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Another “oldie”, this one was written in May, 2006, for TechnicDragon’s contest, “Welcome to Heaven”. The story had to be centered around a large resort/spa called “Heaven Health Spa”, and the things that might happen there of an MC nature. This story got a couple of good comments at the time, and a few more since, so I thought I’d give it an editing pass or two and get it posted here on the EMCSA. I was planning on writing the obvious sequel to this, but never got around to it, but this story certainly stands on its own. Here’s hoping it still holds up, and that a few of you will enjoy it.

* * *

The Benefits of a Good Massage

Chapter 1: Stretched to the Limit

It was only an hour after another fine breakfast, and Jennifer sat naked in the sauna, alone with her thoughts, luxuriating in the moist heat. She was hot and sweaty, relaxed and happy, and letting herself enjoy the warm tingles of anticipation about today’s session with Misaki and Kaori.

* * *

This would be her third stretching and massage session with the two attractive Asians. Jennifer smiled ruefully when she remembered the first one, remembered how nervous she’d been, how confused she’d felt as they pulled, twisted, and rubbed her body everywhere. At first she’d been surprised that their activities and techniques required the three of them to be completely naked, as that had seemed wrong to her.

In the end, though, she’d managed to push past her fear of embarrassment and do as they’d desired. She did have a good, attractive body for a woman her age, after all, and that’s part of why she was here... to make it even better.

Still, it had been so awkward at first. The positions Misaki and Kaori had torqued her body into had seemed almost impossible, even somewhat painful. It had gotten slowly better as the session progressed, especially as she’d begun to recognize their training and skill. She’d slowly begun to trust they wouldn’t break some part of her, and that there was a limit to any small pain they’d make her endure.

And when they’d finished, she’d never felt so limber and loose in her entire life, not even after her toughest yoga workouts back when she was 26.

Now 36, Jennifer had just started to feel the first signs of aging, and that was one of the reasons she’d accepted Karen Tilson’s offer of this seven-day free trial here at Heaven Health Spa. It was one of the most famous and expensive health spas in the city, and she’d heard such great things about it from the other women at the country club. Many times they’d raved about how great they’d felt after being here, even for just a few days.

Karen was a member at her country club, too, just a few years younger than Jennifer’s, and apparently just as well off, being the majority owner of Heaven. Jennifer had seen her around, and knew who she was; but they’d never chatted, nor been matched up for a round of golf or tennis.

One of her friends must have mentioned her health concerns to Karen, though, as a few weeks ago, the attractive blond had come to her locker and extended Jennifer this very gracious invitation to try out Heaven’s facilities... and at no charge! She’d said “yes”, of course, finding herself liking Karen’s openness and enthusiasm, and more than a bit intrigued by all the hubbub about this place.

She’d finally chosen this week to try it out. Her husband would be down in Argentina for most of the week, closing another big business deal, and certainly wouldn’t miss her. Their two daughters were away at summer camp, too, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see if Heaven could help her feel a bit better about herself and her body.

So far, it had been working out wonderfully.

“Three minutes, Mrs. Altman,” she heard someone say through the door of the sauna. Jennifer thought it was Misaki’s voice, but it was difficult to tell for sure. Her two, well... trainers, were twins, after all. Not identical twins, as there were a few differences between them, but fraternal. They were very close in almost all respects, however, and Jennifer was constantly getting the two of them confused. She’d finally figured out an easy way to recognize which was which, though... as long as she could see their hair.

“Okay... I’ll be there in three,” she called out. “But I keep telling you, it’s Jen, not Mrs. Altman.”

“Okay, Jen. Three minutes, then we start session.” Jennifer swore she could hear the two of them giggling through the door.

She began to shake out her muscles, remembering yesterday’s session. It had started the same as the first, though all of them had gotten into it much faster, now that Jennifer was more familiar with them and their routine. But they’d moved rather quickly past her first day’s experiences; the stretching even more extreme, her two trainers using their own bodies to pull and manipulate hers in ways Jennifer hardly thought possible.

