The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy’s Awakens Part 2

Betsy wakes up and realizes everything she experienced at the hands of Heather was a dream, or was it?


Betsy was taken to a wooden bench where she was strapped down and her head was locked in place. She was then blindfolded. Heather announced to all the women present, “when you use the ladies room, please use Betsy here instead of toilet paper. She does a much better job cleaning.

Betsy tried to shake her head, but could not move it. For the next hour, one woman after another squatted over her face making her clean both their pussy and ass with her tongue. Betsy lost count and it was only after there was no one left to service that she was released and allowed to take a drink and rinse her mouth.

Returning to Heather’s side, it was not long before a nearby attendant injected a second dose of “Obey” into Betsy. As she fell into a relaxed state, Heather whispered in Betsy’s ear, “from now on you have an anal fetish and by that I mean, you will love to lick the rosebud.” Those words bore into Betsy’s mind and she whispered “yes Mistress.”

A few of the guests observing nearby smiled toward Heather laughing, “she should have plenty of ideas for her book now.”

Betsy spent the remainder of the evening in a daze unsure of what was happening. When she woke in the morning , it all seemed like a dream. It was only when she saw the slight bruising around her nipples from the alligator clips and the weights, that she realized it was not a dream, but reality. Throwing on a robe, she sat at her desk and quickly wrote down her memories of the evening. As she described looking up into a blindfold knowing a unknown woman was settling her thighs over her upturned face, Betsy could feel herself getting wet. When she wrote about slipping her tongue into an unknown woman’s ass and cleaning it, her own arousal peaked and she felt both her vaginal and anal muscles clenching tightly. The only thought racing through Betsy’s mind as she put the words on paper was “my God, what is she doing to me?”

There was a light tapping on the door and opening it, Betsy found Leah standing outside clad in a skirt and blouse. “Mistress Heather wants to remind you of your appointment this morning. Please pack an overnight bag.”

“Appointment?” “What Appointment?” Betsy looked puzzled.

“Why your appointment with Dr. Self, Mistress Heather said that you knew all about it.” Betsy looked stunned as Leah’s words registered.

“I thought that was all part of a dream,” Betsy whispered. “I did not think any of that was true.”

“Well with Mistress Heather, dreams become reality as you will see. Now get packed and meet her in the lobby.”

Betsy shut the door and turned to get dressed. She tried to recall the details of the appointment, but for some reason she could not.

Forty-five minutes later, Betsy was delivered to the office Dr. Anita Self. Given Anita was not actively practicing, there were no other patients. An assistant to Dr. Self greeted Betsy and asked if she would like some tea. Of course, Betsy accepted. Within minutes of sipping the beverage, Betsy began to feel woozy.

“Just relax,” the assistant said. “The drug will help with you anxiety over the procedures.”

“Procedures,” Betsy again said, “there must be some mistake.”

As she was talking, Dr Self walked into the room dressed in a green OR smock. “Ah, my patient is here. Good, we are about to get started.”

Betsy tried to object, but her words were garbled as the drugs took effect. With the help of Dr. Self and the assistant, Betsy was taken back to a prep room where she was stripped, gowned and placed on a gurney. An IV was started and the last thing she remembered was Dr. Anita Self leaning down and whispering, “the next time you give a blow job to my husband, it will be an amazing experience.” Betsy saw the doctor insert a syringe into the IV port and then blackness enveloped her world.

3 hours later, the procedure was done. Betsy was placed in a recovery room where she would be attended too for the next week until her mouth healed.

“The procedure went well,” Anita told Heather. “Her plates will be fitted when her gums heal at the end of the week. The nerve work done by Dr. Hanson will ensure any oral sex she gives will be a highly stimulating event for your author friend.”

“Well, we do hope she will become more, shall we say, addicted to oral sex.” Heather continued, “and we hope the new sensations will help cement that desire.”

“Let’s just say it will be highly stimulating,” Dr. Self laughed and then hung up.

Betsy was keep sedated for six days. On the 7th day, she was moved into a twilight sleep and then allowed to wake up. Initially confused, she had a hard time focusing on where she was or what had happened. Then Anita Self walked in and all the memories flooded back.

“What have you done to me?” Betsy asked softly as her mouth was still somewhat sore.

“Just what we promised,” Dr. Self handed Betsy a mirror as she talked. “We will have upper and lower removable plates for you in the morning.” She leaned in closer adding, “my husband cannot wait to try out that new softer mouth.”

As Betsy opened her mouth she was shocked. Her teeth were gone. Where once she had teeth, now she just had skin.

“Don’t worry,” Anita said. “When you wear your plates, you will be able to eat anything.”

