The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


That monstrous thing looked at at them as if it knew they were there before looking. It must have been more than five metres tall and almost as broad and it looked like a threat from the bad old days. It would have given a troll a run for its money, even if trolls had money. Betsy couldn’t focus on it properly as it appeared to be wavering in and out of reality.

It’s eyes gave it away, that certain look determined it was summoning, well something. In a human it meant it was summoning her powers, but who knew about this thing? Faeryfaye certainly didn’t but that didn’t stop her letting loose the broom’s weapons.

One of the people flying round the monster trying to fight it saw Faeryfaye’s action and saw something drop from the broom then scream towards to monster. This sounds like a missile but there wasn’t anything to see, except some sort of visual distortion in the atmosphere that could be anything. This atmospheric distortion ended when it coincided with where the monster was and the monster exploded.

Well, that was the initial assumption. Later accounts disputed that. They eventually said the monster disappeared before the explosion, mainly because there were no bits of monster left afterwards. Nobody was clear about that at the time and, to be honest, no one cared either. The monster was gone. And with that the baddies, who were fighting the goodies and defending their new ally, found themselves back on their own resources against a group of very pissed off heroes.

Now, as everyone knows, a goody will always beat a baddie in a fair fight. The literary excitement comes from the fact that there’s never a fair fight because the baddies always cheat. But Faeryfaye had destroyed that trope in an instant and the baddies found themselves in a fair fight. Being baddies they ran away. Well, the flying ones did because they could.

To be fair, this doesn’t really apply to the heroes and villains of Midas City because, well, Midas City isn’t a major city and the heroes and villains there aren’t proper heroes and villains. They do have their little powers and fights, but nothing world class, like River City does. Anyway, those heroes and villains in Midas City usually end up fucking each other, which, while generally entertaining, is of more interest to those niche connoisseurs of erotic lesbian pornography. People like me.

OK, those River City villains didn’t run away, they flew away. Stop being so picky. Just sit back, suspend your disbelief and enjoy the story.

After all, the truism is ‘he who fights then runs away, lives to fight another day’. These baddies rephrased that into, ‘he who fights then runs away, doesn’t get put in gaol’.

The flying heroes dispersed after the flyaways. Some of the baddies were actually caught. But that left the field of battle bare of flyers. Dr. Orlof and his giggle of bimbos were still there though. Betsy could see those bimbos numbered far too many for comfort.

Faeryfaye swerved mightily to avoid some sort of missile, which left Betsy’s stomach wondering where her Betsy was, it was certain it had her when they left for this place. Faeryfaye put the broom into a tight series of swerves and speed adjustments to avoid a bombardment of conventional ground to air weapons that seem to have targeted them. Betsy couldn’t think straight. She really preferred solid ground under her feet or an aeroplane that used physics to stay airborne. All this flying stuff on brooms wasn’t good for her nerves. It didn’t do her belief in physics much good either and Betsy liked physics. She could cope with physics. It was straightforward and logical and orderly.

Eventually she managed to make some sense of the scene below her despite all the aerobic gyrations Faeryfaye was putting the broom through. There were bimbos all over the ground and enough of them had ground to air weapons to be worrying. Presumably they were originally to defend against those flying heroes but now Dr. Orlof had found another use for them.

‘That’s cheating,’ thought Betsy, annoyed. “He doesn’t like guns. He disallowed them before. Typical man. Too emotional for his own good. And mine.’

Betsy wanted to run away and was trying to indicate this to Faeryfaye when she went into another power dive over the woods. Betsy saw those tree tops get bigger at an alarming rate. They got far too big before Faeryfaye pulled out of the dive, a tight ninety degree turn that should have had the broom shank split them in twain, and headed towards the castle. Before those ground to air armaments could target them again, she let off another round of spells. This time targeted on the castle itself. Betsy saw Dr. Orlof look round as part of the castle walls erupted, showering him and his bimbo henchwenches with rather large blocks of stone. Heavy stone.

This distraction gave Faeryfaye time to land. She had learned to fly the broom on the way over and was getting rather good at it, especially when she found the brakes. She dove for the ground and suddenly levelled off a metre or so above the ground. Faeryfaye had already leapt off and was charging Dr. Orlof before Betsy realised they were stationary. Betsy fell off just before a bimbo shot where her head was. Betsy didn’t like that. She knew she should have been a lot faster and hoped no one saw it. She dealt with the bimbo with a knife to her throat and charged after Faeryfaye, trying to form a plan of action as she ran. Faeryfaye was hurling bimbos away from her presence at a profligate rate. Betsy didn’t approve of that. There was no telling how long this fight would go on for and she worried that Faeryfaye would run out of power too soon. After all, she wasn’t used to this sort of action.

