The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


After a thorough search, Dr. Orlof declared the castle was free of Betsy infection and returned to the holding room where Vicky and Pearl Girl were patiently waiting for them. He was accompanied by a giggle of bimbos, who took up positions around the room at his direction. Their gossip and inane chatter didn’t annoy him so much now as he was getting used to it. It annoyed the hell out of Vicky though.

“How do you work with all this bollocks around you?” she asked, while watching Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel arrive with their own giggle in tow. “It’s like Waterloo Station in here,”

Dr. Orlof looked at her and declined to answer.

“What? Got no response? What kind of super villain are you? It’s part of your job description. You’re contractually obliged to answer questions like that either with a pathetic wisecrack or a detailed summary of your plans to take over the world.”

Dr. Orlof looked at Vicky in annoyance. “I’m starting to like it,” he eventually answered, brushing off a bimbo offering her personal services for free. Well, not really for free. He had paid for the whole giggle in the first place, but it’s the traditional way of expressing such an event. “But you’re starting to annoy me, Vicky. Any more and I’ll start without Sonia Watkins.”

Vicky made a face but shut up. She was worried about Pearl Girl who was naturally quiet at times like this. She normally relied on her actions in tight spots and didn’t have the experience to cajole and annoy like Vicky. Well, Vicky was brought up to annoy, being an Essex Girl and all, but, even so, Vicky thought Pearl Girl was too quiet. Vicky looked and checked her out as much as she could. Pearl Girl was in her own special rack, manacled and chained in. Even her strength, if she should still have it, couldn’t get her out of that. Vicky hoped Dr. Orlof hadn’t found the second layer of the work she had done on that strength sapper ray. He had boasted about fixing it, but hadn’t said anything about exactly what he had done. Vicky had to assume Pearl Girl had her strength now, but was shamming weakness because of the frame she was locked in.

Pearl Girl was silent for a different reason. Her strength was still there and her shackles were loose and getting looser. She didn’t know why, but she wasn’t going to complain. She wanted Vicky to take attention away from her at least until she could free herself.

Pearl Girl’s enhanced frame was in the corner of the room and the bimbos didn’t go near there. They, I suppose patrolled is the correct term, the room generally but concentrated on the entrances, as per their instructions. However, their giggling and gossipping with each other did cause a bit of a background noise. Enough of a noise for Vicky to raise her voice to be heard. Pearl Girl did contribute to the din whenever a bimbo approached her. She taunted any bimbo near her and suggested what the bimbo’s owner could do with himself. These bimbos went away puzzled after Pearl worked out that the bimbos would take stuff seriously, if couched in authoritarian and sexual terms.

Vicky eventually heard this and laughed when she realised what Pearl was doing. Vicky was far more experienced in dealing with sexual innuendo and insult. After all, she had been raised in the Essex clubs where this sort of thing was bread and butter for all young girls there. So, Vicky joined in and started to get each bimbo who approached to experiment in sexual positions and attainment. The bimbos were manufactured for this purpose and Vicky’s and Pearl’s instructions slotted exactly into their brains.

Eventually, Dr. Orlof caught on to this little revolution when he caught a bimbo attempting to suck herself off. He watched the poor thing try every position she knew in order to get her tongue down her own fanny. The thing was, once she had been told this was possible and she had to do it, she would try and it became difficult to stop her trying. Vicky and Pearl were amazed when she eventually succeeded by doing it backwards. And, being natural chatterboxes, she communicated this exciting new idea to all bimbos withing hearing range in that unique high pitched giggly girly voice. It was easy for the non bimbos to just treat this chatter as background, so there were twenty or so at this endeavour before Dr. Orlof took note and stopped the process.

“Shut up,” he shouted, trying for authoritarian but getting shrill. Whatever, it worked. The silence was deafening. “Stop trying all those positions,” he shrilled again, when he saw they weren’t stopped by his previous order. The bimbos pouted and eventually stopped. Eventually they all looked at him, the bimbos pouting and the prisoners staring.

“All bimbos back out in the corridor,” he ordered. The giggle stared at him as they left, reaching for their magazines and phones as they went. “And wait there until I say otherwise,” he added. There was a mutter of agreement from the bimbos.

