The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy’s Awakens

Betsy wakes up and realizes everything she experienced at the hands of Heather was a dream, or was it?


Betsy woke with a start in her hotel room immediately looking around unsure of where she was at the moment. Surprisingly, everything seemed normal. The sun was peaking around the window shades and the sound of traffic could be heard. Pulling back the bed’s covers and lifting her well worn nightgown, Betsy was glad to see neither of her nipples were pierced nor were there tattoos adorning her body. Pulling a mirror from her purse on the night table, she saw that her mousy brown hair was intact and not dyed in any flamboyant color. She smiled as she looked just like her normal self. Grabbing her iPhone from the nightstand, Betsy checked the date and time. Immediately, she laughed out loud realizing everything experienced was only in her mind; she had been dreaming.

“Holy crap,” the author muttered, “I need to write some of those ideas down for my next stories.” She quickly grabbed a pad near the bedside and scribbled down some thoughts and ideas that came to her in the night’s dreams. Checking her appointment calendar, she saw that she was to meet the American lawyer turned author named Heather at 1130 for lunch.

“Wow,” Betsy again muttered, “my imagination is in overdrive. I must really be anticipating the meeting to be dreaming what I have been dreaming.” She then rationalized the dreams being triggered by jet lag caused by her long trans-Atlantic flight from The UK to New York.

At promptly 1130, Becky walked into the agreed upon restaurant and scanned the crowd for Heather. Almost immediately, she spotted a tall, professionally dressed woman in the back corner and instinctively knew it was the American author she had come to meet.

“You must be Heather,” Becky smiled as she asked the question walking up to the woman. Looking up, Heather smiled whispering “and you must be Betsy.” She added, “and you look just as I expected, please have a seat.”

“I have admired your work for awhile,” Heather remarked over their first martini. “I find you have a very active imagination sprinkled with some very intriguing fetishes.”

Heather watched Betsy for any reaction and saw a slight blush. That caused her to smile.

“Please, I am hardly one to judge,” Heather commented, “your kinks are you own and I do love the way they get incorporated into your stories.”

Betsy looked across at the American and smiled, “well you have a few of your own too.”

“Yes, I admit that I do,” Heather laughed, “I guess between the both of us we have quite a list.”

Both women smiled as they sipped their drinks with Heather motioning to the young waitress for another round. She turned to Betsy remarking, “take our beautiful, young waitress there, just imagine what we could do with her in a story.”

Betsy smiled as she nodded, her mind already filling with scenarios for the young woman. This was not unnoticed by Heather who leaned closer whispering, “and just think what I would do with the both of you.”

Betsy’s eyes went wide as she realized her mind immediately reworked her scenarios per Heather’s words.

“Betsy, you do realize that I am a lawyer and an author, but also, I dabble in hypnotism and mind control.” Heather waited for a reply and watched Betsy shift her weight across from her.

“I was not aware, but It does not surprise me.” Betsy answered.

“You are such a poor liar,” Heather smirked, “the thought that I have those skills makes you uncomfortable. I can see it in your body language.” She added “I guess if you knew two of my best friends own this hotel and a pharmaceutical company, it would really make you nervous.”

Betsy again shifted her weight and sipped on the second martini recently delivered by the young waitress.

“Now, why did you fly here to meet me? Surely it was more then admiration.” Heather’s facial expression softened as she waited for an answer. For the first time Betsy noticed the glint of the establishment’s lights off of Heather’s highly polished finger nails.

Heather saw Betsy’s look and grinning said, “remember, I know of your attraction to glossy red nails.” She then touched her fingers to her lips, also painted in a deep red adding, “and red lips.” Heather watched as Betsy’s eyes almost instinctively followed her fingers tracing the outline of her lips.

“Now back to my question, why are you here?”

Betsy looked down for a moment and then answered, “well, I thought maybe I could get some ideas from you on a book that I want to write. I want to move away from short stories and get into something longer where I can flush out my characters.” She continued, “and I am struggling with some writer’s block.”

“Yes, I noticed your stories have become quite long, but I did not know about the writer’s block. It seems to me as if you were experimenting with your stories. You do love experimenting, don’t you Betsy.” Heather waited for an answer and smiled when Betsy nodded.

“Well, I will help you as I like you, but you need to know I have rather unconventional ways of helping.” Heather looked for a reaction.

“Unconventional?” Betsy asked.

Heather grinned inwardly as she again watched Betsy’s eyes follow her fingers. She believed that Betsy had no idea she was following them making any future induction even easier.

“Yes, as I wrote in one of my earlier works, Experience is the best teacher. Now tell me, did you sleep well last night?”

Without thinking, Betsy answered “no, my night was filled with dreams.”

“Dreams?” Heather questioned.

“Yes, Erotic Dreams filled my mind,” Betsy countered.

“Yes, of course they did. You drank the free bottled water just before turning in for the night didn’t you?” Heather looked at Betsy’s face as the young woman started to make the connection.

“I told you that a good friend owns a pharmaceutical company and another this hotel, it is amazing what drugs can make you do.” Heather sipped her drink after making the statement.

“You drugged me?” Betsy said in an accusing tone.

“Hardly,” Heather retorted, “you drugged yourself.”

The young waitress approached and asked if they wanted another martini. Before answering, Heather asked a question.

“Leah, are you a student at the University?” Heather looked at the young woman’s name tag and then directly into her face.

“Yes, 3d year pre-med,” she answered while waiting for their order.

Looking towards Betsy and then back at Leah, Heather said in a calm yet deliberate voice, “good students listen intently.”

As she voiced those words, a calming mask seemed to fall over the waitresses face and she visibly relaxed. “Please sit,” Heather said and without hesitation, the waitress joined the two ladies at the table.

Betsy looked stunned and mumbled “what did you do to her?”

Laughing, Heather remarked, “after I found out you were coming, I implanted a verbal trigger in Leah that can put her in this state any time I desire. As I told you, a good friend of mine owns the hotel and allows me to experiment on employees to test new techniques.” She then added, “Leah will now do anything I desire.”

A look of concern fell over Betsy’s face and it was clearly noticed by Heather.

“Don’t worry, I won’t have you barking like a dog.” When Betsy relaxed, Heather chided her with one word.....”yet.” Betsy gave a nervous laugh.

“So you really are a skilled hypnotist,” Betsy asked already knowing the answer.

“Yes, and not the questionable stage variety. I take my skills seriously and always look for ways to improve my induction techniques. I get a thrill watching someone totally unsuspecting go under my spell.” Heather added, “that is real life eroticism.”

Betsy noticed that Leah was just sitting there saying nothing totally unemotional. “So she will just sit there, won’t her boss say something?”

“She probably would, but she is under my spell too.” “Remember,” Heather whispered, “I have had years to build my following.”

