The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Power Pile was at the steel door blocking their entrance searching for a handhold when Faeryfaye arrived.

“Is there anything you can do, Power Pile?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it’ll take time.”

“Do you need any help?”

“No. Unless you want to film me.”

“Do I need to? I don’t have a camera but I can get one.”

“Nah. Don’t bother. I’ve plenty of pics out anyway. One more wouldn’t have hurted though.” He added in an undertone.

Faeryfaye watched as he obviously gave up trying to find any sort of weakness or handhold he could use. He stepped back and focused, rather dramatically Faeryfaye noted. Then he punched the door in its centre. The steel gave slightly. He punched again and the steel showed more bulge. Faeryfaye noted his bulge was also increasing. Her eyes widened at that.

It took about half an hour for Power Pile to destroy the door. But that was at the expense of his fists (he ended up using right and left handed punches at the same central spot in a hypnotic rhythm). Faeryfaye was fascinated at his technique and stopped herself looking between his legs.

By this time Heroin had returned and had watched Power Pile get through the door.

“Can’t do any more,” he said after he finally ripped the door off its track. You’ll have to go on without me. My power supplies are depleted and my fists need to heal.” He left them to it and returned to the surface with Rectum.

Once he was safely out of earshot, Heroin added, “And there’s cameras up top by now. He knows that because I’m here, out of their way. Getting filmed really boosts his power supplies for some reason,” she leered. “And his cock too.” She added.

‘That’s not nice,’ thought Faeryfaye. Colleagues should help each other not snipe like this.’

“Come on then,” said Heroin as she walked past where the door used to be. “Let’s hope there isn’t another door like this one,” she added. Faeryfaye followed her rough and ready new colleague.

They rounded a corner and came to the second door.

“Oh crap,” said Heroin with feeling.

Faeryfaye would never say anything like that. “Oh bother,” she added.

Heroin looked round at her strangely, but said nothing. She went on to examine this door for handholds and weaknesses, without much hope for success. Faeryfaye worked the other side. They both found nothing they could use.

They both jumped back in alarm when the door rose in its tracks without any warning. Heroin tried to push Faeryfaye behind her and face whatever was behind the door on her own, but Faeryfaye, now mostly replenished, refused. So they faced this new danger together. Faeryfaye thought Heroin could have tried harder to protect her.

“Oh goody,” they both heard when the door opened. They saw three bimbos jumping up and down with glee and clapping their hands at a job well done. The bimbos saw the two heroes and smiled the smiles of the perpetually sexed. They approached.

“Are you Faeryfaye, Lady Betsy’s friend?” asked the spokesbimbo to a point between the two of them while standing at attention with her massive mammaries prominently pointing.

“That’s me,” answered Faeryfaye in bewilderment.

All the bimbos swivelled to face her directly and curtsied. “Lady Betsy sends her royal greetings and tasks us,” she indicated the bimbos, “to belong to you.” She beamed a happy beam at the horrified Faeryfaye. Before Faeryfaye could respond the bimbo coughed before continuing, “Lady Betsy has a message just for you. Do you want to hear it?”

Faeryfaye looked on and tried to mobilise her mind to keep up.

“Er, yes. Yes please,” she amended. “What is Betsy’s message?”

The bimbo coughed, took a deep breath and pushed her innocent vacuous face centimetres from Faeryfaye’s before screaming at her in a volume that swept Faeryfaye’s hair behind her head revealing her enormous hooter in all its naked glory.

“Where the fuck have you been? Do you know what happened here? I’ve got something put in the back of me neck and it’s stuck itself to me brain. It needs to come out. Hurry the fuck up.” The screaming bimbo, on finishing her message, giggled, orgasmed, curtsied and awaited new orders. Faeryfaye blushed and Heroin sniggered.

Faeryfaye pulled herself together. She thought Betsy would be more appreciative of her efforts. She should have known better. And when had Betsy become royalty? Betsy was taking liberties again. She was certain of that.

