The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Behaviour Modification.

By The Slaver.

3. Behaviour modification, a visit to the Dentist.

Officer Grieve opened the door of the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, and headed for his car. As Officer Grieve entered his vehicle, he took a moment to take a breath. He and his girlfriend had had yet another argument the tenth in the last two weeks. The couple of five years were not married, but were childless. Officer Grieve’s girlfriend wanted children, but Officer Grieve had never wanted children. And after an encounter with a local hoodlum a few years ago, which had left Officer Grieve unconscious: and the hoodlum had given the unconscious Grieve a back-street vasectomy, it had been a botched job and had ruined Officer Grieve’s baby-making pipes for good.

No one apart from Officer Grieve, the police doctor and the hospital know the truth about the back-street vasectomy; and Grieve was not going to tell anyone else, not even his girlfriend. Grieve had merely labelled his failure to make babies as having ‘poor swimmers’. Officer Grieve shook his head and drove away to the station, to begin his shift.

“I don’t know what to do, uncle?” Gabrielle Grieve’s girlfriend said, sometime later, to the man sitting next to her: Gabrielle had called the man ‘uncle’ all her life, but he was in fact, Dr. Ciannelli her godfather. “Still no baby?” Dr. Ciannelli asked, he already knew what the reply would be, “No!” Snapped Gabrielle. “I’m sorry!” She said to Dr. Ciannelli for snapping at him; Dr. Ciannelli sat silent for a time, thinking. Not only had he got a PHD in his chosen field, but he had also got a BSC in Behaviour Modification.

Over the years; he had combined the two too use on certain people, mostly men, for his own ends. Dr. Ciannelli put down his empty coffee cup, turned and spoke softly to Gabrielle, “Ask no questions my dear. But I think I can help you. And all you have to do is to get Officer Grieve to have an appointment with me. And it must be at the end of my working day!” Gabrielle opened her mouth to speak, but Dr. Ciannelli held up his hand.

“I said no questions my dear. All you have to do is to get Officer Grieve to make that appointment!” Gabrielle was doubtful that she could, but she said that she would try. Dr. Ciannelli stood up, kissed Gabrielle on the check, and left the apartment. Neither of them were to know that later that same day an appointment for Grieve to see Dr. Ciannelli would be made!

It was 5.15 P.M and Grieve sat in a chair in the apartment; and he knew he was in trouble. The pain he experienced in his jaw told him so. When that guy had punched Officer Grieve in the mouth, while he had been arresting him, Grieve had felt something pop in his mouth and then a burst of pain that had left him unconscious. The police officer, a muscled, well-built man of power, could not believe how one little molar could cause such pain.

The police doctor had checked Officer Grieve out, and had found nothing else wrong with Officer Grieve apart from his molar, the doctor had told Grieve to go home, get some rest and to see a dentist, ASP. Officer Grieve looked up as Gabrielle entered the apartment. “What happened to you?” She asked noticing Grieve’s swollen face. Officer Grieve told her what had happened. Gabrielle walked into the kitchen, picked up her cell and made a cell. Moments later she returned, “Come then, you have an appointment with someone who can see too that mouth of yours!” She led Grieve out of the Apartment.

An hour later, Officer Grieve entered a glass and steel office in the centre of the city and rode the elevator to the 29th floor. As he exited the elevator, Grieve stared at the gold lettering on the door directly opposite the elevator: Dr. Ciannelli, D.D.S. Grieve had a dim memory that he had seen that name on the family and friends page of Gabrielle’s Facebook account. Officer Grieve opened the door and entered the dentist’s reception area. He approached the receptionist, who was a buzzed bald-headed, well-built guy, in a tight fitting suit, and said, “Hi. I’m here to see Dr. Ciannelli.”

“Your name?” The receptionist asked. “Officer Grieve” Grieve answered. He handed Officer Grieve a pegboard and said, “Please fill out the medical history questions. Do you have your insurance information?” The receptionist asked. “Yeah.” Grieve said, as he tendered his insurance card to the male receptionist. He scanned the card and returned it to Grieve. Officer Grieve took a seat in the reception area and completed the form, and returned it to the receptionist.

