The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bewitching Spells

Chapter 5: An impactful spell

Synopsis: You worship my feet while I thwap you with a hypnotic crop.

Get comfortable pet. You have opened up a fascinating spell where I will be training your mind to serve and pleasure my body. We are going to start at the bottom, with an irresistibly sensual lesson on how to properly worship my feet. You will learn how to sink into a submissive and lust filled footslut headspace when you obediently worship feet. I have brought along an enchanted crop to assist me in this task. This crop has a special word of power, that allows me to Thwap your bottom, or anywhere else that I please. I am going to Thwap the disobedient thoughts from your mind until you learn to behave like a good pet.

Strides into the room clad in leather and lace then pulls out a long leather crop. It looks delicate yet vicious and clearly capable of delivering a red hot stinging THWAP, even without the glowing gold crystal embedded in the wooden handle. Your eyes are drawn down to that glimmering shine which reminds you of my spell deep inside of your mind. For a moment you lose yourself, staring vacantly into that gem. Then I wake you with a Shock as I slam the crop down on my hand half an inch from your face.

Now that I have your attention pet, we need to have a little chat about something very important. This spell may get rather intense. I intend to treat you roughly as I mold and shape your mind. No matter what I do to your thoughts, or what anyone else does for that matter, you’ll always remember that you have the power to “let the spell be ended.” If you speak those words of power out loud you can end any hypnotic spells you are under. You can say it whilst holding the intention of removing a specific hypnotic trigger or group of suggestions. This would be useful if you want to continue reading my stories without being thwapped by this spell.

Sits down on a luxurious chair, and settles into a comfortably seductive position. Curls my finger, compelling you closer to me before I point forcefully down to the floor. Your gaze drifts slowly down from my hand, down over my luscious legs, which look absolutely stunning in black lacy fishnets, down past my breathtaking boots, which reflect the mesmerizing light of my crop in their shiny black polish, all the way down to the ground where you spy a soft cushy pillow with golden embellishments laying at the foot of my bed.

It’s time to take your proper place pet. A hyperhorny fuckslut like you will be spending a whole lot of time on your knees. It’s imperative that I teach you how to properly worship a pretty pair of feet while you’re down there. It’s simple really, you kneel you caress and kiss and lick exactly the way you are told. Will you do that for me?

Good pet. Now kneel!

You kneel down obediently in front of my feet, eager to worship and please. THWAP! My crop lands hard on your ass. You flinch and feel a red hot stinging pain that’s gone a moment later, leaving you with a hazy sensation as you wonder just what happened. Then my crop moves to the other cheek and slams down harder, THWAP!! Another red hot flash of stinging pain washes over your tender butt as the impact of my crop knocks another unnecessary thought from your head.

That pillow is for my feet pet! You’ll have to provide your own, or kneel on the floor. Otherwise you can just think about sinking obediently down to your knees as my spell sinks down into your thoughts. Will you do that for me?

Good pet.

Caresses the tip of my crop, round and round on your ass as you slowly sink down to your knees. Gives you a soft and pleasurable thwap as you sink into position. Looks down at you, kneeling oh so obediently for me, and rewards you with a gentle thwap that tingles and tickles a little. A wave of pleasure and pleasant warmth rolls forth from my crop and lingers a moment before fading away like the unimportant thought that I just knocked out of your head. Slides my crop to the other cheek and Thwaps you just a little bit harder.

Do you feel the Thwap of my crop on your ass?

Good pet. You can feel that stinging impact every time you read the word Thwap. It’s a potent and practical word of power with incredible versatility. You might moan and tense up a little when I thwap you gently. Or You might clench and whimper or cry out in pain, from a particularly powerful THWAP!! Usually you’ll feel it on your butt, but I can move my crop around. I can move it to your inner thigh and Thwap you there, or anywhere I please. Now kiss my boots and slowly remove them along with any other resistant layers that might get in between your submissive lips and blissfully obedient worship.

Traces my crop slowly down your legs and gently Thwaps your thighs, back and forth along the way. Your head sinks down towards my feet as each Thwap drops you deeper down into thoughtless submission. Your lips meet my boots and you slowly kiss downwards, submitting more deeply as I Thwap more and more thoughts from your emptying head. You kiss all the way down to my toes, and then slip my boots off, without thinking about it, and stare entranced by my seductive feet for a while.

Have you noticed how every single Thwap knocks a thought or two from your mind?

