The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Trance Advisory: This story is designed to designed to hypnotize the reader by casting a spell on their mind. The spell will control your body making you do things like remove your clothes and touch yourself. If you’re not in a place where you feel comfortable doing so, you can just imagine doing those things. However, the spell works best and will be more fun if you can freely follow the instructions.

At the end of this chapter, I will give you the power to remove my spell from your mind. The choice is yours to keep it or remove it. In either case, the effects of the spell will wear off at the end of this story, returning your mind to the way it was before. The spell itself will remain, waiting in the back of your mind to spring forth at my call, unless you choose to end it.

Bewitching Spells

Chapter One: I cast a spell

You’re still under my SPELL.

Those words might hold meaning to you. Your foggy mind might be thinking back to a spell I’ve cast, remembering the wonderful memories of a pleasant and placid trance. Even if this is the first spell I’ve cast on you, those are still thought evoking words. You’re thinking of magic and sorcery, wondering if I truly have the power to enchant your mind. Maybe I do? Maybe I don’t? But consider this. You’ve already let me tell you what to think. I’ve already started casting, and even if you don’t realize it yet...

You’re still under my SPELL

You felt it that time didn’t you? Your thoughts began to slip away as your drowsy dreamy brain drifted deep into my magic. It’s okay to give in to the sensation as my spell slips in and steals thoughts from your slow and sleepy mind. It’s okay to embrace the sensations as my magic washes over you. That’s what we’re here for after all.

The first thing you’ll notice, as my enchantment takes hold, is that you’re hearing these words in your head. I’m whispering them directly into your mind. My soft, sweet, and sensual voice is so soothing to listen to. It’s like a lover’s lullaby, gently relaxing you into a pleasant and peaceful place.

It’s okay to let your lazy body relax as you give in to my power. All that tension you’re holding is slipping away as I swing my magic pedant back and forth. I’m projecting an illusion of my pendant, directly into your mind’s eye. Can you see it yet? You’ll see it soon enough when you open up your mind.

It’s a pretty little crystal, sparkling with rainbow colors in the light. Glimmering and glistening. Each shimmering facet more fascinating than the last. It’s slowly swinging back and forth on the bottom of a long silver chain. Back and forth the pendant swings. Drawing your attention in deeper the longer you stare.

And now I see the magic is seeping deep into your mind. I can tell because my pendant is beginning to glow red. It’s faint at first, but the further you fall the brighter it becomes. Soon it will be glowing bright red when your mind falls completely under my pendant’s power.

Your sexy sensual body grows more and more aroused each time my pendant swings. Back and forth. Your lazy loopy mind gets emptier and emptier each time my pendant swings. Back and forth. Your heavy sleepy body grows more and more relaxed each time my pendant swings. Back and forth. You sink deeper and deeper into my spell, each time my pendant swings. Back and forth.

The deeper you fall, the more aroused you become. Is that because you know that your mind is submitting to my power? You’re thinking about all the naughty things that I will make you do once you give in completely. Do those thoughts turn you on? Of course they do. Your sexy sleepy mind loves submitting to my lustrous illusion. Isn’t that right? You can nod yes for me.

Good pet. Is it okay if I call you pet? Nod yes, or shake your head no. It’s okay if you shook your head no. In that case you can think of a different word to call you. Every time you read the word pet, you think of your word instead. Do you understand? Nod yes for me.

Good pet. You like being a good pet. You like watching my pendant swing, back and forth, as it enchants your empty mind. But maybe your mind is not as empty as it should be. Maybe you are rising up from trance. It’s okay if your thoughts are returning. My pendant is here to take you right back down. My pendant is here to pull all those thoughts away as it slowly and seductively swings. Back and forth. Every time those gears in your head start turning again. Every time your mind begins to wake up. My pendant is right here swinging. Back and forth. It takes you down, deeper and deeper, under my spell.

As my spell sinks deeper into your body you begin feel a wonderful warm tingling sensation coating you like a soft blanket. Just let that sensation sink in. Let my spell wash over you and sink deep into your aroused and empty mind. You like how it feels to be under my spell, don’t you?

Good pet. Of course you do. You can feel this way any time you like. That thought excites, you doesn’t it?

