The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


With everything settled to her satisfaction, Faeryfaye returned to the main corridor. Carefully looking round the corner she saw the two fighters were now both on the ground with Robot Girl on top repeatedly pounding Robot Man’s head with her fists. She winced. This was brutal and no way to help Robot Man see the error of his ways and rejoin humanity in a caring role, even if said caring role would be taking instructions from the goodies, for she had already determined the extent of Robot Man’s lack of brain matter. She carefully approached them and stopped a safe distance away.

“I think he’s out, Robot Girl,” she said. There was no reaction and the pounding continued.

“I said I think he’s out, Robot Girl,” she repeated louder. This time Robot Girl stopped the pounding and looked carefully at Robot Man.

“I can’t get up,” Robot Girl eventually said. “He stuck that excuse for a penis into my excuse for a vagina and he tried to extract my life force through it. He got the shock of his life, if you can call it a life, but he damaged me in the process. I can’t move my legs now. And my thinking is flawed. Can you get help?”

Faeryfaye had no idea how to help a robot, so she said the stupid words she always complained about when she heard them in a film, “Wait here, I’ll get help.” She then raced back to the open and looked around. Heroin and Rectum were the closest.

“Robot Girl’s hurt and needs carrying out,” she told them.

“It has to be me sweetie,” leered Heroin at Faeryfaye. Rectum giggled at Faeryfaye’s reaction. But Faeryfaye recovered quickly.

“Come on then,” she said.

“Not yet,” answered Heroin. “I’ve got to get energy first.” With that said, she sat down, pulled out a syringe and some powder, prepared it then injected herself. Faeryfaye looked on in horror.

“Come on then,” said Heroin after a couple of minutes. Faeryfaye thought it was a lot longer. She led Heroin back into the maze of corridors below the castle’s ground floor.

“Was it you two that made all those bimbos evacuate the castle?” she asked while on their way.

“Oh yeah,” came the reply. “Rectum’s fucking amazing at that, especially in a closed environment. It’s a good job my nose is shot or I wouldn’t be able to stay the course with her. As it was, I was able to knock down all the quarantine doors that appeared when we were discovered. They didn’t stop us in the least.” Heroin laughed her evil laugh. Faeryfaye wondered why she was on her side, but didn’t pursue that thought.

They eventually came to Robot Girl and Heroin picked her up easily and carried her outside to wait for another air ambulance. She returned and repeated the procedure for Robot Man, although it looked as if this one was too far gone for any medical treatment to be effective.

Faeryfaye stayed inside and ate another of her milk bars. She could feel some of her powers returning, but she knew this time she’d have to be very careful how much energy she used. She was lucky to be alive after the debacle during the battle but she had learnt that lesson. She was good at learning, she prided herself on that. She’d be fine, as long as she paced herself.

‘There’s still that Stewart Herschel to deal with,’ she thought to herself, ‘along with Dr. Orlof and those bimbos he took with him with Betsy. As well as Tilly Jigger. Now, where would they have gone to, I wonder?’ She quickly opened every door she could find before finding the main staircase and carefully descended to search there. She was also on the lookout for the other Betsy who should be here now. After all, she was revived by the automatic process, the recordings showed it, and the factory Betsy chose wasn’t that far away. Betsy would had stocked that factory with everything she would have needed to recover. So, what had happened to her?