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The Benefits of a Good Massage

Chapter 2: No Rest for the Languid

When Jennifer finally opened her eyes, she was lying back on the mat again, Misaki on her left, and Kaori on her right. They were on their sides, holding their heads up with a bent arm, staring down at her. She was surprised to see they looked almost as dreamy and out-of-it as she knew she must look.

“You’re the best pupil we ever had, Jen,” Misaki said with a sigh.

“The very best,” Kaori agreed. “You make us feel so good.”

“Made you feel good,” Jennifer said, licking at her dry lips. “I’ve never... oh god... I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Then she blushed at her naiveté. “I guess that’s what you wanted to happen, though, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes,” said Kaori. “Karen tell us to push you, that you could handle it, that you would learn and obey.”

“And she was right, Jen. You follow instructions perfectly, and we all get great joy and pleasure from it,” Misaki said, reaching out with a hand to caress Jennifer’s left breast. “And now you find out something else, because you obey instructions so well.”

Jennifer felt a shudder surge through her at Misaki’s touch, only heightened when Kaori started to tease her right breast, too. Then she noticed something else, something that stunned her....

“She knows, sister,” Misaki whispered, apparently recognizing the look on Jennifer’s face.

“Yes... she knows,” Kaori giggled, as Jennifer’s nipple began to swell under her stroking fingertips.

Oh my god, Jennifer thought, I’m still soo aroused! That couldn’t be, could it? Not after an orgasm so intense she was surprised she wasn’t in a coma.

“I... I... maybe, um, we should stop now?” she said, almost afraid of her continuing, relentless lust.

She watched as her two luscious, oiled companions sat up, then grabbed her arms to pull her up to join them. Misaki leaned in to whisper in her ear, “The session isn’t over yet, Jen.”

Then Kaori was speaking in her other ear. “Karen want you to feel how good it is to learn. So do we. Let us show you.”

And they were on her again, slowly wrapping Jennifer up in their bodies, caressing and rubbing her with their breasts, arms, and legs, twisting and shaping her within themselves as their mantra began again... “relax, accept, internalize, obey...”

Jennifer let them, her mind feeling like mush. From their very first, renewed movements against her, she was lost. It simply felt too good, too wonderful to resist. It was so much easier to just relax in their embrace, to accept what they were doing to her, and to obey their instructions.

Besides, she was still so fucking horny she could barely stand it.

So their sexual dance continued, Jennifer feeling helpless against the sensations Misaki and Kaori continued to create within her. They rolled on the floor, and knelt, and sat. They rubbed and pulled and writhed against each other, never breaking contact, still seeming more like one person than three. Jennifer was quicker to “charge” this time, though still trying to spread her need all throughout her body, as instructed. She was losing it quickly though, and it wasn’t helping any that her partners were occasionally moaning themselves now, too.

Then they were standing, Jennifer a nearly immovable, wet statue between them, They had her limbs completely held and trapped again, and she couldn’t resist at all when Misaki pulled her lips tight to her own, and locked Jennifer’s mouth into a scalding, tongue-filled kiss.

When she felt Kaori pushing against her ass from behind, and forcing Jennifer’s slick, greasy pussy to slide over Misaki’s unmoving thigh, Jennifer exploded again, helplessly humping Misaki’s leg and kissing her wildly, her cries smothered by Misaki’s warm mouth and plunging tongue.

Completely overwhelmed, Jennifer started to cum almost as hard as the first time, feeling the world dissolve around her once more.

She had barely come down, could barely speak, before they engulfed her again. And again, she couldn’t resist them at all, as they inflamed her arousal with their bodies and skill. She was simply a ball of flesh and nerves now… all feeling, no thought… as the need to orgasm built within her again.

When it happened this time, she was on her back, Misaki trapping her arms behind her head with one arm, and using both of Jennifer’s breasts... one with her mouth and one with her free hand. Kaori, all subtlety gone now, was holding Jennifer’s knees, pushing her legs up and out, and simply eating her, lapping at Jennifer’s steamy pussy, and sucking on her clit.

Able to scream, her mouth uncovered, Jennifer almost blew out the candles with the force of her orgasmic cries.

