The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


He injected Betsy then turned away to repeat the process for Vicky. Vicky watched Betsy in the ceiling mirror. She saw Betsy form a ball of muscle and run it up her arm towards the injection site. Once there it ran over her new hole a few times, pushing blood and some clear stuff out. Vicky’s eyes widened. That was cool, but Dr. Orlof would be able to see the liquid and blood Betsy had squeezed out of her arm when he returned, which was now.

Vicky screamed and shook and cried in terror, forcing Dr. Orlof to inspect her carefully. She was valuable to him alive and he didn’t want her to succumb to an attack of some kind. Eventually, he determined she was simply afraid, and injected her. “It appears you don’t have it when it comes to the crunch,” he said to Vicky, who spat in his eyes when he was close enough.

When he repeated the procedure for Pearl, Vicky sneaked a look at Betsy’s arm area. She saw Betsy had rubbed away the evidence as much as she could. It was a smeared mess now but would have aroused her suspicions if she was doing the dirty. Fortunately she wasn’t.

“Goodnight girls,” was all he said as he prepared to leave. “Someone will be back before you wake to repeat the dose. Just think, when you awake you will learn your fate.” He smiled at a, supposedly, panicked Vicky as he backed away out of sight of Betsy’s little gamble to leer at her.

“I think you will be awakened first Betsy. After all, the guests who are here now are the ones who want to play with you. Don’t worry. They have all the equipment and help they need. I’m looking forward to seeing their techniques when they turn you into one of their big titted airheaded bimbos. And you will be unable to say any word with more than two syllables? I really want to know how they do that. It will be instructive. I will enjoy watching you succumb. Second will be you, Pearl. I am certain you realise Ffanci desperately wants to experiment on you after what you did to her husband.”

“Good night,” he said to them all. “Sweet dreams.” He left.

As soon as she was certain Dr. Orlof had gone, Betsy said, “What did he mean by that Pearl?” Then she saw Pearl was out, and so was Vicky. “Thanks Vicky,” whispered Betsy, just as she started to feel sleepy herself.

Betsy woke to silence and light. Dr. Orlof had not turned the lights out. That was good. Feeling the leather strap around her left hand she slowly cut through it using one of two items they missed when they searched her.

She got up silently and went over to where she saw Dr. Orlof prepare his drugs. Inspecting them closely, she saw which bottle held the knockout drug he had used. Sniffing it, she ascertained it had no smell. She carefully tipped it out and rinsed it with the distilled water which was there in abundance. Then she refilled it with distilled water.

After that she went over to her haversack, took out one of her special bars and ate it. She would have to use her brain in the near future and it would top up her energy. Then she returned to her cot and strapped herself back in, tucking the cut leather strap in away from sight as best she could. Then she went to sleep.

Later, she was awakened by someone entering. Through her slightly opened eyes, she saw it was one of the bimbos, dressed in a pornographic nurse’s outfit. Using exaggerated tip toe movements, she went quietly to the drugs cabinet and prepared the needles for them all. Then she silently approached them and injected all three. After tidying up, she silently removed herself from the room. Betsy wondered how she could be so silent on a stone floor while wearing those stilettos.

“Thank you Mr. O’Donnell,” Betsy quietly said to herself as she got up again, dressed and had a look round properly this time. She had been lucky in that she didn’t have to use her abilities to make that nurse see what Betsy wanted her to see. That saved some much needed energy.

A quick recce around the room and then outside told her everything she needed.

A while later Pearl and Vicky started to make noises. Betsy quickly went over to quieten them as they emerged from their medical handcuffs.

Vicky smiled at Betsy. Without saying a word, she rose and quickly got dressed, followed by Pearl Girl. Betsy picked up her haversack and led them out. It was still the middle of the night and everything was quiet. She led them to a staircase and they all climbed it warily, but there was no one there on guard. Presumably, that was why Dr. Orlof relied on the drugs. He didn’t have enough guards to protect the place.

They emerged at the ground floor and made their way to a window. After checking for alarms and finding none, Vicky opened it and climbed out onto the lawn. Betsy handed her her haversack and climbed out herself, followed by Pearl Girl.

Betsy pointed to the wood at the edge of the manicured grounds and they all started running to get under cover there. They made it without causing a hue and cry. Once in there, Betsy had them huddle round and told them where her stash was hidden, just in case, because they were going straight out this time and leaving it as future insurance. Then they slowly made their way through the woods, Betsy informing them where the sensors were and how to see them before tripping them. Vicky had already done this, but Pearl Girl hadn’t and somebody had to teach her.