“Now, you mentioned writer’s block and working on a novel.” Heather paused, sipped her drink and waited for a response.

“Yes,” Betsy nodded, “I am finding it hard to get started and my ideas are all jumbled. This has never happened to me before to this degree.”

“Well, I thought the dreams might help you and that is why you enjoyed the special water last night. However, given you still seem confused maybe a stronger intervention is needed.” Heather watched as her words sunk into the author across the table.

“Intervention?” Betsy was clearly confused and worried.

“Leah, be a good student and dress appropriately for me and my guess.” Heather watched as he words caused Leah to smile, get up, and leave the room.

“What was that all about?” Betsy asked as she watched the coed walk across the room and could not but help admire her trim shape and the sway of her hips.

“You will soon see, I cannot show you all my secrets in the first day. However, I can help you and eliminate any writing block you may have now and into the future. Afterall, you have been my favorite erotic writer for years and I want you to succeed.”

Betsy nodded and smiled inwardly at the compliment. She did not notice Leah walk back to the table. Before she sat down, the young coed reached over towards Betsy and pressed something soft and silky into her palm. When Betsy looked down, she realized she was holding a pair of black silk panties which she rightfully assumed came from Leah. She felt herself blushing slightly and looked around to see if any of the other patrons noticed.

“Such a cute response, Betsy. Why should you care what others think. Afterall, you write about what some truly desire.” Heather looked to Leah as she finished her statement and whispered, “I think we could use another drink and tell Marty behind the bar you are clocking out at my insistence.”

“Betsy,” Heather grinned, “you might want to put those panties in your purse unless of course you are dying to inhale Leah’s scent which I assure you is special. If you keep them in your hand, I will have no reason not to think that you want them in your mouth as a gag.”

Betsy shook her head and placed the panty in her purse.

“I seem to recall stories where your characters were silenced in such a matter, or am I mistaken?” Heather watched as Betsy again nodded in the affirmative to the question.

“Maybe having you experience your stories from the characters’ perspective would be just what you need to break out of your funk.” Heather’s face wore a sly grin as she made the statement.

“You wouldn’t, you couldn’t” sputtered Betsy noticing Leah approaching with drinks.

“I am capable of almost anything, “ Heather answered calmly. “I think you will discover that for yourself as we work through your problems.”

Leah set a drink before each woman nodding to Heather as if there was a secret code. Betsy sipped her drink unaware of the unspoken communication between Heather and her coed.

“Betsy, do you remember your story, “The Auction,” written back in 2017? Heather sipped her drink waiting for a reply.

“Yes,” nodded Betsy, “it was one of my earlier works.”

“Well then,” Heather continued, “I am sure you remember how your main character got in her predicament and the auction?”

“Yes, she was drugged, in a drink I believe,” Betsy sipped her drink as she spoke the words. She then noticed Heather’s smile and looking down at her nearly finished drink, she glanced back at her hostess.

“You wouldn’t,” Betsy said, but noticed she slurred her words. The last thing she saw and heard before the room went black was Heather smiling, leaning close and whispering, “and so it begins.”

Betsy woke slowly in a room bathed in white light. The first thing she noticed was she was naked. The second thing she noticed was she was cuffed with her hands and ankles securely fastened to the frame of the bed placed in the center of the room. She was also gagged and unable to yell out. The only sound she could produce was a muffled whimper. She heard the door open and a sound of footsteps walking closer. Staring up, Heather and then Leah came into view.

“I am so sorry for the dramatics, but you, after all, needed some ideas or stimulation to break your writer’s block and what better way then to have you relive some of your own fantasies hidden within your own stories. “ Heather slowly patted Betsy’s head bending low and whispering, “at least I will call you Betsy instead of your middle name, Jennifer, or Jenn.”

Leah giggled a little. “You were so right, Miss Heather, her breasts are so tiny. I would say they are hardly a B Cup.” Heather watched Betsy burn crimson red in embarrassment.

“I know it is a sensitive subject, Betsy, but I promise we will remedy it before you leave the US this time around. As I told you, we are near to help you in all ways.”

Betsy broke her silence yelling into her gag.

“Leah, why don’t you get your panties out of our guest’s mouth, she might be able to talk better. Besides, she is already imprinted with your scent and taste.” Heather watched as Leah walked over and gently pulled her used panty from Betsy’s mouth.

“Ok, you have had your fun, now untie me and let me go. I have a novel to write.” Betsy pleaded with her friend.

“I am sorry Betsy, but this is really for your own good. Your writing will be so much sharper and crisper when you finish my program. Look at what we have done with your friend.”

With that Penny walked through the door. “Yes, we know all about Penny and you. It is hard to keep a secret.” Heather stopped her sentence and turned to Penny. “Dear, it is rude to have our guest the only naked woman in the room. Can you strip and join her in nakedness.”

Without hesitation and to Betsy’s surprise, Penny began to strip and did not stop until she was totally naked.”

“What have you done to her?” Betsy asked out of genuine concern.

“Nothing she didn’t do to others in her own stories, but enough about Penny, let’s get back to you.”

Leah interrupted, “Mistress, may I suggest that Penny put her newly acquired waxing talents to good use and bare Betsy. She has too much hair and hides all of her delicate spots.”

“Excellent idea Leah.” Turning to Penny, Heather simply said “please wax your friend and if she is not as smooth as silk, there will be punishment.”

With that Leah and Heather left Betsy alone with her former friend.

“Ok Penny, you can let me up now. You have had your fun with your friends at my expense, but enough is enough.” Betsy seemed surprised when her writing companion made no move to free her.

Instead, Penny walked across the room and came back with an armful of supplies. Betsy saw a tin with the name Brazilian Honey Wax and knew Penny had every intention to wax her.

Penny bent down and whispered, “she just wants to help you and so do I.” She added, “unlike your story about our first meeting, there is no stage hypnotist and I will not be keeping you as my new French Maid.”

Betsy shook her head, “just let one hand go free for old times sake.”

“What, and let you trick me given your knowledge of martial arts. That will not happen.” She added, “don’t worry, Heather has plans for your “experience” and surely she will destroy your writer’s block helping you. Along the way, she will change you just a wee bit.” With that, Penny began trimming Betsy’s pubic hair to about 1/8 inch. “The wax will take care of the rest,” she laughed.

For the next few minutes the only sounds that came from the room where Betsy’s yells as Penny ripped the hairs from the most intimate and delicate parts of Betsy’s body. She did not stop until her English friend was smooth announcing, “Mistress Heather will love the look”

“Please, you have to help me,” Betsy pleaded with her old friend.

“But we are doing just that. You have to trust the process.” Penny just smiled as she walked to the corner and sat down.