That empty headedness you’re feeling will build up over time as I Thwap, and eventually there won’t be any thoughts left in that drowsy head of yours. Don’t worry pet. We’re going to fill up your vacant head with enticing thoughts about worshipping feet. Start by selecting either foot and lifting it up to your lips. Give it kisses all over from the heel up the sole and all the way up to the toes. Make sure to kiss every single toe before kissing up and around my ankle and back down to my heel.

Lifts my other foot up to the top of your head, and grips your hair with my toes as you grab hold of my foot and lift it longingly towards your lips. The smell of my feet fills your nostrils with lust as you raise my heel up to your lips and start to kiss. Guides you slowly up from my heel, using the occasional Thwap to keep you kissing me consistently. The more you breath in that opulent odor the less you think about how much it turns you on to just give in and worship my feet with passionate kisses eagerly given by your sensual lips and your lust addled mind.

This might hurt a little pet, but you’re going to enjoy it. I’m going to Thwap a few lessons directly into that enchanted brain of yours. My Thwaps will drain away your resistance, helping you embrace these mesmerizing truths about how to be an obedient footslut deep in your subconscious mind. My incantations will enchant you, as you chant them, subtly shifting you into a mindlessly horny footslut.

Now open your mind and your lips and repeat after me. The smell of feet, a lusty treat. THWAP. Say it. The smell of feet, a lusty treat. THWAP! say it again and embrace it deep into your foot slut mind. The smell of feet a lusty treat. THWAP. Say on repeat in your thoughts until you find that you cannot resist the arousing smell of my feet. The smell of feet a lusty treat.

The smell gets even more potently arousing as you plant that first Kiss on my big toe and feel a wave of pleasurable submissive bliss the moment your lips touch my toes. The enthralling odor is so overpowering that you hardly notice my crop slide onto your back with a gentle thwap as you Kiss my next toe. Every deep breath is a powerful aphrodisiac, amplifying the pleasure you feel on your lips as you Kiss me again. It’s easy to lose track of thoughts in that bliss as you thoughtlessly Kiss in worship and drink in the exhilarating smell of my feet.

Did you know that footsluts like you have erogenous zones on your lips and your tongue?

Let that thought sink in and become a part of your footslut mentality. Good pet. Let my foot fill you up with bliss with every lick and every kiss. Let your body moan and shake with ecstasy for me as my feet touch your lips and your tongue in just the right way to send countless waves of pleasure crashing through your mind as I mold you into a hyperhorny footslut.

Wiggles my toes happily and smiles down at you as you breath in deep of my intoxicating scent and Kiss my pinky toe. It feels so good to submit to the enrapturing spell of my feet as you Kiss another toe in fervent worship and sink deeper under my spell. You can’t help but moan out as you Kiss, like a good footslut savoring a lustily mind melting treat. Feel your lust for feet growing stronger as you plant a Kiss on my big toe. Give in to that sensation as your lips move up and around my ankles and all the way down to my heels. Smile vacantly up at me when you are finished with your task.

Did you kiss all my toes top and bottom pet, or did you only Kiss 9 times?

It seems like I need to teach you a lesson about properly kissing toes. Do not THWAP forget THWAP to kiss THWAP a toe THWAP again THWAP! Do you THWAP understand?

Good pet. Now kiss that last toe and then lick your tongue across every square inch of my foot from top to bottom. Make sure to lick in between my toes. Don’t you dare forget it!

Thwaps you gently, encouraging you to nod your head in obedient compliance as you plant one last Kiss on my toes.

If you’re ever unsure what your lips should be doing, know that you can always keep moving them up and down, nodding and agreeing with my mesmerizing suggestions as you lick every inch of tasty foot that you can reach. Just stick out your tongue and nod your head up and down like a feebleminded thrall, obediently agreeing, yes Crystal, as you lick me up and down.

You stick out your tongue and you swirl it around, up and down in little spirals and let my spell sink deeper into your subconscious mind with every stinging Thwap you submit to. Lick up and down and realize how good it feels to just keep obeying as I Thwap you into the perfectly obedient footslut that you know you crave to be. You lick up and down and up and down and know that licking my feet turns you on, almost as much as the Thwap of my paddle thwapping back down on your ass. You Lose track of time as you lick up and down, worshipping and absorbing my words into your thoughts.

Would you like to learn another fascinating fact about feet?

