The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Faeryfaye was careful to check every door and opening before progressing. The last thing she wanted to do was miss them and walk on past. Consequently Heroin and Rectum found her just as she discovered the heavy steel door that protected those behind from interference.

“What’s happening sister?” asked Heroin.

“They must be past this door, Heroin” answered Faeryfaye. “I don’t know how to get past it. Can you?”

Heroin smiled the smile of superior strength coupled with a chance to show off and impress the impressionable weak female in her company. She approached the door and checked all around for any sort of handhold but found none. There was no way she could get any sort of grip so she ended up shoulder charging it. She bounced off.

“It’s different from the quarantine doors I ripped out,” she eventually said. ”I can’t do anything with this one.”

Rectum watched all this with equanimity. She was eating again. Faeryfaye understood where she got her stench from, but she couldn’t for the life of her understand where she got her food from. If you could call it food that is. Was there a McDonald’s in the castle? There must be.

She jumped back with an embarrassing girly squeal as the space in front of the steel door filled with people. Faeryfaye reproached herself. It was one of those holograms she quickly realised. Looking at her two companions she was chagrined to see they weren’t phased at all. Heroin was trying again to find some sort of handhold and Rectum was leaning against the rough castle wall eating from one of those plastic containers. Faeryfaye didn’t want to see what the poor fool was putting into her mouth. She wondered if she could help them after this was all over, but her experience immediately informed her they wouldn’t be grateful for any such attempt. Their personal identities were integrated directly with the personas they presented to the world and they would be the worse for losing them, even if it meant losing decades from their lives. What did those decades mean if they hated every last second? She shook her head to clear it of the images formed while a holographic image clarified in front of her.

The main figure in the hologram was Stewart Herschel, smiling the smile of the evil one in every bad film there ever was. He stared past Faeryfaye, making her think he couldn’t see exactly where she was. ‘That might be important’, she thought to herself. ‘How can I use this?’

“Well done,” he announced.

Watching him Faeryfaye realised he didn’t know who was here.

“Well done,” he repeated, “but not quite good enough. We’re off now and next time we’ll be even stronger. You won’t stand a chance,” he gloated in time honoured fashion, although, he did omit the evil maniacal laugh. The camera swung around to show the remaining bimbos and Betsy all standing at attention, waiting for his orders. “We have a bit of time to pass,” he continued, “and while we wait, I thought I’d treat you to a demonstration of our latest recruit.”

Faeryfaye watched impassively. Her two companions, now both insouciantly leaning against a wall, watched also.

He snapped his fingers, “Here Betsy,” he ordered. Betsy’s eyes regained some animation as she straightened from her already straight position and started to walk towards him. Immediately the bimbos moved towards Betsy. “Stop,” he immediately ordered. They all stopped. He looked at the bimbos. “Bimbos,” he went on. “Betsy here is going to pleasure me while we wait. You will stand and watch and not interfere. She is not attacking me. She’s on our side now. Now stand at attention and be still.” The bimbos immediately stood at attention where they were and giggled.

“Betsy, approach me,” he ordered. Betsy approached.

“Kneel,” he said when Betsy had stopped in front of him. Faeryfaye studied Betsy’s face, looking for signs she was pretending. She couldn’t see any. Even her pupils were dilated. ‘What happened?’ she thought. ‘Betsy was the one who took Ratti’s potion and survived. She was the one who devised the revised brain preparation in order to stop any invasive mind control attempt in its tracks. Either from a natural or from chemical attack or from any sort of mechanical attack. Betsy herself had designed that course and Faeryfaye knew it was first rate. What had this Herschel person done to Betsy?’

“She must be shamming,’ Faeryfaye concluded. There was no way Betsy could succumb so easily. Faeryfaye knew there could be problems, after all, nothing is foolproof and they all walked that tightrope. One of Betsy’s solutions for a sudden invasive mind attack involved the mind automatically reacting, much like the automatic moves a martial artist did when attacked. Perhaps Betsy’s mind had moved itself to a safer place where it could counterattack? Maybe Betsy was still controlled but trying to undo his control? But from what she had seen, these bimbos were only under basic mind control. It may be basic but it was permanent, she was certain of that. So Betsy should be free now? This must be real she concluded.

Betsy knelt. He exposed his cock. Heroin made a comment.

“That’s impressive,” she said. “Are you sure he’s not on our side?”

Rectum answered, “Well, we could always change sides.”

Faeryfaye resolved to have a serious talk with these two after all this excitement. Their attitude was simply atrocious.

“Now give me your best blowjob, Betsy. Let’s see how good you really are,” Stewart Herschel added, unnecessarily thought Faeryfaye who looked on in horror. Betsy must be free now. It had only been two or three hours but Betsy had devised and given the course for The Goddess’ sake. What had he done to her? She looked around through the hologram trying to see anything they had missed that would get them passed the door.

Betsy broke into a lascivious smile as she took the cock in one hand while the other cupped his balls. She wrapped her lips around the bell end and Faeryfaye saw her mouth move and imagined Betsy’s tongue doing its job. The smile of Herschel’s face told her Betsy was doing very nicely, thank you.