A dental assistant, another buzzed bald-headed, well-built guy, called out Officer Grieve’s name and said, “Follow me.” Grieve rose from his seat and followed the dental assistant into one of the patient treatment rooms. “Have a seat.” The dental assistant said. Once Grieve reclined in the patient’s chair, he clipped a plastic bib around Grieve’s neck and said, “Dr. Ciannelli will be here shortly.”

After about five minutes, a tall imposing Italian American figure entered the room. “Hi! I’m Dr. Ciannelli.” Grieve extended his hand. “Thanks for seeing me at such short notice.” Dr. Ciannelli shock Officer Grieve’s Hand, “Not at all; your girlfriend Gabrielle asked me to take care of you, and I will!” Officer Grieve stared at Dr. Ciannelli, “You know my girlfriend!” Grieve asked.

“Gabrielle, yes. She’s family. She’s my God-daughter.” Answered Dr. Ciannelli. “Now let’s see what the problem is.” Grieve opened his mouth. Dr. Ciannelli shone the overhead light into Officer Grieve’s open mouth and poked his teeth with a metal instrument. “Yep, you need a root canal.” Dr. Ciannelli leaned back, grabbed Grieve’s chart and examined his medical history. For a long time Dr. Ciannelli sat looking at Officer Grieve’s chart, then he looked up at Grieve.

“So, you can take care of me . . . The pain is . . .” Officer Grieve said. “As soon as we take some x-rays and administer an aesthetic, I can do the first part today and then follow-up in the weeks to come.” Dr. Ciannelli replied. “That’s great. Let’s get this done, Please!” Grieve said,

“Yes, of cause.” Dr. Ciannelli answered. He stepped out of the treatment room and called out, “Frances, can you help me take some x-rays?”

The buzzed bald-headed, well-built, male dental assistant entered the room pushing a trolley on top of which was the x-ray equipment. Before the male dental assistant inserted the x-ray unit into Grieve’s mouth, Dr. Ciannelli injected the sensitive area of Officer Grieve’s mouth with a double dose of Novocain. Grieve winced as the needle caused some discomfort. “Soon you won’t feel a thing.” Dr. Ciannelli said, and then he stepped out of the treatment room, again, while Frances attached the mouth guard to the digital x-ray unit and placed the unit in Grieve’s mouth. “Now, just breathe normal.” Frances said as he left the room.

“I’m the one with my mouth stretched out and he says ‘breathe normal’.” Grieve thought to himself, suddenly Grieve experience a flash of light. The mouthpiece blazed with a fiery bright blue-white light. Despite the protective eye gear he wore, the continuous buzzing light was so blinding as to after a few minutes render Grieve unconscious. Frances entered the treatment room but did not remove the digital unit from Grieve’s mouth.

20 minutes later, Frances finally disengaged the mouth unit. Grieve remained catatonic. Frances just assumed that Officer Grieve had fallen asleep, succumbing to the effects of the high-powered Novocain sedative that Dr. Ciannelli had administered. Dr. Ciannelli came into the room, pushing another trolley, on top of which was a Lap-top, with a pair of Ear-buds connected too it; he pushed the trolley beside the catatonic Officer Grieve. Dr. Ciannelli then turned and looked Frances. “Good. He is ready!” Dr. Ciannelli said, as he placed the Buds in Officer Grieve’s ears, and pushed some keys on the Lap-top.

While Dr. Ciannelli performed the root canal, Officer Grieve shock slightly, from time to time, as Dr. Ciannelli’s programme of Behaviour Modifications entered his catatonic mind, and reprogrammed him. After ninety minutes, Grieve opened his eyes. He could feel the gauze packed in his mouth. “Are we done?” Grieve mumbled. “Yes. All done. I’m going to prescribe anti-biotics in case there’s any infection. I didn’t see any, but I want to make sure.” Dr. Ciannelli advised.

“Thanks.” Grieve said, “Himbo-cop!” Dr. Ciannelli said, Officer Grieve’s eyes glazed over, and he froze in place in the chair. “Good. Whenever you hear me say the trigger ‘Himbo-cop’, you will return to this relaxed state. Every time you hear me say the trigger ‘Himbo-cop’, you will fall deeper and deeper, more relaxed, more calm, more obedient. Even awake, you will obey me. Do you understand?” Said Dr. Ciannelli.

