The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.

Chapter 6

The sudden light blinded her and she raised her hands to cover her eyes, but she couldn’t. Her arms were fixed in place. There was a staccato noise all around her. She couldn’t see because she had to close her eyes tight against the glare. She tried to roll over but couldn’t. She was obviously strapped down to something. She realised she was naked as well.

“It had to be you,” said a sarky southern voice. An Essex voice.

“Are you OK?” said an American voice.

Betsy finally managed to open her eyes. She saw Vicky and that American super hero tied down to frames of some sort. Around the room were lots of what looked to be bimbos. Blonde and big titted, they strutted round the room doing what could be described as a patrol. Their extremely high heels click clacked on the stone floor, which explained that sound, but not how they walked so effortlessly. And they chatted to each other, which explained that high pitched background drone. It was annoying. What was even more annoying was the bimbos were all happy and perky. They were so perky, Betsy looked round for Pinky.

“Hi Vicky. I thought you could do with a bit of help. I wish you’d warned me you had company?”

She could just turn her head enough so she could see the strapping tying Vicky down on her frame. Leather straps. That was good. She could do something with that when she got the opportunity. Gazing upwards she saw the ceiling was mirrored. ‘Kinky buggers,’ she thought.

“Why aren’t you out now? I thought you were better than this.”

“I might say the same about you. They know I can dislocate my thumb and get out that way. They’ve prevented that.”

Betsy looked again and saw a hurriedly assembled web of, what? Plastic? Around her friend’s hand which kept her thumb permanently extended.

“Stupid,” answered Betsy. “Who would know about that?”

“All I can think of is a firm that tried an operation in Paris. They would have known, if they recorded it.”

Betsy let that one go for the moment. Paris was the home turf of Vicky’s group, so it made some sort of sense. But Betsy wanted the whole story. She’d get it later. She resolved to keep quiet about her own activities. They weren’t relevant anyway. She led a quiet and conservative life, after all. She had an allotment, for God’s sake. She wouldn’t have any adventures like that, would she?

“How do you do Ms. American,” said Betsy to the American voice. Betsy could just see her edge because Vicky was in the way, so she looked at her through the ceiling mirror. “I’m Betsy Leohtar. And you are…”

“Pearl Girl. At your service Betsy. Pleased to meet you. I usually rescue people but I’m a bit tied up at the moment. Perhaps some other time?”

Betsy immediately liked her. Anyone who could pun like that was OK in her book. Anyway, it would now be easier to get her what she dreamed about. Then Betsy could get away from this madhouse.

“I would have thought you would call yourself Flapper Girl. That is what you’re imitating, isn’t it?”

“Some impostor had already taken the name when I arrived on the scene.” Pearl Girl answered with heat. “She’s not a proper hero and she’s not a flapper. I never knew her when she claimed to be around back then and I should know. And, I’m not imitating flappers. I am one. A real one. Born in nineteen hundred.”

“I would dearly love to know what moisturiser you use,” answered Betsy. “And what vitamins you take.”

Pearl Girl laughed heartily. “I’m not that old Betsy. I was caught by a mad scientist and frozen cryogenically. They only discovered me a year or two ago and revived me. I’m probably twenty five now, biologically. Apparently I gained some abilities during my sleep, so I decided to become a super hero after talking with the League here in River City. What about you? How do you get to be where you are?”

Betsy never had a chance to lie because the doors opened and three people entered. Betsy couldn’t see much but she saw their faces as they passed her vision window. She only recognised Dr. Orlof and his sister-in-law from their pictures in Google. The other was a forty-ish man dressed in expensive business attire. He stopped to stare at her.

“Hey,” he said. “I know you.” He was looking straight at Betsy.

“Well, I don’t know you. How about some information?”

He smirked. “I don’t think you’re in a position to ask,” he said and walked out of her eyesight—the ceiling mirror wasn’t helpful as it only showed the top of his head. Betsy heard the beeps of a phone being dialled, then the American man said, “Tilly, get down here right away. You’ll never guess who our new guest is.”

“You know her?” It must have been Dr. Orlof speaking.

“Let’s wait ’till Tilly gets here. She should be in on these discussions.