Once the room was cleared of the help he shouted, “Robot-Man, in here.” Robot-Man entered. ”Check this room thoroughly,” Dr. Orlof ordered. “This is the only room left you haven’t searched.” Robot-Man wandered about the room in an orderly manner, searching each cranny and nook for Betsy. Eventually he walked to the far end by Pearl’s frame and looked about seeing nothing. Then he looked under the framework and grunted. He dropped down and rolled under it.

Betsy rolled out the other side, letting Dr. Orlof see her.

Vicky smiled and thought, ‘She’s good but I mustn’t let her know that.’

“Bimbos in here now,” he shrilled and the bimbos rushed to obey, squeezing one another in their enthusiasm to get back in. There was a mighty and magnificent titty and arse compression and reform as they squeezed in through the door that was far too small to allow them all in at once.

They first one in brought up her anaesthetic pistol and Dr. Orlof screamed, “No shooting in here, too many people.” That particular bimbo instantly dropped her anaesthetic pistol with a particularly evil giggle and launched herself at Betsy. Meanwhile the other bimbos were managing to get in as well and they all raced to grab Betsy.

Robot-Man had emerged from the other end of the frame and was standing up when Betsy jumped and swung from the top of the frame, kicking him directly in the face, breaking his nose and sending him sprawling backwards spraying blood and snot to his right and left as he shook his head trying to clear it. Pearl and Vicky were the main recipients of Robot-Man’s largess this time. They didn’t appreciate it and added to the clamour by loudly complaining to the management.

Meanwhile Betsy charged the main bimbo advance head on. There was no other outcome but Betsy scattering them to the corners of the room, now the four bloody corners. One or two of them literally flew there, trailing blood. Betsy used her fists for that but the bimbos were still entering the room. Some formed a ring round Dr. Orlof according to their original programming, but the others spread out trying to encircle Betsy. Betsy looked round and, without apparently moving, had a knife in her hand, point first. She spun and threw it at a bimbo trying to surround her by squeezing next to Vicky, who was still strapped in her frame. She missed and the knife thudded into the frame, just missing Vicky’s hand.

“Hey watch where your throwing, you fucking fat Geordie twat,” screamed Vicky apoplectically as she watched Betsy turn and move to another part of the room, closer to Dr. Orlof.

Dr. Orlof backed away and more bimbos came between him and Betsy.

Vicky spoke to the bimbo next to her. “Why aren’t you fighting love? Too scared you’ll tickle your tits on that melee?”

The bimbo stopped and turned to Vicky and grinned. “No need sweetie,” she said, reaching for Vicky’s nearest nipple. “There’s nothing for me to do now but to play with you.” She grinned an evil sexy grin. Vicky didn’t like that. The bimbo scraped her fingernail over the nipple, sending something very pleasant down Vicky’s fanny. Instead of answering, Vicky slit her throat with the knife Betsy had split her leather binding with. Vicky was experienced enough to close her eyes when the bimbo’s blood sprayed over her.

Meanwhile Pearl Girl was flexing back and forth with all her strength, trying to break the frame at the points Betsy had loosened. She succeeded just in time to protect Vicky as she loosened herself from her frame. Pearl Girl picked up two bimbos, one in each hand and threw them across the room at Dr. Orlof, forcing him to duck and back away. Vicky cut the binding holding her thumbs back enabling her to join in on far more even terms.

She turned to see Betsy throwing a leather belt at her from the centre of a giggle of manic bimbos. It was her knife harness complete with her three knives. Now she had four knives and she turned to see where she could stick them. Robot-Man or Dr. Orlof were her preferences, but the bimbos had a clear route to her and they took it. Vicky cut the first three bimbos using the knife and then she threw it in the direction of Dr. Orlof, hoping for a lucky hit. She couldn’t use that knife properly in a hand to hand as it was a throwing knife and had no hilt to speak of. The knife missed Dr. Orlof, but it stuck in the neck of another bimbo, who jumped in the way when she saw where Vicky was aiming. She squealed in a very girly fashion and started to run around in a panic spraying blood all over everyone and adding to the general slipperiness underfoot. She died soon after and was trampled until she was no longer recognisable. Her boobs stayed as they were though.