Momentarily, Heather walked back into the room with another woman introduced as Dr. Leslie Tastie. “She runs the pharmaceutical company I spoke of earlier. Dr. Tastie, as you will come to know her, supplied the delicious water you enjoyed last night and the additive to your drinks earlier today. She is quite talented.” Heather seemed to enjoy watching Betsy make the connection.

“Dr. Tastie has agreed to help us, help you. I assured her that you would have no issue being a human tester for some of her more exotic prototype drugs. Afterall, you always enjoyed Penny’s work and her use of medical grade drugs for control and conditioning.” Heather looked down at Betsy and spoke slowly, “or am I mistaken?”

“But that was fiction, this is real life.” Betsy blurted out.

“Sometimes, the lines between fiction and real life blur, just look at Penny over there.” Dr. Tastie spoke softly yet firmly to Betsy.

“She was a successful writer too, but became to obsessed with the use of drugs and mind control. We had to help her and show her the errors of her ways. Now look at her, she can no longer write but is a successful esthetician.

“She was a brilliant writer,” Betsy argued, “now look at her.”

Heather laughed, “we helped her.” She added, “look how happy she is.”

Leslie Tastie interrupted the banter saying, Penny was a test subject and we learned a lot from her. I am sure we will not appreciably lower your IQ as we help you with your problem.”

“My IQ?” Betsy’s eyes went wide in disbelief.

“Well time is money, shall we get started as Betsy has a novel to write.”Dr. Tastie laughed as she looked towards Heather for guidance.

“I agree,” Heather stated.

“Betsy, we are going to soften your looks, let you lose some of that muscle mass, add some curves in the right places, finally enhance your breasts, and tweak your mind just a bit. Whereas you had some submissive tendencies in the past, we will make you a full blown submissive, totally subservient to all around you. It will make for a great plot for your new novel.” Heather spoke as if she was going down a checklist.

“You will do nothing of the kind to me,” Betsy yelled. It was a yell that was ignored.

As she lay in the bed, one of Dr. Tastie’s assistant’s secured Betsy’s arm to a board and then started an IV line. “It looks as if needles scare her,” the assistant remarked.

“No worries, I know she has read all of Penny’s stories and knows how effective Midazolam is in relaxing a patient and making them compliant. As she discovered and we are about to see, if we add Remifentanil you will be in the clouds totally enjoying everything we want to do to you.” Dr. Tastie, walked over and showed her the first syringe as she connected it to the IV port.

“Would you like the honors?” Leslie asked Heather who walked up next to her.

“I thought you would never ask, but I am glad you did.” Heather almost laughed as she, with great dramatic flair, depressed the plunger and watched the liquid from the syringe enter the IV line directly into Betsy’s body.

“You can’t do this to, to, to.....mmmeee.” Betsy struggled with the words as the drug hit her mind. Those watching in the room saw her body visibly relax. As Betsy collapsed back onto the bed, the second syringe carrying the Remifentanil was connected and this time Leslie administered the dose. As she did, she watched Betsy’s eyeballs roll back in her head and a smile break out on her face.

“She is flying high now,” Dr. Tastie commented. “You can begin programming her now. I will arrange for her surgeries in the morning.”

Looking over to Penny, Leslie commented “come with me dear, I have been on my feet too much today and they need a good licking.” The doctor then smiled slyly and said, “if you do a good job on my feet, maybe I will let you lick my ass.”

Penny grinned a stupid smile and nodded whispering “I would love that Miss.”

Heather looked over at her remarking, “see, she is much happier now that her life is simpler.”

“I agree,” Leslie said, “a simple life for a simple mind.” She added, the dosage for Betsy will be much more precise and our British guest will return home a changed woman and a much better writer.”

“Who said she is returning home,” Heather said quickly. “I might decide to keep her here. She can write from anywhere and why not write about the real life experiences I, or we, can give her.”

With that, ear buds were placed into Betsy’s ears and a visor was placed over her eyes. Walking to a computer, Heather typed in some codes and the system sprang to life. Stepping back, she admired the nude form of Betsy sprawled spread eagle on the bed. “Soon, you will be enjoying your new life.”

“Please check with the medical staff on the changes we require. When my guest regains consciousness down the road, I want everything completed.” With those words Heather left the room. Fifteen minutes later she was in her office with Leah massaging her legs from a kneeling position and totally naked.

“I always seem to forget just how beautiful you are” Heather whispered. “When Betsy recovers, I am sure she will help you with your creative writing as I have not had much time.”

Leah looked up and smiled before trailing light kisses up her Mistresses legs. Heather shut her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Leah had been trained well and by the time she returned to campus that evening, Heather was a satisfied woman.

For the next 30 days, Betsy was kept sedated, or at best in a twilight sleep. The team Dr. Tastie assembled reshaped Betsy’s body and mind. She continually reassured Heather that unlike Penny, Betsy would show little to no IQ drop due to the drug cocktail she was receiving. Heather continually checked on her progress and liked the body modifications taking place. The surgeries were done early to allow the longest recovery period. Betsy’s breasts were enhanced and her nipples were enlarged. At the same time, her buttocks were made rounder and softer. Heather also directed a labiaplasty and vaginoplasty to improve Betsy’s sensitivity and enjoyment.

Once these surgeries were done, cosmetic surgeons went to work enhancing the size of Betsy’s lips, enhancing her cheeks and eliminating all of her facial lines. Aestheticians then slowly used the latest laser treatment to permanently remove all of Betsy’s pubic and underarm hair. “She will look like a new woman when healed,” Heather laughed. She then asked how the mental conditioning was going.

“Well given we have an entire 30 days, I would venture to guess she will be your perfect submissive,” Leslie answered but added, “but she will still be bright, able to pen her novel and very adventurous, especially in the sexual area.”

“That sounds perfect,” Heather added. “It will be like she lived her own stories in some way.”

“Well based on your suggestion,” Dr. Tastie looked over at Heather as she spoke, “I read some of her works to insure we added the right kinks into her programming. I must say, she had an active imagination and a litany of kinks. Most will now be embedded in her new personality.”

“Can you give me a few examples?” Heather waited anxiously for a reply.

“Well, Betsy will now be totally bisexual getting pleasure from both men and women. It was clear to me from her stories that is how she wanted to be. She will also be submissive, have exquisite taste in lingerie and love bondage in all its forms. Leslie continued. “She will love to pleasure orally and loves licking both pussy and ass. Anal sex appeals to her as does nipple pleasure and body modification.”

Leslie paused for a moment and then concluded, “finally, she has some harder kinks and really has an affinity to animals when presented properly.”

Heather grinned, “and you got all of this from her writing.”

Leslie just nodded and then said, “but I have added a few surprises for you to discover.” She then added “and when your guest wakes up, she will be surprised.”