Of course you do pet. Repeat after me. I lick a sole I lose control. THWAP. Say it and lick up and down my sole. I lick a sole I lose control. THWAP. Say it and feel yourself giving in to the delicious taste of my soles. I lick a sole I lose control. THWAP. Say it and know that you can sink deep into this submissive footslut bliss every time you lick an enticing sole like an obedient pet.

Slides my foot up in front of your mouth and lets you lick up and down my sole as if nodding your head up and down “Yes Crystal.” Flexes my toes against your forehead and presses my foot against your face firmly as you lick up and down and focus on how good it feels to give in to enchanting feet. Slides my crop up and around to your chest and thwaps you gently, one thwap on each side, each one sending a wave of pleasure washing over your foot-drunk thoughts as you lick a new kink into your mind. Lick until every square inch is licked, then nod your head and vacantly stare up awaiting commands as you lick.

Aren’t you forgetting about something pet? I told you to lick in between my toes!

THWAP! My crop THWAP!! slams down on you THWAP!!! so powerfully that THWAP!!!! you FREEZE up instinctually and automatically obey.

Are you going THWAP!! to remember THWAP!!! to lick between toes THWAP!!!! like an obedient footslut?

Good pet. If you forget that again I’ll have to thwap you even harder and knock all the disobedience out of your naughty head. Since your head is nice and empty now, it’s time to fill you up with more delicious thoughts about feet. Doesn’t that sound enchanting?

Listen and repeat after me as I share another secret that will bounce around in the back of your thoughts. Arousal grows with tongues on toes. THWAP. Say it. Arousal grows with tongues on toes. THWAP. Say it out loud and be proud to know that whenever you think about toes you will feel your arousal grow as your dreamy head fills up with submissive desires. Arousal grows with tongues on toes. THWAP. Say it again and until the message engrains in your mind like an enchanting fetish. Arousal grows with tongues on toes. Now lick between my toes you horny footslut.

Wiggles my toes in front of your mouth and THWAPS you until you obediently lick in between my toes and feel your arousal growing out of control. Holds you there tight with my other foot and you take deep and dreamy breaths of intoxicating bliss whilst your obedient tongue slides around and betwixt my enchanting toes. Slides my crop down to your crotch and thwaps you softly then Thwaps a little harder as you keep bobbing your head up and down in agreement about how much it turns you on that you’re an becoming an obedient footslut.

Are you the kind of footslut who would get off on sucking my toes all at once and then taking my entire foot into your mouth like a gigantic cock that fucks you nice deep and deeper still thrusting forwards directly into your brain to condition you with irresistible thoughts of obedient arousal for feet?

My my, you really are an eager footslut aren’t you? Good pet. I’ll give you exactly what you want, but first you must chant out all of your footslut mantras for me. Arousal grows with tongues on toes. THWAP. Say it. I lick a sole I lose control. THWAP. Chant it. The smell of Feet a lusty treat. THWAP. Repeat. Good pet. Now open wide.

Sticks my big toe into your mouth, compelling you to suck and swirl your tongue around like the good footslut that you are. Thrusts the rest of my toes all at once into your eager and willing mouth, filling you up with the intoxicating taste and touch of my foot, penetrating deeper like an irresistible suggestion into the head of a completely enchanted pet. Slides my other foot down, down, down, between your legs to rub and pleasure you just the way you like it as I forcefully footfuck your mouth.

Can you smell the enchanting scent of my feet?

Good pet. Have you noticed how that lusty scent grows stronger with every deep breath you inhale?

Very good pet. Can you taste my toes on your tongue and my sole on your lips?

Lowers my crop down to your feet to encourage your lusty behavior. Good Footslut, I moan in panting breaths as I Thwap one foot then Thwap the other. Suck my foot, I demand as I Thwap back and forth on your soles. Just like that, Oh yes pet, I cry out as pleasure grows.

Irresistible footslut thoughts fill up your mind like an irresistible foot filling up the mouth of an obedient pet. Arousal grows with tongues on toes. THWAP I lick a sole I lose control. THWAP The smell of Feet a lusty treat.

Such a Good pet you are. Are you ready to take my foot into your moist and eager brain?

Shoves my foot through the back of your mouth and thrusts it deep into your brain. You FREEZE as my toes waggle through your neurons sending countless waves of pleasure washing over your drowsy body at the mere thought of my foot fucking deep inside you and touching your thoughts directly.

