The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Betsy woke gradually from a dream. It was a pleasant dream.

Actually it was a magnificent dream.

She was there, in front of the crowds, holding aloft the Champion of Champions Leek Growers Cup. That put it over those Welsh bastards. And the man in the next allotment as well. He was there, in the crowd, looking disappointed and still drooling. But he did clap though. After all, even he didn’t want those Welsh bastards winning another Leek Growers competition. But the enormous crowd all cheered and applauded, well except for the Welsh. Betsy was popular and loved it. It even tickled her clit which made her start to squirm. In fact she now realised she was naked on the podium, but that didn’t bother her until she realised the crowds were all laughing at her tiny tits. She blushed and tried to move out of the way when she was pricked a hundred times in her hip. This jerked her awake. Her automatic self-programming immediately came into force and she lay still and assessed her surroundings.

She was naked. ‘Oh shit, they’ve got me again,’ she thought, even before she realised, with a groan, that she hadn’t won the Leek Growers’ competition. There was good news though, her limbs weren’t tethered. There was a delightful breeze tickling her where breezes don’t normally. She heard woody sounds all over and she knew she was outdoors and nobody was close. She risked slitting her eyes to have a peek. The view was reassuring until she opened her eyes properly and looked around. She was inside a thorn thicket and couldn’t immediately see how to get out.

There was a rustling from down there and casting her attention fully onto herself down there, she realised something was gently tickling her fanny lips. Something from inside her. Carefully, because of the thorns and nettles, she reached down and felt herself.

But she didn’t.

Instead she felt what felt like paper. Gently she pulled it out. That felt good so she pulled it out slowly, then held it in front of her eyes. It was a note. She carefully opened it. It had been folded multiple times, so the writing on it wasn’t as damp as it might have been. It was from Pearl and it said what had happened and what she and Vicky were going to do next. It didn’t detail how she could get out of here though.

‘I bet Vicky thought of this,’ she thought as she wiggled about trying to work out what she was lying on. That turned out to be her clothes. ‘I bet Pearl put them there so I would be more comfortable,’ she thought further. She realised, as she carefully wriggled around putting them on, that Pearl was a delight to know, even if she was an American. She’d like to get to know her better. She realised why Vicky wanted that too. That was a problem, but the good news was Vicky didn’t know Betsy was also in this competition now. It would be good for Vicky not to get her own way all the time. That was bad for her development. Betsy knew this because Betsy never got her own way in anything. Betsy was a good girl and always obeyed ‘Her’, but that meant Betsy never got her own way and look how Betsy turned out. It would be in Vicky’s own interest if Betsy won this competition, wouldn’t it?

With her boots finally on, Betsy worked out how the thicket had been arranged to hide her and carefully managed to extricate herself from its protection.

Betsy never knew how cut up her body had been when she was positioned there as her body had automatically prioritised her healing while she was unconscious.

Now she had to work out what to do. According to the note, most of the bimbos were in River City and she didn’t know that place too well, so she decided to follow Pearl and Vicky down the tunnel, which she found easily, again, because of the note. She knew Vicky would leave some sort of clue or mark if they had encountered any trouble or tripped an alarm so she opened her mind and looked carefully ahead to see if she had. That slowed her down, but she eventually made her way back into the castle.

She cracked open the door she found at the end of the tunnel and made her face again, activating her Jacobson’s organ. There was nobody there, so she crept in quietly and closed the door behind her, leaving it unlocked.