The pain had been “worse”, too, a bit more intense, a bit longer-lasting. However, such was her growing trust in the two of them that Jennifer allowed this, and almost began to revel in it, much to her great surprise. Each new pain was followed immediately by few moments of glorious respite, often immediately followed by her trainers’ skilled massage of the afflicted area.

And, oh god, she thought, do those two know how to massage!

They’d used most everything to work, rub, and soothe her skin, muscles, and joints... their strong hands, their elbows and forearms... even their chins and feet. They worked her body over everywhere, then stretched her, then worked her over some more. When they’d finished with her yesterday, she’d felt like a soggy, but very happy, egg noodle.

Yesterday’s massage also seemed more intimate to Jennifer. Oh sure, there’d been some touching of breasts and more private areas that first day, an almost inadvertent thing as they’d moved against each other. Yesterday, though, it had seemed more deliberate, the two young Asians apparently unconcerned with what parts of her they touched, or how they touched them.

Jennifer had struggled not to become aroused, as she was not remotely lesbian, nor even bi, as far as she’d known. But by the time the session was over, she was a bit “soggy” in that way, too, much to her embarrassment and chagrin.

Misaki and Kaori had been so sweet about it though, persuading her it was absolutely normal and to think nothing of it. That had worked, and Jennifer had felt less worried about it. Less worried about, that is, until she’d seen the two of them, along with Karen, dressed to the nines at last night’s dinner soirée. All of them had looked ravishing, and for some reason, after she’d chatted with them awhile, she’d felt a warm tingle inside her she just couldn’t shake.

Still, she was very surprised when later, alone in her bed, she could no longer think “nothing” of it. No, she was thinking about the three of them, and found herself touching and teasing her most sensitive spots, almost without realizing it, just before she’d fallen asleep.

She shivered, thinking about it again now, wondering, with surprising excitement, what today’s session would be like.

Best just get on with it, and find out for sure, she thought. With a sigh, she opened the door, and stepped out of the sauna, ready to begin.

Misaki and Kaori stood there smiling, naked and imposing, both in their size, their facial beauty, and their physical attractiveness.

At 5′ 7″, Jennifer knew she wasn’t small; but the two of them were at least three inches taller than she. Jennifer had heard the hated label, “trophy wife”, bandied around about her enough to know that other women, and most men, found her good-looking. But Misaki and Kaori were absolutely stunning, with their straight, jet-black hair, piercing green eyes, and zaftig, yet finely-toned bodies.

They’d be my husband’s stereo wet dream, that’s for sure, Jennifer thought, staring at them. She quickly dropped that idea though, remembering how she’d woken up “damp” this morning herself, feeling naughty and a bit lost. It concerned her how she was beginning to feel that way now, too.

Jennifer chastised herself mentally for her weakness... these continuing feelings toward two other women, no matter how attractive, would simply not do.

“Are you ready for today’s lesson, Mrs. Altman? Excuse me... Jen,” Kaori said. Jennifer knew it was Kaori mainly by her shoulder-length hair, and somewhat by her slightly wider hips. Misaki’s lustrous hair was a few inches longer down her back, and she seemed just a trifle smaller than her sister.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Jennifer replied, moving up to the two of them.

“Good,” Kaori said, each of them grabbing a thick towel off the small table there, “But first, we dry you...”

“Then we start the lesson and teach you more about your body,” Misaki finished.

The way the two of them occasionally finished each other’s sentences had been quite disconcerting to Jennifer at first. But, even though English was obviously not their first language, they spoke it quite clearly, their voices melodious and sweet. Add to that the way they worked together in such perfect harmony, and Jennifer now found the ping-ponging of their comments rather charming.

She was still a bit taken aback, however, when the two of them began to dry her off... Kaori from the back, Misaki from in front. They hadn’t done this yesterday. Perhaps sensing how relaxed Jennifer already was from the sauna, they didn’t rub her briskly either, but slowly and gently, instead.

Staring into Misaki’s jade-colored eyes, Jennifer struggled to stay totally calm as her smiling trainer carefully dried the sweat and steam off her breasts.

