The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bewitching Spells

Chapter Four: A lust spell

Greetings pet. I see you can’t resist coming back for more of my magic. This time I’m going to cast a lust spell that will turn you into a hyperhorny fuckslut. That means that you’re going to get so aroused that you’ll only be able to think about sex and kink and things that turn you on. It means that you’ll be eager to please and serve by fucking and sucking, licking and touching, kissing and caressing and doing what you’re told like a good pet.

Steps into your room inside your mind and flashes you a wicked smile.

Once I’ve made you nice and slutty, I’m going fuck your brains out. So before you read any further make sure you’re in a place where you can focus completely on my words and the pleasure they bring you.

Strides towards you with an audible click of my heel on the floor as I steadily approach. You can’t help but stare at the way that my pink lacy dress accentuates the beautiful curves of my body. Your gaze drifts slowly down from my breasts and my tummy to the bulge in my panties. Then you’re fascinated by a glimmer out of the corner of your mind’s eye as I reach towards you. My fingernail glows with a lustful red warmth that makes you stare thoughtlessly like a feebleminded thrall before suddenly dropping out of sight as I trace it up your neck and under your chin.

I have a special secret for you pet. I’m going to teach you how to feel a hazy sensation of submissive bliss, any time that I ask you a question while casting a spell on your mind. All you need to do, while you’re reading this spell and any time that I’m enchanting your dreamy mind with my magic, is simply speak the words “yes Crystal” or “no Crystal” in response to my question, then you’ll feel the irresistibly mind numbing pleasure of submitting to the power of my spell.

You want that more than anything right now, don’t you pet?

Good pet.

Subtly slips my hand down to your shoulder and applies a little pressure. A thousand enchanting sparkles shimmer in my eyes like a galaxy of tiny red stars floating in a green night sky. As you look closer they seem to be swirling around in a fascinating spiral that makes it oh so easy to just stare and accept the words that I whisper. You gasp, then your breathing slows down as I stare into your eyes with a lustfully dominant gaze while slowly pushing you down.

Are you relaxed and ready to embrace my magic?

Did you feel a fascinating wave of pleasure when you answered “yes Crystal”?

Do you know what that means?

You’re still under standably fascinated by how good it feels when your mind submits to my power. You’re still under statedly slipping, under the subtle sway of my spellbinding words. You’re still under the impression that I’m going to invoke my words of power and make your mind melt into blissful obedience. You’re still under my control and sinking deeper with every word, even without invoking that SPELL.

Straddles your hips and stares down at you with an enchanting gaze. My dress sparkles with magic, then slowly dissolves into nothingness like the unwanted thoughts that are disappearing from your deep and dreamy mind. You can’t help but stare in lustful desire as my perfectly perky breasts begin to poke through the fascinating fading fabric.

Do you want to be a good pet for me and become a hyperhorny fuckslut?

Those words might look oddly familiar to you, like you’ve seen me use them before and thought they seemed strangely descriptive. You’re about to find out exactly what they are describing. The words “hyperhorny fuckslut” describe what you become when you read the words hyperhorny fuckslut. The words “hyperhorny fuckslut” are fascinating words of power that activate my lust spell.

Rhythmically sways my chest, back and forth, as the last of my dress dissolves like the last of your inhibitions. They vanish into the wonderful thought of my perky tits seductively swaying, back and forth. You can’t help but stare at the mesmerizing way that my boobies bounce and jiggle as they slowly swing, back and forth, while my words sink deep into your subconscious mind.

I’m going to have so much fun turning you into a hyperhorny fuckslut. The change began the moment you read my words of power. You’ve already focused on sex and pleasure. Now every sexy thought you think will make my spell grow stronger. Everything else will fade away from your lust filled head until you’re nothing but a hyperhorny fuckslut, eager to please, to pleasure, and serve. Doesn’t that sound so enchanting?

Leans in close and slides my nearly naked body against yours. You can’t resist moaning in pleasure as my hardened nipples caress your sensitive flesh. It feels so impossibly seductive to surrender to my spell as I plant a line of intoxicating kisses up your neck. There’s nothing but lustful obedience left in your mind as I nibble gently on your ear and whisper these enticing words into your thoughts.

That’s it pet. Just like that. Give in to your desires and let your mind empty out as my magic sinks in deeper and deeper with every whispered word. We both know this is what you want. You want to give in to the lustful thoughts that are overwhelming your brain as you slip deeper under my control. Let all the doubts and inhibitions drain away from your vacant head as you focus completely on my lust spell and the pleasure it brings you. You want to become my hyperhorny fuckslut, eager to please and pleasure my sexy body.