Vicky was immediately attacked by bimbos. A lot of them. It was an uneven fight as they were grossly untrained for fighting and Vicky was lethal. But there were so many of them and they didn’t react to their losses. Vicky was using her hands and feet to kill bimbos while moving about so quickly they couldn’t get any sort of grip.

Pearl Girl’s arms and legs were still manacled to chains but those chains were loose now and she used them as very effective flails, crushing multiple bimbos heads in each sweep. She wasn’t as mobile as she’d like because those chains still attached to her legs kept getting in her way, but still, she now was their most effective fighter.

That is until Robot-Man stood up. Betsy’s vicious blow to its head had incapacitated it, but not for long. Now it looked around and immediately headed for Pearl Girl. It was still groggy, which didn’t matter so much now as she couldn’t take advantage of that while her legs were still chained. So they closed and fought one to one. They traded blows in good super hero thuggish fashion and it wasn’t certain which one would win.

Betsy found herself in a lull and immediately launched a knife at Robot-Man who got it in its neck. Pearl Girl saw the knife go in and used the event to close even further thinking she had an advantage. She didn’t. The knife didn’t slow Robot-Man down at all. Robot-Man just battered her as she closed and she staggered back disorientated.

Robot-Man saw an advantage and closed in on Pearl Girl launching punch after punch at the rapidly confused hero. Vicky saw this and leapt in a perfect somersault over the bimbos between them and launched herself at Robot-Man. She landed on its back where she leaned round and tried to stick a finger in each of its eyes. Robot-Man immediately stopped battering Pearl Girl to deal with this new threat, while bimbo after bimbo raced towards them to attack Vicky. Robot-Man suddenly swivelled and reversed into a stone wall knocking the wind out of Vicky who dropped to the floor and was immediately smothered by bimbos who stuck her with their anaesthetic darts which they used like knives. They might be forbidden to fire those darts, but enough of them had at least one in their hand when they jumped on top of Vicky. Most of those darts penetrated the flesh of fellow bimbos but enough found Vicky’s flesh and she quietly subsumed into unconsciousness.

The bimbos immediately left her alone and turned to Pearl Girl, who was, by now, punching the lights out of Robot-Man. The spare bimbos latched onto those leg chains she was encumbered with and clung on for dear life, breaking bones and losing flesh in the process, while others dove for her legs in order to encumber her, so Robot-Man would have a better chance. Pearl had to stop aiming for Robot-Man when the bimbos started to target her arms and she swept at least five away, some of their necks being broken on contact with Pearl’s arm while the others were killed by their contact with the stone wall they were slammed into.

Pearl Girl swivelled to face up to Robot-Man again, but she slipped on the blood that was coursing across the floor. Robot-Man pounced and jumped on Pearl Girl, crushing two bimbos in the process, and started punching her in the face. It took three undefended blows to knock her out.

Betsy was winning her battles against the bimbo horde. She was moving fast and using her gymnastic ability to jump from place to place before they could respond. But now, the remaining bimbos converged on her and there were just too many. After killing a few more, straight fingers to the throat, fists to the temple etc, she was submerged by bimbos jumping on top of her. At least one managed to plunge a dart into her face and she slowly lost consciousness, fighting all the while. But she still managed her muscle ball trick over the affected areas. It went unnoticed in the scuffle.

Eventually all was quiet. Dr. Orlof was angry but he contained himself. “Get more frames for them. Remember Pearl Girl needs a metal frame. Once you get them, strap them back in,” he announced.

Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel entered the room then and looked around.

“Good God,” said Tilly, staying in the doorway so as not to get her shoes all bloody. “They are good, aren’t they?”

“It sure does look like it, Tilly,” said Stewart, also staying in the doorway.

Dr, Orlof delicately walked back to the door navigating by the route with the least amount of blood and bits on the floor. He stopped a staggering bimbo and ordered her to get Ffanci here immediately. After that he just stood breathing hard. Tilly and Stewart stayed with him, each silently counting the bimbos they had lost and working out replacement costs and times. Stewart had a private conversation with Tilly.

“We’ll have to recruit hard,” he said.

Tilly agreed. “The mall may have to go on a skeleton staff for a while,” she added. “How much should we charge for replacements?”

“Twice the amount he’s already paid per head,” Stewart answered immediately. “We’ll have to cover a lot of extractions at short notice and that costs.”

