The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Robot Man carried the limp and unresisting Betsy back into the castle, following Dr. Orlof and his seven remaining bimbos. They went straight to Stewart and Tilly’s control room, where they were deep in managing a new giggle of bimbos for their customer. They hadn’t yet exhausted the batch from the University, but this would be the last. Tilly was exploring another way to obtain specimens en masse. She was smiling which pleased Dr. Orlof. That meant she had a new supply lined up.

“Stewart,” he said as he entered. “Look who those heroes had helping them”. Robot Man entered as he said that and both Stewart and Tilly’s eyes widened. Tilly was the first to realise what had happened.

“It stands to reason,” she said, “the Betsy template would be available somewhere. Her present knowledge depends on when the recording was taken.” She looked at Stewart. “I’m knee deep in arranging our new acquisitions. Could you do the honours now. She’s been a pest for far too long now. I assume there won’t be any more of her if she doesn’t actually die.” She looked at Dr. Orlof. “With your permission, of course.”

“I want it done quickly.” Dr. Orlof ordered.

“Stewart frowned. “It normally takes a few weeks to do properly. But,” he added after seeing Dr. Orlof’s face and remembering how fast they processed the last batch for Dr. Orlof, “there is a quick method that’ll take about an hour. It’ll make her compliant but it won’t last without regular reinforcement. We’ve found that to be counter productive as the reinforcement procedures will, cumulatively, eat up a lot of your precious time.”

“Do it. You don’t know what’s happening out there. We don’t have much time. When will the next batch of bimbos get here?”

“About three hours,” answered Stewart. Tilly’s organising a new consignment, but they will take time. If you’re talking hours then assume the next batch of four hundred is it.

“Right. I’ll work on the basis the next batch will be the last for this place. We’ll have to move out soon. Be prepared.” He instructed Robot Man to place Betsy on their operating table. Once done they both walked out. Robot Man was ordered to guard against any intruders who managed to get into the castle.

Stewart smiled. “I’ve been waiting for this,” he said as he walked over to his equipment to prepare for the operation.

He was happy to discover, after he asked, that one of the few remaining bimbos was a fully qualified nurse, so he had her dress in her sexy scrubs to assist him in the operating room.

“Scalpel,” he barked in his best TV doctor voice. His assistant passed him one properly. Betsy was prepared and lying face down on the operating table. He cut carefully into the back of her neck and inserted a small disk carefully into the cavity he prepared. After testing the disk in situ, he carefully folded back the muscle and skin and stitched it closed. Once finished he activated the disk then checked the computer to verify it was working before leaving, leaving the sexy scrubs bimbo to tidy up and move Betsy to a recuperation bed.

The bimbo attempted to move Betsy to a transporter when she realised Betsy was far too heavy for her to move unaided. So she recruited the aid of another bimbo, unfortunately untrained. Once prepared they attempted to move Betsy to the transporter but they still underestimated Betsy’s weight and the new bimbo couldn’t hold Betsy’s head and shoulders (product placement here indicating the author should make money from this epic tale) and dropped it. She screamed. The nurse bimbo screamed at her while holding on with her full body weight onto Betsy’s hips.

“Pick her up,” was the cry from nurse bimbo at the leg end.

“I’m trying. She’s too heavy,” was the reply.

Nurse bimbo tried to adjust her position to help but ended up in losing her grip and Betsy slipped ungracefully (typically for Betsy) to the floor, head first. Nurse bimbo winced as Betsy’s head smacked on the floor before the rest of her body flowed around the head.

The bimbos looked at each other in panic.

“What do we tell Dr. Orlof?” asked the untrained bimbo.

“Nothing. He’ll kill us if he finds out, then we won’t be able to obey him. Get the other bimbos in here. And don’t worry about scrubbing up. The op’s over and it doesn’t matter now. He didn’t say drop her but he didn’t not say it either, so he doesn’t need to know.”

Untrained bimbo looked fetchingly puzzled before she understood this example of genius bimbo thinking.

She smiled. “Ooh, you are clever,” she cooed. “Can I fuck you?”

Trained bimbo smiled at the thought, but her orders were still in her mind. “Later, after we get our patient to the proper bed. Now go get the other bimbos.”

Eventually all the remaining bimbos managed to lift Betsy onto the transporter cot and they all helped push her to her bed. That took a bit of time because they all had their own method of how to push the cot and they all tried to apply their methods at the same time. But eventually, Betsy was lying in her cot. Now the trained bimbo hooked Betsy up to a drip and the computer to monitor her and then fastened Betsy’s restraints. Trained bimbo looked at Betsy and didn’t like what she saw, which was a person drained of a lot of her life force. ‘Dr. Orlof won’t like that,’ she said to herself. ‘She won’t be able to obey right when he tests her.’ So, she added an ultra high nutrient solution to Betsy’s drip in order to ensure Betsy would be fighting fit when she became a slave.

Trained bimbo smiled at last. “Finished,” she said happily.

“Goody,” said her first helper. “Now we can fuck.”

The other bimbos chimed up here.

“Can we help?”

“Who’s fucking?”


And other such epithets. Only the trained bimbo wasn’t undressing. “Stop,” she shouted. “Not here. Go to the bimbo room.” They went.

After an hour, Stewart checked Betsy out. He had inserted one of his emergency programmable disks into Betsy. It was designed to immediately connect to the nerves going into her brain and control her that way. But it wasn’t bespoke, and, as it was, assumed a commonality between people that was problematic. It worked on most of his volunteers, but not all. He wanted to test it out as soon as possible. He adjusted the chemicals entering Betsy’s body and waited for her to awaken, which only took minutes.