenge value, Dr. Dynarski would made Tiberius only attracted to men 38 and older, like himself: Tiberius would only experience sexual stimulation in the arms of an older Bear.

For his personal revenge, Dr. Dynarski would caged Tiberius’s cock, and train him to suck his cock and take it up the arse every time he said a trigger word. “Water!” Dr. Dynarski said to the cop after all the pleasantries were over with, Tiberius nodded his thanks, and accepted the bottle of water from Dynarski, (which Dynarski had laced with drugs before-hand.) He smiled as he watched Tiberius take several gulps of water; Dr. Dynarski began telling Tiberius was going to happen of the cause of his therapy.

“Hypnotherapy . . . as in ‘you’re feeling sleepy’?” The cop mocked, as he drained the last of the water from its bottle. “It’s not hocus-pocus. It’s a powerful tool when dealing with cases like yours.” Dr. Dynarski said, trying to hide the truth of what he was going to do. “I’m sure.” Tiberius answered, in an arrogant tone of voice. “Tiberius, I want you to count, slowly, taking a deep breath in and out after each number.” Dr. Dynarski said. Tiberius stared at Dr. Dynarski. “Humour me, officer.” Said Dr. Dynarski, “Okay. 1.” Tiberius said, as he breathed in and out. “2 . . . 3 . . . 4.” As Tiberius counted, Dr. Dynarski spoke softly to Tiberius, who was starting to feel drowsy from the drugs in the water.

“With every breath you release all your body’s tension and replace it with calm, relaxed feelings. You feel so good, so peaceful, listening to my voice, breathing in and out, in and out, in and out.” Said the doctor, “Now I’ll take over the counting. As I count 20, breathe in, 21, breathe out, you listen to my voice, trusting my voice. You know my voice will make you feel peaceful, blissful, relaxed, trusting, servile. Breathe in and out, in and out.” As he talked Dr. Dynarski watched Tiberius closely.

“Listen to my voice, trust my voice, you know my voice means peace, bliss, safe, relaxed, trusting, and servile. You’re so relaxed, so peaceful, that you can barely keep your eyes open. 5. In and out. 4. In and out. 3. In and out. 2. In and out. 1. In and out. Eyes closed.” Tiberius sat in the chair, his head bowed, his eyes closed. Dynarski smiled, “Tiberius, can you hear me?” He asked, “Yes.”, Tiberius answered.

“Yes, Sire.” Dr. Dynarski demanded. “Yes, Sire.” Tiberius replied. “Now, from now on whenever you hear me ‘say’ boy, or little boy you will fall into trance, and do whatever I say. Do you understand?” After a brief moment, Tiberius replied. “Yes, Sire!” Dynarski got up from behind his desk, and stood in front of Tiberius.

“Okay, boy. Now stand, and lower your trousers and underwear.” Dr. Dynarski ordered. Tiberius rose from his seat and exposed his groin. He felt a hand on his cock; suddenly he felt a weight on his cock. “Get dressed, boy.” Dr. Dynarski said. Tiberius raised his underwear and pants. “Tiberius, from now on, ignore your cock. Just ignore your cock. Your cock seems normal. Focus on everything else!” Said Dr. Dynarski., “Yes, Sire.” Came the reply from Tiberius, the doctor took an iPod from his jacket pocket, slid the earbuds into Tiberius’s ears, and turned on the iPod.

The drugs had kicked in fully by now, rendering Tiberius totally mind-fucked, as he listened to the iPod. For hours, Tiberius heard a constant loop of messages, orders, instructions, that would slowly change Tiberius. “You are slowly becoming a dumb jock. Dumb, brainless and horny. You used to think you were so smart. But now, all you want is to go to the gym and crave cock. You crave cock. You love to suck guys off. You want a hard body so you can get more cock. Slowly, you will become a brainless, horny, cock-loving stud. You can’t stop it happening to yourself. Gym, horny and cock. That’s what you want. You used to be so smart. Not anymore.”

Tiberius woke up several hours later. He looked up at his watch and saw how much time had passed. “Son of a bitch!” he exclaimed, looking at Dr. Dynarski who still sat behind his desk, smiling. “Tiberius time tomorrow, little boy!” A strange look came over Tiberius’s face, as he heard Dr. Dynarski speak, all thoughts of the lateness of the hour, and what had happened during those lost hours, vanished from Tiberius’s mind. “Yes, Sire!” He said as he rose from his chair and shock Dr. Dynarski’s hand. “6 P.M tomorrow, Sire!” Tiberius said as he left Dr. Dynarski’s office.

Some weeks later:

When Dr. Dynarski entered his office, he found Tiberius in a chair waiting: he greeted Tiberius. “Good to see you, Tiberius. How’s my favourite little boy?” Tiberius rose from his chair, shock Dr. Dynarski by the hand, he said, “I’m doing well.” And then began to remove his uniform. Dr. Dynarski sat at his desk, watching, with a smile on his face. As he removed the bright yellow jockstrap he now wore all the time, Tiberius revealed his engorged and swollen 7″ cock, caged in the steel-ribbed chastity device, that Dr. Dynarski had locked Tiberius in, at their first meeting. Dr. Dynarski smiled, knowing that Tiberius was now nearly totally under his total control, without question.

