The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


“Don’t you think we need more defences here?” asked Tilly of Dr. Orlof. “I mean, we do need the next few hours to activate more bimbos and until then, I fear we are under-staffed.”

Dr. Orlof looked at her.

“Don’t look at me like that. You know I’m right.”

“Technically you are,” he replied. “But, let’s face it, They have all escaped. We know they reached the woods and they haven’t been found in there. So, where are they now? Don’t bother answering that, I’ll tell you. They are well on the way to River City, where they’ll try and inform the authorities. And I control the authorities, well, the important ones anyway. That’s no problem. The problem is if they contact the heroes and we have bimbos stationed all around that place. They’ll never get through. The bimbos have been ordered to kill them if necessary in order to stop them telling what they know. And don’t worry about them phoning either. This storm has negated all signals from anything. The land lines are down as well. The only way they can tell their story before it’s too late is to tell it in person.”

Stewart interjected. “Yes, of course, We both understand that. But we think in probabilities. What you say has a high probability, but there’s always the low probability to consider as well. At this moment, we are vulnerable to them returning. You know we are. There aren’t enough bimbos left to man the control room or do anything but wander around looking to see if they’re sneaking around now. You’ve seen what they can do and the bimbos don’t stand a chance. We do need backup. We don’t have any more backup right now and won’t have for a few hours, so we’re asking you to beef up our defences for the time being. What have you got to do that right now?”

Dr. Orlof looked at them impatiently. He was used to doing things his way and he acted intuitively. But these bimbos were exactly what he needed, especially after his henchmen went on strike and he sacked the lot of them. He delighted in the rare feeling of indecision. It squirmed around his stomach and centred around his cock deliciously. He waited, but that feeling didn’t expand into something more pleasant. Once he was certain there would be no more developments in that area, he made his decision.

“All right. There’s one thing I can do.”

He turned to Ffanci. “I’m sorry my dear, but they are correct. We need to activate Robot Man.”

Ffanci was, as usual, quietly sitting through the discussion. She rarely made any contribution, but, this time, she felt compelled to.

“Why? Harley needs to recuperate. He’ll only be at eighty percent effectiveness if we activate him now. Besides, he needs his rest. He’s earned it. Why don’t you let him enjoy his time off?”

“But Ffanci, we’ve been through this many times. Harley is no more. His body is still there, but his identity isn’t. That body is Robot Man and that’s all he is. He doesn’t ‘enjoy’ his free time because he can’t understand that concept. He’s either active under orders or he’s switched off. And at eighty percent effectiveness, he’s still incredibly potent. We have to have him now. All he’ll be doing is patrolling the castle. The odds are he won’t have anything dangerous to do. You do agree with that, don’t you?”

Ffanci pouted but agreed.

Harley Ccloyd-Morgan aka Robot Man patrolled the castle tirelessly. He ignored the few bimbos strutting around on their own tasks and concentrated on protecting his master and mistress. While his free will was zero he still could make decisions and form conclusions by accessing his memories of his previous life as a human.

He had been patrolling for hours before he discovered crumbs on the trophy room floor. Food was not permitted in here, Dr. Orlof’s rules were strict about that. Robot Man carefully checked out the entire area before deciding it was free of intruders. But, he was alerted now and he checked the other rooms for crumbs or anomalies. He found more crumbs in the control room. In his mind, whatever was left of it, this was confirmation the castle had been infiltrated. He needed to report back to Dr. Orlof.

At the good doctor’s bedroom door he hesitated. His programming was complex and he needed to evaluate his options. On one hand, the doctor was in his private sanctuary, no doubt with one of the many females that now infested the castle. He didn’t know why Dr. Orlof liked sharing body fluids with them, but that was not his concern. He knew not to interfere in any way with Dr. Orlof’s important work and he knew Dr. Orlof never had unimportant work to do. But, how important was important? He had important information to impart to Dr. Orlof himself. It was a question of balancing priorities and he knew he was unskilled at this operation. He knew Dr. Orlof’s sister-in-law would be of no help and the other two guests were not to be considered with this information. He stood while he tried to calculate probabilities.

Eventually he decided to enter and inform Dr. Orlof of his findings. There were many bimbos around now and Dr. Orlof could easily resume his fluid exchange with the one he was with or with another. He tried to open the door but it was locked. This was a new development. Normally the doors were always unlocked. Dr. Orlof usually relied on his personality to keep away the unwanteds. He thought again taking this new parameter into account and decided he still had to inform Dr. Orlof. Once the decision was taken, there was no hesitation. He raised his arms and pushed them against the door with all his force.