They eventually reached the ring road around the castle grounds at sunrise, where they hitched a lift from a farmer taking his produce to market on his pickup. Betsy was amazed that the truck actually worked, but didn’t complain at the offered lift. The driver was garrulous and told them all about his life and how everybody wanted him to use all the new-fangled things they used. But he was stubborn and he thought that was a strength. Betsy, Vicky and Pearl Girl all agreed with him, especially after they all noted he wasn’t just taking them back to the castle, as is the case in every bad story there is out there. The worst thing about those stories is that the heroes don’t realise this as soon as he heads back.

He dropped them off at the early morning market on the outskirts of River City and wouldn’t accept any payment from them, even when Betsy offered to bring him to orgasmic delights if he didn’t want cash.

“No, ma’am,” he told her in no uncertain terms. “I get what I pay for and I ain’t paying for any orgiasmic things, whatever they are. They’re dangerous. The devil made them to trap honest folk. And you, young lady, shouldn’t be playing around with such things. He actually emphasised this point by tapping Betsy in her chest, between where her boobs would have been if she had any. Betsy didn’t amputate his finger because he was honest, even if he was honest in a silly American sort of way.

“I help anybody away from that castle. It’s of the devil. Some say they saw Satan construct it hundreds of years ago and nobody around here will go near it. People disappear and nothing is done about it. Now you go off about your business and don’t tell nobody about me.”

They thanked him and walked away.

Pearl commented, once they were out of earshot of anyone, “Vicky, I feel tingles all over my body, and I think my strength’s returning. It’s slow, but I do feel it.”

Vicky thought for a while. “It looks like Dr. Orlof has a method of draining your strength at his castle. We’ll have to watch out for that when we return.”

Betsy wondered at that. Why would they want to return?

Now, where exactly were they?

They were in the middle of a large early morning market. Produce was everywhere along with all the traders of the city who needed fresh food for their businesses.

“I’m starving,” said Vicky. Betsy concurred, as did Pearl Girl. They looked around for a vendor and Betsy spotted one.

“Over here,” she said as she crossed the road towards the heavenly smells. A horn immediately sounded and Betsy screamed and jumped back onto the path in the nick of time.

“What the fuck,” she said.

Vicky laughed. They drive on the right here, Betsy. You have to relearn your Green Cross Code.” Betsy mumbled something rude about all things American while Vicky took her hand and helped her across the road. Pearl didn’t approve. Obviously that gesture embarrassed Betsy, but, she discerned, that was the point. She didn’t understand this game of one upmanship they played. Pearl walked across with them but kept away from Betsy’s hand. They each went for their money, only to realise they hadn’t any.

“That bastard took my cash,” said Betsy. Pearl Girl concurred, only in more polite, American values, language.

“Fuck the cunt,” said Vicky, her delight on one upping Betsy immediately forgotten.

“I’d pay money to see that,” said Betsy. “If I had any,” she amended. Pearl Girl laughed when she got it. Betsy liked her more.

“I know where we are now, and my place is a half hour away. Let’s go there and I’ll get us breakfast,” said Pearl Girl happily.

“I’m hungry now,” said Betsy, digging into her haversack. Bringing out three nutrition bars she handed them round and they dug in. Vicky made a face. Pearl Girl tried not to.

“What the Hell are these?” said Vicky.

Betsy became embarrassed. “They’re nutrition bars. I make them meself.”

“That’s fucking obvious,” responded Vicky, “but you didn’t answer the question. What’s in them?”

“Good stuff,” mumbled Betsy in reply.

They were following Pearl Girl’s lead as they walked to her apartment. Pearl Girl was trying to use her advantage of being in the front to discretely dispose of the nutrition bar without causing any more comment.

The people around were all wrapped up in their own thoughts on this wet and windy day. The weather recently had been wild and they had stayed indoors ’till now, so they weren’t exactly noticing the three walking amongst them, two of them wearing dark and warm clothing while the other was a super hero. Pearl Girl’s mask looked, at first glance, to be the face of a typical flapper, so, under such circumstances, she could get away with walking amongst the great unwashed without drawing too much attention to herself. The flapper outfit was what drew people’s eyes, but they seemed to think she was doing the walk of shame from some sort of fancy dress party, especially when they noticed the ripped and generally abused state of the thing. All the females seeing that thought she was a total slut and wanted to know who her boyfriend was. In any case, they all averted their eyes automatically. Betsy realised Americans were a polite bunch. ‘Too polite,’ she thought once this idea battered its way into her head. ‘There’s such a thing as being too polite.’

Arriving at a residential area, Betsy asked of Pearl Girl, “Pearl, where did you get your necklace? You didn’t have it before. And where’s your whip thing?”

Vicky sniggered. Betsy looked at her and scowled.

Pearl Girl, being American, didn’t snigger, but answered the question in all seriousness. “They’re one and the same, Betsy. It’s in display mode just now, which is good as it’s easy to carry, completes my look and doesn’t frighten the citizenry. Unfortunately Dr. Orlof seems to have broken it. I’ll probably need a new one.”