“How are things going at work?” Asked Dr. Dynarski, Tiberius had finished removing his uniform and sat back in his chair, “It’s been very hectic. But.” Tiberius said, but he did not finish what he was going to say. Dynarski looked hard at Tiberius, “My favourite little boy, don’t have secrets from me!” Said Dr. Dynarski as he stood up and walked towards Tiberius, “Sorry, Sire. It’s just that Captain Prentis has gone missing; he did not report for duty today, and there was no trace of him at his home when an officer went there to check on him.…And also my lawyers vanished a couple of weeks ago, again without a trace!” Dr. Dynarski moved nearer to Tiberius, “That’s not important little boy!” Tiberius fell deeper into trance.

Suddenly Dr. Dynarski demanded. “Okay. Now little boy, on your knees.” Tiberius rose from his seat and fell to his knees. He felt Dr. Dynarski’s sweet fleshy cock press upon his lips. As Tiberius opened his mouth, Dr. Dynarski slid his thick, juicy cock down Tiberius’s throat. “That’s it, little boy. Suck cock, just like I taught you.” Dr. Dynarski spoke to Tiberius as he sucked his cock, telling Tiberius that he was a dim and silly person, that he had no self-worth, that he was a person who only served cock. That he was a good little boy. And Tiberius believed every word Dr. Dynarski said.

Suddenly, Dr. Dynarski pulled his cock out of Tiberius’s mouth. He walked around behind Tiberius, and inserted a butt plug into Tiberius’s buttocks. The pressure upon his prostate drove Tiberius wild, his cock pressing against the steel-ribbed chastity device. Tiberius’s thoughts whirled, as in his mind pleasure and pain mingled. Dr. Dynarski walked back around the cop and shoved his cock back in Tiberius’s mouth, insisting that he continue the blow job. “Focus on my cock, not yours.” Tiberius felt his cock come alive as Dr. Dynarski reached down and unlocked the cage on his cock. The pressure in Tiberius’s arse almost proved too difficult to handle, but he managed to perform admirably, even to the point of climax, both Dr. Dynarski’s and his.

“Tiberius, just remember: ignore your cock. Also keep the butt plug in your arse at all time, except when you need to shit, replaced the plug after you had shit. Focus on everything else, but your cock. Good. Now on 1, awake. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.” Ordered Dr. Dynarski; Tiberius opened his eyes. He rose from the floor, and searched for his uniform trousers and shirt. When he finished dressing, Tiberius sat in the chair again, and waited for Dr. Dynarski’s confirmation of his next appointment. “Tomorrow, 6 P.M!” Dr. Dynarski said. Tiberius rose from his seat and shook Dr. Dynarski’s hand. “Till tomorrow, then.” Tiberius said as he left the office, Dr. Dynarski smiled as he watched Tiberius leave.

The last appointment:

Dr. Dynarski sat in his seat in his office admiring his handy work on Officer Tiberius, who stood naked before him. In truth, Tiberius wasn’t a police officer any-more; he had been fired from the force some weeks ago, as Dynarski’s modifications in Tiberius’s behaviour took complete hold. Tiberius’s hair, now cut in a Twinkies style had been dyed Blond, he no longer had his constant 5 o’clock shadow on his face. His already trim body, was how even more firm and hard (owing to all the time Tiberius now spent at the gym.) his cock was still caged; and a butt-plug was now always in place in his whole. He had also been dimmed down somewhat, mentally.

Dr. Dynarski ordered, “Crawl over and suck my cock, little boy.” Tiberius dropped to his knees, and crawled towards the seated Dr. Dynarski and slowly wrapped his lips around Dr. Dynarski’s cock; Tiberius sucked on Dr. Dynarski’s cock. Dr. Dynarski moaned and smiled. “Deep throat my cock, little boy. Just like you were trained to do.”, Dr. Dynarski ordered. Tiberius swallowed Dr. Dynarski’s cock to the base of his shaft, held it for a ten count, and then released Dr. Dynarski’s swollen cock. “Faster, little boy. Suck it faster.” Dr. Dynarski said. “Suck it fast so you can swallow my cum.” Tiberius sucked Dr. Dynarski’s cock, like a machine. Tiberius breathed through his nose so as not to lose time, or speed.

In minutes, the lust-filled Dr. Dynarski busted his nut down Tiberius’s throat. “Clean my cock, little boy.” Dr. Dynarski ordered. Tiberius sucked Dr. Dynarski’s cock until his cock was clean of all of Dynarski’s creamy residue. “Stand up, little boy!” Dr. Dynarski said as he pushed his cock back into his pants, and zipped them up. Tiberius stood up, cum dripped from the corners of his mouth. Dr. Dynarski stood up, and moved behind his desk.

Dr. Dynarski opened a door behind his desk, revealing a large, dark, hairy, muscular man in a leather hood and harness. The man’s legs were spread apart by a bar that was attached to his ankles and his large, muscular arms held over his head by a pair of padded cuffs placed on a hook. A Fuck-machine between his legs repeatedly fucked a thick, black, hard rubber dildo up into his arse causing his firm, sweaty body to shake with each thrust and his massive, caged cock, to flop around, slapping up against the inside his muscular thighs.