Jennifer’s non-reaction seemed to please her, too. “Very good, Jen,” Misaki whispered, still smiling, before squatting down to work the soft towel lower.

“She is a fast learner, yes,” Kaori said from behind her, as she started to dry off Jennifer’s rear end. “She listens and learns so well.”

As always, Jennifer felt a small frisson of pleasure at their compliments. Suddenly, she was feeling a much larger one, however, as Misaki worked the towel slowly between her thighs. She desperately bit her lip to keep from crying out, to keep from saying, “stop that!” It was just as difficult to keep from moaning aloud, or something equally as embarrassing.

But when Misaki looked up at her, and said, “I don’t think I can dry you off everywhere,” embarrassment hit Jennifer full force, and she felt herself blushing profusely.

Kaori pressed quickly into her back, hugging her, and whispered in her ear, “It’s all right, Jen. We happy to see that. We want to teach you about that, too.”

“About what?” Jennifer stammered, feeling Kaori’s large, soft breasts pressing against her. All this even before the session had started?

“About relaxing, even when aroused. That what today’s lesson is about, too.”

“Complete relaxation and... internalization,” Misaki said. The way she pronounced it, “in-ter-nal-i-za-tion”, almost as if it were six words instead of just one, made Jennifer smile, despite being caught like “this”.

“That sounds very interesting,” she managed to say, as they threw their towels into a nearby hamper and moved to stand on either side of her.

“Come... we show you now,” her trainers said in unison. Then, they each took one of her hands, and lead her out of the room.

Jennifer felt very excited, and very happy, despite her momentary embarrassment. She’d truly believed her stay here at Heaven would be pleasant, and she’d honestly thought she deserved this time to herself. She thought it would be a great opportunity for her to be pampered a bit, and to concentrate on improving her body, her diet, and even her mind.

But, so far, it had been far better than she’d expected. These workouts had been fun, and she was learning so much about what she was physically capable of. She didn’t even mind the difficult weight sessions, or the aerobics.

But, outside all the work, there’d been time for play, too. The food here had been just terrific, the meals well-balanced, incredibly tasty, while still being low-calorie. The nighttime parties had been such fun, too, with good music, dancing, and drinks. She’d met some very influential and intelligent people at them, so there were benefits for herself, and her husband, in that area as well.. One could never tell when a well-connected friend or contact would come in handy.

She came back to the here and now as she stumbled a bit in their grasp. Her body had automatically tried to stop as they reached the workout area door. Apparently, though, that’s not where they were going, as Misaki and Kaori continued to walk down the narrow hallway with her in tow.

“Um... didn’t we just miss our room,” she said, looking up at Kaori.

“No, Jen. You did so good at your last session that we skip your third and go right to your fourth.”

Jennifer found herself blushing, wishing she weren’t such a glutton for praise. But she respected Karen, Misaki, and Kaori, and their concern for her improvement, and their words meant a lot to her.

“Oh, really? Will it be much tougher than the second?”

“Yes, Jen... much tougher,” Misaki said, then gave her a reassuring wink. “But we all think you handle it just fine. There will be some pain again, though, so prepare yourself.”

Jennifer felt herself quail for a moment. She really didn’t like pain, and had always been a big baby about things that physically hurt. Then, realizing how wimpy she was being, she shook herself, and tried to think positively. She had handled the last batch well enough, hadn’t she? Besides, she really did trust her two beautiful partners not to do more to her than she could stand.

“Okay... bring it on,” she said, a bit more boldly than she felt.

“That the spirit!” Kaori replied, then brought the three of them to a halt. “This is it.” She smiled, opened the door next to her, and ushered them through it into the room beyond.

Jennifer took a few steps, then simply stopped and stared, hearing the door close behind her. It was a very large room with a high ceiling, one she could see little of in the dim light. Eight very small candles, on thin wooden stands, were the only source of illumination. They were placed in a large circle around a smaller circle on the floor, which appeared to be black mat of some kind. There was a pile of folded dark towels next to it, but other than that, the room was barren. A soft, airy music wafted down from unseen speakers, too, gentle and soothing to her ears.