Now Faeryfaye had a problem. She could stop this but it would be drastic. It meant her blasting out her will to Betsy and this Stewart person. But she had already depleted herself and it would be suicide. Suicide and it wouldn’t work, well, it probably wouldn’t work. All the books and procedures counselled against it. But, so what? She would be reincarnated, just like Betsy. But then again, that wasn’t certain either. She could end up dead again or changed into something she hated, someone dependant on others. She hated that idea. ‘No’, she told herself, it was a phobia, and she wouldn’t even consider anything that even had a tiny chance of making that happen. Betsy would have to get out of this herself.

She suddenly found herself on the ground in lotus telling Heroin and Rectum to carry her out to Robbie if she collapsed unconscious. What was she saying? Of course she would collapse unconscious. That was the best and least likely option that could happen.

Eventually Betsy worked the whole length into her mouth, deep throating automatically, while bobbing her head up and down in the ancient manner. Faeryfaye looked on in despair. Betsy would never do this if she was free. She would avenge Betsy for certain. She wouldn’t rest until these villains were dead or captured and Betsy was back with her. Then she would cure Betsy and bring her back to full health.

Stewart Herschel’s scream shocked Faeryfaye back to the here and now. She looked and saw him desperately trying to push Betsy’s head off his cock to no avail. Faeryfaye was immediately ecstatic and couldn’t tell if it was because Betsy was shamming after all or she wouldn’t have to risk what she was risking. She didn’t allow herself to even think of it now.

Betsy shook her head, shaking his whole body with her. In fact, Betsy looked very like a terrier Faeryfaye had as a child when it had captured a rat. It shook it until it was dead and revelled in the procedure. Betsy was trying to repeat her dog’s manoeuvre, but even her jaw and neck muscles weren’t up to the task of shaking him around off the ground like that. Betsy was still kneeling but soon she was on the flat of her feet as she continued to shake. Faeryfaye looked at the bimbos who looked on at this new dance with interest, but made no move to interfere.

‘There’s nothing like a free floating brain to make decisions’ she thought as she approved of those bimbos do nothing, just obey orders, approach. Stewart was screaming and couldn’t even think about reordering the bimbos and Betsy ensured his brain was centred on the pain he was receiving, She shook her head violently as she attempted to stand, still with his cock clamped between her teeth. Faeryfaye could see her jaw muscles as she attempted to bite harder. Stewart fell back and Betsy let him while still clamping his cock between her teeth.

Now, with Stewart lying wriggling on his back, Betsy really let rip and shook her head as she now attempted to lift him in the air by her teeth around the base of his cock. She almost made it when he gave a particularly loud and weird scream, Faeryfaye wondered how he managed that, as it was impossible, and Betsy’s upper body raised suddenly, leaving Stewart’s body to crash back to the ground, blood pumping out of the gaping hole where his cock used to be. Betsy looked on and deliberately spat the cock out onto his face. He never even noticed the gesture as he continued his screams and writhings. Betsy and the bimbos watched with interest as his life blood sprayed all around him.

There was a lot.

Faeryfaye wondered about that. She had never seen anything like this, but she thought there was too much blood for one person there. Eventually the pumping stopped and he lay twitching for a short while, then expired.

Betsy, her face and body blood coated, turned to the bimbos.

“Who’s your owner now?” she asked. Faeryfaye noted Betsy talked to them in an American accent. No doubt so they could easily understand her.

The bimbos looked at her all confused. They looked at each other and started talking at each other all at once. A relieved Faeryfaye immediately understood what Betsy was doing and hoped it worked. Her two companions looked on while trying not to fall asleep. Eventually the bimbos coalesced on an answer.

Dr. Orlof is our owner,” one answered with a giggle. Faeryfaye couldn’t work out how they determined which one would speak for them.

“Dr. Orlof’s gone. He’s left the castle by now and he took everyone else with him. You know this. He left you behind, without orders, deliberately. So who is your owner now?” responded Betsy.

This provoked another round of high pitched fast bimbo giggle squawk-talk Faeryfaye couldn’t decipher.

“You are?” their spokesbimbo eventually asked, hesitantly.

Betsy smiled. “Yes. You know that, don’t you?”

The bimbos were delighted they had gotten something right and jumped up and down clapping their hands in glee.

“Yes we know,” they all repeated.

Betsy watched their hypnotic titties bounce out of sync with their bodies. She eventually shook her head before asking them who Stewart was talking to.

“We don’t know,” said the spokesbimbo. “He’s never done that before.”

“Where are the controls?”

A bimbo showed her. They were tucked away in a corner. Betsy looked but realised she would need too much time and tools she didn’t have to do anything useful with it. She turned back to her place and talked to the wall again.

“I assume there’s someone out there looking at this. Dr. Orlof and Tilly Jigger have gone. I don’t know about Vicky or Ffanci or Pearl Girl. You go on and look for them. Me and my team will search here and try and get out.” She left with her small giggle of bimbos giggling along behind her.

Faeryfaye couldn’t do anything else here, so she retraced her steps back out of the castle followed by her new hero friends. She found she had to preface each of them with the word ‘hero’ whenever she thought of them, just to remind her they were on her side and that they had proved themselves to be on her side.