Pins your shoulders down while slowly and sensually grinding my hips against you. You can tell from the bulge in my panties that I’m enjoying this just as much as you are. For a moment you wonder just when you realized that you crave the pleasure of pleasuring my gorgeous girl cock. Then my nipple brushes against your lips and that fleeting thought fades away with all the others. Your lips ache with need and desire to suck, but I hold it just out of reach.

I think I see a sparkle of desire in your mind’s eye. You’re having sexy thoughts about me, aren’t you? That’s what happens when you turn into a hyperhorny fuckslut. Your mind fills up with carnal desires for all the sexy people around you. And right now, my legs are wrapped tightly around you. Would you like to suck on my breast while you slowly surrender to my words?

Good pet.

Lowers my nipple down to your lips and lets you taste the sweet delicious sensation of falling under my lusty spell over and over again. For a moment you’re awake, and with every breath you take, all your passionate desires seem to swell. Compliantly you suckle, then you feel your mind buckle, as you drop back down under my lusty spell. When your docile sucking ends, your waking mind comprehends, that the only thing you want right now is more. So you suck your thoughts away and you eagerly obey, like the hyperhorny fuckslut I adore.

Isn’t it amazing how a few simple words can have such a powerful effect on your mind?

You can taste me on your lips when you suck, and that blissful sensation draws you deeper down under my spell. It doesn’t take long for you to feel so blissed out that your drowsy body can hardly move. When your tired lips inevitably stop you’ll feel the lust filled thoughts returning to your waking mind once more. You’ll find it’s so easy to think about how good it feels to submissively obey like a slutty little pet.

Shifts my chest to the side, pulling my nipple out of your needy mouth. You moan out in desire, desperate to suckle more as my breast slips out of reach. The desire in your lips is unbearable as you wonder why I would deny you the submissive bliss that you so desperately crave. You want more than anything to just happily suck and sink deep into the power of my magic, but my breast keeps slipping further away. Then my other boob reaches your lips and you blissfully suck yourself right back down into mindless compliance.

Do you like the way I toy with you and treat you like my obediently slutty plaything?

Good pet.

Is there something else that you’d much rather suck?

Of course there is. You’re being such a good pet for me, and I’m going to give you everything you desire. But first I’m going to toy with your hazy mind some more. I’m going to make you so desperately aroused and needy that you’ll beg and plead to be controlled by my spell.

Lifts my breasts away and looks down into your droopy eyes with an irresistibly enchanting gaze. Your empty mouth whimpers in desperate desire once more. Then you obediently suck as I slip my thumb into your willing and eager mouth. It’s so easy to just suck and stare into my fascinating eyes as the twinkling star specks within them start to swirl about once more. You obediently stare and suck and moan as my thumb thrusts deep into your mouth.

Such a good little fuckslut you are. Willing and eager to do anything to please and pleasure me. Willing and eager to accept my words as your thoughts as my spell sinks deeper down into your lust filled mind. I can see the way that you’ve been staring wistfully at my girl cock. Are you ready to be a good pet and suck on my cock like the hyperhorny fuckslut you are?

Good pet.


Slides my panties to the floor and lifts my hips up to your face. My cock springs to attention, large, powerful and so irresistibly enticing. Your lips obediently part and you feel a hazy wave of pleasure as your tongue caresses the tip. It’s so easy to just suck and sink into submissive bliss as my cock thrusts deep into your mouth.

That feels so wonderful doesn’t it pet?

Have you become a good little hyperhorny fuckslut for me?

Are you going to remember to feel this way any time you read those mesmerizing words of power?

good pet.

Grabs the back of your head, holding you in place as I slowly thrust my hips back and forth. A whimpering moan escapes your lips as my delectable cock slides in and out of your throat. You can feel the tip massaging your throat as you mindlessly suck and sink deeper into submissive thoughtlessness. My cock twitches and throbs, and you taste my precum on your tongue. Your head bobs faster up and down, eager for the taste of my seed, but I slide out of your mouth, denying you the cum you crave.

My my pet. You certainly are a cum-hungry slut, aren’t you?

Does my slutty pet want to feel my cock inside you some more?

Do you have another needy hole that’s aching to be filled with cock?

Grabs you firmly by the hair and forces you into a new position. You FREEZE up in submissive obedience as I bend you over and position my erection. The tip slides in and you gasp in pleasure as I fill up your body and mind with my will. That gasp becomes a needy moan as I sink in deeper and you submit yourself completely to my power. “oh yes Crystal” you can’t help but say over and over as fuck you into blissful thoughtlessness.

You like that don’t you pet?

Do you like the way I bend you to my will and fuck your brains out like mindless slut?

Do you want to feel me fuck you harder?