“I am sure,” Heather smiled slightly, “waking up as a character from one of your own stories will be unsettling, but I am sure she will like the new persona.” She added, “Betsy’s problem was she wrote as fiction and did not realize how far reality had progressed. Fiction becomes reality over time.”

Looking down at her guest, Heather commented, “and I do love how you have softened her features.”

“I am glad you noticed. Dr. Tastie said, “she will be much more of a ballerina or yoga practitioner than a gym rat in her new life. She will eat healthy, exercise for long and lean muscles vs. mass and her martial arts days are behind her. She is much more the prim and proper lady of your liking.”

“Yes and with a taste for my pussy,” Heather laughed.

The following week, was the big reveal as Betsy was slowly weaned off of the drugs and step by step regained consciousness and her grip on reality. No longer restrained, Betsy rubbed her eyes and tried to refocus after over 30 days away from the reality of her life.

“Welcome back,” Heather grinned and looked down at her.

Memories flooded back to Betsy and she whispered, “what have you done to me?”

“Improvements, all improvements dear as I am sure you will shortly see, but for now, lay back and relax.” Heather looked for a reaction and smiled as Betsy put her head back on the pillow and said, ok.”

Both Heather and Betsy had a look of surprise on their faces as one wondered why she was obeying a suggestion and the other somewhat shocked the programming worked. Heather decided to test her luck and simply said “good girl.”

The words cut like a lightening bolt into Betsy’s brain. She immediately smiled broadly and relaxed. At the same time, Betsy felt a shot of arousal run directly through her pussy and into her clit. A look of surprise crossed her face. Heather smiled realizing her guest responded positively to her words of praise. Heather smiled, she was going to love the new Betsy.

“It is important you remember how you feel from this point forward,” Heather said as she spoke to Betsy. “Your thoughts, feelings and memories will become the basis for your novel and new stories.” Heather then added “do you understand?”

Betsy again nodded.

With a sly grin, Heather simply said two words: “Good Girl.”

An audible soft moan came from Betsy’s lips and the aspiring author could feel her nipples harden for all to see.

Dr. Tastie walked over and looking at Betsy suggested that she try and get out of bed and walk a little. Still naked, Betsy did not hesitate to obey a fact noted by the medical team. “Take it slow,” the doctor offered, you have been in bed for over a month.”

Betsy took a few tentative steps feeling a new weight on her chest. Looking down, she saw her new breasts and gasped slightly as she stared at the hardened pink nipples. “The new you,” Heather added.

Dr. Tastie walked Betsy over to a full length mirror where for the first time she saw herself. “My body......what have you done to me?” She asked the same question over and over again never getting an answer and seemed agitated.

Finally, Heather spoke and it was in the form of a command.

“Betsy Stop!” Betsy fell silent.

“You love the new you and are being silly right now. You are softer, sensual and intelligent. Your tastes and styles have changed all for the better. You will forget the old Betsy and embrace the new.” Heather finished speaking and nodded to Dr. Tastie who added, “and that pussy of yours is like brand new.”

All those in the room laughed but Betsy, who still seemed confused. All she did was stare at her reflection in the mirror.

Heather turned to Leah, who had joined the crowd. “Take Betsy to her room in the main house. She needs to settle in and get ready to write.”

“Betsy, we will talk later,” Heather stated quickly, “but know you will be expected to produce a minimum of two pages of writing per day. Everything you need is in your room.”

Leah handed Betsy a robe and taking her by the arm led her down the hallway and into the main wing of the house.

“Your room is here,” Leah said opening the door. Both women stepped inside, the room was bright, cheerful and fully appointed. In the sitting area was a desk, laptop, printer and everything Betsy would need to write.

“I think you will find everything in the closet your new size and to your liking,” Leah said as she opened the doors to the closet. New clothes filled the shelves and rods. Betsy took it all in and was totally calm. Leah noted that fact making a mental note to relay the information to Heather. It was clear the programming had taken hold and Betsy no longer felt like a prisoner.

With a cheerful, “I will see you at dinner tonight before I go back to campus,” Leah turn and walked out of the room. As she left the room, Leah’s perfume laced with her natural pheromones lingered in the air and had an invisible effect on Betsy. For some reason, she saw herself bound, naked and a pair of black panties gagging her. The scent from the panties matched the current scent in the air. Betsy could not help but inhale deeply and as she did, she felt her pussy involuntarily moisten.

Betsy took inventory of the closet. It was filled with lingerie, heels, dresses and skirts/blouse combinations. There were no jeans or slacks. She absently wondered how they knew she despised jeans and slacks as too restrictive and not lady-like?

There was a light knock on the door and opening it, Betsy saw Dr. Tastie standing there with a stack of paperwork. “Do you mind if I come in? I have a few tests to run and would like to get them done as soon as possible.”

Betsy stood back and let her into the room.

“The tests are simple. I will show you two images and you will pick the one you like. I need your immediate response, so don’t overthink it. There is no right or wrong answer.”

Betsy nodded and sat across from the doctor who was now seated next to a small round table.

“Ok, let’s begin,” the doctor said holding up two images: a young woman dressed in a professional skirt and blouse and the same woman dressed in jeans and a top.

“The skirt picture,” answered Betsy quickly.

The next images were a bare leg or a leg covered in a stocking. “The stocking of course,” said Betsy.

On and on the images went with each answer being recorded. As the images progressed, they also got more risqué and sexual which either Betsy did not mind or wasn’t bothered in the least.

“Which of these two do you like?” Leslie held up an image of a naked woman atop a man clearly riding his cock in an erotic fashion. The second image was a young woman in a bondage harness kneeling before a man and a woman sucking his cock while fingering the woman.

“Image two, Betsy said. “I like the kneeling woman.”

After another 15 minutes, the testing concluded with Leslie whispering to Betsy that she did well and truly as a good girl. The doctor loved the look Betsy took on as a wave of arousal swept over her.

“Are you ok, Betsy, you seem flushed for some reason.” Leslie looked concerned.

“I am fine, just a little warm at the moment.” Betsy could not see her face redden in embarrassment as she talked.

When Leslie left the room, she headed to Heather’s office. “Her programming is solid. She selected over 95% of the correct images. There is no doubt that she is highly suggestible, a submissive, and very bisexual. All of the traits we programmed for, now exist.” Leslie smiled as she made her findings known.

That evening at dinner, Heather seated Leah next to Betsy wanting to watch the interaction between two of her experiments. It only took seconds for Betsy’s brain to register Leah’s perfume and scent and her brain’s pleasure centers were immediately stimulated.

“Leah will be spending the night instead of returning to campus,” Heather announced. “She will also be staying for Saturday’s Dinner Party.”

Betsy whispered “dinner party?”