Betsy wasn’t too happy with this development. It didn’t sound as if they were going to be friends.

The silence from the other two spoke volumes to Betsy. They had obviously been through this before and had decided that silence was the best policy. Well, Betsy could do that as well. They all waited.

Tilly Jigger walked in and looked at Betsy. “Hey, she’s the one we’ve been looking for. Well done.” She had moved away from Betsy’s sight and was presumably talking to the good doctor. “We’ll want to take her off your hands.” She added.

‘I don’t like the sound of that,’ thought Betsy. “Hey,” she said, forgetting her note to herself in the heat of the moment. “What the hell have I done to you two?”

Tilly reappeared into her sight. She smiled. “Well, dear, you did enter our mall without our permission. And what did you do with the eight people we sent to talk with you?”

Betsy said, “What eight peop… oh.”

“Now that’s very revealing. If you let that one out after just a question, what on Earth will you tell us when we question you properly?”

“Now come on. I’m not trained for this.”

It really didn’t sound as if they were going to be friends.

“Now dear. That’s a little fib, isn’t it? We watched you enter this castle and descend to this level and you were extremely professional about it. You even ate a meal then took a nap. And you had a good masturbation session as well. That does imply a certain familiarity with operations like this, doesn’t it?”

“You stopped to have a wank?” exclaimed Vicky incredulously. “What the fuck, Betsy?”

While Vicky was being incredulous, Tilly playfully ran her finger from Betsy’s nipple down to her pussy.

“I mean I’ve never been caught before,” said Betsy, answering Tilly and giving Vicky a good ignoring. “How did you do it? I’m very curious about that. I thought I’d taken every precaution. And please stop taking liberties with my body while I can’t do anything about it. It’s not nice.”

Tilly Jigger laughed and continued her finger’s teasing. “Do you think I’m going to tell you that dear? There are others like you aren’t there? I want to be able to catch them as well.”

“But how will they know? I’m toast aren’t I? You’ll still be able to catch them if you satisfy my curiosity.”

She laughed at that. “But I like you not knowing. That will eat away at you while you are being prepared. I like that and it’ll help your conversion.”

Betsy stared at her. “Now what does that mean? I have to tell you, I’m interpreting your words as threatening. Please tell me if I’m wrong because, at the moment, I’m going to treat you badly when I get out.”

Tilly Jigger laughed. A full bellied laugh that turned into snort-laughing accompanied by the other two joining her. She wiped her eyes clear of the tears that had formed there, being careful of her mascara. “Thank you for that. I’m so going to enjoy your treatment. Do you know, I think I’ll take personal charge of it. I’m going to watch you change, oh so slowly, into what I want.”

“And what is that? What am I going to change to?”

Tilly Jigger looked at her friends and must have gotten some nod or other. “I’m going to change you into one of our workers. You will become a perfect secretary, typing and filing and cock sucking and pussy pleasing. You will become an expert at pleasing your superiors, especially me. Your mind will be changed and your body as well. I mean, you don’t have any tits. What kind of girl are you without any tits? I’ll change that soonest, and your ass, which absolutely needs amending as well. And while we have you under the knife, I’ll make sure they change your face into something more pleasing to your superiors. And once we’re sick of the sight of you, we’ll sell you and you’ll end up re-educated and working for your new owner, like the bimbos here.” She smiled and her eyes indicated she was off somewhere pleasant to her.

Betsy rolled her eyes. “Good luck with that. I’m keeping my syllables, thank you. Tits I can remove no problem. And arse cheeks too.”

Tilly looked queryingly at Betsy for a short while before she understood. “Oh yes, you talked to Mary didn’t you? That must have been entertaining. What did you glean from her?”

“Whatever you did to her turned her from a Doctor of Philosophy into a bimbo. She could barely think about anything other than sex and she couldn’t say any word more than two syllables.”