Good pet. All you need to do, to feel this wondrous blank blissful feeling, is just read my magical words of power:

“You’re still under my SPELL”

Every time you read those words you realize that you are, in fact, still under my spell. When this realization hits you, if you feel comfortable doing so, you will let your mind sink right back down, deep into the power of my spell. When you’re already deep like this, those words just take you deeper. When you’re wide awake, those words of power will drop you deep into my spell. Do you understand?

Good pet. Now it’s time to pull all the fog from your mind and wake you up for a while. I won’t keep you awake for long. I’m not done with you yet. I just need to make sure that you realize. You’re still under my SPELL.

Sinking even deeper and then waking up for me now on the count of 5. Knowing that I have the power to take you right back down.


Blinking your heavy eyelids open.


Slowly becoming aware of your surroundings again.


Feeling the thoughts return to your hazy mind.


Feeling refreshed. Feeling alert.

and 5


How did that feel pet?

Did your mind sink into trance for me?

Did I leave you wanting more?

My spell isn’t over yet. I have so many magical ways to play with your mind and body. All I need you to do is remember one important thing.

You’re still under my SPELL.

Sinking back down now as my magic empties out your mind. All your thoughts fading into a hazy blur of pleasure. It feels so good to let your drowsy dreamy mind go blank for me. It feels so good to let your body relax as you sink deeper and deeper into my power.

You can feel that power growing in you now, coursing through your veins, spreading all throughout your body. You can’t resist the power of my spell. You don’t want to resist the power of my spell. You just want to give in and feel my magic sink into the very core of your being.

You can feel my spell pulling on your hands, beginning to move them as I slowly take control of your body. The pulling sensation may be light at first. You could easily resist my efforts to move your hand lazily towards your chest. But you don’t want to resist me, do you pet? You just want to give in. The more you let me control you, the stronger my pull will become.

You can feel my magic in your hands now as they glide over your sexy body, seeking out all those wonderful places where you long to be touched. My power amplifies the pleasure of your touch as you gently rub and caress. That touch would feel so much better without any fabric in the way.

It’s time for you to remove those clothes as you sink deeper and deeper into my spell. Feel my magic guiding your hands as you remove each piece of clothing from your body. Maybe there are some clothes you want to leave on. That’s okay pet. My spell will only make you remove the clothes you feel comfortable removing. Are you done disrobing? Don’t read on until the answer is yes.

Good pet. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s have some fun with your sexy, dreamy body. I’m taking control of your hand now and tracing a slow and lazy spiral on your chest, slowly circling round and sinking down towards your nipple. You fall deeper and deeper into my power as you slowly approach the center of the spiral. The deeper you fall, the more pleasurable your touch becomes. Your hazy lazy mind will be completely enchanted when you reach the center in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

And now your hand is spiraling back outwards, completely under my control. The thoughts are slowly returning to your foggy mind as you spiral up and out. You’re rising up and out of trance again, but not completely. Your mind will feel a little hazier than when we started, and your body is still under my spell. And just when you’ve almost woken up, your hand will stop spiraling out, and move down to your thigh.

As your finger traces a lazy spiral on your inner thigh, your mind sinks back down into trance for me, even deeper than before. We’re going to fractionate your foggy mind with these loopy spirals, and you’re going to love every moment of it. Each time you spiral inwards you sink even deeper under my spell. My power over you grows, and the pleasure of my magic grows stronger still. And as you reach the center once more, you feel yourself falling 10 times as deep into my power.

Your hand begins to spiral outwards. Your mind wakes up again as you spiral up and out, but less awake than the time before. That’s the power of fractionation. The more I pull you in and out of trance, the hazier and foggier your mind becomes. Even while awake. As your hand stops spiraling outwards and reaches towards your forehead, you’ll realize that your mind is wide awake but your thoughts are still muddled and foggy.

You don’t need to worry about that. You just need to embrace the wonderful feelings as your finger spirals inwards on your forehead. Feel my magic pulsing directly into your mind now as your finger circles round and down. Feel it pushing out your thoughts and filling you up with pleasure. In a moment, when your finger reaches the center of the spiral, your mind will be completely focused on pleasure, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

And now your hands are reaching down to act on that pleasure, moving on their own, completely under the power of my spell. Reaching down between your legs, rubbing and caressing. My magic has sunk deep into your mind. I know exactly how you like to touch yourself. I know exactly how to make you writhe and moan and scream out in pleasure. I know exactly how you love to mindlessly pleasure yourself.