“Yes, to let you meet my friends and some fellow writers. I am sure many have struggled with writer’s block before and can offer suggestions.” Heather than asked Leah if she had taken Betsy into the gallery wing yet.

“Not yet ma’am, but I will.” Leah answered lowering her eyes as she did.

Both Heather and Leslie watched Betsy’s reaction to the word ma’am. The flushing of her cheeks told them everything they needed to know.

After dinner, Leah took Betsy’s arm and escorted her down the hall. “Heather wanted me to show you her gallery after dinner. She has a very extensive collection as you will see.”

Walking close to Leah after sitting next to her at dinner, Betsy was continually bombarded by the younger woman’s pheromones which slowly built her arousal. By the time they reached the gallery, Betsy could feel her pussy grow wetter and her nipples were stimulated by the lace cups of her bra. However, due to her conditioning, none of this seemed misplaced. In fact, her mind catalogued the feelings for use in her upcoming novel.

When Leah turned on the gallery lights, Betsy was stunned. It was a gallery of erotic art and photographs both beautiful and graphic in nature. For the next few minutes Betsy just walked in silence taking it all in. Suddenly she stopped in front of a photograph of a beautiful young girl wrapped tightly in latex, hands bound and kneeling about to suck a man’s swollen penis. “OMG, Leah, that is you,” Betsy exclaimed.

Leah showed no embarrassment and laughed saying “yes, as you can see the title of the picture is “Coed Training,” and it was very appropriate.” The longer Betsy stared at the picture, the more aroused she became. Neither woman heard Heather enter the room.

“I see you are enjoying the gallery,” Heather announced her presence

Leah lowered her eyes and whispered “yes Mistress” and as those words were spoken Betsy understood Heather’s role more clearly.

“Heather, you really are a Mistress, you really know hypnotism and mind control. To you this is real and not fiction.” Betsy looked directly at Heather already knowing the answer.

“Very good, now you are beginning to understand.” Heather then looked to Leah and simply said “strip.”

As Betsy watched, the beautiful coed removed her dress and lingerie until she was standing and then kneeling naked next to Heather. “Good girl,” Heather said knowing she would get a reaction out of both women.

“Now Betsy, why don’t you strip too.” Heather stated the question without any hint of emotion.

Betsy looked towards Heather and then down at Leah and started to object stammering just a bit. “Heather, I came to get help with a writer’s block, but this is more than I expected.” Betsy did not even realize that as she was talking, she was already unzipping her dress and complying with Heather’s suggestion, which her mind translated as a command.

“Well, if you object, why are you taking off your dress?” Heather almost laughed as she pointed out the obvious.

Betsy looked down as she felt her hands reach around her back and unclasped her bra. Immediately, her newly enhanced breasts fell free. Her hands were soon pulling her panties over her hips and thighs allowing them to fall between her feet and onto the floor. She said nothing totally unsure of how this was happening.

“It’s real, you have this power”, Betsy looked over to Heather.

“I told you, this is not fiction.” Heather looked at her guest. I and my team have transformed you over the last thirty days and as a result, you will be a much better writer, which is after all what you wanted. The experiences you are about to have will shape and sharpen your writing.”

“Kneel.” When Betsy heard those words fall from Heather’s lips, she felt her knees hit the floor. She was now looking up at Heather.

“You are a beautiful sight. In fact, both of you are.” Heather walked closer to Betsy as she was talking. As she drew closer, Betsy’s eyes automatically lowered. She was now staring at Heather’s lower legs and feet. When Heather’s hands stroked her hair, Betsy instinctively moaned lightly much to her embarrassment.

“It is now an ingrained response Betsy, don’t be embarrassed.” Heather then continued. You will be continually surprised by your new and improved personality.”

“But it is not me,”Betsy noted, “it is not really me.”

“Yes it is, it is the new you and you will have so much success writing about it.” Heather continued to stroke Betsy’s hair and each stroke sent a wave of pleasure through the aspiring writer. Heather looked around the gallery and whispered, “soon you will be prominently displayed here.”

Leah’s pheromone laced scent continued to penetrate Betsy’s body as she dealt with Heather. Now, Betsy detected something else, the scent of arousal. She did not know who it belonged to: Leah, herself, or even Heather. When she looked at Leah, she had the answer as the coed was slowly stroking herself to the point where a fine white creamy fluid was visible on her pussy lips. As Betsy inhaled the scent, she again had a flashback to the black panty in her mouth.

“Taste your sister,” Heather commanded and Betsy found herself literally crawling toward Leah and her beautiful, naked body. Within seconds they embraced and were soon intertwining in a deepening sensual kiss. Betsy’s hands fell between Leah’s thighs and her fingers scooped the creamy wetness. Leah moaned and grabbed Betsy’s hands bringing them slowly to the visitor’s lips. Betsy closed her eyes, opened her lips and quickly savored not only the scent but the taste of the young coed. Moans erupted from both women as Heather looked on with a smile.

Betsy, was lost in the sensations sweeping through her newly altered body. She trailed kisses down the young coed’s body and soon had her lips poised to taste Leah again. At that moment, she felt Heather’s hands on her head pressing it forward to the coed’s bare pussy. Without any hesitation, Betsy’s tongue snaked out and found the sweet wetness again. With long, slow licks, Betsy ate pussy like she had done it all her life. As Leah’s moans filled the air, Betsy concentrated her tongue on the coed’s clit. Leah screamed “OMG” and came in a rush quivering as she did and coating Betsy’s tongue and lips with her sweet essence.

Heather again patted Betsy’s head whispering good girl with the appropriate response from Betsy’s body. When Heather commanded “touch”, Betsy plunged her fingers into her own wet pussy and did not stop even when Heather brought a photographer into the room.

“These will make excellent pictures cataloging Betsy’s first day with her new personna.” After making that statement Heather directed multiple shots of both Betsy and Leah before finally directing Betsy to cum. On command, the writer exploded in the largest orgasm of her life again a testament to Dr. Tastie’s work and conditioning. Overcome, Betsy collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

“That’s enough for tonight,” Heather said and directed Leah to escort Betsy back to her room.

Once in her room, Betsy got ready for bed and as if an embedded routine switched on, she placed a set of ear buds into her ears and a visor over her eyes. Turning off the bedside light, Betsy activated a program with the touch of a button and was soon asleep as hidden sounds and images deepened her programming.

Betsy’s dreams that night were both sexual and vivid. She awoke aroused with her nightgown pulled over her hips. Anyone entering the room would have been hit with the distinct scent of sexual arousal. Betsy’s fingers were stick with her juices evidence of touching and stroking throughout the night. None of this seemed to bother the writer who stumbled quietly to the shower before getting dressed for the day.

At breakfast, Heather mentioned a “fitting” for Betsy immediately after they were finished.

“A fitting?” Betsy looked confused.

