The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Meanwhile, in River City, Tilly Jigger was frustrated. There was no sign of Betsy anywhere. She had searched all the obvious places, Pearl Girl’s apartment and Betsy’s apartment. Betsy’s apartment was full of interesting equipment that looked vaguely familiar. It took her a while to sort through everything that was crammed into the small area, but, eventually she understood it was some sort of mind control device. But it was complicated and cumbersome.

‘Either it’s far more advanced than ours,’ she thought, ‘or it’s so far behind us it’s laughable.’ But she couldn’t make herself laugh at it. There were too many unknown pieces of equipment for her to feel secure with Betsy having access to this stuff. She ordered the two bimbos in the bedroom with her to wait in the living room to give herself some more space. Actually, to give her some space. All this equipment made her claustrophobic. She used her phone, which happened to be working again, to check on the bimbos who were searching the city for her. Not one of them had a lead. Some were just patrolling around this area, for protection, while the others had headed out towards the bars and dives where the underworld types hung out. Those bimbos had their orders and now was as good a time as any to see how they operated in this environment. She and Stewart had amended their programming to allow for this type of operation and she was confident they would cope, even when their libidos were tempted, which they would have been by now.

The responses she obtained made her proud. Except for one, Clara answered obviously deep into an interrogation. Clara was interrogating someone she reported as a sneak thief, a nobody, but he had some interesting things to say and Clara was getting all of it. Tilly hung up and let her get on with it.

Looking round, Tilly saw the headset on the floor, next to the bed. She picked it up and inspected it. It looked strange, yet familiar at the same time. Everything was off, she checked, when she tried it on her head to see if that made things clearer for her. Both she and Stewart used something similar to keep their bodies in check, and she wondered if this was the same, but there were no controls on it as there were on theirs.

It was extremely comfortable. She heard someone say ‘Activating’ and turned around to stop them, but the machine turned her brain off before she could.

She woke up without any impression of the time she’d been out. Her watch told her just over five hours and she gave a little squeal and rushed out to the living room. Well, she tried to rush out, but the equipment was so tight it took her a while to navigate round it. Inside she found her bimbos where she left them, giggling and reading magazines. They didn’t think anything was amiss. They had been ordered to wait here and wait they did. She wondered if that was a benefit or not, but it was what it was.

Her phone, when she remembered to check, showed a lot of texts from her search bimbos and she had to sit and go through them all. They were all negative except Clara’s. Clara had a lead. She had found a small time thief who had been out at night, doing what he did best, when he saw a woman sneaking around and followed her. He was going to indulge in a bit of rape until he got a good look at her face which deterred him a bit. That and her size, she was taller than him, put him off, so he just followed to see if he could make a profit from her somehow. All he found, to his disgust, was an old abandoned warehouse which she entered in the wee hours and hadn’t come out of when he left, disgusted. The woman matched Betsy’s description.

“Yes,” Tilly thought, noting the warehouse address. Clara needs a bonus for this. Then she wondered how Clara had gotten all this information from a sneak thief when she didn’t have any money to bribe him. She then determined Clara’s bonus would be a thorough medical check for STDs. Perhaps they should inoculate all the bimbos against STDs? It would cost but if they were doing operations like this one, they would probably need it.

She called her bimbo squad, who were all still out and actively looking and sent them to the warehouse, where she met them. It was in a deserted area so they simply broke in and explored. They discovered a lot of equipment there which Tilly didn’t recognise at all. She took pictures and left it at that.

She knew Dr. Orlof was short staffed, so she Googled for removers and settled on Acme Removals as they were the cheapest. She was lucky she got through because of this weather. The weather had totally ruined Acme’s schedule and they were idle just now, so, as this was a short haul, they accepted the job and came straight out and removed all the equipment she specified and took it to the castle. Dr. Orlof gave it a cursory inspection and had them place it in a large storeroom. He was happy he now had a full staff of bimbos back to protect him and his guests, so he forgot about the equipment for the time being. After all, it wasn’t his. It looked boring, just metal boxes of varying sizes and of unknown function. There were no power cables or cables of any sort that tied them all together. He’d just have to work out what it did later, when he was bored with playing with the bimbos.

Dr. Orlof, his sister-in-law, Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel retired to the billiards room to confer and plan their next course of action. After the bimbo staff had brought them refreshments and orgasms, they turned to each other and asked, where was Betsy?

“Do you have any idea where she could be?” asked Stewart. “Personally, I think she’s either left or is here in the castle somewhere. That’s why I detailed the bimbo posse to search and patrol the place.”

“Good thinking,” agreed Tilly.

“But perhaps without learning from our recent encounter with Pearl-Girl and Vicky,” added Dr. Orlof. “They were able to wander around at will down in the lower floors and they weren’t spotted by any bimbo. It was Robot-Man who discovered them.”

“That’s sheer speculation,” answered Stewart. His bimbo posse would have found them, he was certain of that.

“Please do not upset yourself, Stewart. I was not disparaging your bimbos. I was speculating that Pearl-Girl and Vicky had some way of staying under their radar. Some method that doesn’t work on Robot-Man.”

“You mean, we should reactivate him…”

“It’s an it now. Please be careful with your language. You must not think of Robot-Man as in any way alive. It’s a robot, nothing else.” Dr. Orlof was insistent of that. Ffanci Cloyd Morgan made a noise at that.

“Make certain Pearl-Girl is not harmed in any way,” she stated. “I want her for myself.” Ffanci didn’t bother much in the running of the place, or the planning or anything for that matter. There was one thing on her mind and that was Pearl-Girl. She wanted Pearl-Girl helpless before her and she wanted to be calm and collected when she was. She was prepared to wait. Pearl-Girl was still unconscious. Ffanci wanted her very much aware of what was happening to her when it happened.

Dr. Orlof smiled warmly at her. “Of course dear. I know what you want and I agree. It will certainly be a great help in getting you back to your normal self and I’ll help in any way I can. Do you have any change of plans?”

Ffanci reverted to her quietness and shook her head.

“I think we should reactivate Robot-Man now and…”

“But he’s severly drained,” retorted Ffanci. She was still protective of him. “We can’t do that.”

“I’m sorry, dear. Please remember your husband is dead. Robot-Man is not your husband. I was going to say we should use it only for detection and rely on the bimbos for the apprehension.”

Ffanci looked at the floor and nodded. Tilly and Stewart also nodded.

“Very well,” said the good doctor and went to reactivate Robot-Man surrounded by a giggle of bimbos for protection. He was getting used to their ways now and was more comfortable in their presence. If they were instructed properly, they were very effective.

Robot-Man was standing in power-in mode. His plug was in the socket and everything looked optimal. Unfortunately, there hadn’t been enough time for any sort of meaningful power to be accumulated. On activation its plug wilted and naturally removed itself from the socket. Dr. Orlof gave it its instructions.