The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Behaviour Modification.

By The Slaver.

2. Behaviour modification, to become a pig!

A few miles away from an old disused warehouse on the waterfront, a young Law Enforcement Officer was been notified that a disturbance seems to be going on, and that screaming and gun fire had be heard coming from the old, near-by warehouse. Although he was now off duty, officer Fitzhugh decided to investigate. The fit young Thirty year old officer climbed into his USV and drove away towards the waterfront and the warehouse.

Dr. Titus, Slaver, mind-fucker, and not a good guy to know looked at the bodies on the ground before him, and then at the three men standing be him, and he said, “Ok, let’s get them out of the way, and into the river, now!” The three men each picked up a body, and carried it to the water’s edge, and dropped it into the river. Just as the three men finished, the sound of a motor is heard. Dr. Titus nodded to the three men, who disappeared into the warehouse, minutes before Fitzhugh pulled up by the warehouse.

He climbed out of his USV, and hailed Dr. Titus. “Sir, can I have a word please?” Fitzhugh walked towards Dr. Titus, his hand just above his gun. Dr. Titus clears his throat “Yeah, how can I help you, office?” He replied, “Well there has been some complaints of screaming, loud voices and gun fire over this way, you heard, or seen anything?”

“Naw, it been as quiet as the grave here, officer.” Fitzhugh sensed that something was wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “Well then, I’ll just check out that old warehouse and I be on my way!” Fitzhugh said as he moved towards the warehouse, Dr. Titus saw the concern on the young officer’s face and decided that Fitzhugh would become his next Pig. Dr. Titus walked with Fitzhugh into the disused warehouse. Once they were inside the warehouse, Dr. Titus asked Fitzhugh, “So you got a partner out there, somewhere looking about as well?” The two of them were now standing in the middle, of the main part of the empty warehouse.

“Naw, I’m on my own, I had just finished my shift when the call came through. After I finish here, I’m off duty for the next seven days.” That was all Dr. Titus needed to hear, he was now standing in front of Fitzhugh, he smiled at the office: seven day was more than enough time to reprogram the officer into another profitable Pig, for sale abroad. The officer was silent for a few seconds, he was just opening his mouth to speak, but Dr. Titus spoke first, “In that case there is something that I have to ask you?” Dr. Titus said, “And what’s that?” Asked Fitzhugh, “Oh not much officer, I just need you to look into my eyes.”

Everything in Fitzhugh’s training, and his instincts told that something was wrong, and not to look, not to do as Dr. Titus asked; something was very wrong indeed. But no matter what Fitzhugh’s brain was yelling his eyes locked onto Dr. Titus’s. They were large blue eyes, the colour of the sky. But most interesting were his pupils, as Fitzhugh gazed at then, the pupils of Dr. Titus’s eyes seemed to glow. The effect was immediate. Fitzhugh was frozen in place, he couldn’t look away, he was being drawn into the glow eyes, his whole consciousness was being swallowed into those Glowing eyes.

“That’s it,” Dr. Titus said. “Fall into my eyes. Just let everything go, and look into my eyes.” It was only too easy for Fitzhugh to follow Dr. Titus’s words. Fitzhugh’s mind followed Dr. Titus’s eyes, falling more and more into them. He could feel his thoughts slowing smoothed away, it was as though Dr. Titus’s eyes and voice was taking all of his thoughts right out of his head. Fitzhugh’s body soon felt sluggish and heavy, he fell to his knees. Dr. Titus never broke his gaze, and the zonked-out Fitzhugh couldn’t if he had wanted to, he wasn’t capable of anything at the moment, as Fitzhugh was nearly completely mindless.

“That’s a good Pig. Submit to me, give in to my eyes, you love my eyes. I am your master.” Fitzhugh just nodded feebly. “You are a Pig, you need to serve. Your whole purpose for being is to be a Pig and serve. To serve me, your master. Obeying makes you nice and dim for your master. ” Fitzhugh did want to serve and obey. All of a sudden these urges welled up inside Fitzhugh’s head, overtaking all his other senses.

He was a Pig, who severed and obeyed, Fitzhugh knew this beyond any shadow of a doubt because Dr. Titus had told him so and he needed to obey Dr. Titus. Dr. Titus closed the gap between them and laid a hand on one of Fitzhugh’s shoulders and gazed at his face as though memorizing it.

Fitzhugh was smiling sappily as the front of his uniform pants tented. He never broke eye contact with Dr. Titus. “Loose the uniform, Pig now,” ordered Dr. Titus, Fitzhugh stood up, and stripped off his uniform. Dr. Titus was surprised to see that Fitzhugh was wearing a pair of tight white boxer-briefs, his cock struggling to break free from the briefs. Fitzhugh pulled off the briefs and his 7 and a half inches of cock fell free.