Betsy put her hands up to her puffy lips and immediately felt a pleasant sensation that registered in her eyes.

“I see you have discovered the other change. While we were doing the surgery, a colleague of mine, Dr. Richard Hanson, enhanced your nerve endings and rerouted some nerves within your mouth. I think you will love the results.”

Betsy ran a finger over her lips and shut her eyes luxuriating in the sensations created. She did not see the assistant with the syringe until she felt the sting in her arm.

“Time for sleep, you will go back to Heather tomorrow.” Dr. Self muttered the words but was unsure Betsy even heard them.

The following evening, Betsy walked back into her room where she was greeted by Heather and Leah. She noticed immediately that Leah was now wearing a collar around her neck.

“Welcome back,” Heather grinned. “I trust that you enjoyed your time with Dr. Self and have plenty of material for your book.” She then added, “I love your pearly white smile.”

Betsy started at her, “my pearly whites are an artificial plate and you know it.”

“Well, they look wonderful,” Leah added.

Betsy glared at Leah muttering, “if you like the look so much maybe next time you can be the one getting your teeth pulled.”

“Enough,” Heather shouted. “You will love your new look in time, just as you will love the new personality we are creating.” She continued, “go to your room and change and then come and see me in my study.”

Betsy nodded and whispered “yes Mistress” before returning to her room.

The outfit on her bed immediately caught her eye. Holding it up, Betsy saw a new shiny black latex corset attached to a short latex skirt. There was also a latex garter, some stockings and a pair of tall stilettos. Betsy felt herself getting wet as her embedded kink for latex kicked in. When she realized she could not wear her panties or a bra, she got even wetter.

Thirty minutes later, Betsy approached Heather who was sitting in her study sipping a glass of red wine. Heather glanced up admiring the image as Betsy walked towards her. When Betsy got within three feet of Heather she instinctively knelt positioning her hands behind her back and her eyes lowered towards the floor.

“Good girl,” Heather said. “I see your training is beneficial.”

Reaching into her desk, Heather produced a box and handed it to Betsy, “these are for you to wear.”

Opening the box, Betsy saw two gold plated instruments: one dildo and one large butt plug. “They both will lock into the panty,” Heather remarked handing Betsy a shiny latex undergarment. “Put them on now as I watch.”

Betsy quickly saw the attachment points for the devices and carefully stepped into the panty pulling it up towards her waist until the dildo and anal plug made contact with her pussy and ass. The instruments were pre-lubed so using her fingers, Betsy positioned one and then the other and then simultaneously pressed them into her body. She gasped out load as they slid into position. Heather smiled as she watched the young author take to commands without question.

“Like the other night,” Heather said, “these devices can be used to pleasure or punish.”

Betsy nodded.

Heather leaned back in her chair and pulling up her skirt, exposed her bare pussy to Betsy’s eyes. “It is time for me to check out your improvements,” Heather stated. “Please remove your plates and pleasure me.

Betsy reached into her mouth and was removing her plates, when the devices seated deeply in her body activated. Moaning slightly, she concentrated on the task at hand and was soon positioning herself between her Mistress’ thighs. As she did, she inhaled Heather’s scent deeply adding to her own arousal. When She softly sucked Heather’s swollen clit between her lips and into her mouth a sharp jolt of electrical excitement raced through Betsy’s body. The more she sucked, the more intense the feeling.

Heather’s moans added to the erotic scene as Betsy did not allow her lips to break contact with her Mistress’ body. Heather exploded in orgasm gushing fluids into Betsy’s lips. Betsy exploded too unable to contain the excitement and sensations Dr. Self’s modifications provided.

“OMG,” Heather moaned, “the doctor has outdone herself.

Reaching into her desk, Heather again produced a box. This one contained a cock shaped dildo. “Suck,” she directed Betsy. “I want to see how you respond with just a cock between your lips.”

Betsy took the cock shaped dildo and quickly slid it between her lips, hungry to experience the sensations she just enjoyed. She was not disappointed. Each time the cock slipped over her lips and gums, small jolts of pleasure coursed through her body. The deeper and faster she sucked, the more pleasure she received. Betsy did not want to stop and was soon in the midst of another powerful orgasm and then a third. It was only when Heather took the dildo from her, that Betsy stopped.

“God, you will be a wonderful cock sucker won’t you?” Heather waited, but already knew the answer.

Betsy just nodded.

The following day, Leah came to get Betsy and told her to dress as the Mistress instructed. Heather, she was told, was having some guests over for a luncheon. Betsy knew that she had to arrive wrapped in latex and plugged. When she walked into the foyer where Heather was seated, she knew something was different. Penny was again positioned as a coffee table unmoving as Heather used her back for papers and a few books. This time Leah walked across the room and knelt on all fours next to a chair occupied by one of Heather’s friends. Within seconds, Heather issued the command to “Table” and Leah froze in place becoming an erotic piece of furniture.

