The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bewitching Spells

Chapter 2: A magical massage and a pleasure spell

Hello again pet. It’s so nice to see you back. I have a very special spell for you today. One that will make you feel an incredible wave of pleasure wash over your body whenever a special condition is met. I’m going to place the spell by giving you a sensual massage, then use the enchantment to have some fun with your sexy body. This magic will linger in your mind, and make my tales a more magical experience. Read onwards only if you want to be enchanted.

There’s three things I need to go over before we get started. First make sure you’re someplace comfortable and private. I want you to relax, unwind, and have some naughty fun with me. If you can’t do that here, just put this story down and save it for another time. My words and my magic will be here waiting when you get back.

Secondly, I want to make sure that You’re still under my SPELL. This chapter is only for people who are already enchanted by my magic. If you are not enchanted, then you should stop reading here. Chapter One can place you under my spell if you open your mind to my magic.

Lastly, I want you to read this at a slow and leisurely pace. You’re going to experience so many wonderful sensations pet. So just relax, take your time, and enjoy yourself. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to have some fun.

I’m going to cover every inch of your body in a soothing warmth. It’s going to be oh so easy to just let go of all your tension when my soft and gentle hands touch your sensitive skin. Every muscle in your body will relax as my enchantment sinks in. Are you ready for a magical massage?

Good pet. Feel my hands, gently touching your shoulders, rubbing little circles round and round. Let your muscles fall slack as I push in a little firmer. Round and down my fingers go, rubbing all the tension out of your shoulders. Round and down in little circles that take you deeper into relaxation.

Feel my magic sinking in through my fingertips. Let go of all the tension you’re holding as I slowly caress and squeeze down your arms. Take a nice deep breath for me as I rub down past your elbows. Focus on those deep breaths as my hands rub further down your arms. Feel me trace a pair of spirals on your palms as my magic sinks deeper into your body.

It might tickle a little, as my fingers dance back up your arms. Up, up, up they go. Gliding across your skin. Circling around as they trace up past your elbows. Dancing and sliding across your skin, like a pair of figure skating pixies, enchanting your arms as they leap and swirl. Up up up. Up your forearms then all the way up to your shoulders.

Doesn’t it feel amazing when my palms press against your back like this as I leisurely rub, round and down, working my way, slowly down your back, pushing out all the tension as you relax deeper into my touch? It’s okay if you just smile and nod, without knowing what you are agreed to, and it’s okay if you reread my question several times before things finally became clear.

Do you really need to think about anything else beyond the wonderful way it feels as your muscles fall slack while my hands massage your back, slowly circling, round and down as your mind unwinds under the power of my spell? That’s it pet, just shake your head no. You don’t need to think about anything else except the calming warmth of my magic slowly enchanting your body.

Can you feel the power sinking in through my fingertips and penetrating deep into your skin as my hands caress, deeper down, touching and squeezing your beautiful butt in an irresistibly sensual embrace that melts all the thoughts from your mind? You have such a cute butt pet. Soft and squishy like the brain inside your head. So fun to play with. So fun to squeeze and rub. So fun to enchant with my bewitching touch.

Are you enjoying the way that every sensation grows stronger than the last, making my nails feel divine as they softly glide up your back, sending shivers down your spine as they lightly scrape across your skin with a delicate and teasing touch that feels intoxicatingly seductive? Of course you are. Good pet.

I can scratch harder, but only if you want a little pain. I can scratch hard enough to leave deep red lines as my nails tear across your skin like the claws of a feral beast in the throes of passion. I can sense your body reacting, and scratch you just hard enough to make you melt into the pleasure of my touch as my nails slide up. Up up up. All the way up to your shoulders, then right back down leaving a magical trail down the length of your back and over your butt as my hands scratch even further down.

Have you noticed how every muscle I’ve touched has fallen slack under the power of my magic, from your shoulders down to back of your thighs, where I’m gently squeezing your legs into a state of genuine relaxation that feels better with every enchanting word you read? Allow your entire body to relax as my hands slowly slide down and around the back of your knees, caressing and squeezing, deeper down. Feel me rub away your tension as my magic descend, all the down to your ankles.

Do you feel completely enchanted as my hands slip down to your feet and my fingers cares your arches while my thumbs rub along the top, massaging all your stress away with a magical touch that lulls your body and mind into a relaxed and obedient state? Enjoy that sensation as I give each of your toes the attention it deserves. A little squeeze and a little wiggle. Some gentle rubbing in between. It feels so wonderful to be enchanted, doesn’t it?

Good pet. Let your body respond to my touch as my hands begin to drift upwards and a magical tingling sensation sinks into every inch of your skin. Up the front of your body this time. Up up up. Caressing up your shins and knees. Slowing down to squeeze and tease as my hands move higher up your thighs. Such lovely luscious legs you have pet.

Allow those moans to escape your lips as I trace a lazy spiral on your crotch, slowly swirling my fingers round and down as my pleasure spell sinks in deeper. I know how you crave my touch down there. I know you can’t wait to slip out of your clothes so I can touch your most sensitive regions. But I’m going to keep teasing you for a while, swirling my fingers round and round, then moving on up.

Feel my hands gliding up your belly. You have such a cute tummy. I can’t resist giving it a little tickle. It’s okay if you giggle as my hands tease your sensitive skin. You can give in to my magic and let your body respond to the power of my touch.