When she came to, she found herself leaning back against Kaori’s bent legs, sitting almost upright, her head tilted back against the top of her, well... her lover’s knees. She couldn’t move her arms again, as Kaori had them trapped behind her back and between Kaori’s calves and thighs, but Jennifer didn’t mind at all. She struggled to raise her head, then looked down to where Misaki was lying comfortable between her spread, sweaty legs, resting her head on one, her legs wrapped around the other.

“Please... no more,” Jennifer whispered to her other smiling lover, whose hand was starting to snake up Jennifer’s thigh toward her cum-coated pussy.

“Ok. No more, Jen. We done for now. We hope you are happy with your session,” Misaki said with an impish smile, slowly pulling her hand back.

“We hope you are very happy,” Kaori said from behind her.

Then, from out of the darkness on the other side of the candles she heard, “Because it’s important to us that our members are happy, and that they enjoy their time here in Heaven.”

Startled, Jennifer looked over to see Karen stepping into the candlelight and approaching her. “So, are you happy with today’s session, Jen?”

Jennifer nodded, managing a “very happy” as she stared up at her. As overcome with sexual sensations as she’d been for the past hour, Jennifer couldn’t help but think Karen looked hot and attractive today, too. Her streaming blond hair billowed around her perfectly made up face, and the nearly see-through blouse she wore made her obviously braless, and aroused, breasts stand out so enticingly.

It’s official... I must be bisexual now, Jennifer thought. Look at me checking out another woman, and getting aroused simply from looking at her.

Karen lowered herself to kneel beside her, smiling sweetly. “My,” she said, “you certainly look wonderfully well-used, Jen... all sweaty and glowing.” She reached out and began to gently knead Jennifer’s left breast. “And so helpless and exposed, too.”

Jennifer moaned softly, amazed she was still this aroused, even after all she’d just gone through. She was glad Misaki and Kaori were still controlling her body, though, as she was simply too tired to do much of anything. As it was, being held this way gave her the perfect excuse to not respond in kind, if that’s what Karen was hoping for.

“Do you see how incredible you can feel when you just give yourself over to us completely,” Karen said, still massaging Jennifer’s breast, slowly working her nipple into fuller response.

“Yes, Karen,” Jennifer replied, the truth of that so obvious to her now.

“Good... and it’s my hope that you’ll continue doing so during your afternoon class, today.”

“Afternoon class? I thought I was free until dinner.”

“You would‘ve been, if this had been a normal third session, Jen. But this was actually your fourth, remember? The fourth lesson is always followed by a class on sexually pleasing your spouse.”

“What?” Jennifer asked, unthinkingly trying to jerk upright, but unable to pull herself away from Kaori’s shins and knees. “I... I don’t understand.”

She also didn’t understand how she could have so totally forgotten about her husband during all of this. Sure, their marriage had turned into something more of a convenience the last few years, but he was still her husband. Why had he turned into such an afterthought the past few days?

“Relax, sweetie,” Karen shushed, releasing Jennifer’s breast and raising her hand to stroke the agitated woman’s cheek. “Just stop and think about it for a minute. You’ve learned a lot about yourself here, about your own body and orgasms, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes... but....”

“And you’re starting to feel a bit guilty about what you’ve been doing with Misaki and Kaori lately, about what you’re feeling, and wondering if you can justify your own pleasure?”

“Yes, that, too. But....”

“And perhaps your love life hasn’t had the fire lately that you really want, and you’re thinking about wanting to enroll at Heaven as a full-time member?”

Confused, but knowing all Karen had implied was true, Jennifer subsided, finally just asking, “So?”

“So... that’s what this class is about. Anton and Stephanie are a married couple who teach here, and can show you how to get the absolute most out of your sexual time with your husband. They can show you ways to please and excite him that you’ve never thought of. They can teach you how to take what you’ve learned today to make sure you get the most pleasure possible out of being with him. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

“I guess,” Jennifer replied, feeling so selfish as tried to visualize what Anton and Stephanie might look like, and how they would “teach” her these techniques.

“We’ve also found that it works wonders on any guilt you might be feeling, or any reticence your husband might have about you joining here as a fully-paid and regular member. Heaven isn’t cheap, you know.” Karen took her hand from Jennifer’s cheek and began to slide it down her body, through her breasts and slowly over her belly.