Still, it was rather disorienting.

Her eyes adjusted quickly to the low light, but it was still difficult for Jennifer to get her bearings. She noticed the air felt funny, too... funny, as in non-existent. She had felt it like this before, though, and finally remembered when, and why. It felt like one of those rare days when you stepped outside, and the atmosphere was that perfect mixture of heat and humidity. One of those days when the air was so close to your external skin temperature and moisture that it matched your flesh exactly.

So, in a way, if felt like you were walking through... nothing.

That was a bit disconcerting, too. Everything added together, it was almost as if she had entered some kind of luminous cloud.

When she felt someone touching her back, Jennifer jumped, startled. It was Misaki, who smiled and simply gave her a light push toward the mat. Jennifer nodded her compliance, and moved forward, shivering slightly. She had some idea now of why the room air was the way it was, as she’d felt every single finger of Misaki’s hand against her skin. It apparently was set up like this to give her nothing to feel beside the soft touches of her companions.

As Jennifer stepped onto the mat, she felt herself sink into it a few inches, then stop, as she met a firmer substance underneath. It was some kind of memory foam, she determined; but that, and the emptiness and lighting of the room, only added to her sense of floating in some sort of dream-like space.

Misaki and Kaori moved up on either side of her, Kaori whispering, “First we stretch you everywhere... then we massage you. Ok?”

“Ok,” Jennifer replied, taking a big breath and trying to relax completely, just as they’d taught her.

“Yess... a quick learner,” Misaki said.

“Very quick,” Kaori agreed.

And then they were on her.

Even more so than her other two times with these strong, knowledgeable women, Jennifer felt as if she’d been trapped in a one-sided wrestling match. The two of them teamed up to grab her arms, legs, and torso in all manner of grips, twisting and pulling her into all kinds of involved, stretched positions. One minute she was standing, her hands pinned up between her shoulder blades, her feet more than a yard apart, and the next she was on her back, with Misaki’s and Kaori’s feet against her neck and sides, pulling her arms away from her body so hard she thought they might come off.

All the time they did this, they kept whispering, “relax”, and “endure”, and “accept”, to her, just as they had the previous two days.

Jennifer tried to do as they said, to be as they wanted her to be. It was difficult, though, given the amazing strains on her body, and the painful moments when some part of her was stretched or twisted to the max. But again, as the two times before, each time she was just about ready to cry out, to beg them to stop, they stopped on their own and rubbed or moved her joints and muscles until the discomfort left them completely.

It’s like the proverbial ‘hitting yourself with a hammer’, she thought. It’s a killer, but it feels so damn good when you stop.

More than ever, she found her trust in them growing. They knew her limits, and never exceeded them. Knowing that, Jennifer ceded control of her body over to them, and found herself beginning to drift. The dream-like sense of this returning, she lost track of everything except the feel of their hands and feet, the touch of their bodies against her naked flesh. She even began to enjoy the short-lived torment of the pain, allowing her two partners to actually create new limits for it within her.

It wasn’t until Kaori forced her into one particularly backbreaking pose that she found out just how much she was enjoying it.

Kaori was on her back on the mat, their four legs intertwined, their four arms in a jumble behind Jennifer’s neck. The lithe Asian was pulling Jennifer’s arms and legs inward, and together, arching Jennifer’s belly up toward the ceiling. Her back bent like a pretzel, Jennifer tried her best to relax, and to simply accept the strain in her spine. It was then she felt Misaki’s hand slipping between her legs, and her fingers sliding through Jennifer’s completely exposed sex.

It was the first time Jennifer realized just how wet she was down there, far more than she’d been during their second session.

Stunned by the electric feel of that touch, she gasped, barely managing to stifle the moan she was feeling. Misaki said nothing at first, moving her hand upward and wiping her very wet finger on Jennifer’s straining stomach muscles. Then, as she placed her hands under Jennifer’s back and lifted her into an even more impossible-seeming bend, Misaki smiled and said, almost wistfully, “Such a pleasure to train you, Jen.”

