The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.



At their new secret apartment, the three adventurers quickly made themselves at home. Betsy checked her mobile to see if she could finally get out of here. She couldn’t. Vicky checked the kitchen to see what food there was. She was hungry now. Pearl checked out her bedroom, and liked the fact they each had a room.

Pearl returned to the living room a while later to find Vicky sitting there looking wan.

“Is anything the matter? She said.

“I just don’t feel well,” Vicky answered, before bending over and clutching her stomach.

Pearl hastened to her side and put her arm over her, to steady and comfort. Vicky would have liked that but the pain in her stomach was growing worse. It was coming in waves. Each trough was painful and each crest was even more so, but those waves were increasing. Soon Vicky wouldn’t be able to tell the peak from the trough.

Betsy came in, attracted by the noise.

“What’s up?” she asked after seeing the scene before her.

“I don’t know?” said Pearl. She was obviously worried.

“Has she eaten anything you didn’t?”

“No, except for those energy bars of yours.”

“What? Why did she eat those? She hates them.”

“Yes, but she said they did work and she needed the energy to keep us invisible inside the castle.”

Betsy looked around and saw the backpack in the corner. She opened it. Vicky, like Betsy, had carefully stored all the wrappers in there. Betsy counted them. At the same time, she estimated the amount of energy Vicky needed to become invisible her way. It was a lot.

”Oh shite. She’s eaten too many. And she’s not used to them.”

“Is that bad? What’s going to happen to her? Should we get her to hospital? I know she can control pain. Why isn’t she doing it now?”

“Pain control doesn’t work with this. It’s too deep.”

Betsy knew that the more money you had the better treatment you got in an American hospital and that before anything got done there would be intensive credit checks. She doubted Vicky’s identity here could withstand that.

“No,” she answered. “The hospital’s no good. They’ll take too long. She’ll just have to go through it.” Betsy thought for a while. “Take her to the toilet and sit her down there.” She realised she was talking to an American. “Take her knickers off first,” she added. “I’m going to get… er… some medicine.” With that Betsy raced for the door and let herself out.

Once outside on the path, Betsy stopped and consulted the map she had memorised before arriving. One place was close, so she raced there. After a few minutes she raced down an alley. Near the back was the sex shop. She rushed in.

“Hey, what’s the rush,” said one customer as Betsy nearly knocked her over.

“Sorry,” said Betsy as she raced to the counter. “Do you have any large solid butt plugs? The bigger the better?” she asked the young girl behind the counter. The young Girl had a name tag on her ample chest that said, ‘Hi, My name is Cherry. I’m here to help YOU.’

Cherry just stared at Betsy, taking in her panting and obvious need. Cherry’s hand crept unobtrusively towards the hidden emergency button, located for just such emergencies. Betsy grabbed her arm before she could access the button.

“Sorry pet, er Cherry,” she said as she eyed the name tag and what it was attached to, “but I’m in a hurry.” She shook her head, ridding it of the image that had automatically formed there.

Cherry looked straight at Betsy’s face. “OK,” she said in a small frightened voice. The customers looked on, hoping for some excitement in their dull, drab, masturbatory lives. Cherry had decided to obey this wide eyed panting lunatic because she couldn’t see any other way out of this mess. She didn’t know exactly what mess she was in, but she was certain she was in one. Cherry walked from behind the counter over to the butt plugs with Betsy still clamped to her arm.

Betsy looked them over. “Are these all you have?”

“Yes, but we’re waiting for more stock. Should be here in a couple of hours.” Cherry mentally kicked herself for saying that. Now this maniac would wait here for the delivery. She was just too scared to form a lie at this point. She looked warily at Betsy, wondering what she would do now.

“OK then, I’ll have this one.” Betsy picked up the largest solid butt plug which came with a pair of realistic balls where you could add suitable liquid for squirting. Betsy felt she knew where the squirting would come from without looking. “And this, and this, and this,” she went on, picking solid butt plugs of ever decreasing size. Now, I’ll need lube. Lots of it.”

Cheryl walked Betsy to the lube and Betsy gave the plugs to Cherry to hold while she picked up the lube. Lots of it. Then Betsy walked them back to the till.

