The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


This time Pearl Girl woke first. She started to come out of the soporific and, at first, didn’t exactly know where she was. She just reacted to what was round her. And round her was Ffanci Cloyd-Morgan.

“Hello again Pearl Girl,” gloated Ffanci. “I’ve waited so long for this moment.” She lend forward while she said this, leaning over Pearl Girl’s face. Pearl Girl automatically reacted, still under the drug’s influence. She leaned her head forward, as close to Ffanci’s face as she could get, then stretched out her tongue and licked the end of Ffanci’s nose. Ffanci jerked back, startled.

“My, you are a forward bitch, aren’t you,” she said, amazed at Pearl Girl’s reaction. “And, tell me, what’s with those freckles? I’m certain you’ve more than before.”

“Want you,” answered Pearl Girl breathily. “Want to suck you, lick you, fuck you.”

Ffanci raised her eyebrows and Pearl Girl finally realised what she was doing. She should have been angry, but, instead she hated. She hated this woman violently and would kill her if she could. And slowly, very slowly these emotions must have shown in her face because Ffanci backed off before laughing.

“Well Pearl Girl, which is it? Do you want to lick me all over or do you want to kill me?” The arrogant smile on Ffanci’s face was annoying. “But your wants don’t matter, do they? It’s my wants that matter and my wants will happen. You’ve just shown me your inner slut when you were still under the drugs and I’ll build on that. I’ll make you the biggest slut in the whole wide world. Everyone will see you and know what you really are and that will last for the rest of your life.”

The horror in Pearl’s face encouraged her to continue. “And you can forget all about getting even and hurting me. I know that sounds impossible now, but I promise you, you will forget. I will make you totally obedient to me. You will be the slut and everyone you know, as well as the whole world, will see and know, but you’ll do more. We have enemies here. I’ll send you out against them. You will kill anyone I say whenever I say and you’ll do it with a smile. I’ll make sure you are recorded when doing that and post all your recordings for everyone to see. You will become the horror you really are, deep down.”

Ffanci grinned as she gloated. She wanted Pearl Girl to be frightened and afraid. She wanted Pearl Girl to despair. And it looked as though something was happening, even if it wasn’t what she expected.

The thought of all this embarrassed Pearl, but it was her hate reaction that affected her the most. She just wasn’t that sort of person. She fought but she didn’t hate. Hating was stupid. It was detrimental to the self. The hate she just felt felt very wrong to her. Something was happening.

Pearl Girl’s embarrassment this showed all over her body, because of her being ginger and, obviously, Ffanci noticed.

“Oh my, what heat you have,” said Ffanci, placing her hands ostentatiously near the body and warming them from the heat produced. “I’m going to change you into my toy permanently in a few moments. Please enjoy your last moments of free will, my dear. While I get things started.” Ffanci then turned and beckoned a bimbo over.

“Stand guard here and let me know immediately if anything untoward happens.”

The bimbo beamed at the attention she got and replied perkily, “Yes ma’am.” She then stood at attention near Pearl Girl’s frame, sticking out her massive boobs as usual, in the hope of attracting someone into being more intimate with her. Ffanci marched out of the room.

Pearl girl felt it then. She was manacled into the steel frame again and the bolts were all tightened. Normally she wouldn’t have been able to get out, but Vicky had adjusted that enfeeblement ray and her adjustments still held. That must be why she woke first. Dr. Orlof must have just thought he had discovered everything Vicky had done when he discovered the trick with the bulbs. But Vicky had gone deeper, deeper than Pearl thought was possible. Now she was still still gaining power. She could feel it. She was stronger now, stronger than ever. She never thought of any consequences. Her American sense of proprietaries was affronted and now she could do something about it.

She forced herself to be calm. She and Vicky were safe for the moment and she didn’t know where Betsy was and she was still getting stronger by the minute. She waited and thought.

Ffanci Cloyd-Morgan returned with Dr. Orlof. Betsy was with them as well as four bimbos armed with those drug dart guns. Betsy was dressed in boots, her knife harness and a sword on her hip held in a scabbard on a belt. Betsy’s eyes were strange, unfocused, like the bimbos when they weren’t operating under specific commands.

‘Oh dear,’ thought the prim and proper American, looking towards Vicky, who still slept her drugged sleep. Pearl Girl decided to wait a while longer, hoping for a better chance.

“What did you do to Betsy?”

Dr. Orlof smiled. “What it looks like dear. I used my own methods to make her my devoted slave. She obeys only me now, don’t you Betsy?”

“Yes Master,” Betsy answered.

Inside her head Betsy was hard at work. That episode in Germany had unnerved her, although she would only admit that to herself in her nightmares. To counteract those dreams, she had undertaken advanced courses in DADA. These could be problematic as there was so many ways of controlling minds. Betsy now knew Dr. Orlof’s method relied on isolating her personality and inserting his own instructions there. Betsy had automatically transferred her self, her id if you will, to her holistic neurosomatic circuit. Now she was an onlooker there, seeing what she was doing. Inside her head she was busy undoing the controls Dr. Orlof had inserted. It was taking time but she feared she didn’t have enough time.