“I think it’s time to get rid of what’s left of that free will of yours. It’ll make you feel such a good Pig.” Dr. Titus said. “Now jerk yourself off, Pig” Ordered Dr. Titus, “Yes, Sire.” The mindless lawman murmured, as he began to stroke his hard cock for Dr. Titus. To Fitzhugh it now felt so good to be a Pig, and obey; he needed to be a Pig and obey. His cock was harder than it ever had been in his life and all thought of thought of resistance had gone. He jerked as hard his cock as hard as he could, panting like a beast.

“You are nothing but a Pig and a slave. You live to obey and serve; pleasing me your master makes you dim, hard and horny. You only want to be a Pig, to became dim, to serve and obey; your body and your mind belong only to me your master.” Dr. Titus said, Fitzhugh moaned as he jerked himself off.

“You will cum when I command you too, Pig.” Dr. Titus commanded. “Once you cum, what was left of your free will, will be completely stricken from your brain. You will only have the desires to be a Pig, to please and serve understand.” Dr. Titus smiled at the newly created Pig- slave; he ran his fingers through his hair. “Yes master!” Fitzhugh panted, pumping away at his throbbing hard cock. “Good Pig!” said Dr. Titus, “Now cum, Pig!” Fitzhugh could feel the orgasm churning in his ball-sacs, he wanted nothing more than to shoot his cum and free will out through his cock and enter Dr. Titus’s service, as a Pig. Finally it become too much, and Fitzhugh shot his load all over the floor in front of him. His whole body relaxed as his mind settled into permanent subservience. Dr. Titus placed ear-buds connected an iPod, in Fitzhugh’s ears, and then activated the iPod.

Fitzhugh woke up, later, to find himself lying naked on the floor of an empty room of the disused warehouse. He grunter and stood up, as he did so, a thin thread of pre-cum leaked from the tip of his semi-hard cock, and a note that had been on his chest fell to the floor. He picked up the note, and read it: ‘you have unfinished business!’ Fitzhugh was confused, and light headed, but still he was a bit freaked out by it all; he couldn’t even remember what had happened to him, or how long he had been here, or even where here was?

A door opened and Dr. Titus walked in, closing the door behind him once he had entered. In his hand Dr. Titus held a large, black Dildo: as he stared at Dr. Titus standing in front of him, holding a Dildo, Fitzhugh discovered that he could not move, or speak. Dr. Titus smiled at Fitzhugh and said one thing, “ITCH.”

Suddenly Fitzhugh felt he had a terrible itch buried deep inside his ass. He fell to the floor, and squirmed around, trying to rid himself of it but could not. Dr. Titus held out the Dildo, and clicked his fingers. Fitzhugh took the large Dildo from Dr. Titus, Fitzhugh was now mindlessly determined to make the itch stop, and he was going to do that, whatever.

Normally, he would have been grossed out by what he was going to do, it was a fag’s sort of thing, but he just had to do something to stop that itch, and so he did. He lay on the floor his legs apart, and pressed the tip of the Dildo against his arsehole, Fitzhugh’s semi-hard cock sprang to life and became erect, and as he slid the Dildo in his whole. After the Dildo was nearly fully his insides, something inside Fitzhugh’s head clicked, something he had heard, but could not remember where, seemed to come back to him. Frenzy in his mind over took Fitzhugh, he abandoned any careful, and slow paced thrusts and drove the Dildo, roughly, and with some force, deep, all the way into his ass.

Fitzhugh instantly began to cum. The sensation fullness in his arse was new to Fitzhugh, but it was so intense it was more than Fitzhugh could handle, the lawman’s mind felt as if it had exploded, Fitzhugh’s cock exploded, and it didn’t stop as the lawman began to fuck himself silly with the Dildo. Fitzhugh was oblivious to the shit that came out of his arse on the Dildo every time he pulled it out: he was also oblivious to the shit flowing down his leg onto the floor every time he clenched his asshole and drove the Dildo deeper, back in.

An hour and a half later, after a good few gallons of shit onto the floor, the Dildo, and down his legs, Fitzhugh just lost consciousness. The dildo slowly slid out Fitzhugh’s ravished whole, with a wet “plop” it dropped to the ground. Fitzhugh’s cock continued squirting ropes of cum, and then finally it just dripping cum for a solid two minute after he lost consciousness. The floor and Fitzhugh’s naked body were a mess, smeared in Fitzhugh’s cum and shit. Dr. Titus who had been in the room the whole time, smiled down at the unconscious, shit and cum mess on the floor, that had once been Fitzhugh.

Dr. Titus snapped his fingers, the room’s door opened and three men encased completely in Rubber, (the men who had dropped the bodies to the river) came into the room, carefully, the three men picked up Fitzhugh and carried him from the room. Dr. Titus watch them leave: this would be the last time that Fitzhugh would ever clean again: the three men would clean Fitzhugh up, bathe him, and then connect him to an iPod for the night. Normally, after their first reprogramming season, the Pig would be left in their own mess till the next part of their reprogramming, but as Dr. Titus was handling Fitzhugh’s next reprogramming, he had ordered the lawman to be cleaned up, and also the room.