Heather watched Betsy’s reaction. “Don’t worry, you will soon join them, but I plan on you being a multi-functional display.” Before Betsy could answer, Heather simply said, “Betsy Table,” and the young author fell onto all fours, spread her legs wide, straightened her back, held her head up and did not move. She could not move. Betsy lost the ability to speak and control her movements. She, like the others, was now a mere piece of human furniture.

Betsy was unsure of her function until the first male guest arrived. Heather greeted him and then directing Richard Forms over toward Betsy.

“Ah, she is as lovely as you said on the phone,” Richard said to Heather as he looked down at Betsy. He then added, “do you mind if I try her out?”

“Not at all, that is why you and the others are here. Betsy be a dear and suck Richard until he cums.” Heather gave the command as if it was the most normal thing in the world to do.

Betsy heard a zipper and looking up found Richard’s still flaccid cock hanging near her lips. Instinctively, she knew what to do. Opening her mouth, she felt the warm skin glide over her wet lips creating a light friction that sent shivers into her body. “Do you see how she likes it?” Heather made the statement for all in the room to hear. Betsy could not move, she could not moan, all she could do is let Richard’s cock harden and thrust between her soft lips as he became more and more excited.

Other luncheon guests had arrived and watched the display.

“I did not know Heather was providing entertainment,” one woman said.

“Why yes, that is her visitor from across the pond. Betsy is her name. She has asked for Heather’s help on a new novel I think,” her companion stated.

“Well she won’t do much writing in that position, but Heather always surprises us with her ways.” As the woman finished talking, she took her companion by the arm and moved closer to watch Betsy perform.

Richard was now fucking Betsy’s open mouth with abandon. Betsy was on full display. “She was a closet exhibitionist,” Heather laughed, “she is now officially out of the closet.”

As soon as Heather finished talking, Richard grunted and grabbed Betsy’s head exploding between her lips with a steady pulse of thick, white cum. Betsy for her part was right on the edge of release when Richard exploded. As he pulled his cock from her lips, she wanted to scream “no, don’t stop,” but she could say nothing. Lucky for her, as soon as Richard pulled out, a second guest took his place and Betsy was again sucking away to the delight of others.

Only Heather could see the moment Betsy orgasmed. Unable to move or talk, you had to observe her eyes. The second gentleman soon finished depositing his load in Betsy’s mouth. As his zipper was pulled up, a third man took his place and so it went for the next forty minutes. By the time Heather escorted her guests into the dining room, Betsy had serviced each of the six male guests and had a stomach full of cum. Needless to say, she was not hungry for lunch.

Over lunch, Betsy was repositioned as a side table for Heather.

“She is beautiful on display,” Emma Jones remarked, “you always seem to attract the most beautiful and interesting women here to play with.”

“Well, Betsy needed some help and new experiences. She then leaned over and whispered in Emma’s ear. “You should see her lick ass. She has such a talented tongue.” Emma giggled and blushed deep red.

Betsy could see Penny in the corner. She was now totally naked, frozen in a standing position and holding a tray of tea and coffee. Her breasts were leaking and luncheon guests were encouraged to squeeze her breasts expressing milk into the beverage of their choice.

“What a novel idea,” Susan Jenkins laughed. “I will have to borrow her for my next dinner party.”

An attendant again repositioned Betsy, this time laying her down in the center of a side buffet table. Once positioned, the staff placed an assortment of desserts and sweets on her stomach and chest along with some cut flowers for decoration.

Guests were encouraged to partake of dessert and if they desired, to partake of Betsy. For her part, Betsy could only stare at the ceiling as one after another, the guests took dessert and used the opportunity to tease and torment the young author. When Susan Jenkins saw the zippers on Betsy’s latex outfit, she could not resist exposing her breasts teasing her nipples until they were fully exposed. Her husband put some chocolate on them and encouraged Susan to lick it off.

“Everything is better with chocolate,” he laughed.

As Susan teased Betsy’s nipples, she pulled up the latex skirt and exposed Betsy’s belt that secured both the dildo and anal plug.

“OMG, Heather is full of surprises.” She excitedly shouted, “look everyone, Our dessert server is filled herself.”

The room exploded in laughter as Susan bent down and kissed the last of the chocolate covering Betsy’s nipples away.

When the luncheon was over and the guests departed, Betsy was unfrozen from her posture and allowed to walk slowly back to her room. As she left, Heather cautioned her, “no resting, I expect to see two more pages tonight.”