Thrusts in deeper, filling your horny mind with hazy bliss. You moan as I build up a steady rhythm, in and out, thrusting in deeper and deeper. Every thrust, in and out, sends a wave of pleasure crashing through your vacant mind and washing over your needy body. Your hips begin to rock as my cock thrusts in and out. It feels so impossibly good to submit to my will as my cock thrusts in and out.

You want to cum for me while I’m thrusting deep inside you, don’t you pet?

Do you promise to be a good pet for me?

Do you promise to get this horny and needy for me every time my lust spell turns you into a hyperhorny fuckslut?

Thrusts in harder, faster, and deeper. THWAPS your ass with my hand as my cock thrusts faster, in and out. You flinch and whimper at the sting of my hand THWAPPING your ass as my cock thrusts in and out. You moan and rock your hips faster as I thrust, in and out, pushing you right up to the edge. The pleasure feels so intense that you can’t hold it back any longer. You need to cum from the mind numbing bliss of my cock thrusting in and out.

CUM for me pet. CUM for me as I thrust in and out.

CUM and feel your hazy mind fill up with the pleasure of submitting to my spell.

CUM your brains out for me as I continue thrusting, in and out, harder and deeper.

Gradually slows down, and then slowly pulls out. Little waves of pleasure keep washing over your mind as you float along in post orgasmic bliss. You smile and sink into my embrace as my arms wrap around you and my fingers glide through your hair. A blissfully sigh escapes your lips as you realize that I am slowly cuddling the thoughts back into your mind.

You were such a good pet for me today, letting me enchant you and having such naughty fun together. My lust spell is cast, and you will feel it in your mind every time you read those enchanting words of power. Now it’s time for you to wake up and let the magic fade from your brain. Take some deep breaths for me, and fill your lungs with revitalizing oxygen. Allow each and every breaths to wake you up a little more.

Playfully bites down on your neck. Twin pinpricks of pain SHOCK you awake as fangs of magic sink into your skin. They tickle you with pleasure as I draw deep from the lust filled bliss that radiates from your body. The sensation send shivers down your spine as I whisper into your ear.

The best part about being a hyperhorny fuckslut is that you can be wide awake and still be a hyperhorny fuckslut. Do you feel how your thoughts are shifting back to sex and kink and how aroused you are, even as your mind continues waking?

You have an important choice to make pet. After reading those words of power my lust spell springs forth in your thoughts, you feel it and you realize that you are becoming a hyperhorny fuckslut. You could ignore it and let the spell fade away, or you could embrace the changes and sink into lust filled bliss until you orgasm.

Coils my legs around yours and caresses you with my toes. The touch is warm and soft as my feet glide across your skin. You gasp a little as they keep sliding up, all the way up your inner thigh. The pleasant touch is inviting but not demanding, reminding you that you have two choices to consider.

You could ignore the lusty urges that are filling up your waking mind. The spell will fade in a minute or two if you ignore it and move on. You can always end this spell that way no matter how far it’s progressed, but it might take some willpower to do so in practice when your mind is filled up with lust.

Like any hypnotic spell or suggestion, you can end the effects in a hurry with a quick counterspell, should the need ever arise. Just focus on the effect that you wish to end and speak or loudly think the words “let the spell be ended.” Declare it with purpose and intention to wake up your mind and protect your thoughts from all hypnotic spells and suggestions for a brief period of time.

Runs my fingers through your hair, sensually caressing your scalp. My fingertips swirl and twirl about like lusty thoughts in an enchanted mind. You moan a little as I gently grab hold of your hair. My grip is just tight enough to let you know that I could take control at a moment’s notice if that’s what you desire.

Your other option is to embrace the spell. Give in to your urges and do what comes natural when you’re focused on sex and pleasure. The spell will grow stronger with every sexy thought that you act upon or fantasize about. Before long that pleasure will grow out of control and you won’t be able to hold it back any longer.

Eventually you’ll CUM, consummating and completing the spell. The raw lust and sexual energy released in your orgasm will add to the strength of my magic in your mind. Do you know what happens when you end a lust spell with an orgasm?

The sexual energy supercharges my magic, making all my words of power stronger forevermore. If you cannot or chose not to CUM, you could always just EDGE hard enough and dedicate that pleasure to my spell. Either option will add all that lustful energy to my spell. The next time that you read my words of power the effects will be stronger than you expect.

After you complete the spell, the magic will fade from your mind. Your lusty thoughts will remain, but feel satisfied, for now. Your other thoughts will return, one by one as the spell dissipates. In no time at all you will wake up feeling refreshed, alert, aware, and enchanted. don’t worry pet, you can fall back under my lust spell, again and again and again, just by reading the words hyperhorny fuckslut.