“Yes, the latex attire has arrived for you. It is needed for the dinner party.” Heather waited for a reaction. Betsy just nodded her head and blushed slightly. She tried hard to hide the shot of arousal that swept through her body as she thought of wearing tight shiny latex and she hoped secretly it was black.

Heather noted the reaction and that the new the latex fetish had taken hold. Looking up, she commented, “ensure you capture those reactions in your novel as you begin writing.” Smiling, she added, “your reaction was perfect.”

The fitting was held in a side room off the main hallway. Betsy arrived and was immediately instructed to strip. Once naked, her body was covered with a fine talc powder and then the latex outfit was put on. It was form fitting and left nothing to the imagination. When encased by latex, Betsy looked into a mirror and could clearly see the outline of her pussy, the hard nipples adorning her breasts and the shape of her ass. Small zippers were strategically hidden in the outfit so parts of her body could be exposed. Heather inspected the outfit and and smiled liking what she saw.

“You will be perfect for tomorrow night.” She then added, “these suits still hold a few surprises you will enjoy.” Betsy was unsure of what she meant by that comment. At that moment, Penny walked in being led by a handler who had a leash attached to a collar adorning her neck.

“Poor Penny, she didn’t like being subjected to the drug routine in her stories, so we have had to dull her mind just a bit with those very drugs to get her in the right frame of mind. There is some irony in her experiencing the very fantasies she wrote about.”

Heather smiled, “you will be just the opposite, you will experience and then write about them.”

As Betsy watched, Penny was put on all fours secured in a frame with her hips high in the air. One of Heather’s assistants walked around the frame and attached suction cups to each of Penny’s exposed breasts. With a nod from Heather, the cups began sucking and stimulating Penny’s breasts and nipples. It was mechanical and nothing Penny could do could stop or slow the progression of sucking and stimulation. Before long, Penny was moaning lightly. She then grunted and seemed to sigh and relax as milk began flowing from her nipples and into the collection tubes.

“Penny has been on a hormone and prolactin protocol as she had this hidden fetish about being milked.” Heather laughed, “it actually was not too hidden and we decided to let her experience it. She objected and here we are.” Looking to Betsy, she said, “as you can see, at the Manor, we can do just about anything. Her objections mean nothing.”

Looking at Penny, Betsy felt a twinge of fear, but that was replaced by curiosity as she wondered what Penny was feeling. “We dulled her mind just a bit to make her more compliant, but she will still be able to write.”

With that, a side door opened and an assistant brought in a large Mastiff attached to a leash similar to Penny’s. Heather smiled and whispered “Pennys boyfriend just arrived. I will bet you did not know that she had a hidden thing for animals. As you will find out, nothing stays hidden here at the Manor.”

Heather nodded and the Mastiff was led over to the frame where it was soon sniffing Penny’s exposed pussy. The dog’s cold nose was replaced by a long tongue and soon Penny’s exposed sex was being licked with abandon by the huge dog. Penny, secured to the frame could do little as the Mastiff mounted her and with a quick thrust sent its red tipped doggie penis deep into her waiting pussy. As Betsy watched, Penny was fucked and milked at the same time causing her to both scream in pleasure and quiver in orgasm. When complete, Penny was again leashed and sent back to her room.

“I don’t think Penny is enjoying everything she wrote about over the years, but the drugs do keep her compliant and controllable.” She does not seem to enjoy accepting the persona of those she wrote about and she surely is not enjoying the effects of the drugs she wrote about using on others, but none of that matters.”

Heather looked over at Betsy noting that her nipples were hard and poking into the latex. “I see that display excited you my dear.” Without waiting for an answer, she added, “there is much more to come.”

The latex outfit was stripped off of Betsy with instructions to make it ready for the dinner party. Betsy was left standing naked in front of Heather who not wanting to waste an opportunity looked over, smiled and said “kneel and wait.”

Heather then went to the bathroom and after a few minutes, Betsy heard the toilet flush. Heather came back outside with her skirt pulled up over her thighs and her panty in her hand. She looked at Betsy and smiled. “You will love this,” she whispered.

“Betsy clean,” were the next words Betsy heard.

Without thinking, she started crawling toward Heather and was unable to stop. When she was immediately in front of the older woman, Betsy raised her head and looking directly at Heather’s pussy, she licked and then licked some more. Her mind was saying “what am I doing” as her tongue detected the tang of urine. However, she did not stop until Heather’s pussy was clean. Then, as Betsy watched, Heather turned around and using her hands, spread her ass cheeks. “Clean,” she repeated and in the ultimate sign of submission, Betsy began licking Heather’s ass. It both disgusted and excited her, but she could not stop until Heather was clean. Curling her tongue, Betsy penetrated the rosebud lightly insuring Heather would find nothing to complain about. When finished, she resumed kneeling and looked up at Heather.

“Do you see now, we have trained you in so many things and embedded so many triggers.” Heather looked down at Betsy watching the young author’s reactions. She could see the conflict. “Stand” she commanded.

Betsy stood and immediately Heather ran her hands between her guest’s thighs and then pulled it away. “You are wet, dear. Admit it, that turned you on.”

Betsy nodded her head unable to lie.

“Vocalize it,” Heather demanded. I want you to hear your own words.

“It turned me on.” Betsy vocalized softly.

“So you got turned on obeying my command didn’t you?” Heather wait for a response.

Betsy nodded.

Now, you are a smart woman, so what does that make you?”

Betsy only took a few seconds to think answering “a submissive.”

“Very good,” Heather commented “and then, who am I?”

“A Mistress,” Betsy said lowering her eyes slowly.

“Well,” Heather replied, “not just any Mistress.” Again she asked , “who am I?”

“My Mistress,” Betsy said without hesitation and then repeated, “My Mistress.” As she did, a burst of arousal swept through the young woman’s body and she softly moaned.

“Good behavior is rewarded by pleasure,” Heather noted, “and you will find your body and mind are now addicted to pleasure.” She then laughed, maybe that would be a good title for your novel: “Addicted to Pleasure.”

The following evening, the party was held at Heather’s estate. Betsy was told various publishers of erotic literature and their guests would be present so that she was to be on her best behavior. By 6pm, Betsy was dressed in her black latex outfit and ready to attend and serve as desired. However, Heather walked in and made one adjustment to her outfit. The hidden zippers covering her pussy and ass were opened and Heather inserted both a remote controlled dildo and a butt plug into Betsy’s body. She then closed the zippers locking the devices in place.

“They will make your evening even more enjoyable.” Attaching a silver collar around Betsy’s neck, Heather clipped on a leash and walked her Pet into the reception area. Betsy followed along uncomplaining and a testament to her earlier conditioning.