The next few minutes were a total blur of more stretches and nearly unbelievable contortions to Jennifer. At times, she felt as if she’d left her body, looking down on herself being completely manipulated. She’d given them control of her body, and they were using it, making her feel like a rag doll, a toy for them to play with.

But it felt wonderful... the feeling of being pushed to her absolute limits, the growing limpness of her body, and the way her two incredible taskmasters manipulated her, was making her melt. Somehow, it just felt so good, so right.

Jennifer actually felt sorry when Kaori whispered in her ear, “This is last position, Jen... now totally relax for us.”

Lying on the mat, she murmured a “yess... relax...", then dazedly watched as the other two moved to kneel—one above her head and the other at her feet. She felt Kaori slide her strong arms under her shoulders and through her armpits, and Misaki bending her legs up until her knees pointed to the ceiling and her heels pressed against her buttocks. Then Misaki started twisting her held shoulders to the left, while Misaki simply pushed her knees down toward the floor on her right.

She gasped as Kaori continued to twist her upper body farther, attempting to turn her spine into a corkscrew, it seemed. It was like extreme, slow-motion chiropracty, and the pain of it was the strongest yet. Jennifer struggled to relax, to not cry out, trusting them this one last time. And just when it seemed she couldn’t take another second of it, they stopped, letting her rest.

But they only gave her a few seconds respite, a few moments to catch her breath, before they were twisting her in the other direction... just as hard, and just as far.

It all seemed too much... way too much.

But it wasn’t.

The next thing she knew, she was lying flat on her back again, sinking into the foam mat, her two wonderful tormentors sitting on either side of her. Jennifer stared up at them, glad to be finished, and felt the sudden urge to reach out and stroke their calves. But when she tried, she couldn’t do it. She could get her arms to move a little, but all her muscles and joints felt like half-set jello, and they simply wouldn’t, or couldn’t, obey her mind’s commands.

So instead, she simply laid there, utterly relaxed and happy. “Thank you,” she whispered to them.

“Our great pleasure, Jen,” one of them said.

“Now you ready for massage,” the other continued. Jennifer was starting to lose track of who was who, again, unable to determine hair length from this position, especially with the low-level lighting in the room. It didn’t really seem important at the moment, anyway.

She watched as the one to her left reached into the pile of towels and pulled out a bottle. “Warmed oil,” that woman said.

“Now let us help you stand,” said the other.

They took Jennifer’s arms and pulled her to a sitting position, then slowly to her feet. Jennifer was surprised to feel her strength returning, and rejoiced in her quick recovery. Even these few days of training were helping her, and her entire body felt so incredibly good now. She was also surprised when Misaki and Kaori knelt at her feet, Misaki in front, and Kaori in back.

“What are you...?” she started to ask, then interrupted herself as she felt Kaori pour some of the warm oil onto her ass and felt it running down the backs of her legs. She saw an arm come around from behind her and hand Misaki the bottle, then watched in amazement, some embarrassment, and a new frisson of pleasure, as Misaki poured some of the oil onto her belly and thighs.

“Massage begin now, Jen. Remember to relax at all times,” the Asian beauty said, staring up at her with the widest of smiles.

Then the two of them pressed their soft, heavy breasts into the oil oozing over her body, and started to “massage” her.

Jennifer gasped, then groaned, having never expected this. Misaki and Kaori used their hands on her some, sure, but it was mainly their breasts, sliding and working their way all over her legs, up and down, spreading the oil all over them.

A small part of Jennifer whispered “this is wrong”, that this was too intimate a thing between her and two other women. Teasing herself in bed last night was one thing, but this was pushing things to a whole new level. Still, she’d given up control of her body to them too many times, and too deeply, to find the strength within her to take it back now.

Still, she was just about to croak out a “Stop!", when their amazing breasts—one of Misaki’s and one of Kaori’s—pressed insistently between her thighs and into the cleft of her ass.