“Good job the University is just finishing its summer term,” mused Tilly. “There will be a lot of pickings there. Perhaps we could arrange a block discount for a cruise somewhere?” She thought again. “Somewhere with guaranteed summer jobs at the other end. It’s always best not to lie too much isn’t it?”

Stewart grinned. “Can you see to it?” he asked. This was traditionally Tilly’s job after all and he didn’t want to step on her toes.

She grinned. “OK,” she said, turning to go back to their suite to start that particular ball rolling.

“I’ll need more bimbos,” demanded Dr. Orlof when Tilly had departed.

“We know. That’s where Tilly has gone. To arrange it. We can let you have about a thousand in a week’s time,” he answered. “I’m afraid we’ll have to amend the per unit cost though. We’re having to move quickly to acquire more stock and that costs, I’m afraid.”

“How much more?” Dr. Orlof was always cost conscious.

“Twice the unit price of this lot.”

Dr. Orlof smiled. “Good. I thought you’d use this to raise your profits to unreasonable levels, but you are honest. I like that. I’ll transfer the cost for a thousand units now. Let me know if there’s more and I’ll amend it. Meanwhile I’ll expect at least a thousand in a week’s time.” He turned and walked back to his office to arrange payment. Then he realised, he’d need a shower. He was quite overcome at the moment.

Dr. Orlof returned later with less jewels from the haul but refreshed. There were enough bimbos left over to help him with his shower. Ffanci was there with Stewart and they were both overseeing the remaining bimbos transfer their captives to the new frames. In fact, that job had just finished and the bimbos were now detailed to clearing up the mess. They had a lot of disinfectant with them and were spraying it around indiscriminately.

“Ffanci, will you please relocate Robot-Man’s charger to somewhere much closer to here?” Dr. Orlof asked. “I think we’ll need his continued presence while we have these three to deal with.”

Ffanci stared wide eyed at him. “Are you expecting them to get free again?”

He smiled reassuringly. “No, of course not, Ffanci. But it’s always better to be prepared, don’t you think? With Robot-Man on call locally, we can smother any more resistance from those three as soon as it happens.”

She looked at him and smiled. “I see what you mean. I’ll arrange it now. He’s been on booster charge as he was dangerously low, so it should be acceptable to move him.”

Dr. Orlof looked sadly at Ffanci. “Ffancy my dear. Your husband is dead. I’m sorry to have to say it in this way, but you seem to continuously think Harley can be revived and your husband will return. I’ve told you this before, but I’ll say it again. Robot-Man is not human. It is an ‘it’, not a ‘he’. It would ease my mind if you accepted this fact. Perhaps now we have his murderer contained you may be able to get past this. Do you know what you are going to do with Pearl Girl?”

She smiled at that thought. “Sorry doctor. You are correct, but I keep slipping. As for Pearl Girl, I’m going to do to her what she did to Harley. I’ll cut away the parts of her brain that she destroyed and then make her into a Robot-Girl. It will be a fitting punishment. I’ll make certain she’s awake during the operation as well. After all, Harley was awake when she destroyed him.”

She thought for a while. “It’s a pity I’ll have to use anaesthetic on her though. But I’m afraid the shock may kill her and I certainly don’t want that. I’ll settle for a long slow operation with Pearl Girl conscious the whole time. I’ll ask questions and she’ll have to answer because of what I’ll pump inside her and she’ll realise her mind is going at each stage. She’ll be terrified and not be able to do anything about it.” She smiled at her thoughts. “In fact, I’m quite looking forward to those little chats. I think they’ll be quite instructive.” She mused on this for another while. “I’d say, the recording of this procedure would be groundbreaking. It could make my name in academic circles and I’d quite like that.”

Dr. Orlof stopped a passing bimbo. “How many nurses are left?” he asked.

She giggled and curtsied. “I’m sorry sir but I don’t know. My brain is not suited for hard stuff. Would you like me to suck your cock?”

Dr. Orlof sighed. That was the last thing on his mind right now. “Go and send any nurses here to me,” he ordered. “Do it now.”

She grinned, happy to receive an order from the boss. “Yes sir.” She curtsied as she said that. “I’ll do it right away.” She minced off full of life and ecstatically happy to work for such a great firm.