The doors flew off their hinges and into the room beyond.

There was a scream from inside which cut off just after it started. Robot Man entered and saw the crushed body of a bimbo lying by the far wall. The door had battered her against it and she was in the process of sliding down the wall to rest, naked and broken and flattened, on the remains of the door.

“It had better be very good,” threatened Dr. Orlof in all his glorious nakedness. He knew Robot Man would never do this unless it had a good reason. The problem was the difference in his definition of the word ‘good’ and Robot Man’s.

Robot Man’s eyes stayed on the bimbo, fascinated by the way her tits were slowly uncrumpling and standing proud again with a final small ‘pop’ when her nipples again stood proud. Somehow, in a way he didn’t understand, this was a riveting sight. It took it a while to focus what remained of its brain back on the reason it was here.

“Crumbs,” it eventually said in its deep and sexy baritone.

Dr. Orlof stared at it. “More data,” he eventually said.

“Crumbs in the trophy room and in the control room. Crumbs should not be there. Someone was eating in both rooms recently.” This was one of the most complicated sentences Robot Man had ever uttered.

Dr. Orlof considered this information. It would be no use trying to get Robot Man to elucidate, he knew that. So, when had those rooms been cleaned last. That was easy, a couple of days ago by a bimbo cleaning crew. That was a freebie given by Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel. He had checked their work himself and most carefully. There were no crumbs in those rooms then. The bimbos would definitely not eat unless at their preordained times, or when ordered to. And anyway, those bimbos only ate specific bespoke food which looked and smelled disgusting. They normally did such things in private. He knew they had to eat but he didn’t want to watch them chew on those bars at all. They didn’t enjoy them at all and it showed. He liked his bimbos to be happy and perky and enthusiastic, so, for this event they had been primed to eat in private.

He couldn’t envisage Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel eating those bars, or any sort of bar when he thought about it. They liked their food prepared properly and, while they hadn’t said anything, he knew they thought his kitchen arrangements weren’t up to par. But they had a business to run and bimbos to sell, so they went along with it. Dr. Orlof himself didn’t like food at best, but he did recognise the necessity of eating. He did it, but he didn’t have to like it.

Dr. Orlof quickly came to agree with his robotic brother.

“Follow me and protect me,” he ordered while he slipped on his dressing gown.

Dr. Orlof headed straight for the control room followed by Robot Man. On entering, he scanned the area and saw nothing wrong.

“Search the area,” he ordered and Robot Man obeyed, taking his time as he methodically searched every nook and cranny where a person could be. There were a lot of them. Dr. Orlof preferred the Heath Robinson approach to technology. The room was clear. The scanners also were clear. He checked the Debilitator Ray that kept Pearl Girl weak and that was OK as well.

“We’ll take all the rooms methodically,” he said. But before making a move he used the internal castle phone. “All security personnel available to the lower levels,” he said into it. He exited the main control room followed by Robot Man and they stayed in the corridor just outside until they heard the now wearisome giggling in the distance. It got louder until the remaining bimbos came into view from the main staircase. There were only twenty left, but that was enough now Robot Man was activated. Dr. Orlof positioned them at strategic points in the corridors and ordered them to shout out if they saw anyone at all.

Once positioned, the all the bimbos shouted out. The noise was confusing and wasn’t helped by the giggling after the warning shouts. Dr. Orlof hauled them all back into a huddle.

“This time ignore me and Robot Man and all the other bimbos,” he instructed firmly. He knew it was his fault. These were bimbos after all and he was used to dull witted henchmen who actually had some brains. The bimbos returned to their tasks. Once positioned, some took out fashion magazines from somewhere, Dr. Orlof didn’t want to know from where. As far as he was concerned there was no place they could have hidden them, but there they were. The others took out their mobiles and began scanning the web for fashion and gossip. Dr. Orlof didn’t like this but the demonstration Ms. Jigger and Mr. Herschel gave him explained this. The bimbos needed to keep abreast of their fave subjects, but that in no way reduced their effectiveness. Unfortunately for Dr. Orlof, the bimbos came through the demonstration with flying colours, despite Dr. Orlof throwing every eventuality at them he could think of.

Another thing Dr. Orlof was determined to discover from Tilly and Stewart was how the bimbos’ phones were working. As far as he was concerned no phones were working at present. He couldn’t understand this and it irked him.

Anyway, they were in position now and, together with Robot Man and the two remaining bimbos, they started their search in earnest. They went in each room in turn and searched it thoroughly, taking their time and doing the job properly, sending the nearest bimbo in the corridor in first to spring any potential surprise attacks. This took time, but Dr. Orlof was determined, and he could be a tad stubborn at inconvenient times.