Betsy dodged and weaved in the army approved fashion until she realised the bimbos’ guns and weapons weren’t being used. A quick mental probe determined that Faeryfaye had mentally disabled them. After dealing with a couple of the costumed weirdos, (she didn’t know which side they were on but they did attack her first, well, they were going to attack her first), Betsy hurried towards Faeryfaye by a more direct route now she felt herself safer, and saw Faeryfaye warding off a barrage of darts thrown by the bimbos. Whoever said that something thrown in a girly fashion wasn’t very effective had never seen this. Dr. Orlof was behind them, controlling them.

And when she saw Dr. Orlof she also saw, behind him, a horde of bimbos emerge, running, from the remains of the castle. Some of them were covered in fur and had tails. There were uncounted numbers of the normal bimbos and darts started flying from those little catapult-like gun things a lot of them carried. Betsy dived to the ground and a couple of the super heroes along with a few super villains fell. The rest soon saw what was happening and took evasive action. This gave heart to the bimbos who advanced on them, only to fall themselves to the darts which were being sprayed into the melee willy-nilly. The only target they didn’t aim at was Dr. Orlof.

This new giggle of bimbos turned the tide of the battle against the heroes until two others emerged from the ruined castle. These two didn’t look like fighters at all. One was stick thin and looked like some demented starved tramp. Her long auburn hair was streaked with grey and looked unwashed. Her eyes told a story though. A story of self abuse and depravity. The woman next to her was so unlikely to be anywhere near this junkie that Betsy had to look twice.

Betsy was hunkered down behind a body to protect herself. She had dragged another body behind her to protect her flank. She didn’t know if those bodies were heroes or villains and, at the moment, she didn’t care. Each of them now sported a number of those small tranquiliser darts the bimbos were so fond of. Betsy hoped they were tranquiliser darts.

Betsy was about to emerge and fight again when a head smacked onto the ground next to her face. It seemed to have forgotten its body. Betsy looked at it. It looked at Betsy. Betsy saw it was trying to speak. She recognised the word ‘please’, repeated at the end. Obviously there was no sound as the head had no lungs. Betsy nodded and said “Yes”, slowly and carefully to it. It looked pleased and smiled as its eyes faded into death. Betsy wondered what she had promised and if this was a hero or a villain. It didn’t matter. Betsy had sent it off happy, and that was all that counted.

This second woman was smaller and round. Well, obese is the preferred term nowadays. And she was fucking well eating from a carry out bag. Betsy watched as this one turned her back on the melee, bent over so she could see everything from between her legs, then Betsy saw her deliberately let loose. She went commando, obviously, and that sight wasn’t too edifying, but, the effect was amazing.

Small round pellets fired out at a rapid rate and smacked onto the back of the bimbos’ heads. Betsy never saw her miss. Each of those bimbos went down with blood trickling down the back of their necks. It took Betsy a while to realise those bimbos would never get up again. Her friend charged one flack of the bimbos. She was amazing fast and strong. That flank didn’t last long.

Soon the bimbos realised their colleagues weren’t there for them and some of them turned to see what was happening. Those bimbos received a pat on the face. A pat that stuck and covered the face, blinding the bimbo and covering her mouth and nose. Those bimbos died of asphyxiation.

Betsy rose to join up with those woman when the smell drifted into her nose and she gagged. Diving down again to the good earth she desperately tore off her shirt and held it to her nose. This was what had driven all those bimbos from the castle in such a rush. It was dispersing in the wind but that smell in such a confined space would have been devastating. Betsy wondered how many bimbos would be found dead from fart smell inside the castle. With her nose tightly covered and breathing through her mouth, she quickly turned off her sense of smell and cautiously took a sniff through her nose again. It was workable. There was still something she could detect, but now it felt like she was breathing in extremely small solid particles which tickled the inside of her nose. ‘That’s fucking powerful stuff,’ she thought. Normally she could smell nothing when she did this.

A quick look round showed her that the tide had turned again. There were more bodies lying around now than active fighters, but the goodies were definitely winning. A lull around her gave her the opportunity to rise and sprint carefully for Dr. Orlof as she couldn’t see Faeryfaye anywhere. She wanted him out of the way as soon as possible. He, and the small giggle around him, was standing close to the castle wall, what was left of it. With his back covered and that spot being higher than the rest of the castle area he was in the most advantageous place to oversee the fighting, and, as Betsy approached, she could see he wasn’t exactly enamoured with the way the battle was going.