They lingered there... rubbing, caressing, and teasing her so erotically, so relentlessly, draining the last of Jennifer’s resistance from her mind and body. Helpless now, unable to move, she shuddered, and gasped toward the ceiling.

It was beyond exciting, making her heart race and her arousal soar. The two of them were practically masturbating her, and Jennifer couldn’t find the words, or the desire, to stop them. It felt so unreal, the two Asian women only needing their breasts to totally control her now. Giving in and giving up, she simply stood there and let them, unable to move, unable to resist the wanton, heated feel of it all.

Even so, she was glad when they finally pulled free from her nether regions and moved upward along her belly and back.

It wasn’t because she wanted them to stop massaging her there, though... a part of her wanted that to go on forever. No, it was just that if they hadn’t pressed together against her higher, Jennifer knew she was only seconds from collapsing to the floor in a moaning, rubbery heap.

By the time the two of them were standing upright, tightly sandwiching her body between theirs, Jennifer was totally lost in arousal for them. As they worked her pelvis with their own, front and back, and Misaki’s breasts ground into hers, Jennifer lost all track of where their flesh ended and hers began. Her pussy was a dripping mess now, her nipples harder than she could ever remember. She was moaning in mind-numbing pleasure, and would have been hugging Misaki if they hadn’t been holding her arms down at her sides.

“Your arousal is a good thing,” Kaori whispered in one ear.

“Such a good thing,” Misaki whispered in the other, her cheek pressed to Jennifer’s.

“But now you must learn to in-ter-nal-ize,” Kaori continued.

“Let pleasure fill your whole being, Jen,” Misaki said. “Don’t just feel it in pussy and breasts.”

“Let it fill your mind, fill all cells in your body.”

“Don’t speak, don’t think, just let arousal consume you.”

“Gentle and soft...”

“Relaxed and perfect... everywhere inside you,” Misaki finished, the two of them lowering Jennifer to the ground to sit there, adrift in her own thoughts and needs. They quickly sat down beside her, and continued.

“Let us control you...”

“Let us take care of you...”

“Relax and feel us...”

“Feel our love for you, Jen.”

Their words flowed over Jennifer, worked their way into her mind through the thick cloud of lust that surrounded it. She nodded, vaguely remembering they’d told her not to speak, knowing she needed to try to internalize her pleasure and arousal. They’d been so kind to her, so exciting and wonderful. Thus, it was only right that she continue to do what they said, that she continued to try to learn what their hands, and bodies, had to teach her.

Class back in session, they were all over her again, moving around Jennifer like two slick, shapely snakes, rubbing her everywhere, bending and turning her body at whim to slide themselves over her totally sensitized skin. They were gentle and slow about it, making her feel as if she were swimming in a pool of warm, sensuous flesh. She felt all parts of her touched and massaged by all parts of them, sending long, rolling waves of pleasure and relaxation moving through her.

She didn’t have to move, speak, or think. She didn’t have to do anything, as Misaki and Kaori did it all for her, and to her. And the feeling was indescribable.

Jennifer tried not to moan, but had to, as oiled breasts caressed her face and mouth and belly, as firm thighs slid slowly over her glistening sex and through the crease of her ass again and again.

She offered no resistance as they moved her body into some of the stretching positions from earlier... only this time slowly, and with no strain at all. She welcomed it when one of them grabbed her wrists and pressed her hands high up on her back, then gently forced her head down into the other’s waiting breasts.

Those breasts were so soft, so comforting, smelling of oil, sweat, and sex. It didn’t bother Jennifer at all that the sexual smells were from her own excited pussy. That she couldn’t breathe for a few moments was of no consequence to her, either, as the luscious breastflesh was pressed tight to her cheeks, enveloping her face in seductive pleasure.

That position didn’t last though, either.

Misaki and Kaori never stopped moving, never stopped writhing against her, or wrapping Jennifer up in their arms and legs. It no longer mattered to her, however, as she was totally content to be a rag doll now... their wet, helpless rag doll.