Vicky didn’t know Dr. Orlof could be stubborn, but she was learning. Vicky and Pearl were hidden in one of the many store rooms and Vicky was trying to follow what was happening by casting her mind out. She had to do this sparingly because it was so draining, but Betsy’s energy bars were a lifesaver now. She still had a fair number to go before she would be bereft of this power, so she was still quietly confident.

Pearl Girl gave Vicky a quick tap when she saw the bimbo enter the room. Vicky was on it and the bimbo saw nothing, even when she walked around the whole room and eventually, to Pearl Girl’s eyes, stared straight at them. But she didn’t see them and walked on. Both Vicky and Pearl Girl thought that would be that and they could get out fairly soon now, once the search went around the corner and out of sight of the doors. But then Robot Man entered and cast his eyes around. Pearl Girl saw him first, through the gap between packing cases. Her eyes went wide and she turned to Vicky with her finger on her lips. Vicky frowned. Pearl Girl silently wiggled closer and whispered “They’ve got that Robot Man searching now. Can you make him not see us?”

Vicky shook her head, “No. We’ll have to fight. Split up and attack him the moment you get an opportunity. The other one will attack his rear.”

Pearl Girl smiled. Her strength was back. She could feel it. And she really wanted to set the record straight against this opponent. Dropping double doors on her head when she wasn’t looking wasn’t fair at all.

It was Vicky who got first shot at Robot Man. She erupted from around a crate seconds before he would have seen her. Vicky threw something at his face to distract him and dived feet first at his knee, slamming it back. Unfortunately it didn’t break, which was the objective. Robot Man was unbalanced only and Vicky lay on her back on the floor, entirely at his mercy. Pearl Girl threw something she found in a crate at him striking him perfectly on his bare neck. He didn’t react, which was a bit of a bugger. Raising his foot he tried to stomp on Vicky, who was too quick for him and she rolled out of the way. By which time Pearl Girl had launched a physical attack feet first in the small of his back. This knocked him forwards to splat his face on the far wall while Vicky scrambled to her feet. Vicky could hear excited shouts from the entrance but she couldn’t worry about them now.

Pearl Girl followed up her attack by punching him in his belly as hard as she could. This doubled him up while Vicky hurled two knives at him. They hit but he was twisting so much, they missed their killing targets. He ended up with both knives in one arm, each up to the hilt, which didn’t slow him up one iota. Vicky was at a bit of a loss now, but Pearl Girl wasn’t. She revelled in having her strength back and was viciously punching him hard and fast and accurately. His face was a bloody mess after only a few seconds, but even that didn’t faze him. He simply took the punishment while orientating himself and then lashed out when he got a chance. He connected with Pearl Girl’s ribcage and she flew off into some crates that were inconveniently in her flight path.

Robot Man started towards Pearl Girl when she was hit by twenty three anaesthetic darts, ten in one arse cheek and thirteen in the other. Her eyes rounded and her hands went instinctively round to protect her arse, but that movement only pressed them in further. She fell to her knees. The sound of her knees hitting the floor stopped everyone in their tracks and she collapsed onto her face in complete silence. The vicious anger that had consumed her when the darts went in died with her consciousness.

Noise resumed when Robot-Man turned towards Vicky with a wheezing sound. Vicky looked quickly around and saw a slim chance to charge those at the door, the only door, so she ran to a side wall meaning to use it to launch herself at them but instead became a pincushion for those anaesthetic darts.

Dr. Orlof stepped into the room and looked around. There were crates overturned and their contents rolling around. He looked at Robot-Man, standing favouring one leg and bleeding profusely from his nose. Well, probably his nose. It was hard to tell with his face covered in blood.

“Get yourself to the nurse and do what she tells you,” he ordered it. Robot-Man limped away to obey.

Dr. Orlof looked at the bimbos in and around the doorway. Their excitement had finished and they were all now deep in their phones or magazines.

“Hey,” he shouted to get their attention. “You’ll all need further training. Do you know how many darts you used here? Do you think I’m made of darts? But we’ll do that after you’ve carried these two,” he indicated the unconscious Pearl-Girl and Vicky, “back to their frames. And use the reinforced frame for Pearl-Girl as well. She’s got her strength back and we’ll need to be careful around her.” He looked at them all who were staring back at him round eyed and, it looked like a lot of them were chewing gum. He clapped his hands. “Do it now,” he ordered. I’ll be in the control room. I need to find out what happened to the Debilitator ray.” The bimbos scurried to obey, giggling as they went.