There was one of the villains with his back to the castle wall, well away from Dr. Orlof and his bimbos, who was particularly effective. He seemed to be able to look at a person and get them to do what he wanted. His power definitely depending on him looking at his victim though and it took him a few seconds to latch onto his prey properly. So, in a melee like this, he was at a distinct disadvantage. To counter that he had positioned himself on the edge of the fighting and was using his powers to get heroes to turn on each other. Betsy wondered if he could get people to permanently become his slaves if he could get them alone. She knew without analysis he would want that. Some people were simply perverts.

Betsy’s belt amused her friends. It went against her whole style of blending in, staying in the background, of being bland and inoffensive, but being careful not to appear too inoffensive because that would be noteworthy, which is definitely not bland. The belt, her fave, was a wide affair decorated with metal hoops, stitched on. It would have taken an Indian factory hours to stitch on each hoop, so would have been dirt cheap to buy. But the stitching wasn’t hand done by Indian labour and took substantially longer than hours to do, because Betsy did it herself. So far she hadn’t thought of a reason why anyone would manufacture this for her without detailing the item and construction to the authorities. Because of that, she rarely used the thing. It was too painful for her to consider restitching the belt again. She did have better things to do in her life, and at the moment, Vicky and Pearl and Faeryfaye were top of her list. And she hadn’t seen two of them here so far. She feared for them. But now she reached to her belt, loosened a hoop by twisting it a certain way then, as she ran towards the combatants, hurled it as if she was skimming a stone on the water. The leather edges, protecting extreme sharpness, fell away in flight and the bespoke shuriken found its way deep into the baddy’s throat. His eyes widened as the shock hit and he collapsed, blood pumping onto the grass.

A new group of gas masked bimbos had appeared and had joined Dr. Orlof. These new bimbos had encouraged him and he was making his way back to the castle entrance.

Betsy instinctively raced towards Dr. Orlof in order to cut him off. She used up all her secret shuriken to kill off the bimbos guarding him so she only had a few bimbos to contend with when they got close. The last one had died drowning in her own blood when Dr. Orlof shrieked “Get her,” to someone behind her. She saw the lack of deceit in his eyes and turned to see Robot Man staggering towards her. He had obviously been in a fight recently and, while he was lacking energy, he had enough. He was close enough to grab Betsy by the neck.

‘Where’s Faeryfaye when she’s really needed,’ thought Betsy as she stopped breathing.

She heard Dr. Orlof shout “Charge yourself. Emergency method. Now.”

Betsy felt herself thrown onto the ground and she nearly lost consciousness. It lifted Betsy up by her legs. She was too busy trying to breath to stop, or even try, to hinder it. She felt her pussy invaded by something long and thick. It was painful, it hadn’t even tried to lubricate as it rammed its cock in and out. It repeated that until it ejaculated and, at the same time, powered itself from Betsy’s life force. She lost consciousness while her automatic mental defences set up a counter force which prevented it from draining all of her power.

* * *

Robbie, back in her flapper outfit, had found Faeryfaye lying on the ground under a mound of dead bimbos and had lifted her clear. She was alive but unconscious. Her skin was too white and her pupils and limbs totally unresponsive. Robbie picked her up and carried her to the broom where she laid her down. She then searched through the backpack until she found one of the milk bars she had seen Faeryfaye try to get Betsy to eat. She stood still for a while, thinking.

She knew Dr. Orlof and Robot Man had carried Betsy alone back into the castle, supported by the remaining few gas mask wearing bimbos who had appeared at the last minute. Dr. Orlof and Robot Man now had gas masks on. They were barricaded in and the heroes didn’t have the numbers or the power now to get in either by force or stealth. An ambulance helicopter was on its way and the injured would be dealt with. Robbie came to a decision. She put the milk bar into her mouth, masticated it then swallowed it.

Well, that’s what it would have looked like if anyone had been watching, but no one was.

Robbie bent over Faeryfaye and gave her the kiss of life.

Well, that’s what it would have looked like if anyone was watching, but no one was.