It took a quarter of an hour before two bimbos stood before Dr. Orlof.

“You are the only two nurses left?” he asked.

“Don’t know,” said one. “We’re the only nurses in the big group. There are more bimbos around doing stuff. Nurses may be among them.” She curtsied as she answered. The second nurse bimbo stood ramrod straight at attention, trying to project her massive boobs into the good doctor’s body.

“OK. You’ll do,” he eventually said. He pointed out Betsy, unconscious in her frame. “That’s Betsy,” he instructed. “Take her to clinic seven now and fit her into the machine there.” They giggled and turned to carry out their orders.

“Yes sir. Take Betsy to clinic seven and fit her into the machine there. That’s what we’ll do.” They both giggled as they went to comply.

A couple of hours later, Dr. Orlof entered clinic seven and saw his instructions had been obeyed perfectly. Betsy had recovered more quickly than they anticipated, because of her muscle ball trick, but, this time, it was too late to take advantage of.

She was moaning as she pretended to recover her senses. She knew she was upright in some sort of machine. Her upper torso stuck out of it and faced Dr. Orlof and the keyboard at the end of the machine.

“You are mounted in my Excessive Machine,” he informed her with a distinct leer in his voice. He laughed before adding, “I actually saw this in a movie a long time ago and thought it so cool, I just had to have one myself. And this one isn’t just a movie prop. I made it, so it works.” He stared at Betsy. “It will destroy your mind through sheer pleasure. You will enjoy this and that’s not a hope. It is an instruction. The machine will ensure you enjoy being broken forever to my will. Forever desperate for your next orgasm that only I can supply. You will do anything for that.” He stared at Betsy all through this little speech.

“Now that’s better,” replied Betsy. “You’re expressing your evil genius persona much more effectively now. You’ve forgotten the evil laugh though. Have you never done this before? It seems like you need the practise. I suggest to start off on someone easy. Vicky, for instance.”

Meanwhile, Betsy was trying to assess her position, which was difficult because she couldn’t see past her waist, the machine obscured the view. She could feel her legs were restrained in some way. She couldn’t move them at all. And there was the obligatory dildo in her fanny and another one in her arse. But there was more. She could feel lots of fine pressure points all over the skin around her hips and arse, and that obviously included her sexual areas. She assumed they were transducers that could detect her arousals and inject something into her that would adjust her arousal to what Dr. Orlof wanted.

This was a bog standard basic mind control method. It was standard because it worked on most people. After all, most people just couldn’t resist pleasure and Betsy knew she was one of them. She wasn’t like that cold hearted bitch of an Essex girl who could just take everything this machine could throw at her and laugh it off. Betsy was sensitive and loving and giving. Betsy would be susceptible to something like this. And despite what she thought of Dr. Orlof, she knew he did make exceedingly good evil machines.

This thing would work, even if it looked like the demented child of a mechanical Mozart who had stripped his grand piano back to the bare bones and attached it to something from Robot Wars. Betsy liked Robot Wars. She had designed a couple just for the fun of it, but hadn’t entered them yet. She hadn’t petitioned ‘Her’ and wondered if she would get permission. It was a forgone conclusion though, wasn’t it? After all, ‘She’ knew Betsy wouldn’t mention the group at all, even on the telly.

And speaking of her group, Betsy had already survived Rati’s potion from her own efforts and she had thought long and hard on that episode. She had developed new, improved techniques to protect herself and those of her group from such an attack. Betsy’s brain now automatically reduced any sensations when they rose too high, so she wasn’t worried about this in the slightest. But, on the basis of better safe than sorry, she added a couple of manual additions that could be instigated at a thought.

She simply smiled the smile of the teacher humouring a wayward child at Dr. Orlof. He didn’t like that. He was the one in charge here.

“Right,” he said, settling down in front of the keyboard. “We will see which one of us wins.” He started to play.

It wasn’t a piano any more, it was an organ. The music he played was different somehow. The notes were pleasant enough, at least initially, but they changed as the tune progressed. Betsy’s eyes widened as pleasure was piped into her neural system. She could feel this pleasure wax and wane in response to some function of the music. It wasn’t a direct transformation. It was much more subtle than that. She liked it and settled down to enjoy it.