Feel another moan escape your lips as my hands caress your chest and gently squeeze. Arch your back instinctively as my fingers swirl around in a pair of lazy loopy spirals, centering inwards, round and down towards your nipples. Gasp in surprise as I reach the center of the spirals and give you a little pinch.

Whimper just a little for me as my hands slide up your neck. Do you like it when I touch you there pet? I’m only going to give you a gentle caress, but with a little bit of pressure it could turn into a breathtaking experience.

Feel my hands sliding upwards. Up up up. All the way up to the top of your head. let my fingers push out all your thoughts as I gently massage your scalp. Every inch of your body is covered in my magic. You can feel my power sinking deep into the very core of your being. You know that you’ve been enchanted by a powerful pleasure spell, and that sounds oh so wonderful doesn’t it?

Good pet. Feel a wonderful wave of pleasure building up in your mind like a thousand tiny angelic hands caressing and rubbing your scalp, spiraling around as a warm tingling sensation builds up in your mind. Let that sensation grow stronger and stronger, then feel it sinking down your body like a wave of pure orgasmic bliss.

Sinking down your spine, all the way down to your cute behind. Sinking down your arms, all the way down to your fingertips. Sinking down over your chest and tummy, all the way down to that wonderful place between your thighs. Sinking down your legs. All the way down. Down down down to the tips of your toes.

That felt wonderful didn’t it pet? Now feel it again, but faster. A warm wave of pleasure building up in your mind then sinking down over your body and coalescing in all the places where you long to be touched. Good pet. You can feel that sensation again, any time you follow my instructions in this chapter. Afterwards you will feel it any time you are reading my words and read the phrase “wave of pleasure” or “waves of pleasure”. Do you understand?

Good pet. I want you to experience that sensation with your mind wide awake. You won’t be awake for long though. Eventually those waves of pleasure will overwhelm your mind and drop you right back down into this dreamy state. Now it’s time to wake up. Let your thoughts return on the count of 5.


Blink your eyes and open your mind.


Feel my magic lingering in your body.


Think about the pleasure spell I cast.


Know how it will feel when you obey.



Did you enjoy your magical massage? Are you ready to test out that pleasure spell?

I’d like you to hold your fingertip against your forehead. Now out loud say the word pleasure. Did you feel it when you put your finger in place? Was it stronger when you said the word pleasure out loud? That sensation will grow stronger each time you feel it, and you’ll feel it every time you follow my instructions.

It’s time to slowly slip out of those clothes so you can play with your dreamy body. Feel the pleasure of obedience with each garment you remove. You can leave some on if you feel more comfortable that way. I want you to be naked, but more importantly I want you to be comfortable.

Feel my spell growing stronger as you bear more of your skin. That pleasure is going to enchant your mind completely. It will grow stronger with each command you obey, bewitching your mind and controlling your body. Embrace that sensation as you give in to my spell. Good pet.

Have you noticed that every inch of skin becomes an erogenous zone when you’re enchanted by my magic? Run your hands up your thighs and feel a warm rush of pleasure building up between your legs. Spiral a finger around on your tummy and notice how it overwhelms your mind with pleasure. Gently squeeze your nipples and feel that pleasure wash away your thoughts.

Roam your hands freely across your sensitive skin, touching and caressing, teasing and squeezing. Every touch is a separate command you’re obeying. Every stroke, every rub, every squeeze, sends a wave of pleasure crashing over your body. Feel your hands slowly gravitating towards your most sensitive erogenous zones as you mindlessly read onwards. Soon you will be completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

That sounds so lovely doesn’t it pet?.

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

Let my spell sink deeper into your mind as that magical mantra repeats.

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

Allow it to echo, louder and louder, until it’s all you can think.

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

Let your mind give in and accept that you are,

completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

Feel the pleasure building as your hands move faster. Focus on that wonderful orgasmic bliss that you oh so desperately desire. Touch and rub and stroke in that perfect way as my magic amplifies every sensation. Know that you can’t hold back for much longer. You need to release all that built up pleasure. Your mind is focused completely on satisfying that desire. It’s impossible to think of anything else.

Feel a mind numbing orgasm building as your mantra forms on your lips

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

Saying those words out loud doubles your pleasure and arousal

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

Every repetition brings you to new heights of indescribable orgasmic pleasure.

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

You know that a powerful orgasm will overwhelm your mind the next time you admit that you are

Completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

CUM for me pet. Let your body shiver and shake as my magic washes over you in waves of pure ecstasy and delight. Allow that pleasure to grow infinitely stronger as my words sink deeper into your mind until the only thing that exists beyond the pleasure of my magic. You know in this moment that you are completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled.

You can linger here in this wonderful post-orgasmic bliss, as your mind slowly wakes up. Feel my magic receding with every breath. Allow your thoughts to return with every sentence. Soon your mind will be completely awake. Soon my magic will recede to a dark corner of your mind. My spell is nearly ended, but you’re still enchanted enough that it’s going to feel incredible when I tell you to...

CUM again! Feel a massive wave of pleasure crashing over your body in a wonderful moment of absolute ecstasy that feels like an eternity of perpetual bliss condensed into a single instant. Moan and scream as your body shakes in pleasure so strong that it feels like an never-ending orgasm. Know how wonderful it feels to be completely enchanted bewitched and controlled.

It’s time to wake up on a count of 5.


Feeling refreshed and oh so satisfied.


Blinking your eyes and looking around.


Feeling enchanted by my pleasure spell.


Shaking and stretching your arms and legs.


All the way up. Up up up. Completely awake.