Betsy paid after Cherry put it through the till.

“Thanks,” said Betsy, finally letting go of Cherry’s arm and racing out the shop with her bag full of sexual enlightenment.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Vicky was sitting, doubled over, on the toilet with Pearl kneeling next to her, comforting her as much as she could. Pearl looked at Vicky after the groans stopped for a while and saw something she didn’t expect. Vicky was gasping and her eyes were wide with expanded pupils. She was sweating all over. Vicky then started to groan. Pearl was amazed to hear Vicky’s sexy groan and started to worry. Where was Betsy with the medicine? Then Vicky started to shudder that certain way and made noises on her inward breath. Pearl knew she was orgasming. This went against everything Pearl knew. She didn’t know what to do, so she just hung on there and supported Vicky as best she could.

Vicky’s mind could only think of what was happening inside her body now. There were tingles across her shoulders, the back of her shoulders. Then tingles were added to the backs of her legs. The leg tingles went down her legs to her toes, which curled, and up to her hips, the back of her hips. Her shoulder tingles went up to her head and down to her hips to join with those other tingles. The tingles were welcome and made her shiver in sexual anticipation. The pain in her guts added an unwelcome anticipation as it extended through her body.

The pain, the pain she couldn’t stop, was still there but it was mingling with pleasure in her body and in her head. Her logical thoughts were non existent. She was a creature of feelings now. There was nothing else her head could understand. And her feelings were changing from severe pain to sexual excitement without the pain changing. The pain that was now pleasure was still there. It had somehow linked itself to her pussy and the combined effect had altered the extreme pain of what felt like large cement faeces wending its slow way through her guts to her arse where it would eventually appear and feel the open air for the first time in its short but merry life.

Pearl noticed, with amazement, Vicky levitating off her seat. She looked around and there was no way Vicky could be doing this. Vicky fell forward with a groan and Pearl caught her. She was still rising and when Pearl looked directly at her face she saw the whites of her eyes and lots of sweat. Vicky’s groaning told Pearl, in no uncertain terms, she was orgasming and orgasming hard. Pearl leaned back taking Vicky with her in her arms and only then did she see what was happening. Vicky’s poo was coming out in one massive length. It’s girth was enormous and had large, disgusting looking lumps scattered along its length. It appeared to be corkscrewing out.

No wonder Vicky was in trouble, but what sort of trouble. Pearl had never heard of anything like this. The log snapped when Vicky leaned too far forward and Vicky gave a great sigh of relief. At the same time the smell hit instantly. It must have been held in by the turd’s skin. Vicky’s eyes regained some of their focus now she wasn’t physically sitting on the log with all the attendant additional sensations inside her. But the original sensations from ejaculating this massive turd were still there. With one hand, Pearl managed to grab the loo brush and use it to break up the turd into smaller pieces before flushing the toilet numerous times. Vicky was still too self absorbed with her own orgasmic fervour to notice she was still ejaculating.

Eventually the turd was out and Pearl hoisted Vicky over her shoulder and used her free arm to wipe her bum, fortunately not much mess was left behind, before flushing and leaving the stink hole that used to be the toilet.

Betsy returned to find Vicky laid out on the couch with Pearl holding her head tenderly. Betsy didn’t like the tenderly part of that sentence.

“Is she totally finished?” asked Betsy.

“It looks like it,” answered Pearl.

“Good. Get her over the arm of the couch with her bare bum in the air.” Betsy started removing her shopping from her bag as she said that.

Vicky deferred to Betsy now as Betsy seemed to know what was happening and what to do.

Betsy took out the largest butt plug and smothered it with lube. She then presented it to Vicky’s arsehole and gently pushed. She easily reached the sphincter, whereupon Betsy slightly increased the gentle pressure until Vicky’s sphincter was breached. Betsy stopped then to see exactly what was what now. Pearl looked on in amazement. Then Betsy twisted the butt plug until the artificial balls were correctly positioned, raised her hand and, with a cruel grin on her face, slapped the butt plug in hard. Vicky screamed and shook, although she didn’t regain consciousness.

“That’ll do it,” said Betsy.