That afternoon, Betsy wrote naked except for the belt securing the two devices that every so often activated stimulating her body. Due to the constant stimulation, she struggled to complete the writing task at hand as every time the devices activated, Betsy wanted to cum. What she did not know it Heather had given her “smart devices” capable of monitoring the body’s arousal shutting off right before orgasm. Betsy was brought to the edge over and over as she tried to write about her recent experiences.

That evening, Heather walked Betsy back into the gallery where some new pictures of her were displayed for all future guests to see. “These are lovely, “ Heather remarked. She stopped in front of one obviously taken the day before and already printed and framed. The image captured Betsy as the table with a cock buried deep in her mouth. The title of the print read “Moment of Orgasm.”

How appropriate Heather commented, “I could see it in your eyes every time you orgasmed. No one else could, but I knew.”

Betsy felt herself grow wet as Heather talked. Having been kept on edge all afternoon, it was not hard. Heather could see it in her eyes again. You do love being exhibited I see. We added that kink to you during your programming.

“What else did you add that I do not know about,” Betsy asked.

“Many things, but part of learning is discovery and you still have a lot to discover.” Heather had a sly grin on her face as she uttered those words.

“Now come with me as I go and check on Penny’s training.” As Betsy went to walk out of the room, Heather stopped her with a simple command: Freeze. Just like the previous evening, Betsy could not move. Attendants walked in the room and quickly removed Betsy’s dinner dress replacing it with a black leather body harness that perfectly framed her breasts and swollen pussy.

“Now to finish the look,” Heather said as she fastened a collar around Betsy’s neck. Stepping back, Heather admired her guest. “I like this look on you and think I will keep you this way for awhile.” She then fastened a leash to the collar.

“Kneel” was the next command from Heather.

Betsy knelt without thinking.

“Crawl,” Heather ordered.

Betsy immediately got on her hands and knees feeling the weight of her new breasts as they feel towards the floor.

Heather walked down the hallway with Betsy crawling by her side.

Entering the room where Penny was being trained, Betsy could look around, but not talk. Over in the corner, she saw Penny stretched wide on a wall frame. In front of her was an attendant occasionally whipping her breasts with a leather crop. It was clear Penny’s nipples were inflamed and her breasts engorged with milk.

“Penny does love nipple play. She is becoming a real milk maid.” Heather walked closer watching the scene. Looking down at Betsy, she commented “maybe we will perfect the process with her and use it on you in the future.”

Betsy looked up at Penny and saw a mixture of pain and pleasure etched on her face. As she watched, the crop landed expertly on her left nipple and milk sprayed out into the room. Penny moaned, but Betsy could not tell if it was a moan of pain or arousal.

“Stand,” Heather commanded and Betsy immediately stood.

“Now go to Penny and drain her breasts with your mouth. You will swallow every drop and there better be none left.” Heather watched as the words sunk into Betsy’s brain.

An attendant came up to Heather whispering, “you do know the drugs in Penny will be transferred through her milk, are you sure this is a good idea?”

Heather nodded slowly, “I know what I am doing.”

Betsy approached Penny and looked her friend in the face. Lowering her lips, she took Penny’s right nipple into her mouth and cushioning it between her lips began to suck. The size of the nipple surprised Betsy who was soon lost in the erotic sensations the nipple rubbing across her lips as she sucked made. Both women were soon is ecstasy.

Betsy felt a pulse of erotic energy flood her pussy and clit as she sucked. As Penny’s body let down, her milk flowed filling her friend’s mouth. Betsy sucked and sucked draining every drop from the right breast. However, she was full. She was also on edge. Compounding her predicament was the transfer of drugs from Penny’s body to her own transmitted in the milk. The more Betsy sucked, the higher and hornier she got.

Betsy was no longer thinking rationally and let out a large, audible burp and then another releasing air from her stomach. She then latched onto Penny’s left breast and started all over again. As she was finishing, Heather looked into Betsy’s now glazed eyes commanding, “now bite her nipples.”

Immediately, Betsy’s artificial teeth attached to the removable plate clamped down on Penny’s sensitive and elongated nipple bringing a scream to her friend’s lips. Betsy’s teeth applied just the right amount of pressure to stop short of breaking the skin. After some seconds, Betsy released the left nipple and bit down on the right causing another scream and a stream of fluid to flow from Penny’s pussy as she came hard suspended in the rack.

Heather walked up to Betsy and roughly inserted her hands between the author’s thighs. Immediately, her fingers were soaked in Betsy’s juices.

“Just as I suspected, you are turned on doing this to Penny, aren’t you?” She added, “you love to follow my commands.”