The second part of Fitzhugh’s reprogramming was begging, Fitzhugh sat in a chair in the middle of a small dim lit room, a dazed look on his face. Dr. Titus entered the room and moved over and stood before Fitzhugh. Dr. Titus did not say anything, he just lowered his pants and the bikini briefs he wore beneath. Dr. Titus’s monster that both men, and women feared fell free, and become erect. Fitzhugh stared at the erect cock. Dr. Titus tickled Fitzhugh under his chin and said, “You know what to do, Pig.” Fitzhugh got up from the chair, and fell to his knees and swallowed Dr. Titus’s thick, massive 10″ erect cock.

Fitzhugh first licked the head and shaft, of Dr. Titus’s cock. But Dr. Titus was having none of that, he shouted, “Suck it, Pig.” And he forced his member down Fitzhugh’s throat. Fitzhugh tirelessly sucked Dr. Titus’s cock, slowly Fitzhugh rendering the pleasure that Dr. Titus demanded. Before Dr. Titus climaxed, he stared into Fitzhugh’s eyes and said, “Swallow every drop, Pig. You know you want to, Pig.” Dr. Titus then busted his nut down Fitzhugh’s throat. Ounces of Dr. Titus’s cum drizzled down Fitzhugh’s throat. Again, something click in Fitzhugh’s mind, and he continued to suck Dr. Titus’s cock demanding more. Dr. Titus allowed some time before he removed his cock from Fitzhugh’s mouth, he had made sure that every drop of his cum had trickled down the lawman’s throat.

Fitzhugh remained on his knees staring into space. Dr. Titus placed the iPod’s ear-buds back in Fitzhugh’s ears, then slipped his cock back into Fitzhugh’s mouth, turned on the iPod and began another fuck of Fitzhugh’s mouth. “Pig. Listen, and learn.” Dr. Titus said.

The last part of Fitzhugh’s reprogramming was about to begin; he lay on the floor of the room where he had fucked himself with the large black Dildo, some time ago, there was dry cum around Fitzhugh’s mouth, from the time he had spent with Dr. Titus, during Fitzhugh’s second part of his reprogramming. Fitzhugh rose to his feet and stood, hands behind his back, waiting. Minutes past, before Dr. Titus entered the room. Nearer Fitzhugh an even larger Dildo, than the last one had been fixed to the floor. Again Dr. Titus just said one word, “ITCH!”

Fitzhugh let out a low moan as the itch returned, this time even more intensely than the first time. Fitzhugh could not resist the itch, it felt like a hornet stinging him deep inside his bowels, and whole. He quickly moved over to the dildo fixed to the floor, and then he squatted over it, then slowly he lowered his twitching arse onto the monstrous Dildo.

As the Dildo entered him there was a searing blast of pain, which went from Fitzhugh’s arse all the way up his spine. He cried out, but found he couldn’t lift himself up, Fitzhugh’s legs wouldn’t obey his mind. Captive to his reprogramming, and new sexual urges, Fitzhugh’s legs relaxed, and then gave way completely, Fitzhugh fell onto the impaling spike, and sank, further and further down the Dildo. He felt fullness in his arse that he had never felt before, but Fitzhugh didn’t stop. His lips curled into a climes of pain as the giant Dildo fill his anal cavity beyond its limit.

When his arse hit the base of the Dildo and the floor, pain flashed through Fitzhugh’s head like bolts of lightning, but he just relaxed his sphincters and breathing deeply: his cock bounced and squirted without Fitzhugh so much as touching it. He didn’t even seem to notice all the shit pouring from his ass, and cum exploding from his cock onto the floor below. Dr. Titus smiled at Fitzhugh, a couple of days of this Dr. Titus thought, as he watched Fitzhugh fucking himself with the Dildo fixed to the floor, and he will be a complete Pig! Dr. Titus left the room, Fitzhugh did not even notice.

Over the next few days Fitzhugh, fucked himself with the monster Dildo, he would cum and shit, he would rest, and then he would fuck himself again 15 minutes later to another orgasm and shit, this went on nonstop. Slowly in what was left of Fitzhugh’s mind, over time Fitzhugh noticed that his memory seemed to be getting worse. He couldn’t remember what else he was supposed to be doing, other than being a fucking Pig, the short time between each ride on the large Dildo, he’d find himself trying to think of a word, it’d be just on the tip of his tongue, but he would ride the monster Dildo and cum, and he would never quite remember the word, it would disappear from his mind.

Fitzhugh reprogramming had been completed some weeks ago: he was now no longer an Law Enforcement Officer. The former lawman was now a total Pig, wallowing in his own shit, cum and piss, and sucking cock like a pro. Fitzhugh, in his now greatly limited down mental capacity, couldn’t ever remember a time when he wasn’t a total Pig, or a time when he could think for himself what to do.

An even larger Dildo than the one, used in the last part of Fitzhugh’s reprogramming, was now fixed to the floor of the cell were Fitzhugh now spent his days, waiting to be sold. The cum and shit mounded up around it, and the piss on the floor, a shrine to Fitzhugh’s new life as a Pig, and his new found perversion.