Dr. Orlof strolled to Pearl Girl’s metal frame and inspected it. Pearl Girl was happy she hadn’t attempted to escape. That would have left marks. As it was, Dr. Orlof saw nothing amiss. He looked around and decided. He wanted all to see how totally Betsy was under his control, so he decided Betsy would be the one to transfer Pearl Girl to the operating theatre.

“Give me a hand here Betsy,” he ordered.

The Betsy inside her holistic neurosomatic circuit rejoiced at this order. She could influence it and gain more time.

“Yes Master,” she answered and stepped forward. As she did so, in a motion so fast no one could actually discern it, she drew her sword, swivelled and sliced off a hand of the nearest bimbo who screamed and sprayed blood everywhere as she tried to stop bleeding out. Dr. Orlof, Ffanci and Pearl Girl looked on in amazement. The other bimbos didn’t react. Betsy caught the hand before it hit the floor, sheathed her sword, stepped up to Dr. Orlof and handed him the hand, courtesying as she did so.

Dr. Orlof automatically took the proffered hand and ignored the screaming bimbo. He stared at Betsy, who gazed back at him with those unfocussed eyes. Nothing like this had happened before. It took him some time before he could think it through.

He looked at Ffanci, who was now white in the face. “Don’t worry, dear. It’s just a misinterpretation. Remember how we had to learn the bimbos’ peculiarities before we could order them effectively? Well, we’ll just have to learn Betsy’s.” He looked at her and saw no comprehension. “I told Betsy to give me a hand and that’s exactly what she did. Don’t you see? We’ll just have to be careful what we order Betsy to do, and that will come in time.”

Ffanci nodded when she saw the logic. “We’re running out of bimbos though. When will the next giggle arrive?”

“It’ll take a week, but we’re in charge here now, so that’ll be fine.”

She looked at the bleeding bimbo who had collapsed and was in the last throws of dying on the floor. “And it’s far too expensive to fix her. Let her go and get rid of her.”

Dr. Orlof turned to Betsy and ordered her carefully. “Take Pearl Girl,” he pointed to Pearl Girl so there would be no mistake, “to operation room thirteen. You passed that on the way here. Can you find your way there from here?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. But, before that, help the bimbos get rid of that bimbo and clean up this blood then disinfect the place.” He thought and said to himself, “We’ll have to get in a fresh load of disinfectant as well. Come with me Ffanci. It’ll take Betsy a good hour before all that’s done and I’m hungry. We’ll find Ms. Jigger and Mr. Herschel and have a meal. I’m afraid all this excitement has limited the servants available to wait on us to three, I think, but we’ll just have to manage under these adverse conditions until this storm passes and we get back to normal.” He held out his arm which Ffanci took and they regally exited the bloody room.

Betsy took charge, ordering two of the bimbos to carry the still twitching fallen one to the compost heap after asking what they did with the bodies. The others were ordered to get cleaning apparatus and she supervised them in cleaning the room. They were finished extremely quickly and Betsy inspected every nook and cranny before declaring herself satisfied the room was clean and free from infections. Then she dismissed the bimbos, ordering them to go to the dungeons and chain each other up in licking distance of each other then orgasm each other until told otherwise. The bimbos were ecstatic at this order and enthusiastically complied. They even turned off the chatter they normally uttered as a matter of course as they hastened to obey.

Once Betsy was alone in the room she turned to Pearl Girl and said, “It’s OK, I’m back. Dr. Orlof’s little mind controller was a tad complicated but all I needed was a bit of time to regain control. Let’s get you out of there.”

Pearl Girl smiled in relief. She thought it wise, under the circumstances, not to tell Betsy or Vicky, when she recovered her senses, that her strength was now back to normal or even beyond that. It was as if the presence of the two English girls had osmotically infused her with some long overdue paranoia. So she let Betsy free her by the normal means and didn’t say a word.

Pearl Girl carried Vicky out this time. They went through the tunnel to the middle of the woods and quickly arrived at the ring road before the baddies had finished their leisurely meal where Ffanci Cloyd-Morgan had eschewed all alcohol because she would be operating soon and she didn’t want her senses blunted in the slightest.

Inside a storage room, a certain machine Betsy had brought over from England detected Betsy’s renewed presence in the aether and groaned to itself. It didn’t know what to do now. It had already instigated the countermeasures based on Betsy having died and it couldn’t undo them. It knew this was a serious breach of security and it would be blamed. It didn’t matter that the matter was as clear as day. Betsy was dead and it had obeyed its function. But Betsy, typically, hadn’t stayed dead and now there would be hell to pay (it had been dealing with Betsy since she brought it over from home, so it knew what it was thinking about). It decided to fulfil its function and then just stop. That would be the best way now. It wasn’t fair, but it never was. It did start to work out its defence for the court case though.