Betsy again burped and nodded her head.

With that, an attendant came and led Betsy to a rack on the adjoining wall where she too was bound in a standing position. When finished, Betsy was still in her harness, but her arms and legs were spread wide locked securely in place. Still under the effect of the drug laced milk and her earlier conditioning, Betsy did not struggle at all even though she was not accustomed to this type of bondage. She struggled slightly when a hood was placed over her head with only a cutout for her lips and nose. However, a soft “sshhhh” from Heather calmed her down.

Betsy hung for what seemed hours. She lost concept of time, but her bodily functions continued to work at peak efficiency. It was not long before she had to pee. She cried out hoping someone would answer. Instead of an answer, someone whispered in her left ear, “Pets don’t talk.” Immediately a ball gag was strapped around the hood and forced into her mouth.

Betsy was in agony. Her bladder was full and she needed to relieve herself. Unknown to her, a panel on the floor retracted revealing a grate. Humiliated, Betsy had no choice but to urinate standing there. She could feel the warm wetness running down her legs. No one said anything and she was left alone with her thoughts.

Silence, all Betsy heard was silence. In itself, silence was its own torture. Hanging there for hours, Betsy’s stomach processed Penny’s milk and it was not long before she felt the initial pangs preceding a bowel movement. Her mind went into panic mode. Betsy tried to scream into her ball gag, but only muffled sounds came out. The cramping got worse and the internal pressure built. “OMG,” Betsy thought, “I am going to defecate right here.” She knew only the butt plug kept her from total humiliation, but even plugs can take so much pressure. With a scream into her ball gag, Betsy’s bowels let loose. The plug was propelled from her ass as if under pressure and it was followed by a steady stream of foul smelling feces and fluid.

Now Betsy hung over her own stench. She was revolted, disgusted and humiliated by her total lack of self control. She was stirred from her malaise by a voice that simply said, “the Pet soiled itself, hose her down.” Instantly, Betsy was hit with a stream of cold water hitting her skin. Again she screamed as the cold penetrated to her bones. The water never warmed until she was clean.

Another voice was heard, this time Betsy identified it as Heather. “Clean her out, I want her as sparkling inside as she is on the outside.”

An attendant walked up and whispered in Betsy’s ear “lucky you, drug induced diarrhea, what a treat.” Before Heather left she said, “ be sure to hook her to an IV and push fluids, I don’ t want her dehydrated.”

Twenty minutes later, Betsy was still hanging over the grates, still bound and hooded, but an IV line was in her arm and an IV bag was steadily hydrating her body. Betsy could not see the attendant connect a syringe to the IV port, nor inject the drugs, a mixture of carbamazepine and lithium, that quickly flowed into her system. However, the author quickly felt the effects as cramping followed by an explosive bowel movement followed. Again Betsy was hosed down and the process was repeated until there was no more to give. Only then was a large tube inserted into Betsy’s ass for a colon flush. For the next thirty minutes over 16 gallons of water was sent into and extracted from her body. When the water ran clear, she was done.

Betsy was lowered from the frame and sent back to her room where she slept exhausted from the day’s activities.

The staff were given strict orders, “Betsy would be fed only clear liquids. For the movement, the guest was not allowed any solid food.

The following morning, Betsy was again brought to Heather’s study.

“I do hope you have some good ideas for your novel.” Heather looked at Betsy noticing how her body was reshaping nicely. The recent day’s activities and the liquid diet forced a weight loss. That combined with her earlier surgery, drug regime and exercise had transformed the author. “You will soon be the perfect Pet.” She then added., “tomorrow evening, I am attending a party and you will be going with me. Leah will provide you instructions and the details.”

Heather walked from around her desk and standing in front of Betsy, she opened what looked like a makeup compact and proceeded to blow a fine mist of powder onto Betsy’s face. Inhaling, Betsy’s head exploded in a swirl of colors, her mind became clouded, but open to anything Heather said.

“Strip,” and then “kneel and touch.” Heather watched as her guest began removing her clothing.

Ten minutes later, Betsy was naked in front of Heather’s desk vigorously touching herself in an vain attempt to cum. Of course given her clouded mind, she did not realize orgasm was impossible without Heather’s permission. Heather for her part, enjoyed the show. She loved the effect these new drugs had on selected guests and patients and she loved watching Betsy on the edge and frustrated.

“Stop,” Heather commanded. “Return to your room, plug yourself and write. Maybe your combined arousal and frustration will give you some ideas.”

“Mistress please,” Betsy almost begged.

“Please what?” Heather looked down at the beauty kneeling before her.

“May I cum, please.” Betsy was sure she would get permission.

“No, now leave.” Heather surprised her charge with the quick, sharp, negative answer.

