The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Faeryfaye couldn’t make sense of this. What on Earth had just happened? One second she was being attacked, physically attacked, and the next second Ffanci was lying unconscious on the floor at her feet.

It took her a while to understand that someone had managed to get that information, even the muscle memory, into her head somehow. She guessed it was Betsy. Betsy would be capable of such a breach of privacy. That was just like her. She knew Betsy would do it for her own good, but even so, it was a serious breach of privacy. But when had it happened?

More thought resulted in the opinion that it must have been during one of Betsy’s classes. She knew her mind wandered a bit during those classes. After all, when would she ever need to be able to fight like that? She was advanced and relied on her brain to protect herself, so all this judu-fu or whatever was of no use to her.

It was unfortunate but she knew she would have to bring this serious breach of privacy to ‘Her’ attention as soon as this little event was finished. That would result in Betsy being reprimanded. And that would make Betsy rather unhappy. Faeryfaye knew ‘She’ would take this seriously, so, in all probability Betsy would be very unhappy. But Betsy being unhappy didn’t faze her. She could hold her own against Betsy any time. She was confident of that. Further thought resulted in her confirming her confidence to herself.

Even further thought made her consider ‘Her’ reactions. Not ‘Her’ reprimand of Betsy, but what ‘She’ would do afterwards. ‘She’ would probably instigate a search of all the group’s minds in order to see if anyone else had done such a heinous deed.

That would be unfortunate. Very unfortunate. After all, it was for their own good, especially Betsy’s. A lot just didn’t listen when she was teaching about the herbs and rituals and chants and how to prepare and execute them and it was her responsibility to ensure all her students were competent in her speciality.

Betsy, especially, also didn’t listen when she taught about the social responsibility that drove her and how to care for people properly. And Betsy didn’t listen when she taught about the fairies and how they operated and what they could and couldn’t do. Betsy may be an elf-friend, but she should also know as much about the fairies as possible. After all, humans had already successfully negotiated between them resulting in their feud being waged diplomatically, which resulted in humans not being decimated as collateral damage, which was a good thing and Betsy should understand that. Well, she did now, even if she didn’t know it.

After due consideration, Faeryfaye decided to ignore this little episode. After all, there was no need to make a fuss about this tiny breach of protocol. No need at all. Best just to forget it ever happened. Ffanci hit her head on a door. That’s what happened. No need to even mention it, especially in all this excitement. After all, nobody would ask about it. There was far too much going on elsewhere for this to be important.

So, she put Ffanci to bed, using the restraints, and checked her over. Once that was done she wanted to have a close look at Pearl’s freckles in particular. But Ffanci’s pupils seemed to be permanently dilated. She wanted to understand that as well. It could just be her normal state, but, then again, it may not be. What she discovered disturbed her enough to take action before attending to Pearl.