The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Back at the castle the baddies were regrouping. They had lost a substantial number of hench-bimbos and the priority was obtaining more. Tilly and Stewart left their mall with a skeleton staff in order to immediately show their commitment to their new old friends. A new intake was even now under way with adverts and aggressive promotion of a cruise ship requiring all new crew, eminently suitable for undergraduates as the ship would return before the new term began. The pay was good and already they were inundated. They had already picked out the best prospects and they would start processing tomorrow at their induction. Unfortunately, their processes couldn’t take all they wanted, so the rest of the applicants had been offered alternative summer jobs at attractive pay in order to keep them interested. They would be inducted in a few days when the present backlog moved into advanced obedience training. Meanwhile Dr. Orlof supervised the installation of a number of death traps throughout the forest surrounding the castle.

Betsy, Vicky and Pearl rested for a few days. Vicky impressed Betsy, who tried hard not to show it, by using her meditative techniques to advance the healing her body did naturally. She had worked her way through each butt plug, from the largest which Betsy had fitted as an emergency action to the smallest.

* * *

Two days later, Betsy took the opportunity of leaving for a few hours as everything seemed to be back to normal. She needed at least half a day this time.

“Again?” queried Vicky. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Need to let them know I’m safe or they’ll send someone in to haul me out,” Betsy lied. “And Faeryfaye’s on duty. You don’t want her here, do you?”

Pearl said, “I’m sure she’ll be fine, Betsy, if she’s here to help you.”

Vicky added, “I’ve not met her, but I have heard about her. She doesn’t get out much, does she? Why is she on duty?”

Betsy looked daggers at Vicky as she walked to the door and didn’t answer. She took all precautions when she returned to her apartment and was shocked at the state. All her equipment was gone. She quickly went to her rented warehouse and discovered the same. A quick check on her mobile told her she couldn’t access the trackers either, but she did have somewhat of a suspicion where it had all gone.

She went straight to the airport where her spare equipment was stored, after stopping by an electronics shop and buying everything she needed. In a hotel room she chose at random she assembled a basic helmet, tested it, plugged it into the mains then put it on. It was so basic she had to switch it on herself. As everything was compromised now, she arranged for the data to be sent straight back home where she hoped it would go unnoticed amongst all the other goings on that were going on there. She didn’t tell the others about this. After all, it wasn’t their concern, was it?

Four days after they entered the emergency apartment our three heroes felt fit enough to return to the attack. The storms around the city were continuing and the League of Supers was still stretched to contain the anarchy that continually threatened to erupt all over the city. Pearl checked but no super was available to help.

Betsy and Vicky split up and wandered about the city stocking up for the latest attempt to right wrongs and make the city safe for the average decent citizen. Well, that was what Pearl had said was her motive but Betsy wondered whether or not the average citizen was worth all this fuss. Betsy didn’t voice these concerns to anyone, much less Pearl. She still wanted to explore Pearl’s rather delicious body some day. That, on its own, would be worth a few more days in this hell hole. Vicky was very close lipped about Pearl’s motivations as well, although she was better at changing the subject when it threatened to involve her. Betsy suspected Vicky of storing reasons to bring out at critical times, when it would be to her advantage. Vicky was sneaky and you had to be careful around her.

They all met up at the edge of the city with their supplies and set off back towards the castle. On the way they discussed which way to get in. Pearl volunteered the information that Vicky had discovered Dr. Orlof’s method of detecting intruders without sensors and Betsy was thoughtful. Pearl then added that Vicky had modified this detection system and there was a good chance the good doctor hadn’t detected the changes. After all, he hadn’t detected that the enfeeblement ray was not working. Pearl had to admit she was shamming weakness while Betsy got her out the last time and was surprised at Betsy’s reaction at this deception.

“Fucking well done Pearl. That’s champion,” Said Betsy with a massive grin plastered over her face. “You’ve given us a massive advantage when we go back in. You’re at full strength now and Dr. Fuckwits won’t be expecting that. He does tend to plan accurately and he doesn’t leave much in the way of backup. That’ll put them all at a severe disadvantage when the fun starts. You as well Vicky. You do have a sneaky mind. I like that. Any chance of kopping a feel of those tits and arse after all this is over?”

Vicky didn’t want Betsy to know exactly what she’d done, but she admitted to herself, it was probably for the best. And while she preened under Betsy’s praise, she gave Betsy’s request a good ignoring, preferring to leave as many options open to herself until as late as possible.

Betsy always praised colleagues, and enemies, whenever possible. It tended to make them happy and happy people let their guard down, at least a bit, around those that made them happy. And this technique was enhanced if said praise was valid. Betsy now thought her chances with Pearl after all this unpleasantness was enhanced. Poor Vicky, but all’s fair etc.

After negotiating the woods once again, bypassing the new death traps as an afterthought, they decided on a two point approach. Vicky and Pearl would enter by a ground floor window while Betsy would again enter from the top. This time Betsy knew which floors were monitored and which were not, so she could bypass that security. Vicky had schooled Betsy repeatedly on how Americans numbered their floors. Betsy found this very confusing and continually wanted to know why they did that. But, eventually, all this vital info somehow ended up stuck in Betsy head. They were all happy and enthusiastic at what they thought would be their last attack on these evil baddies.