“Where is Betsy then?”

Another curtsy. Faeryfaye was all for equality and the rights of women. She just knew this curtsying was going to grate on her. It already was.

“Stop curtsying,” she ordered before the bimbo could answer.

The bimbo curtseyed, or started to before stopped herself half way through, stammered and started again. She caught herself half way through again.

“Stop,” yelled Heroin. “Forget that. Just answer the fucking question.”

The bimbo continued it’s struggles and completely ignored Heroin. Heroin’s eyes narrowed. Faeryfaye saw this and quickly intervened.

“Stop,” she ordered.

The bimbo stopped.

“Oh, curtsy if you must,” she went on. “Just answer the question. Where is Betsy?” she added because she didn’t trust these bimbo’s memories all that much. Heroin looked daggers at them.

She curtsied saying, “I don’t know. Lady Betsy sent us to find and help you while she went to look for that fucking cunt of an Essex girl who’s got herself in trouble again.”

“How did you find us and how did you open the door?” asked Heroin. Her eyes narrowed again when no bimbo answered her question.

Faeryfaye quickly said, “Obey Heroin as you obey me.”

All the bimbos immediately turned to Heroin and curtsied.

The spokesbimbo said, “We just went upstairs until we found the door. Then we had to open it. April used to be an engin… a mech.. She used to work with her hands, so she opened the control panel and worked out how to open it without a key.”

Heroin looked at Faeryfaye who looked back.

“Do you mean to tell me you remember everything you were before they turned you into, er, what you are now?” Heroin seemed to be getting angry. Faeryfaye didn’t interupt. She was angrier.

The spokesbimbo answered in her perpetual perkiness. “Oh yes. How can we be of service if we couldn’t?”

“Well,” said Faeryfaye. “We need to find Betsy and Vicky, so lead the way to where you were when you last saw Betsy.”

The bimbos had all turned and had started back the way they came when everyone heard a shout. Faeryfaye and Heroin turned around but the bimbos kept on walking. Both heroes heard the click clack of their stillies and turned back again.

“Stop,” ordered Heroin, just before Faeryfaye. “Keep behind us and say nothing unless asked. Got that?”

All the bimbos curtsied. “Oh yes, thank you,” they all chorused back at her. They all moved back towards that shout. The heroes learnt that the synchronised click clack of stillies on stone was a powerful sound. It almost made them believe there were a lot more behind them. They looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

Rectum came running around the corner and almost bumped into them. The bimbos immediately swept past them and attacked Rectum.

“Stop,” screamed Heroin. Her high was now wearing off and she was becoming a tad tetchy. The bimbos all stopped and waited for further orders.

Faeryfaye supplied them. “This person,” she indicated Rectum, “is to be obeyed as well.”

All the bimbos curtsied to her. Rectum stepped back in surprise and prepared to defend herself in her own unique manner.

“They’re on our side now,” said Heroin quickly, before Rectum could let fly. Rectum Wretch still looked suspicious, but accepted the situation.

“That monster is coming back,” she announced. “Billie’s trying to organise some sort of defence, but most of the heroes are in hospital. We just have a few and we need everyone back out to defend ourselves.” She nodded towards Faeryfaye. “Especially her on her broom.”

Faeryfaye told the bimbos to find and help Betsy and Vicky. Faeryfaye was just beginning to see how these bimbos could, inadvertently, hinder instead of help, so she added they were to obey Vicky as well, just in case. The heroes raced back to the surface. But Faeryfaye noted Heroin was starting to flag, and she had to, eventually, help her out.

“I’ll shoot up once we’re outside and I can see what’s happening,” gasped Heroin as she struggled up the final stairs. “I’ll need to be away from any cameras as well.”

“How many times have you shot up that recently?”

“I’m OK.”

“No you’re not. Even you have a limit. Is it usual for your, er, high to be as short as this?”

Heroin shook her head as she pretended to concentrate on getting out of there. Eventually they were out and looking around.