Dr. Orlof smiled the smile of the triumphant when he saw Betsy relax into his machine. She would soon smile like that permanently. It wasn’t called the Excessive Machine for nothing. Soon the pleasure entering her brain would be excessive and burn out her rational circuits, leaving her at his mercy. He played on, the music getting louder and wilder.

Betsy’s automatic defences came into play and reduced the pleasure inputs into her brain. Now, no matter how her nether regions were stimulated, the artificial signals entering her brain were controlled by her and not Dr. Orlof. Still, she was disappointed when her own brain dialled down the pleasure she was receiving. She looked at Dr. Orlof and started panting and unfocused her eyes. Perhaps if he thought she was near to breaking, he would increase his pleasure signals more.

He did think that and he did increase those pleasure signals. His playing got more and more manic and the organ’s noise level rose to compliment the power it was putting into Betsy. Of course, all this just triggered Betsy’s next danger level and her pleasure was dialled down again.

By this time Dr. Orlof was getting maniacal. He opened all the stops and poured full power into Betsy, not caring whether or not it was safe. Betsy continued to moan sexily as well as pant sexily and sweat sexily which goaded him on to his maximum effort.

Suddenly, smoke appeared from the machine and various clanking noises were heard. A regular rapid knocking also started from nowhere. A sweat soaked Betsy looked at Dr. Orlof and panted, “I think your big end’s gone.”

The machine exploded.

Fortunately it was a small explosion, contained withing the casing of the machine. But after it, it was just a heap of metal. Dr. Orlof stared at Betsy wide eyed.

“Nobody can withstand that much pleasure,” he said.

Betsy didn’t tell him her brain received nowhere near the amount of pleasure he thought he had pumped into her. She decided to keep that little titbit as her little secret.

“Am I dead then?” she panted.

Dr. Orlof looked daggers at her, then he surveyed the damage to his machine.

“Well, Betsy,” he said ominously, “I congratulate you. You are good. And you seem to be resistant to the pleasure I induced. You are so good, I’m going to make you my slave right now.” He turned and pointed to the apparatus he wanted. The nearest bimbo curtsied and hurried to obey.

“Hey, wait a minute. What are you planning? What about those other two? They wanted me didn’t they? And remember, I’m just an innocent bystander here.”

Dr. Orlof looked down at Betsy in amazement. “I can’t be bothered with you now. You need to be controlled. This,” he proudly indicated the apparatus now next to him, “is my new invention. It’s a ray that will locate your free will, self assertion and critical thinking. Once I know where they are in your brain, I’ll bypass them. Then I’ll just tell you to obey me and you’ll be forced to obey.”

Betsy looked at him askance. “Are you fucking joking? That’s impossible. The brain’s too complex.”

“That’s why I have to locate those areas in yours first. Everybody is different, so I’ll have to locate yours before I can bypass them. After all, you’ll be no use to me afterwards if I destroyed other parts of your brain, will you? But, as I said, this is still experimental. Hopefully it will speed up the process a lot and enable proper mass production of slaves. But that is a problem for the future.” He smiled down at Betsy.

Betsy didn’t like that smile. It reeked of insincerity.

“But it may go wrong, I’m afraid. In that case, you will be very helpful in showing me where to adjust my equipment. So do not worry. Either way you will be helping me.”

As he talked, he was setting the apparatus up. Like everything else here, it looked as though Heath Robinson had designed it. Betsy was not impressed.

“Are you trying to tell me that thing’ll work?” she laughed. “That’ll probably electrocute you, petal. Now, just let me go and I’ll be out of your hair in a jiffy.”

He ordered his bimbos to take the helmet and strap it on Betsy’s head, he wasn’t going anywhere near her, just in case. It was big and heavy and the surface was totally covered with wires and electronics and valves. Betsy didn’t like it.

He smiled and pressed the start button. It took about five minutes for the valves to warm up then another five minutes before Betsy’s brain centres were precisely located. Then he pressed another button and converted Betsy to his slave.

Meanwhile, in another part of the castle, specifically, the room where Tilly had stored all Betsy’s equipment from that old abandoned factory, one machine came to life. It had detected Betsy’s brain was no longer broadcasting on the aether and started its emergency processes. It would be a while before it was complete, but it was a machine, and time didn’t mean much to it.