“Yes, Sir.” Answered Officer Grieve, Dr. Ciannelli nodded. “As I count down from five, you’ll slowly open your eyes and come out of trance. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.” Officer Grieve opened his eyes. He stretched in the chair, and looked at Dr. Ciannelli. “We have lots of work before us. I will have to see you for the next six weeks, same time, same day, as this appointment. If you’re on duty, that’s okay. You will come on duty-hours.” Dr. Ciannelli told Grieve.

“Yes, Sir. Then I’ll see you . . .” Officer Grieve started to say. “Next Thursday, 6:30pm.” Dr. Ciannelli answered, making a note of the appointment on his cell phone. “Fine. Next Thursday, Sir. See you then.” Officer Grieve said, as he rose from the chair, he shook Dr. Ciannelli’s hand and exited the room. Dr. Ciannelli followed Grieve out of the room, and he said to his assistant. “Schedule Officer Grieve for the next six weeks: same day and time, Thursdays, 6:30pm.” The assistant nodded his head; yes.

Dr. Ciannelli returned to the treatment room, Frances had just finished cleaning the room. Dr. Ciannelli locked the door, and walked over to Frances, and stood in front of him. “Himbo-sucker!” Dr. Ciannelli said Frances’s eyes glazed over; he knelt before Dr. Ciannelli, unzipped his trousers and whipped out Dr. Ciannelli’s cock. Frances sucked Dr. Ciannelli’s cock. “Good Himbo-sucker. You just love working for me, don’t you?” The assistant sucked Dr. Ciannelli’s cock with vigour, and passion. Dr. Ciannelli enjoyed the male assistant’s warm, wet mouth and vigorous mouth action. “Good Himbo-sucker.” Dr. Ciannelli moaned as he felt his cock harden and jerk in the guy’s mouth.

Six weeks later.

Both Officer Grieve and Dr. Ciannelli were in Dr. Ciannelli’s office, not the treatment room. “I am glad to say that your treatment is now totally completed.” Dr. Ciannelli told Officer Grieve; in fact the treatment of Officer Grieve’s root canal had been completed after the second week, all the other appointments Grieve had spent at Dr. Ciannelli’s were spent in a chair in the treatment room being reprogrammed by Dr. Ciannelli’s modification programme. Officer Grieve had come to this appointment straight after finishing duty; he was still wearing his tight black uniform, which seemed too cling too his body.

“Himbo-cop.” Dr. Ciannelli said, Officer Grieve fell deep into trance as Dr. Ciannelli uttered the trigger. His eyes glazed over and his body froze in place, in the chair that he was sitting in. Dr. Ciannelli rose from behind his desk, and moved round in front of it, looking at the entranced officer. “Stand up, and moved to the middle of the room.” While Officer Grieve did as he was ordered, Dr. Ciannelli went over to the office door, and locked it; Dr. Ciannelli then walked over to Grieve, and stood in front of him.

Dr. Ciannelli snapped his fingers. Grieve stripped out of his uniform, and stood in front of Dr. Ciannelli, naked and exposed. “Officer Grieve, you’ve got a nice body. Really nice, but that cock a little small, but that’s okay.” Said Dr. Ciannelli, as he pulled his hand out of his pants pocket, and produced a black plastic cock cage. “You won’t need your cock anymore. Not after you become a mindless Himbo-slut” Wasting no time, Dr. Ciannelli encased Officer Grieve’s cock in the plastic cock cage.

Dr. Ciannelli stripped out of his clothes, and stood in front of Grieve, Dr. Ciannelli said something to Officer Grieve, which Grieve could not quite hear; but suddenly Grieve found himself on his knees, staring at Dr. Ciannelli’s cock. Dr. Ciannelli smiled as he jiggled his 11″ flaccid beast in front of Officer Grieve’s eyes. “This baby makes women pregnant.” Dr. Ciannelli said, he pointed to Officer Grieve’s caged cock, and said, “That couldn’t do shit. It certainly didn’t make, Gabrielle, pregnant” Dr. Ciannelli let go of his junk, and walked around Officer Grieve and caressed his buttocks.