Betsy returned naked to her room thoroughly disappointed, aroused and highly frustrated. As she sat down to write, she placed a towel on the chair seat after realizing how wet she had become. Her writing that afternoon reflected her frustrated feeling.

The following day, Leah returned from her college classes and met with Betsy issuing instructions for the dinner party Betsy would attend with Heather. She also brought a new leather harness adorned with silver studs and buckles. “You will wear the wide, hammered silver cuffs on your ankles and wrists,” Leah added.

Betsy nodded understanding what she was told.

Leah then handed her a familiar box that when opened showed an upsized dildo and plug done in silver. “Mistress wants these in tonight.” She added with a smile, “if you need help, ask me, I will be glad to insert them properly.”

Betsy looked at the coed and whispered “thank you.”

“Now, Mistress wants us to go and see what they have done to Penny.” Leah held out her hand to the still naked Betsy.

When they entered the room where Penny was kept, Betsy was surprised by what she saw. Penny was crawling on the floor in a bondage suit fitted with braces that made it impossible for her to stand. She could not talk as there was a bit in her mouth causing her to drool excessively. Her breasts looked enormous hanging through openings in the suit down towards the floor. A tail protruded from her ass, but this time instead of a dog tail, it looked like a cow tail.

“Penny, the human cow,” Leah laughed looking at Penny’s predicament.

Betsy looked at Penny’s eyes and they looked dull and glazed. Leah, noticing the look added, “Mistress had her IQ lowered a bit for this display. Right now, she is quite content as a cow as long as she gets milked on time.”

“Why?” Betsy asked. “Why make her like this?”

“Mistress only gives her what she truly desires....drugs and transformations. Penny no longer has control which is what she also desired.” Leah looked over to Betsy, “she like the rest of us is getting to explore her submissive side.”

That evening, Betsy walked into the foyer to meet Heather dressed in her new harness complete with plugs. Her hair and makeup were done perfectly. Heather smiled when she saw Betsy, she quickly nodded her approval which sent an immediate shot of arousal through Betsy’s body. Walking over to the table near the door, Heather retrieved a small box containing a silver chain in the form of a “Y”. At each end of the chair was a silver alligator clip. “This will complete tonight’s outfit,” she said as she quickly attached a clip to each nipple and to the Betsy’s clitoral hood bringing an immediate gasp and moan. “Every time you move, you will think of me.” Heather then produced a cape for Betsy to wrap herself in as they walked out to the waiting limo.

The ride over for Betsy was erotic torture. As soon as she settled into the deep leather seats, Heather activated the plugs stimulating Betsy’s ass and pussy. “We need to get you in the proper frame of mind,” Heather told her guest.

“Yes Mistress,” was all that Betsy answered much to Heather’s delight.

“I see you have come to accept your station in life while you are here?” Heather looked over for an answer but received only a nod.

By the time they arrived at the venue, Betsy was aroused, wet and squirming in her seat much to her mistress’ delight. Clipping a leash to her collar, Heather told Betsy to leave her cape in the car. Betsy was forced to walk up a long flight of marble steps before reaching the entry. Each step forced the plugs to move intensifying the effect of the plugs. When a small moan escaped from Betsy’s lips Heather turned warning her of the consequences if she came without permission. “There are plenty here who would love to punish you,” Heather warned.

Heather walked in followed by Betsy and was soon busy interacting with other guests. After about 30 minutes, Betsy was told to remove the plates holding her teeth being told, “you won’t need them tonight” by Heather.

A tall man and his wife walked up to Heather and whispered into her ear. Betsy could not hear the words but saw the smile on Heather’s face and the nod. A few minutes later, Betsy found herself in a remote corner of the room.

The woman Heather was talking too walked over and simply said to Betsy, “remove your plugs and hand them to me.”

Betsy did as she was instructed, but was immediately cropped hard. “When you hand them to me, they will be clean.”

Betsy nodded and slowly began sucking and licking each device in an attempt to satisfy the woman. Heather watched is delight. Again handing the devices over, Betsy watched as the woman took a jar of salve from her purse, opened it and placed a liberal amount on each instrument.

“I was only going to do one, but given your mistake, You earned both of them.”

The woman then handed the devices back to Betsy for insertion into her body. Once they were secured by the harness, the woman walked Betsy back to Heather. “She will behave for the rest of the evening,” was all that was said.

Betsy was unsure what that meant but soon found out. The first indication that something was happening was an internal warmth building in her ass and pussy. The warmth grew and grew until Betsy felt like she was on fire.

“It begins,” Heather laughed.

