The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Copy Cat was prepared. She was here in her designated place, in the centre of a traditional warehouse floor. She could see all around her and there was nobody there. This was her grand idea to rise in the ranks and take a super hero for herself. Some of the others had them as pets and helpers and she wasn’t immune to keeping up with the Jones’. Her main problem was the time scale. Her copied powers didn’t last and she had to move fast with this little idea.

She jumped in surprise when Tiny Tim simply appeared in front of her in his striking red and blue costume. She knew this would happen and had planned for it, but she still jumped automatically. ‘I’ll have to do better than this,’ she thought to herself while composing herself.

“Thank you for coming,” she said. “I’m Emily Powers.” She held out her hand. Tiny Tim didn’t take it, but struck up a heroic pose and crossed his arms instead. ‘”He’s been watching too many of those stupid films,’ she thought as she unleashed her new stare.

Tiny Tim smiled and said, “Thanks Betsy,” when he saw the Stare backfire on her. “I think I can take this as proof you are really Copy Cat.” He looked around and verified the place was empty. He had already scouted the area and found it empty, but he was embarrassed at what he was going to do now. Pinnacle was outside ensuring no one would enter, so he should be safe, but still, even the thought of what he was going to do was embarrassing.

‘I’d better get this over with,’ he thought before ordering her to strip. She stripped. “Lie on your back on the floor,” he then ordered. She did.

He stripped himself but kept his mask on. He didn’t realise how kinky this was but Copy Cat did. She was forced to obey, but the natural perversions of her villainous nature were automatically starting to make this exciting.

She hadn’t been told to splay her legs, so she didn’t. She wanted to see how he would react to this after realising there were still options for her. Obedience was automatic, but she could decide on how to obey. She wondered if she could parlay this into some sort of advantage. It was a good job she hadn’t confided in anyone what she was going to do. This would definitely not enhance her reputation.

Tiny Tim gently moved her legs apart with his foot and lay on top. His penis engorged as he did so. He wondered about that. He was definitely not excited about this but all of a sudden he had a throbbing hard on. He wondered exactly what Betsy had inserted into his brain. He slipped on a condom. You couldn’t expect female villains to only go where it was wholesome, so he took precautions.

Inserting his penis into a surprisingly slippery vagina increased his arousal levels. He did think he would have to imagine scenes from one of his nighttime thoughts in order to do this, but that wasn’t necessary. Nobody has ever discovered what his nighttime thoughts were, or are, so I can’t comment on them here.

Copy Cat was unimpressed. His cock wasn’t tiny, which would have been appropriate, but it wasn’t that large either. Her powers and proclivities had spoilt her for the average man and Tiny Tim was an average man.

Suddenly Copy Cat felt it. That average sized cock inside her was bigger, then bigger, then painfully large. She gasped before feeling it reduce in size in steps. This process repeated, getting faster and faster until she was panting. The Stare still held her but it didn’t stop or reduce the arousal she was feeling. The arousal that was increasing. Her eyes told a different story, one that was difficult to reconcile with her feelings. He wasn’t moving. He just lay there, stock still, looking at her face. She felt something go inside her. This dissonance was disturbing. Then she felt the vibrations and the knobs. The knobs on his knob? She had seen it before he had stuffed it in and it hadn’t any knobs on it. Now she felt protuberances in various places and those various places were gradually becoming more and more effective. It was almost as if he was learning exactly what worked with her.

She tried not to like it, but that was impossible especially as the Stare still dulled her mind. He started asking her questions which she managed to resist answering at first. But his technique was being refined more and more the more he learnt about her reactions. Until she broke and answered everything.

“OK, we don’t need any more,” said Pinnacle. This shocked Tiny Tim and he jerked out of Copy Cat, who screamed in frustration as she hadn’t been allowed to orgasm yet. Pinnacle grabbed her and cuffed her in a single motion. After which she covered her head with a helmet so she couldn’t use her, Pinnacle’s, Stare on anyone until it had worn off. Tiny Tim stared at his rapidly diminishing penis and its ripped condom and decided he needed a check up.

“You’re early,” said Tiny Tim as he dressed himself. It was an accusation.

“No I’m not. I’m exactly on time. You were enjoying yourself too much and lost track of time.”

Tiny Tim checked his watch.

“Oh,” he said.”Pity she knows nothing about that monster.”

“Yes, but we had to know one way or another. Trust you to make it the other.”

Later, when Copy Cat was safely locked up and they were alone again, Pinnacle said, “You know, it’s a pity Betsy only gave you two shots at this. Your interrogation technique back there was impressive.”

Tim looked at her. “Do you want a demonstration?”

She shuddered and he laughed.

“You know,” he eventually said, “Betsy only gave me two shots at that spell she put in my head. The other stuff wasn’t like that. All she did was teach me how to do that using the powers I already have. I didn’t realise I could do that until then. The main trick is to watch her face and respond to the signs of it working or not.”

After a while, she said, “You mean…”

“Yes,” he answered. “I can still do that.”

Pinnacle was silent. That display was impressive.

“What were you doing with your cock?”

“Adjusting its length and girth as well as vibrating it selectively, depending on her reactions. Betsy taught me how to enlarge it a fraction of an inch and then take it back again. If I do that really fast, it adds a controllable vibration on top of everything else. She also showed me how to enlarge sections of my penis as well, to form knobs to activate selected areas of her, er, anatomy.” He didn’t need to say more. “You look interested,” he added. “I’m willing if you want me to give you a demonstration, but you have to ask for it first. I’m not going to do anything without your consent.”

“No thanks,” was the absent minded reply. There was no shuddering.

Pinnacle thought hard about who could do this. Who could design such a dildo that responded to facial recognition technology like that. And had such a wide variety of adjustments as well, of course.

She knew who to go to for the prototype and wondered about the business opportunities.

And the testing.