“Think of it as a win-win-win scenario, Jen. You’ll be able to see the true value of all you’re learning here, for both yourself and your spouse... and so will he. He’ll figure that, if Heaven is helping you out so much, making you so happy and sexually exciting to him, that he won’t mind you becoming a member, either, no matter what the cost. And finally,” Karen said, her hand moving against Jennifer’s lubricated slit, working two fingers slowly in and out of her creamy pussy, “the class itself is totally wonderful. Stephanie and Anton, really... really... reeeeally, know what they’re doing.”

Jennifer couldn’t help herself, and arched up against Karen’s hand and fingers, feeling the fullness within her as Karen punctuated each “really” with a deep, slow insertion into her shuddering hole.

“Do you understand, Jennifer?” Karen whispered, slowly removing her hand. “Can you trust us, trust me, one more time? Will you accept that we know how to make you happier and more fulfilled than you have ever dreamed, both here and with your husband?”

Jennifer’s mind was filling with helpless desire again, and she couldn’t seem to shake it, or ignore it. “I trust you, yess....” she sighed. Karen knew what she was talking about, after all, and was so obviously in charge.

And so attractive, Jennifer thought.

“Very good, Jen. Stephanie and Anton can show you so much,” Karen said, pressing her wet fingers to Jennifer’s lips, and then slowly working them into her mouth. “You want them to show you everything, don’t you?” she continued, beginning to work them in and out, to fill Jennifer’s mouth with her cum and juice-covered digits.

Unable to speak, her eyes closing, Jennifer merely nodded, sucking on Karen’s fingers, lost in the feeling of having her needy mouth used like this, in the taste and scents of her own seemingly insatiable lust. She felt a momentary twinge of pride when she automatically tried to relax with this latest surge, to internalize it as she’d been taught.

But when she felt Misaki’s fingers replace Karen’s in her pussy, and two of her holes being used and fucked, she realized she still had some work to do there. Unable to just relax, she found herself tensing and arching again in unbridled sexual passion.

Maybe it is best to accept Karen’s kind offer of even more sexual training, she thought, so I can learn how to handle this better.

She was actually disappointed when Karen pulled her fingers away from her mouth, as, outside of Misaki’s incredible kiss, she and Kaori had never really let her use it very much.

“Thank you, Karen,” she managed to say, smiling, trying to ignore Misaki’s slow, insistent probing of her gaping sex. “The only muscle in my body that didn’t get fully massaged was my tongue, and you did a good job there.”

Karen’s smile was almost beatific now, and she replied, “Not nearly good enough. Let’s work it some more.” She grabbed Jennifer’s head with both hands, and leaned in to give her a passionate, smoldering kiss of her own.

Jennifer moaned, overwhelmed, unable to move, to stop this, not wanting to at all. She let Karen” massage” her tongue, and almost desperately massaged Karen’s back. It went on, hot and heavy, for a long time, and when Karen finally pulled away, Jennifer was left panting and shivering.

“Thank you,” she gasped. “You’ve been so good to me.”

Karen leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Do you really want to thank me, Jen? You’re so hot, and you’ve gotten me so worked up here, can I show you how I really want to be thanked?” Karen pulled back again. “Besides, if you can see your way clear to thanking me in this way, your tongue will get even more of a workout, too.”

Without waiting for the dazed woman to respond, Karen stood up, hiking up her skirt as she did, and straddled Jennifer’s trapped body. Jennifer couldn’t help but notice that Karen’s outfit was lacking more than a bra.

She felt Kaori grab her hair and pull her head back to rest on top of her knees again. She also heard Kaori whisper, “You want to thank her, Jen. Karen responsible for giving you so much. You need to thank her.”

Through the fog of desire surrounding her mind, Jennifer knew Kaori was right. “Let me thank you properly, Karen,” she half-moaned.

Karen hissed out a “yesss...", then lowered her own glistening sex and pressed it to Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer had never licked another woman before, had never felt a wet, heated pussy against her face before, and was stunned by how erotic it was to her. She began to lick it, taste it, the smell of it making her dizzy. She could feel her arousal building as she did, with Karen’s growing calls and moans a surprisingly strong turn-on to her.

Misaki was still fucking her with her fingers, working and tormenting the inside of her pussy everywhere. With her legs trapped open, Jennifer wasn’t able to resist that, either.