“Ah yes. She was a difficult one. We added the two syllable rule to her training and, as you saw, it was a noted success. We’ve added it to all our staff now, but the results aren’t that noticeable. Mary was far more educated than most of them and that rule finally broke her.” She looked into Betsy’s eyes. “She’s far happier now she doesn’t have to think for herself. Before she was really stressed out and it was affecting her health. Now she’s in perfect health. So much so, in fact, we’ve sold her at a premium. I’ll have to think which of our many customers would prefer to own you, dear. I’m certain some of them know you, or of you. Owning an enemy is a delicious experience. Did you know that? It is. I had many enemies, as had Stewart. We’ve both discovered the delights of having mortal enemies doing exactly what we want.” She obviously pulled herself together and brought her mind back to the here and now.

“I think you’re fibbing. Who on earth would want to buy someone like Mary? They’d have to be as perverted as you and there’s not many such people around.”

“Oh dear,” she laughed. “I’m afraid you just don’t know many people. Mary was sold to someone called Femmebotheather, who has made certain, er, devices for us over the years. It’s not her full time job, she just does that on the side. She’s very good at it though. Apparently she wanted someone to make cookies for her guests because she had so many orders she couldn’t spare the time. And the guests would also be entertained by Mary. She’s real good at entertaining.”

One of the male voices out of her view added, “I do know about the other English one.”

“Tilly looked away, presumably at the speaker. “Do tell.”

“Well, you’ll have heard of Three Fingers?”

“Of course.”

“Well, when I circulated her photographs and the videos we took, Three Fingers took an immediate interest. They know her from somewhere and they are extremely interested in making her acquaintance. One of their agents is coming now, but has been held up by the storms.”

“Who are Three Fingers when they’re at home?” lied Vicky. “I don’t know them.”

“Now that’s interesting,” said the voice. He moved so he was in Vicky’s sight. Betsy could see him too. It was Dr. Orlof. “You see, er, what’s your name?”

Vicky paused before saying, “Vicky.”

“Thank you Vicky. Short for Victoria I assume.

Vicky said, “And you are?”

He smiled. “Dr. Orlof, at your service.”

“Liar,” answered Vicky immediately.

He smiled. “I am Dr. Orlof. Why do you assume I’m lying?”

“I don’t doubt that, you idiot. But you’re not at my service, are you?”

“Ah. I stand corrected. Thank you Vicky.” He nodded his head at her as he said that. “And I’ll overlook you calling me an idiot, because I can see your reasoning. But, getting back to Three Fingers, you and your group attacked them didn’t you? They have recordings of that.”

“No. They attacked us.” She replied, giving up her lie. “I still don’t know why either. It was unprovoked and viscious. I wouldn’t trust them at all, and you’d do yourself a lot of good if you did the same, Dr. Orlof.”

“Do not concern yourself about me, young lady. I am well able to take care of myself. I have beaten every foe I have encountered and I will continue to do so. You are just the latest in a long line of them. Three Fingers have offered a very fair sum for you, and a substantially smaller sum for your dead body. I have accepted and will earn my money when I hand you over to their agent.”

Betsy wondered why Dr. Orlof didn’t pick up the fact that Vicky suddenly knew Three Fingers after disclaiming all knowledge of them a few seconds ago. It gave her hope. Dr. Orlof was not as good as he claimed.

“And who is that agent? Don’t tell me. I bet it’s Sonia Watkins.”

“Yes it is. They have a lot of agents. Why did you go straight to her?”

“Because she has power there and we did meet a while ago. I don’t think she likes me.”

He smiled. “Excellent. I do like a comeback on those who oppose me. I understand this Ms. Watkins is intelligent and experienced in her field. I do want to see how she treats you. Now, Vicky, exactly what did you do to annoy Ms. Watkins?”

Betsy was watching Vicky carefully. This was all new to her.

“Well, I, sort of, well, accidental like, stuck a knife in her.”

Betsy raised her eyebrows at that.

“Oh Vicky. This is delicious. I’m certain Ms. Watkins will want to redress the balance when she arrives. Perhaps before she takes you away to whatever fate awaits you. I’ll make it a part of the contract that I see what she does to you.” His eyes gleamed.

“Hey, come on. It’s not like that. She drew first. And she had a gun. I only had a knife.”