Another woman attracted attention shouting, “everyone watch as Heather’s new Pet succumbs to Dr. Jameson’s Slut Paste.” Immediately, a crowd formed with more than one guest commenting that they always wanted to see how it worked and affected women. As Betsy listened, she heard wagers being made. She did not know the wagers were being made over her. As she listened a woman nearby said, “I will give her 15 minutes before she is begging.”

“You are on,” said another, “I hear she is from the UK and they do keep a stiff upper lip I am told.”

The first woman laughed pointing to Betsy’s clamped nipples. “Well given the stiffness of her nipples, it seems they keep more than a stiff upper lip.” She then added, “my guess is her clit is a little stiff too.”

Betsy stayed next to Heather and was kneeling when the full effects of the paste kicked in. It was not a slow buildup, but rather like a switch being thrown. Her body was not only heated and on fire, but her pussy and ass felt stimulated like one thousand little tongues constantly caressed the sensitive skin. Betsy’s eyes literally rolled back into her head and everyone just saw the whites of her eyes.

As she knelt there, Betsy began rotating and then swaying her hips in an attempt to find relief.

“Look, it begins,” one woman laughed.

Betsy did not think it was funny. Looking up at Heather she quickly begged for release. Heather promptly dismissed her requests. “Be a good pet and stay still,” she said knowing it was impossible. The more she tried to stay still, the more her hips moved.

She then heard Dr. Anita Self’s voice close to Heather, “ look, her sweet pussy is creaming in excitement.” Betsy knew it was true as she could feel her wetness coating the leather straps tightly framing her pussy. Leah walked into the mix. She was dressed in a cocktail dress more befitting a Mistress than a sub. Looking over at Betsy, she smiled. “Yes, it is true, I was a closet Dominant and Heather has shown me the way.”

Betsy’s body was now covered in a light sheen of sweat. As every moment passed, her need to fuck grew greater. Leah took the leash from Heather and with a nod led Betsy into the center of a large circle.

“Lay down face up, “ Leah commanded and Betsy obeyed. She had no intention of obeying this mere coed, but could not help herself. As she lay there, two men and two women walked into the circle and took either a cuffed arm or a leg and attached it to a locking post. Betsy was now spread eagle, displayed for all to see.

Betsy watched unable to register what was happening as nine couples stood around her naked body inside the circle. With a nod from Heather, each wife or girlfriend unzipped her male companion and began stroking him until Betsy looking up could only see nine hard cocks. As she watched, the cocks quivered and pulsed with excitement until one after the other, they exploded milked of their seed by the soft hands of their companion. Betsy felt the first splash of cum hit her breasts and that was quickly followed by another. The next explosion hit her face splashing into her eyes before dripping towards her lips. She lost count as nine men unloaded semen onto her body.

When the nine men finished, they were quickly replaced by nine more and the act repeated itself over and over until Betsy’s body was covered in cum. The more cum that hit her, the hotter she became. While this was going on, Anita Self was stroking her husband outside of the circle. When he got ready to cum, he did not splash Betsy’s body, rather he ejaculated into a small shot glass which soon contained copious amounts of his semen. Anita took the glass, walked to where Betsy was displayed on the ground and simply said “open your mouth.

Betsy did and before her mind registered what was happening, Anita poured the thick contents of the glass into the author’s mouth. Betsy had no choice but to swallow.

“What a wonderful idea,” a woman exclaimed. Leah added, “Well, we do have her on a liquid diet.”

For the remainder of the evening, each woman took turns milking her companion’s cock into a shot glass and then depositing the contents into Betsy’s waiting mouth. Between doses of cum, Betsy was allowed to suck on a large dildo which stimulated her lips and therefore the rest of her body keeping her on the edge of orgasm.

At 10 pm, Betsy was released from the circle and taken by attendants to be cleaned up. Her night was far from over. Walking back into the room totally naked except for the collar she was wearing, she was again anointed with salve this time by Leah. Within a few minutes, Betsy was felt the initial effects of the balm inserted into her ass and pussy. Leah, took great glee in watching Betsy wiggle and grind as the balm took hold and she vainly attempted to reach orgasm. Leah hardly noticed the warmth spreading throughout her own body.

Anita looked at Heather whispering, “you are so bad. You should have told Leah to wear gloves when using the balm. It is absorbed through the skin and although it will take longer when on the hands, the end result will be just the same.”

“Well, Leah was under the illusion somehow that I thought she was Dom material. She is not and will be a wonderful sub. Tonight will signal to her that this is now her life after the University of course.” Heather then motioned to Leah to walk closer,

“You know dear, that balm is absorbed through the skin and unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help you at this point.” Smiling she added, “Do enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Leah looked at her hands in horror and feeling the rising heat within her own body. “Please Heather, let me go to the car.”