Soft bodies, soft skin, and soft words assailed her, melded against her, moved her this way and that. Soft, ethereal music and soft, flickering candlelight lulled her, set her adrift and apart from the world, from time and space, lost within the universe of their strong, sensuous flesh.

She didn’t try to resist, never thought to resist, her mind and body overwhelmed with warm, lustful sensations. Even when she opened her eyes, she could hardly tell where she was, could hardly determine what was up and what was down. Each candle looked the same; the walls and ceiling, the floor and cushioning mat seemed to be a single liquid thing surrounding her.

She wanted to kiss them, but their lips only slid over hers, never allowing Jennifer to thank them properly with her mouth. She wanted to suck and lick at them, but the breasts and pussies moving over her tongue never lingered long enough to do so. She barely managed to obey them and not speak to her disappointment at that, so the only words being spoken were Kaori’s constant admonitions to “relax”, “accept”, “in-ter-nal-ize”, and “obey”.

And Jennifer did... so much so that it took her a while to realize the others had finally stopped moving, and that she was being held perfectly still.

One of them was against the left side of her back, the other against the right side of her front. Jennifer’s arms and legs were so entangled in theirs now that she couldn’t move them at all, her hands and feet feeling as if they were disconnected from her body. They even looked disconnected from her body, fluttering uselessly where they stuck out of their three-woman ball of limbs and flesh.

They sat there completely intertwined, the others so tight to her, so warm and wonderfully strong and soft against her everywhere. She sighed as she felt a hand come from somewhere to lightly grasp the underside of her chin, and to pull her head back on the shoulder of the woman behind her.

“We call this the ‘human knot’, Jen,” the one voice said.

“We could hold you like this for days and you never get away,” said the other.

“Completely in our power.”

“Totally under our control.”

“No longer Jen.”

“Simply a part of us now.”

“So willing to obey.”

“So happy to do anything....”

“... we or Karen tell you to do.”

“You are ready.”

“So completely ready.”

Jennifer soaked up their words, finding herself agreeing with them, thrilled by them. The had her, and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. She wasn’t sure what they meant by “ready”, but soon found out.

She felt the lightest of movements, almost a ripple of sensation moving through their conjoined bodies. The motions finally solidified, however, and she suddenly felt something working its way between her soaked, puffy labia, to press and rub against her already throbbing clitoris. It seemed like it might be the palm of someone’s hand, or more likely, a heel, and she jerked and struggled at the intrusion. But her trainers were right, she really couldn’t move at all now, her entire body cocooned and trapped in theirs.

It finally dawned on her that she must have done a better job of letting her arousal fill her than she’d imagined. Like the frog in the slowly heating water, she had no idea she’d become this aroused, that she was this close to boiling over, until her entire pussy started to spasm from the relentless masturbation of her exposed clit.

She couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t remotely resist it, either the pressure or the erotic stimulation. She started to cry out in need, and almost fear, but the hand on her chin moved up to cover her mouth tightly.

“In-ter-nal-ize your orgasm, too, Jen... release it inside you,” she heard commanded in her ear.

Without her fully realizing it, they had slowly charged her libido, had created a desire in her so deeply intense she wanted to scream. Her body wasn’t relaxed at all now, her muscles and mind starting to seize as her orgasm raced toward her. There wasn’t the slightest chance of her stopping it, as it was on her too quickly and too hard.

Like an onrushing freight, it hit her, and Jennifer exploded... or tried to explode, at least.

She jerked and bucked and writhed as she came harder than she could ever remember. Held so tightly in their strong, entangled embrace, she didn’t actually move at all, though, other than her spastically clenching hands. She did scream, the intensity of it all overwhelming her, but the tight hand covering her mouth denied her even that full release.

So, she sat there, only able to strain and quiver within her fleshy restraints, eyes closed, feeling the heel continuing to slide over her clit, continuing to drive at her. She felt like a capped volcano, the white-hot lava of her massive orgasm roiling around inside her, threatening to blow the top of her head off. Unable to do anything else, Jennifer simply came, spasm after spasm wracking her body and melting her mind until she couldn’t feel anything at all.