As they walked into the room, Betsy noticed about 10 men and women all dressed in cocktail attire. She assumed these were the guests. She spotted Leah in her form fitting latex and collar serving drinks and Penny kneeling on the floor as a human table.

“If you look at Penny, you will see she is wearing a tail. Actually, it is a large butt plug that she struggled to accommodate, but she now looks content.” Heather made the comment to Betsy about her fellow author. As they were talking a gentleman in a tuxedo walked up and introduced himself as Dr. Self.

“Well, you must be the almost famous novelist Ms Leohtar from across the pond.” The doctor smiled at Betsy.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered.

“I see that Betsy has much to learn about how we do things here,” he stated. Looking at her, the doctor quoted a passage from “The Under the Hill Franchise” reminding Betsy that at this party all women were Mistresses while all men were Masters.

“Do you understand?” He asked in a stern voice.

“Yes Master,” Betsy quickly replied.

As she did, Betsy felt a sting in her arm and looking at the doctor, she saw him pulling a syringe away from her body. “Just following your story plot, I think you will find it acting much like the drug “Obey,” but just a little stronger. Betsy’s eyes went wide as the drug hit her.

“You can see Penny already enjoys it.” The doctor continued. “We usually keep her in a frame of her own design. I think you know the one. It allowed easy access for guests, but we wanted something different tonight. Right now, she is frozen in place. Guests can rest a drink on her back and fuck her ass. Penny is a multi-functional table.”

As Betsy watched, one of the male guests mounted Penny from behind and rode her ass until he grunted and came deep within her. Watching the display, Betsy felt the plug in her ass come to life and she found herself wondering how Penny felt.

Heather looked to the doctor and smiled as she saw Betsy’s reaction. By now the stronger “Obey”drug was well within Betsy’s system.

“Betsy, why don’t you give the good doctor a blow job? I think he deserves it after he made you feel so good with his shot.” Without thinking, Betsy immediately fell to her knees where the doctor’s zipper was at eye level. She reached out, pulled the zipper down, and with deft fingers pulled out the doctor’s flaccid cock. It did not stay that way for long. Betsy quickly opened her lips and without any hesitation began sucking Dr. Self. As she did, the dildo in her pussy began vibrate sending wave after wave of pleasure deep into her core.

Betsy could feel the cock harden in her mouth and Heather saying “good girl” only made her suck harder with renewed passion. Something in her mind clicked, she saw images of beautiful women sucking cock and loving it. Betsy wanted to feel what they felt. Kneeling there, her pussy clenched around the vibrating dildo and her anal muscles tightened around the plug. When Dr. Self exploded firing spurt after spurt of thick cum into her mouth, it was the sweetest thing she ever tasted and she immediately desired more. Then like an explosion, Betsy came hard.

Walking over, Dr. Anita Self DDS watched the show. A dental surgeon by training and now turned publisher, Anita still maintained a dental license but was not actively practicing. She found publishing much more lucrative and exciting. Looking down at Betsy and she simply said “not bad.”

“How was she dear?” Dr. Self asked the other Dr. Self.

“Actually, she was very good. Her teeth slipped a few times. Some men may like that when it happens, but personally, I find it a distraction.” Larry Self looked to Heather as he spoke. Smiling, Heather pushed a small button on the remote she carried and Betsy immediately fell on the floor crying out as a sharp jolt of electricity emanated from both the dildo and the butt plug. “Next time, no teeth or the shock will be harder.”

Tears rolled down Betsy’s face as she nodded.

Anita Self sipped her cocktail and cooly stated, “of course I can fix the girl’s problem. Send her to my practice and I will pull all of her teeth and fit her with upper and lower removable plates. When she gives a blow job, you simply remove the plates and only gums caress the skin.”

Heather looked over laughing, “and you would do that for Betsy here?”

“Of course I would, after all, we would all enjoy the benefits.” Anita Self looked down towards Betsy asking, “and what do you think of our plan?”

Betsy did not know what to say. She thought they were all kidding. No one would seriously remove all of her teeth to improve oral sex.....would they? When Heather said, “I will bring her around your oral surgical suite tomorrow around 8am. Will that be ok,” Betsy quivered in fear.

“She seems anxious, maybe she needs a second dose of “Obey” to relax, Heather said watching Betsy shake in fear.

“She will be fine. I will have another surgeon assist me and he will enhance her lips and gums at the nerve level. Betsy will have a new erogenous zone in her body when we are done.” Anita finished her drink smiling down at her new patient.

Heather pulled on the leash and led Betsy to the other side of the room. As she walked, the vibrations in the dildo and plug were again activated causing ripples of pleasure to race through the author’s body. Approaching a second couple, Heather whispered “kneel.” Betsy found herself on her knees looking up at the others. Beyond them she could see Leah now hung wide on a frame on the far wall. The zippers in her latex were open and her breasts and pussy were exposed. Someone had blindfolded her and her mouth had a ball gag in it. From where Betsy knelt, it looked as if a woman was flicking a leather crop across her exposed body parts causing Leah to jump with each stroke.

“Watching her gets you wet doesn’t it,” Bonnie Sanders, the wife of publisher Milton Sanders asked.

Betsy nodded and stared at the unfolding scene.

Turning to Heather, Bonnie asked “Can your guest touch for us as we enjoy the cocktails. We do love watching a beautiful woman on the edge.”

Heather looked towards Betsy with a warning, “you may touch, but do not cum. If you do, what is happening to Leah is just child’s play.” Betsy opened the zipper covering her pussy and began slowly teasing her sensitive flesh. She was shocked at how wet her body was at the moment.

Milton Sanders chuckled, “there is nothing like the scent of an aroused woman. Your guest seems quite excited. I assume she is the author you spoke to us about the other night.”

Heather nodded, “yes, this is Betsy and we are working on breaking her writer’s block. She has a very erotic mind and some new kinks that both you and your wife might enjoy.”

“Send me some samples of her work in the morning; however I may sample her before the night is over and I know Bonnie has designs on her.” Sanders looked towards his wife who smiled and co formed what he just said....”why yes I do,” she added.

Bonnie reached down and opened the zippers covering Betsy’s nipples and taking two alligator nipple clamps, she quickly attached both to Betsy’s body causing her to cry out loudly. Bonnie laughed, “yelling already, we have just started.” She then produced two small weights and attaching one to each clamp, she soon had Betsy moaning in pain again as her nipples were pulled towards the floor.

“We’ll have those nipples longer and firmer in no time,” Bonnie laughed. As she did, she slapped the weights causing them to swing and increasing Betsy’s discomfort.

Bonnie looked to Heather and then back to Betsy. “Get on all fours, dear.”