Pearl looked on gaping. “What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me that’s a cure? Vicky’s suffered greatly and all you can do is stuff a butt plug into her ass? (Remember, Pearl was an American).

“That’s all I can do for her,” answered Betsy. “She’s eaten far too many energy bars and, well, you know what happens. This is the best thing I can do for her now. Her arse has widened substantially as well as been massively stimulated and she now needs something in there. Her orgasms have conditioned her to want that,” Betsy paused before continuing. “No, that’s wrong. Her orgasms have conditioned her to need that. It’ll take a couple of months to wean her off, well, to wean a normal person off, but Vicky will only need a couple of days before she’s as right as rain. Want me to put her to bed? She needs sleep now. She’ll wake up amazingly hungry and we’ve got to be ready for that. She may be a tad rumbustious unless she’s fed as soon as she wakes. Normal people would sleep for more than a day, but Vicky will need less. I’m guessing about six or seven hours.”

Pearl wasn’t having that. “No, I’ll do it,” she said while standing with Vicky in her arms. She went to a bedroom and gently lay Vicky down on her side, so as not to stuff that plug further in, and made her comfortable in her petite mort.

“I’ve checked the food,” said Betsy when Pearl returned to the living room, “and there’s plenty for Vicky’s breakfast. Sit down Pearl. We’ve something worrying to decide and it may as well be now.”

“What now?” she said as she sat.

“Well, one of us should sleep with her so she doesn’t wake up alone and worry. The orgasms will have conditioned her to want it again and she’ll confuse it with sex or try and combine normal sex with anal play. She may get violent if someone isn’t there. Remember, she probably won’t be thinking straight, even after a sleep. I know what to expect, so I should be the one.” Betsy also didn’t want Vicky to wake with Pearl. Vicky might get fixated on her and that wouldn’t do. She knew it wouldn’t last, but they were ‘friends’ already, so things may not be as straightforward as they appeared. Plus, Betsy liked the idea of Vicky being fixated on her, even for a short while. But that thought didn’t affect her argument, naturally, even if she didn’t mention this part of Vicky’s symptoms to Pearl.

“I think I’d like to be there,” said Pearl. “I’m strong again now, so I don’t think Vicky can do me any permanent harm and I do feel as if I’ve dragged her into all this.”

Betsy looked at Pearl. Her face was set. ‘Oh shite,’ she thought, appropriately. ‘I won’t be able to sway her. Time for option two.’ “Well OK then. What about if we both slept with her? We’ll have more success with your strength and my knowledge. I’m sorry if this cramps your style, but I assure you, Vicky won’t be thinking about sex for a while.” Betsy mentally cringed at that lie, especially after what she just said, but this was the best time to discover exactly what was up with these two. Plus, she had discovered over the years that a lie, even such a blatant one as this, can be said and accepted if said with authority. She had practised again and again until authority oozed out of her, even if she had none. Betsy was interested to note that this technique was especially effective when used on Americans. Apparently they didn’t realise people would lie to them.

Pearl blushed. “Oh, I’m not like that. We’re just friends, that’s all.”

“Oh, sorry about that. I just assumed,” said Betsy rejoicing. Vicky hadn’t converted her yet. That meant Betsy had a distinct chance, especially if she played her cards right.

Pearl and Betsy were both extremely tired and decided to go straight to bed themselves. They met in Vicky’s bedroom after changing separately. Actually, Betsy was in bed cuddling Vicky when Pearl arrived. Betsy, being naked, only had to clean her teeth while Pearl had a regimen to continue. It was an American thing Betsy didn’t understand. Why put all those creams and whatnot on your face and body when all you had to do was tell your body to regenerate while you slept and grow hair only where you wanted? Americans were weird. Anyway, this American was also cute, with a bright red pyjama top and a pair of Hello Kitty knickers. Betsy approved and wanted to explore, but this wasn’t the time. Once Pearl had snuggled in, they said goodnight to each other and Betsy was asleep within thirty seconds, leaving Pearl to worry about all those changes of mood she was experiencing lately, before finally succumbing as well.

* * *


Pearl, Vicky and Betsy had a few days rest and recuperation.