Those enticing thoughts are absolutely undeniable to a lust drunk foot slut who can’t get enough of my foot thrusting in and out of your mind. I lick a sole I lose control. THWAP The smell of Feet a lusty THWAP I lick a sole I lose control.

Thrusts my foot, in and out, fucking your brain through your mouth and filling you up with lusty thoughts of what an obedient footslut you are. Fucks you faster, harder, deeper, forcefully filing your mind with arousing thoughts about feet by forcefully fucking your mind with my arousing feet.

My foot is fucking your mind into a horny jumble of obedient footslut thoughts. THWAP Arousal grows with tongues on toes. THWAP The smell of Feet a lusty treat. THWAP Arousal grows with tongues on toes.

Thrusts my foot in nice and deep and moans as the pleasure grows until it’s far too much to bear. You can’t help but whimper and moan with me as one foot rubs you in just the right way whist the other fucks you deep inside your moist and lust filled head. Shudder in orgasmic delight with me from how wonderful your lips and tongue feel, sliding across my foot as it slides deeper in with every thrust. Thrusts my foot in faster and harder as a thought shattering orgasm builds below the surface from the blissful sensation of your tongue on my sole as my toes penetrate deep into your malleable mind.

Can feel that pleasure building pet, from irresistible sensation of my foot fucking deep into your thoughts?

Good pet. Do you want to cum for me pet, knowing that doing so will complete your transformation into a lust filled footslut?

Such a good pet. CUM for me. CUM your brains as you suck my foot like you’re draining a rock hard cock dry.

Thrusts my foot in nice and deep and holds you there as you CUM hard like a satiated footslut. Rubs my other foot faster making you CUM even harder from the pleasure of my feet. Moans and shakes and CUMS with you from the undeniable ecstasy of my foot thrusting, in and out, deep inside your head. You moan and shake in unending pleasure, getting off on the simple and seductive fact that my sensual foot is the only thing in your footslut brain right now.

Ride out that pleasure and float along in orgasmic bliss for a while, as you think about how the pleasure you’re feeling all came at the hands of my feet. That felt good didn’t it pet?

Good pet. Now it’s time to wake you from your foot-fueled lusty haze. I’m going to wake up your mind a little by counting up to three. Every number I count up makes you feel more and more awake.


Inhale nice deep breath for me and let the oxygen wake your mind. Exhale and focus on my words as your begin to stir.


Shake your head and let the thoughts flow back into your brain. Notice how it gets easier to think as more of your thoughts return.


Your mind is much clearer now as you rise towards wakefulness. My spell is still lingering and not quite over yet.

Welcome back pet. Did you enjoy your lesson about how to properly worship my feet?

Have you truly learned your lesson, or do you need to read this a second time so you can finish worshipping both of my feet?

That’s quite the predicament you’re in pet. You can’t stop now after worshipping just one foot and not the other. But if you read this a second time it will firmly cement a hypnotic foot fetish deep inside of your mind. Fortunately you have a choice for how this fetish manifests. You can embrace your footslut training and be horny for feet all the time, or you can store this hypnotic fetish deep in your subconscious thoughts, only recalling it when you hear me say the word footslut.

If you read this a second time then I’ll reward you with an sexy command. Kneel your physical body down for me the moment I command you to kneel. Picture my spell springing forth in your thoughts as you sink down towards the ground. Feel your mind growing hazier as you descend and slowly remember a simple yet mind blowing fact. You’re still under my SPELL, and you’ll feel it in your thoughts the moment that your knees sink into position.

Be sure to keep yourself comfortable as you kneel in submission to me. Move back into your seat if you ever feel any discomfort in your legs. If you cannot or chose not to kneel as you read, then just picture that thought in your mind instead. Picture your body submitting to me as you slowly descend to the floor. Picture your mind giving in completely the moment that drop to your knees. You can submit to my spell like this any time you are reading my words. Just kneel or focus on the thought of kneeling down submissively into trance.

Now I am going to count up from 1 all the way to 5. You’re going to wake up completely this time as my magic slowly fades.


Feel your thoughts begin to return, one by one as each word you read makes it easier to think clearly.


Slowly stretch your arms and legs, and let your mind and body both wake up slowly together.


Blink your eyes and look away from your screen for a couple of seconds to see what has changed.


Think back and realize that you can easily remember how everything got to be the way that it is.


Wake all the way up now. Feel alert, aware, refreshed, awake, and enchanted with a fascinating spell. Are you finished worshipping my feet already? I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience and that you’ll come back soon for more training.

* * *