None of this made sense to Tiberius as he simply stood there waiting for Dr. Dynarski to tell him what to do. “How have the last couple of weeks treated you Prentis?” Dr. Dynarski asked, twisting one of the writhing figure’s nipples. “Mmmph! Mmmph! Aaaah!” The figure moaned. “Yeah that’s what I thought. Can’t imagine what it’s been like, that vibrating column of pleasure dragging over your prostate for the last three weeks, unable to achieve orgasm. You must really want to come.” Laughed Dynarski as he twisting one of the writhing figure’s nipples again.

‘Mmmm! Mmmm!’ The hooded figure moaned, nodded and grunted in approval. “Well I’m in a mind to let you, come, maybe!” Dr. Dynarski said, flicking a switch on the Fuck-machine ploughing the man’s ass; which seemed to cause it to stop. “Mmmm…” The bound man practically deflated in relief, but he continued to grind on the dildo embedded in his whole.

“If I could direct what’s left of your feeble mind to the middle of my office you’ll notice that I have someone with me today,” Dr. Dynarski said as he unlocked the man’s restraints and led him out of the closet into the office, by his harness, grunting as he was pulling off the dildo. “I think you’ll find you already know him Prentis.”

Tiberius watched as Dr Dynarski led the muscular man across the room to stand before him. “Recognise a fellow Officer? You’re responsible for him being here. Well both of you are responsible for each other being here!” Laughed Dynarski, Tiberius could see the man’s eyes behind the leather hood widen in shock as he turned to Dynarski and desperately shook his head. “Oh, but you do recognise him Captain Prentis? Don’t tell me that you have forgotten Office Tiberius?” Again Prentis desperately shook his head, “Well then, in that case I won’t let you cum!” Dr Dynarski told Captain Prentis as he led him back to the closet, placed him back on the Fuck-machine, switched it on, on a higher speed setting, and closed the door.

Tiberius was now so dim, that he did not recognise, or even remember who Prentis was: he was in fact Tiberius captain when he had been a police officer. Dynarski returned to Tiberius; “Well, little boy, this is your last appointment, your treatment is now complete. How do you feel, little boy?” Said Dr. Dynarski, “Fine, thank you, Sire!” Replied Tiberius in his now permanent Twinkies voice. “Focus on what you have been told, everything else don’t matter anymore, little boy!”

“When you awake and leave this office, you will begin your life a fresh. You will find a Man to love you: a Man who’s cock will fill either of your wholes, but your cock will never be released from its metal cage, understand, little boy?” Tiberius replied at once, “Yes, Sire!”

“Good, little boy. Just one last thing, little boy. Every Week-end, even if you have a lover/master, you will spend it at my home, with me. Every Week-end, little boy. Now on 1, awake. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.” Ordered Dr. Dynarski; Tiberius opened his eyes and searched around on the floor for his compression gear and baseball cap, which he now wore all the time, in the gym and out. When he had finished dressing, without a word Tiberius shock Dynarski’s hand and left the office.

A flash of lightning lit up the night sky, outside of Dr. Dynarski’s office window; as he watch Tiberius leave his office for the last time. But the doctor wasn’t worried; the Week-end started now, in a few hours-time Tiberius would be at the doctor’s home, for his Week-end Fuck session.

Later the same night at Dr. Dynarski’s home:

Dr. Dynarski opened the door to the basement and walked down the steps. When he reached the basement, he found two heavily built men, naked, cramped into two aluminium cages. The doctor approached the two cages and looked at the two naked men; be the length of their hair, and the amount of growth on their faces; the two men had been in the aluminium cages for several weeks. A faint buzzing sound could just be heard; which was coming from the vibrating butt-plugs in both men’s arses. The two men moaned into the ball-gags in their mouths. Both guy’s cock was locked in a steel-ribbed chastity device.

The two men had once been Tiberius’s lawyers, but after so long in these cages there was nothing left of the two former lawyers. Dynarski gave the two men in the cages one last look, before he left the basement. At the top of the stair, slightly to the left of the door to the basement was another door, which was locked with a pad-lock.

Dynarski unlocked the lock and opened the door; he unzipped his tight pants and pulled out his cock. In the small space behind the door was the senior partner of Tiberius’s lawyers: he was naked, on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back, the cuffs were tied to his bound feet. In his mouth was a huge funnel gag. A faint buzzing sound could again just be heard; which was coming from the vibrating butt-plug in the senior partner’s arse. Without saying a word Dynarski let loose his piss into the gag in the lawyer’s mouth. The lawyer gulped down Dynarski’s piss, his cock was trying to get hard, but the tight steel-ribbed chastity device, on his cock, prevented him getting hard.

Dr. Dynarski finished pissing, put his cock back in his tight pants, zipped up, locked the door, and moved back into the main part of his home. He had plans to make, Tiberius was coming to spend the weekend; and Dr. Dynarski wanted to use both his wholes over the next few days.