Dr. Ciannelli licked two of his fingers, and then he slipped the moist fingers into Grieve’s arse. “Never had anything up there, or been touched inside like that, before have you, Officer Grieve?” Dr. Ciannelli asked as he fingered Officer Grieve’s whole, “No.” Officer Grieve moaned, tears filled his eyes. “How’s it feels, Officer Grieve?” Dr. Ciannelli asked. “I don’t like it.” Grieve replied, with clenched teeth, as more tears welled up in his eyes. Dr. Ciannelli again said something that Officer Grieve couldn’t quite hear; and then he fingered Officer Grieve’s ass faster and faster. “How’s that feel, now Officer Grieve?”

“Feels great, Sir.” Officer Grieve responded enthusiastically, his tears had now dried up. “That’s right, it feels great.” Dr. Ciannelli said, he pulled his fingers out of Officer Grieve’s whole, then Dr. Ciannelli circled around Grieve to his mouth and shoved his massive cock down Officer Grieve’s throat. Dr. Ciannelli’s sizable tool forced Officer Grieve to spit it out of his mouth. “Having Trouble Boy?” Dr. Ciannelli said in a hard voice, and then this time he said something that Grieve heard loud and clear, “Suck Cock, Bitch.” With that said Officer Grieve resumed his sucking upon Dr. Ciannelli’s cock: he stared with Dr. Ciannelli’s cock’s thick mushroom head, then Officer Grieve made his way up and down Dr. Ciannelli’s velvet shaft. “Slow licks. From the head to my balls. No teeth. Suck. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.” Came the muffled reply, as Officer Grieve obeyed his orders; he traced his tongue about Dr. Ciannelli’s dick head, the cut ridges of his cock, down the veins that lined his cock, down to his jangling balls and the satin-fleshy sack. As Grieve licked his way back to Dr. Ciannelli’s cock head, Dr. Ciannelli forced his cock down Officer Grieve’s throat and said, “Count to 10, swallow. Count to 10, and swallow. Count to 10, and release.” Officer Grieve pleasured Dr. Ciannelli as he had been ordered too.

“On all-fours, Officer Grieve.” The cop knelt on all-fours, exposing his ass. Dr. Ciannelli laughed as he fucked Officer Grieve silly, pounding his ass, fast and hard. “How’s that feel, Officer Grieve?” Panted Dr. Ciannelli, “Good, Sir.” Grieve answered, like a mindless robot. His cock, flaccid, strained against the tight confines of the plastic cock cage. Officer Grieve’s cock tensed and hardened as Dr. Ciannelli’s cock massaged and tickled his prostate, giving Grieve an awakening that he had never experienced with a woman before.

After a few minutes, and without any further manipulation, Officer Grieve screamed, and cum shot from the head of his dick, splattering the inners of the cage. Dr. Ciannelli laughed, watching the caged Officer enjoy his spoiled orgasm. “Nice wad shot, Boy.” Dr. Ciannelli said still pounding into Officer Grieve’s arse. “Thank you, Sir.” Grieve moaned in reply.

Then Dr. Ciannelli felt his climax rising, he pulled his cock out of Grieve’s arse and went round in front of Officer Grieve, with a few strokes of his hand Dr. Ciannelli sprayed Grieve’s face with his hot cum; Dr. Ciannelli stood and looked at the kneeling Officer Grieve with his cum covered face, for a few minutes. Then Dr. Ciannelli produced a prostate massager, and said, “Massage your whole. Loosen yourself up, some more!” Officer Grieve took the massager and slid the acrylic tool into his fucked arse. Dr. Ciannelli quickly dressed, as he left the office, he could hear Grieve moaning as he plunged the prostate massage deeper and deeper in, as Officer Grieve filled his whole with the acrylic toy.

Six years have passed;

On a small island in the Gulf of Mexico, as the morning sun danced about his bedroom, Officer Grieve awoke, ready for the new day. He entered the shower and bathed, making sure that his asshole was clean. But bathing or showering was now more difficult than is use to be. A few weeks after his reprogramming had been completed, and just before he ‘married’ Gabrielle, his Wife/Mistress, and they then had moved to this island, Dr. Ciannelli had replaced Officer Grieve’s plastic cock cage, with a Carrara chastity device. Grieve used the hand-held shower nozzle to clean the cock cage of the device, of any debris or substance. After he had finished his shower, Grieve towelled himself dry, and then poured some lotion onto the palms of his hand, and then moisturized his completely shaved head.