Robbie had, well, regurgitated is the closest word to use here as she didn’t need to eat. She didn’t have the internal apparatus to actually process the food she did stuff into her stomach, or, more accurately, her internal container, into energy for herself. But something had happened to the bar. It returned to Robbie’s mouth in liquid form and she gently let it drip into Faeryfaye’s unresponsive mouth. She only let a small amount in at first before she stopped and watched for a reaction. Faeryfaye’s eyes twitched and, when Robbie looked, the liquid in her mouth was gone. So, Robbie repeated the process. Faeryfaye appeared to swallow the liquid faster and faster until it was all gone, whereupon Robbie repeated the process with a second bar. After the third bar Faeryfaye opened her eyes and groaned.

“What happened?” she asked unimaginatively.

“We won the battle but not the war,” replied Robbie, resorting to cliches in order to save time.

“Dr. Orlof’s bimbos have been severely depleted, the heroes have won the battle but at a great cost and that monster has disappeared, thanks to you. It hasn’t come back. But Dr. Orlof has retreated to the castle taking Betsy, presumably as a hostage. We can’t get in. Our heroes just don’t have the power to do anything like that at the moment. We need your help. How are you feeling? What happened to you?”

Faeryfaye struggled up, letting Robbie help her, and looked around at the carnage with knowing and pitying eyes. “That monster is far more powerful than I imagined. It’ll be back,” she said to Robbie.

Just then a fleet of helicopters arrived and the medics jumped out and began to find and treat the wounded before taking them to hospital. Billie was with them and she identified the heroes among the fallen. They assumed the rest were villains and they were taken to the special secure wing of the hospital.

“Well done for using my milk bars,” said Faeryfaye to Robbie when she eventually got her wits together and worked out what had happened.

“What happened to you?” asked Robbie again. “I didn’t see you hit, but you went down so suddenly I thought they had some sort of new weapon.”

“No, I ran out of energy. Betsy is one of our front line operatives, I’m more research, but we’re all trained in everything, so I can aid Betsy if necessary, or do my own missions. But I wasn’t prepared for the sheer chaos of it all and I didn’t hoard my energy as I should have.” She had found another milk bar and was chewing it as she explained. Robbie just looked at her in that impassive, no facial expression way she was forced into.

“Now,” said Faeryfaye. “What about Betsy?” Then Robbie saw Faeryfaye’s eyes widen and stare over her shoulder. Robbie turned around quickly to see what had frightened Faeryfaye. She saw nothing. “What is it? I see nothing,” she asked.

“Elves,” answered Faeryfaye. A group of them, with two humans in tow as well.

“Where?” said Robbie.

“There in front of that elm, Robbie.”

“I still see nothing.”

“Well, I can see them. I assume they’re the same ones Betsy reported. We’ve never known elves in America before, so, I’m not sure what to do here.” She started towards them, followed by Robbie, when she suddenly stopped after a couple of steps.

Robbie said, “What happened?”

“They told me not to approach,” answered Faeryfaye.

“Can they help us? Can they be forced to?”

“Yes and no,” answered Faeryfaye. “I really don’t recommend trying to force them to do anything, Robbie. These ones seem to be friendly. Betsy had a face off against them a while ago and they let her. So, there doesn’t seem to be any animosity from them. But Betsy’s an elf-friend. I’m definitely not.”

Robbie was silent as she relayed this conversation back to headquarters, just in case she didn’t return for any reason.

“If Dr. Orlof is down to the dregs of his troops, I suggest we blast our way in quickly and just charge,” said Faeryfaye.

Robbie agreed. “There’s only me left, I’m afraid. But I’ll charge if you can open an entrance.”

“I can’t. I’m too weak. But the broom can. You’ll basically be on your own when we get in. My powers need replenishing before I can do anything useful in that line.”

“Can’t you power yourself from the broom? You did that before.”

“This time I’m totally empty. I have nothing to control the broom’s energy and it would kill me. I need to replenish my energy to a certain level before I can use the broom like that again.”

Robbie nodded without being able to physically.

Faeryfaye waited until the medics had cleared the field before remounting the broom. She sped away the required distance for the spell to work, turned and flew at the castle at full throttle. The distance didn’t let her past Mach’s limit, but she was travelling close to it when she opened up a spell and the castle wall erupted, sending parts of the wall flying out in every direction. Robbie charged in as soon as she saw the opening.

Faeryfaye landed and followed carefully, after collecting her store of milk bars. The stench inside was disgusting and Faeryfaye switched off her nasal receptors automatically as she followed where Robbie had obviously gone. Obviously because Robbie had carved arrows in the stone walls.