Heather laughed, “Betsy will enjoy the company, besides it will teach you a valuable lesson and show you just how submissive you can become.“

Heather then announced for all to hear, “Leah has been contaminated and will join Betsy for the next round of entertainment.” Everyone cheered knowing what was in store.

Betsy was grinding her thighs into the floor when she looked up and saw Leah being stripped and put into the circle on the floor with her. In minutes, Leah was also moving her hips and soon begged for release. Heather would not grant her wish. Instead, she attached a collar matching Betsy’s and watched as her protege succumbed to the sensations running through her body.

“OMG fuck me,” Leah cried out embarrassed. No one moved; no one moved except Betsy. Her mind was clouded with lust and when she heard a strong “fuck me,” she was ready. Grabbing a nearby dildo, she plunged it into the coed’s wetness. Betsy could not believe how wet Leah was, but she could not see what others saw, the wetness running down her own thigh.

Heather walked over to a cabinet and opening the door, pulled out a double ended dildo. Walking back to the circle, she handed it to Betsy and said, “use this one.” Betsy nodded looking up at her Mistress with lust filled eyes.

Betsy took one end and quickly had it inserted in the coed’s wet pussy, moving over her, Betsy inserted the other end in her own pussy enjoying the feeling as she slid down over it unable to surpress a moan coming from her lips.

“Now fuck each other,” Heather ordered and both Leah and Betsy obeyed without hesitation. As the guests watched, the two women proceeded to drive the dildos deep into one another. Both remained unaware of the audience; in fact, they were focusing only on their own release. Finally, Heather said “cum,” and as if on command, Leah and Betsy exploded in a wild orgasm leaving both gasping for air.

“What a lovely sight, you control them so well,” Anita Self mentioned to Betsy.

“Yes, well they both are highly suggestive and Betsy is growing more and more submissive by the day. It won’t be long before I can rent her out to others for entertainment or other activities.” Heather laughed, “and her novel is progressing nicely.”

“Well, she is writing from first hand experiences making her words more believable.” I am so glad you decided to let the Self’s publish her first novel.” Anita grinned towards Betsy and then asked Heather, “can we negotiate for screenplay rights too?”

Six months later, Betsy was in her room preparing to leave with Heather for an awards show. Her first novel, “Experience Is The Best Teacher,” was up for the prestigious Clitorides Award in the best erotic fiction category. Dressing in a black cocktail dress, pearls and heels, Betsy looked the part of a professional woman. If one looked under her dress and saw only a garter, stockings and a latex harness securing a dildo and anal plug, they might think something else.

“Tonight is your night to celebrate,” Heather announced as she met her in the foyer. “You have accomplished everything you set out to do.”

“Thank you Mistress, I could not have done it without your help and guidance.” Betsy lowered her eyes making Heather smile.

“You have come a long way these last few months. Your physical appearance, your mental outlook and your wonderful submissiveness combine to make you my favorite pet. Never forget that fact.” Heather took Betsy’s arm and guided her to the waiting limo. As they settled in, Heather could not help toying with the remote triggering deep vibrations in Betsy’s body, vibrations she had come to expect and need.

“Leah and Penny will be joining us there, Heather added as will the Self’s and a few of our other friends. They are all so proud of you.” Heather watched Betsy’s facial expression change as she basked in the compliment.

Heather handed Betsy a glass of champagne for the ride commenting, “if the audience only knew where you gathered your inspirations from, they might be shocked.”

“I am sure they would,” Betsy smiled, “sometimes when I read the edited pages it is hard to remember all of the real life experiences that went into the book.”

“Well, all you have to do is remove your teeth to remember it is all real. I understand from Anita that her husband has grown rather fond of your gum jobs as he calls them.” Heather continued, “and Anita herself has nothing but praise for your oral skills.”

A few hours later, the presenter at the lavish affair opened as sealed envelop announcing “and the winner for best erotic fiction is.....” As she read the name, vibrations tore through Betsy’s body as all eyes were on her. Stunned, she walked gingerly to the stage where she struggled to compose herself. Thankfully, the vibrations died and she got through her speech. Back stage, she linked up with Heather who whispered “the Self’s are hosting the post awards party and asked that you where this scent as you arrive.”

Heather handled Betsy a special bottle of “Obey” perfume. This one was not formulated for the mass market, but only for her. Betsy nodded and then turned quickly to answer a reporter’s question.

“Have you started your second book yet Betsy? When can we expect to see it?”

“Yes and soon” Betsy answered, “it begins at an awards show after party where our heroine becomes the host’s plaything.” She smiled seductively,”I think you will enjoy it.”