The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


The sudden light blinded her and she raised her hands to cover her eyes, but she couldn’t. Her arms were fixed in place. There was noise all around her. She couldn’t see because she had to close her eyes tight against the glare. She tried to roll over but couldn’t. She was obviously strapped down to something. She realised she was naked as well.

“What the fuck happened,” she said, adding a touch of venom to her normal affectionate persona.

Dr. Orlof laughed. “I do learn from my mistakes, Betsy.”

“Yes. Well then, what happens next?”

“We’ll wait until Pearl wakes up then she is going for a bit of surgery,” said Ffanci. “I’m not waiting any more. In a few days Pearl Girl will be my slave.”

“You need to practice your evil laugh,” answered Betsy. “That speech was totally deficient in evil maniacal laughter.”

Ffanci approached Betsy and twisted her nipple. Her left one. “Very funny,” she said. “You’ll be happy to know you’re going for an operation soon as well. Tilly is preparing the operating room as we speak.”

Pearl Girl groaned awake, as did Vicky. Betsy didn’t have the time to automatically expell much of the drug, so they were close behind.

“Oh shit,” said Vicky.

“Oh darn,” said Pearl as everything she saw turned red and rage consumed her. She throttled it back and kept it to herself.

Tilly smiled at them both and gave them a few minutes to recover their wits.

“I’ve given you both a few minutes to recover your wits,” she said, after the few minutes. “Because it’ll be the last time you use them. Pearl, you’re going to my operating room where I’ll turn you into my obedient slave.”

“You’ve just said that,” said Betsy. “Maybe you need to see a doctor.” She looked at Dr. Orlof, “A proper doctor, I mean. Repeating things like that could be a major problem. You’d be better off getting her checked out before it gets worse.”

Ffanci twisted her left nipple again.

“Ow,” said Betsy in a normal bored tone. She had switched off her pain receptors.

“And you Vicky,” went on Ffanci, “you’re going to be cryogenically frozen until Sonia Watkins gets here. When you are revived, you will belong to her. I’m certain you will revive just in time for your operation.” Ffanci smiled the smile of the anticipating sadist.

Pearl Girl’s rage had subsided. She could feel her enhanced strength throughout her being. She decided to wait to see if things could be improved for when she broke free. Stewart entered the room at the far end followed by Robot Man. That was the trigger. Pearl Girl brought her limbs towards her stomach and shattered the steel restraints holding her. Ffanci shrieked and ran away towards Robot Man. Robot Man started towards Pearl Girl. Pearl Girl moved slowly towards Robot Man, tearing out two of Vicky’s restraints and two of Betsy’s as she passed. She didn’t have time for more but she was sure these two would make the most of such an opportunity.

Those two made the most of such an opportunity and were free in nothing flat with Betsy automatically freeing Vicky’s thumbs.

“Bimbos enter and fight,” yelled Dr. Orlof and the room started filling with chattering bimbos, each holding a drugged dart. Betsy and Vicky spread out and attacked their flanks while Pearl Girl and Robot Man charged each other.

Betsy and Vicky were winning. This new batch of bimbos weren’t as trained as the last batch and they ended up as bloody messes on the ground, which was fast becoming slippery with their blood.

Betsy was working her way through the bimbos towards the door when Tilly entered and looked at the new carnage. “Not this time,” she said to no one in particular. And to make it not this time she took out a hand gun from her purse and shot Betsy in the head. Betsy’s head jerked back and the back of her head together with a sizable proportion of her brains exploded out blinding three bimbos.

Dr. Orlof shrieked, “No guns. They are barbaric,” but Tilly took no notice as she turned and shot Pearl Girl in the head. This wasn’t a direct hit but was good enough. The bullet scraped along her skull causing a lot of blood adding to the bimbo blood everywhere and to Betsy’s brains. Vicky looked around at this catastrophe and was stung by five darts for her trouble. She collapsed in a bloody heap on top of a bimbo who was in lying on the ground in her final spastic throws before dying of blood loss. Her throat was cut ear to ear by someone, nobody knew who.

Dr. Orlof was fuming as he saw the aftermath.

“I’m not going to die because of your stupid rules,” shrieked Tilly at him, but that didn’t assuage Dr. Orlof. He advanced towards Tilly who raised her gun. Stewart Herschel quickly stood between them and carefully took the gun from Tilly’s hand.

“Let’s not argue right now,” he said. “This is definitely not the time. Tilly, you go and arrange for replacement bimbos right now.

Tilly stared at him and eventually acquiesced.

Stewart turned to Dr. Orlof. “That was a one off and will never happen again. I guarantee it.”

Dr Orlof stared at him then nodded. He turned and viewed the carnage in the room. “Get the bimbos to clean up,” he demanded. “Ffanci, check Pearl and Vicky.”

Ffanci had already done that. “Vicky is just sedated. Pearl needs attention. I fear her skull is fractured. I need to cure her.” She directed a bimbo to get her supplies and a stretcher.

Stewart was confused. “I thought you wanted Pearl Girl dead,” he said.

Ffanci didn’t look up as she replied. “Yes, but by my hand with her knowing exactly what is happening to her and unable to stop me. That’s what I want and that’s what I’ll get.”

Stewart let her be and left to talk with Tilly. There would have to be another agreement.

It took hours, but Stewart’s political negotiations eventually resolved the matter. Dr Orlof had the right to search both Stewart and Tilly any time he pleased and privacy wasn’t an issue either.

Betsy’s machine in the storage room detected Betsy’s death for the second time and breathed easy again—well, machines don’t breathe, so, gave a sigh of relief. Wait a minute? Sighing takes breath, so let’s say it was relieved. Everything was now as it should be. As it couldn’t deal with this eventuality because it had already been triggered, it passed the information on back to base. It wasn’t a very bright machine, possibly because Betsy had removed all its bulbs.

It was ready as well. One side opaqued and disappeared showing a large membrane hanging from the top panel. The membrane was jerking. Something inside was trying to get out. It tried and failed a number of times, until, eventually a rip appeared in the membrane. It was a small tear but that was enough. A finger poked through into the open air. The finger curled and pulled, enlarging the tear until the hand attached to the finger emerged and clenched the membrane and pulled harder. Strangely, none of the liquid inside seeped out while this was going on. Eventually two hands emerged and ripped the whole thing apart and a naked and very bloody Betsy fell out onto the floor. She wriggled around a bit and eventually pulled herself together and looked around. She saw she was still attached to the machine through a cord that went from somewhere in its depths to where her bellybutton should be. She then remembered to breath and took her first breath and screamed. She didn’t feel very well.