Encouraged by Kaori, Jennifer licked and sucked Karen everywhere she could, pressing her tongue deep inside her increasing wet sex, sucking and nibbling on her clit, trying to do everything to Karen she liked done to herself. Soon, she could hear her third lover getting close, which drove her to the edge, too. She wasn’t quite certain why, but it had suddenly become desperately important to her to please Karen, to do anything to show the younger woman her appreciation.

Karen began to hump and grind faster on her mouth and tongue, stimulating them both even more. Kaori, looking to get into the action, reached around her employer to milk Jennifer’s excited breasts with her hand.

Something inside Jennifer snapped, as everything suddenly became clear. She wanted this. She needed this. She had to have this... all of it.

Karen suddenly seized and cried out, starting to cum. As she did, Misaki began to work a fingernail up and down over Jennifer’s distended, throbbing clit, forcing her to come again, too.

It was all so insanely intense, the two of them cumming so hard, Jennifer squealing into Karen’s spasming pussy, her own clenching and oozing all over Misaki’s tormenting fingers. It was all so hot, and so wonderful, and as their shudders and writhing jerks slowly subsided, Jennifer felt a strange sense of accomplishment, and another sudden, new thought.

It feels great to make another woman cum. I learn so much when I do exactly what these three women want, or tell me to do. I never would have known how wonderful this is without their help and guidance.

When Karen finally rose up and stepped away from her, Jennifer was totally spent. Even if they let her go now, she didn’t think she’d be able to move. And she was right, as when Misaki and Kaori did let her go, all she could do was slowly sink back to the mat in utter exhaustion. It was the most incredible fatigue she’d ever felt, though.

“I hope my thanks pleased you, Karen,” she whispered, looking at her three beautiful companions.

“Oh, it did, Jen. You did marvelously. You’re the perfect student, and I know you’ll make a terrific member of Heaven. I’ve never seen Misaki and Kaori so pleased with anyone before, and, as a member, you’ll have full access to them every time you’re here.”

“I will?” Jennifer asked, feeling such a tingle at the thought of that.

“Of course. Looking at them, I’d say they’d pretty much demand that I let them be with you,” Karen said with a broad smile.

“We would,” they both said in unison.

“No one ever trust us like you do, Jen,” Misaki said.

“No one learn as fast as you, accept what we say so well,” Kaori added.

“You want to be with them again, don’t you, Jen?” Karen asked.

“Oh yes... oh yes, indeed,” was all Jennifer could think to say, still floating in a happy, sexual daze.

Karen laughed. “All right, it’s settled, then. You will become a full-fledged member, continue to trust and learn from us, and you and Misaki and Kaori can be together... lots... and starting right now.” She turned to her two employees, who were standing next to her.

“Help Jen get to the showers, and show her that wonderful way you apply soap, too. I’m sure she’ll find your methods just as ‘interesting’ as for the body oil.”

Jennifer groaned, wondering how she was going to survive until lunch, much less make it through Anton’s and Stephanie’s class. But, determined to try, she took he two trainers’ proffered hands, and let them pull her to her shaky feet.

“Please be gentle,” she whispered, and they all laughed.

Karen pulled her close and kissed her quickly, then said, “You’re going to love being here, Jen. I know the membership is expensive, and we do push our members to help us out in other ways... training others, charities, etc.. But I think as long as you continue as you have been, continue to be so open and accepting, you’ll find Heaven a wonderful place to be, and support.”

“I know I will,” Jennifer said, feeling Misaki and Kaori taking her hands again, and starting to pull her toward the showers. “I hope to see you tonight, Karen,” she said over her shoulder.

“Oh, you will, Jen… count on it. We have a lot more to discuss, and you have so much more to learn. Have a nice shower!”

“Thanks, I will!” Jennifer called out, a tingle shooting along her spine at the thought of Karen teaching her things, too.

“No more talk,” Misaki said, with fake severity, guiding Jennifer through the candles and toward the door. “Think about your lessons.”

“Yes... you be quiet and come with us,” Kaori agreed.

Ohh... I’ll come with you, all right, Jennifer thought. Then she smiled, dreamily repeated “relax, accept, internalize, obey” to herself, and happily let them lead her away.

* * *