Officer Grieve then entered the bedroom, next to his; he stood quietly, watching the three sleeping babies. None of which were his: the three baby boys’ had all been fathered by a well hung guy called Gillespie. Grieve was now so well reprogramed, that he had no memory, that Gillespie had been an fellow officer, who had been reprogramed by Dr. Ciannelli, for the sole purpose of fucking Gabrielle and getting her pregnant, as well as fucking both of Officer Grieve’s whole.

To the outside world of the island, Grieve and Gabrielle were an ordinary, happily ‘married’, couple; and the three babies were Officer Grieve’s, no one know of Gillespie’s presents in the beach apartment. Grieve left the babies room and walked to the Master bedroom; Gabrielle’s room.

Officer Grieve knocked on the door and entered; Gabrielle was lying naked on top of the king-size bed, her legs wide open, playing with herself, she stopped and looked at Officer Grieve. “Well, if it’s not that worthless prick, the former Officer Grieve. Just look at you. You’re good for nothing, except for taking cock up your arse, and serving it?” Gabrielle sneered at Grieve, “Yes, Mistress.” The former Officer Grieve answered. “Kneel on the bed.” The former Officer Grieve knelt on the king-sized bed, his cock and balls trapped in the metal cock cage, he now wore. Gabrielle knelt behind the former Officer Grieve, then she strapped-on a 12″ beer can thick black dildo, Gabrielle then lubed the dildo and rammed the 12″ dildo into former Officer Grieve’s whole.

“Worthless shit!” Gabrielle cried as she fucked his husband’s whole; Grieve moaned as the dildo grinded into his whole. “You want to see a real man’s cock?” Gabrielle said, she did not wait for an answer, she clapped her hands. Gillespie only wearing a leather jock strap, entered the room. He lowered the leather jock strap and revealed the 13″ cock that nature had graced him with. “That’s a real man’s cock.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Grieve answered. “Serve that cock.” Former Officer Grieve stroked the flopping cock before his face. “Serve cock I said.” Gabrielle shouted, Gillespie afraid of displease his mistress, grabbed former Officer Grieve’s head, and forced his cock down his throat. Grieve could hardly breathe, but his Mistress demanded that he serve cock, and former Officer Grieve have to do everything to please his Wife/Mistress. Suddenly Gabrielle then pulled her dildo out of Grieve’s whole, and said, “Stop.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Both Grieve and Gillespie answered. “I want that monster cock in me.” Gabrielle said pointing at Gillespie’s cock, “And you can lick his cum out of my whole, that’s all you’re good for.” She continued pointing at Former Officer Grieve.

Gillespie pleasured Gabrielle for hours. Every-time he shot into Gabrielle’s cunt, Grieve would lap the cum up with his tongue and fingers. “Thank you, Mistress.” Former Officer Grieve would said every time he licked a cum shot out of Gabrielle. As Gillespie fucked the insatiable Gabrielle, she repeatedly reminded Grieve what a worthless prick he once had had, and what Gillespie’s real cock felt like inside her.

Finally, Gabrielle had had he fill of Gillespie’s member, she got off the bed, both former Officer Grieve, and Gillespie were standing by the bed, “Serve his cock again, bitch!” She ordered Grieve, as she walked towards the bathroom to take a shower. Gillespie stroked his cock, again, until it got rock hard. Once Gabrielle was out of the room, former Officer Grieve knelt on the bed, again, posed and ready to serve Gillespie’s cock, with his mouth and arse.

For the next thirty minutes, former Officer Grieve served Gillespie’s monster cock as his wife/mistress had ordered. Gillespie ploughed his cock into Grieve’s mouth and arse, alternating, but never leaving one or the other of Grieve’s wholes empty. When Gillespie was ready to blow his load, he pulled his cock out of Officer Grieve’s arse-whole, and moved in front of Grieve. Gillespie’s 13″ long monster shot its load all over Grieve’s face. Cum dripped from Officer Grieve’s lips and face. Gabrielle returned to the room just in time to see Gillespie shot his wad.

Back in his office Dr. Ciannelli watched on his Lap-Top, as he had for the last six years. On the screen, Gillespie’s 13″ long monster had just shot its load all over the former Officer Grieve’s face. Dr. Ciannelli smiled as he shut down the Lap-Top.