The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


A bimbo outside heard the scream and hurriedly looked in. She saw the naked lady writhing about on the floor with a tube connecting her to a box thing. This naked lady was writhing about in some sort of bloody goo. There was a lot of that. It was all over the floor and a lot had splattered onto the walls.

“Swell’” said the bimbo—her brain had been programmed by Tilly and Stewart, who preferred the vocabulary on an innocent, purer bygone age. “Now I can tell Master about this.”

She was tasked to obey orders and she juiced whenever she did so. Guarding the corridor outside was obeying and she continuously juiced while doing that. She was permanently excited. But this was something else. This required action and further obedience and that meant additional sexual excitement. She craved that and her orders had to be couched so she wouldn’t just create happenings so she could obey orders. But this event implied even more obedience on top of that. That bloody mess on the floor. That would have to be cleaned up. She hoped she would be ordered to do that. She was trained in sex, all versions of sex, but obedience was better than sex. She would gladly forgo sex in order to obey. She hurried to a wall phone to report this.

Some of the baddies congregated just inside the room, watching the new naked Betsy slowly recover. Eventually she sat up. There were now a horde of bimbos pointing dart guns at her. She looked at them.

“What do you want them for?”

Dr. Orlof looked closely at her. She didn’t sound like Betsy.

“Who are you?” he asked.

She looked down at herself and laughed. “I don’t know who this is but I assure you it’s not me. But, I’ll settle for this body anyway. It’s far younger than mine. Whoever has mine can keep it.” She looked directly at Stewart, who was beginning to catch on. “I’m Tilly Jigger,” she announced. She looked directly at Stewart. “Yes, it’s really me. You can check easily. I know that and so do you.

“The helmet,” said a voice from the back. Tilly’s voice. The cadence and intonation was the same as this new Betsy’s voice, but you could tell the difference. Their vocal chords differed and Tilly’s whole vocal apparatus had aged more than this Betsy’s”

“Of course,” said TillyBetsy. “What happened after I put on the helmet?”

“Don’t you know? How do we know you’re not just Betsy playing a trick?”

“Bring her here and you’ll see,” said TillyBetsy.

“We can’t,” said Ffanci, getting in on the act. “Betsy’s dead. You killed her.”

“Oh,” said TillyBetsy.

“Does anybody know what’s going on?” queried Ffanci.

“I can make a guess,” said Dr. Orlof. “It’s quite ingenious.”

OK, then, explain,” said Stewart.

“As I infer, Tilly found a helmet belonging to Betsy and put it on.” He turned to Tilly. “Why did you do that?”

Tilly looked embarrassed. “It was off and of a different design to ours. I wanted to see if we could use it and why there was a cutaway at the back that made no sense.”

“What the fuck, Tilly…” started Stewart…

“Stop,” commanded Dr. Orlof. “What’s done is done. We now need to work out what has been done and how it affects us.” He turned back to Tilly. “Go on. What happened exactly.”

“Well I had the helmet on and suddenly it was hours later. I have no sense of time passing either then or now. I ordered the equipment removed and delivered here.”

Dr. Orlof turned to TillyBetsy. “Do you concur?”

“Yes,” she said, “Up to the point I put the helmet on.”

He turned to face them all. “I think this is Betsy’s backup. She downloaded the contents of her brain regularly into this machine somehow and this machine, when it detected Betsy dead, I still don’t know how that happened, activated a clone of Betsy it had and downloaded Betsy’s last download into the clone’s brain. But Tilly was the last download by accident, so her memories and personality have been downloaded into Betsy’s body.”

“Good,” said Tilly. Betsy may be dead but we can still have her as our slave.”

“Hey, said TillyBetsy. I’m not Betsy. Can’t you see that?”

Stewart answered. “That is you in another body, Tilly. Look on her as your sister. She has all your memories up to the point you put on that helmet. We’re not going to enslave you.”

Tilly didn’t like that but couldn’t think of an appropriate answer. Dr. Orlof cut the cord and helped the weak TillyBetsy to her feet. “We’ll all go to the main room and discuss things properly,” he said. “Pearl Girl is now stable in post op. It looks like she’ll recover all her faculties. Once she is healed, Ffanci can have her way with her. That’ll take a few days and she’s totally safe until then. Vicky is back in her frame, drugged and this time I’ve left ten bimbos on guard. That guard will be changed every hour as well, just in case. We have time to plan now. Let’s go. You two still have to get me more bimbos, remember. That’s important.”

They went.