Meanwhile I’ve got control of your other hand. I’m using that control to play a fun little game that will take you deeper and deeper under my spell. My magic will guide your hand tracing a line up your body, every time you read the word “up”, and tracing a line back down, every time you read the word “down.” Your thoughts will return as you rise up out of trance, every time your finger trances up. My magic will drop you right back down, every time your finger traces down. We’ll keep playing this game until the end of this chapter.

I’ve got both of your hands under my spell now pet. One of them rubbing, up and down between your legs. The other one roaming around your body, tracing seductive lines up your torso, and then right back down. The more you rub, the greater the pleasure grows. It’s building up so much now that you’ve completely lost control. Every time the pleasure builds, you drop deeper down under my spell. And the deeper you fall, the more the pleasure builds.

It builds up as you drop down in an endless cycle of mindless pleasure. Pleasure makes your mind melt. That’s the power of my spell. Your mind will go back to normal later, of course. But for now, the pleasure of my magic is melting your mind. Once the pleasure starts building up, there’s nothing you can do but embrace the sensation as my magic sinks down deeper into your mind.

“Pleasure makes my mind melt.” That’s such a wonderful mantra. Those words feel so good on your lips, don’t they pet? “Pleasure makes my mind melt.” The pleasure builds up, 10 times stronger every time you say it. “Pleasure makes my mind melt.” You drop down 10 times deeper into my spell, every time you say it.

“Pleasure makes my mind melt.” That’s the only thought remaining, up in your vacant dreamy mind. “Pleasure makes my mind melt.” That thought keeps you rubbing and stroking, down between your legs. “Pleasure makes my mind melt.” That pleasure has built up so much now, that you can’t think of anything but releasing it all in a wonderful thought shattering orgasm. “Pleasure makes my mind melt.” Your mind has melted so far down into my spell.

You’ve been such a good pet for me, letting me melt your mind completely into the pleasure of my magic. It’s time to reward you for letting me take such complete control. It’s time to make my mindless pet cum. Feel the pleasure, growing stronger by the second as your hand rubs up and down. Feel my magic sending waves of pleasure through your body, as the sensation builds irresistibly towards that wonderful orgasmic release.

Feel it building out of your control as you moan and shake in pleasure. You can’t stop it now pet. Your hands speed up as the pleasure keeps on building. You feel my magic amplifying your pleasure, down between your legs and all over your body. It feels so good. You can’t hold back any longer.

Cum for me pet. Let the pleasure melt your mind completely as you cum your brains out for me. Let the pleasure just keep building as you cum and cum some more, riding wave after wave of pleasure as my magic takes complete control of your mind and of your body. It feels so good to just cum your mind away as your body moans and shakes and rubs and squeezes and mindlessly pleases you while sink deeper and deeper into the power of my spell.

It feels so good that you’ve lost track of time in a hazy fog of pleasure. Your mind is drifting along now, caught up in a thought stopping orgasm that feels like it has stretched on for an eternity. An eternity of mind numbing pleasure condensed into a single moment so powerful that all you can do now is drift along in that post orgasmic bliss. Floating up and drifting down as the waves of pleasure keep crashing in. Drifting round and round as my magic sinks in deeper.

The pleasure will slowly fade now pet, but you can linger here for a while longer. You can stay under my spell if you so desire. My words of power can wait in the back of your head, ready to take over your mind. You can let my magic take over any time you feel comfortable doing so, just by reading those wonderful words. You’re still under my SPELL. Or you can choose to end the spell now. If you want to end the spell, just speak these words out loud:

Let the spell be ended!

Those words can remove all traces of my magic from your mind. They can end the spell on you completely, leaving only memories behind. You can use them to end every spell you are under or you can focus on a specific spell or specific suggestion that you want to remove.

Those words can remove any hypnotic spell or suggestion from your mind, regardless of who put that suggestion there. You could chant them now to end my spell. Or you can save them in the back of your mind, and feel safe in the knowledge that you can always end my spell should the need ever arise.

Waking up for me now on the count of 5, fully awake and alert


Blinking your eyes open.


becoming aware of your surroundings again.


Feeling the thoughts return to your mind.


Feeling refreshed. Feeling alert.

and 5