Betsy immediately found herself on her hands and knees. Gravity then took over with her newly enhanced breasts spilling out of the latex and the weighted nipples being pulled down towards the floor. A photographer walking by snapped a photograph clearly depicting the agony and pleasure etched into Betsy’s face. “That will look perfect in the gallery,” Heather remarked before turning back to Betsy. “Be careful like that dear, we might bring in Penny’s doggie friend and I am sure he would love to make your acquaintance.

Betsy tried to shake her head no, but could not. Bonnie laughed, “what a great idea, maybe Betsy can meet Brutus too. We keep him locked away at our estate but he is trained to enjoy women, especially women in heat and from the looks of it, Betsy qualifies. Betsy tried to answer but was interrupted by Bonnie.

“Betsy, you cannot talk now as you kneel there, but you can bark to communicate.”

Turning to Heather, Bonnie asked, “may I take your Pet for a walk, I see some of my friends over there and would love to introduce her.”

“Of course,” Heather replied. “Feel free to use her any way you desire.”

Bonnie pulled on the leash and Betsy stood up to walk. “Crawl Betsy, good Pet’s crawl and you want to be a good Pet, don’t you?” She then waited of a reply.

In Betsy’s mind, she formed the word’s “yes Mistress,” but the only sound that came out of her mouth was a small bark. Betsy stopped crawling and looked confused. She tried again and this time it was more a yap then a bark much to Bonnie’s delight. She reminded Betsy that in her world, Pets barked or meowed, but they did not talk.

Heather watched as Bonnie took Betsy over toward some of her friends and when she checked back 10 minutes later, Betsy was busy licking the bare feet of Marlena Smith another noted publisher of erotic fiction. As Heather watched, Betsy took one toe after another and sucked on it, almost as if she were sucking a small cock. It was clear from the look on Betsy’s face that she was aroused. When Betsy finished with Marlena, she moved onto the next woman, who taking a seat, removed her stilettos awaiting Betsy’s tongue.

Betsy did not disappoint. She took one toe after another and slowly and sensually massage it with her tongue. Heather noted that Marlena’s toenails were pained bright red as were her fingernails. She could see Betsy’s eyes tracking the movement of the painted nails as Marlena moved her foot back and forth in front of the author.

“She is mesmerized by red nails; it is almost a fetish with her. She cannot resist them at all,” Heather said walking over to the group. “You should see how she reacts if you stroke her pussy with those red toes. She cannot help herself.”

Marlena took up the challenge and moving her left foot between Betsy’s thighs, she slowly stroked her red toes through Betsy’s swollen pussy. “My god, she is so wet,” Marlena told Heather.

“She’ll get even wetter in a moment when she realizes what you are doing. I know exactly how she will respond to your caresses.” Heather informed the women watching.

True to Heather’s prognostications, Betsy yelped into the air as she saw the red toes disappear between her thighs and felt the deepening caresses across her pussy. When Marlena skillfully positioned her big toe right over Betsy’s clit, the young author shut her eyes, made a guttural almost animalistic sound , barked and then began riding the toe to insure maximum stimulation. Within seconds, Marlena impaled Betsy and smiled as the visitor fucked her big toe.

“I can feel her juices running down my toe and onto my foot,” Marlena told Heather.

“Wait until she cums, you will be in for a surprise.” Heather made the statement while watching the show unfold in front of her.

As suspected, Betsy did not last long and with the howl and bark of a bitch in heat, she came in a rush, squirting fluids all over Marlena’s foot. “OMG,” Marlena laughed, “you have turned her into a real slut who cannot get enough.”

Heather looked down at Betsy now recovering from her orgasm. “What a mess you have made. Now clean Marlena’s foot and do it now.” Heather watched as Betsy went back to work with her tongue cleaning every inch of exposed skin on Marlena’s foot and ankle. The fluids she deposited there were soon swallowed and deep inside her stomach.

“Now Betsy, or should I say Betsy Bitch, you have to be punished.” As Heather spoke those words, Betsy looked confused.

“You were told not to cum and yet you did, riding Marlena’s toes in a wanton display showing lack of control.” Heather looked at Betsy now cowering at her side. “You disobedience will be punished, now.”

“Get on all fours.” When Betsy heard the command from Heather she went from kneeling to all fours while whining like a bad puppy.

“Marlena, will you pull that plug from Becky’s ass.” Heather had a coy smile as she asked the question. Marlena, always ready to help, walked behind Betsy and with a swift pull dislodged the butt plug from Betsy’s ass causing her to yelp loudly.

Marlena walked up to Heather to hand her the plug, but was stopped. “That plug needs to be cleaned before I touch it. Give it to Betsy.”

Betsy whined again as Marlena approached, bent down and forced the plug between Betsy’s lips like a pacifier for a baby. Betsy was disgusted with herself as she began sucking, but could not stop. Her conditioning was too deep.

As she sucked on her old anal plug, Betsy did not see Heather walk behind her and insert a new one which was attached to a realistic tail. “The perfect look for a Pet,” she remarked. As she did, Heather bent down and attaching the connection from a small air pump, she began to inflate the new plug in Betsy’s ass.

A sense of fullness experienced by Betsy quickly gave way to painful stretching as the plug expanded in length and width. Betsy could only whine into the plug she was sucking hoping Heather would stop. When she thought she could take no more, Betsy saw Heather’s hand leave the bulb on the pump and she felt relieved right up until the moment she tried to move. Crawling was uncomfortable and every movement reminded her of the mistake she made by release without permission.

Heather looked down commenting, “now you will learn to obey and not slip and forget.” Taking the leash, Heather walked across the room to the far side with Betsy crawling behind her. Looking down she whispered, “you may now speak and remove the plug from between your lips”

“Please, it hurts, can you remove it from my ass Mistress?” Betsy begged.

“Sorry, not yet. You have a lesson to learn. I am your Mistress and will not be disobeyed.”

“Please, anything,” Betsy begged again, “anything.”

She never realized her mistake until it was too late. When Heather immediately agreed repeating “anything,” Betsy knew she was in trouble.

Betsy was taken to a wooden bench where she was strapped down and her head was locked in place. She was then blindfolded. Heather than announced to all the women present, “when you use the ladies room, please use Betsy here instead of toilet paper. She does a much better job cleaning.

Betsy tried to shake her head, but could not move it. For the next hour, one woman after another squatted over her face making her clean both their pussy and ass with her tongue. Betsy lost count and it was only after there was no one left to service that she was released and allowed to take a drink and rinse her mouth.

Returning to Heather, a nearby attendant injected a second dose of “Obey” into Betsy. As she relaxed, Heather whispered in her ear, “from now on you have an anal fetish and by that I mean, you will love to lick the rosebud.” Those words bore into Betsy’s mind and she whispered “yes Mistress.”

A few of the guests smiled toward Heather laughing, “she should have plenty of ideas for her book now.”

To Be Continued