“You used a knife against a gun and won? Against an experienced operative as well. It’s a good job we took away your toys isn’t it? And, now I come to think about it, yours too, Betsy. You had a very similar set of knives in a triple harness. And those knives were throwing knives I since discovered. Apparently that’s a difficult ability to master and yet, here we have two people who invaded my privacy, and each one has a similar set of throwing knives. Is that a coincidence?” He looked from Vicky to Betsy while he said that.

Betsy answered. “A guy called Willie Garvin taught me and Vicky was in the same class.”

“So, you work together. That means you are here to rescue your colleague, Betsy. And you failed. Now, who’s coming after you? Eh?”

“No, we’re friends, that’s all. We work for competing groups,” said Betsy. “We were just in the same class together. It was taught by an outside contractor.”

“Now, that just begs the question—just why are you here? Would you care to answer that?”

“Sure,” answered Betsy. The package was safe so the knowledge didn’t matter anymore. “I was here on a project for my group. That took me to the warehouse where Vicky and Pearl Girl were waiting. We met there. I’m not certain, but I assume they were there to stop those criminals and recover the loot they had. So, I let them go about their business. It wasn’t mine. But my target was part of that loot. So, while they were busy, I bagged my target and legged it. And, just to save you some time, I have no idea what my target was. By now, it’ll have been recovered from Heathrow and delivered to its proper owner.” Betsy didn’t mention that Dominatress person. She hoped she’d be able to find them here and create a bit of havoc they could use somehow,

“So you weren’t there to help these two?”


“Then, why did you help them? And how did you find this place?”

“I don’t know Pearl Girl but Vicky’s my friend. Of course I’ll help her. During the confusion in that warehouse, I managed to shoot Pearl Girl with a tracker when she was being carried out. I used that to tell me where she was.”

Vicky snorted. Dr. Orlof looked at her questioningly. Vicky answered the unspoken question, “I shot her with a tracker dart too.”

“My bum still hurts,” said Pearl Girl with feeling.

“Well, that was nice,” said Dr, Orlof to his captives. “We must do it again sometime. “But, we will leave you for now. The weather is foul and it’s interfering with my plans, but, nobody can help that. Mr. Herschel, I will ensure they’re unconscious until we need them again. This weather looks like it’s set for a few days and I don’t want our guests even suspecting they can escape. They’ll be quite happy until we want them.”

They all left, each of them staring at the captives as they left. The bimbos click clacked after them.

“I suppose I can get rid of these tits now,” said Vicky, regretfully. “Three Fingers can obviously recognise me despite me changing.”

“Why?” answered Betsy. They look good on you. “I wouldn’t mind trying them out, now you have them. Can you still shoot an arrow with them? Or do they get in the way?”

Vicky laughed. “Yes, I can still fire an arrow or two. All I need now is a sports bra and I’m good for anything I could do before.”

“I don’t know,” answered Betsy. “I don’t think I could handle them. Are they more sensitive?”

“Yeah. I adjusted that when I discovered how men just love to handle them. It makes life that bit more pleasant.”

“Are you two talking about just growing your boobs at will?” said Pearl from the end cot.

“Yeah,” answered Vicky. “It’s easy. But Betsy here is squeamish about it. I think she has some sort of phobia about them. She likes them on her girlfriends though, so it must be complicated.” She paused and continued, remembering Franz. “She also likes them on her boyfriends as well.”

That reminded her of something else, “And Betsy, Franz knows what happened now and he doesn’t bear you any ill will. He’d like to meet you again.”

Pearl was confused. But she eventually assumed they were talking nonsense because they were being bugged. That was a safe assumption. She decided to join in.

“Can you teach me how to…”

The door opened before she could finish that sentence and in walked Dr. Orlof again, this time with a bag.

He opened his bag on the counter, picked out a syringe, filled it with liquid from a large glass bottle and squirted some of it out to ensure there were no air bubbles in. Then he turned around.

“No thanks,” said Betsy. “I don’t like needles. “Anyway, what’s in them?”

“You’re first Betsy,” he answered. “It’ll make you sleep for a few hours, that’s all.” He approached Betsy, who started to squirm as much as she could. “And I’ll inject you again, before you recover. That way you’ll be unconscious until I want you awake again.” Vicky’s eyes narrowed and she watched closely.