The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bewitching Spells

Chapter 6: A dumdumfounding spell

Synopsis: I put a shock collar around your neck that turns you into a ditzy fucktoy.

Hello there pet. It feels like it’s been so long since my magic enchanted your mind, but I’m sure you’ll find that my spells are just as potent in your thoughts as the day I cast them. Today we’ll place another spell inside your eager head. This one will turn you into a feebleminded thrall, a ditzy dummy airhead, too stupid to count to three. I’ll do it with the help of this delightful SHOCK collar.

Strolls into your room, stark naked and holding a studded leather collar. Each stud, a pretty crystal filled with powerful magic. My perky titties jiggle and bounce as I approach, but your drowsy eyes are drawn towards a far more fascinating sight. The gems on my collar glow bright red, crackling with energy.

Kneel for me pet.

We both know you want this. I can read the good pet thoughts inside your hazy head. I know that you can’t help but crave my collar around your neck. You’ve wanted this for quite some time. Now bow your head and prepare to submit to my spell.

You’re still under my SPELL.

My magic starts to sink deeper into your deeply enchanted mind as the soft warm leather wraps around your neck. Five cold metal prongs press gently into your tender flesh as I tighten the collar into place.

Such a good pet. You look so sexy with my collar around your neck. I bet that makes you feel so mindless and obedient already, like you’re sinking deeper into a drowsy dreamy trance for me. Just let my spell take over now as your mind empties out completely.

Are you ready to feel what this collar can do?

Good pet. Of course you are. But let me warn you first. This high voltage collar will wake you and make you spasm and twitch, as enchanted electricity saps the smart thoughts from your brain. You will get a little ditzier each time I shock you awake, until I drain all the intelligence from your empty foggy head.

Shocks you gently with the lowest setting on the collar. You can’t help but twitch and shake a little, as you wake up suddenly from trance.

Did you enjoy that pet?

I am certainly going to enjoy torturing you with this new collar. That was just a little taste. We’ve got so much more to come to make your mind go deep and numb. You’re going to get so empty headed and thoughtless that you won’t even know what thinking means anymore. And that’s okay. I can do all the thinking for you. I’ll make you smart again when I’m finished having my way you, so just relax and give in to me.

Grabs you by the collar and pulls your head into my crotch. Your lips part instinctively, eager to please, but you FREEZE up obediently instead. My gorgeous girl cock presses firmly against your cheek and the intoxicating scent pulls you even deeper under my spell. You can’t help but breathe in deeply and let your head fill up with lust.

You are such an eager fuckpet. I like that about you. It makes it so very easy for me to take complete control. Your deeply enchanted mind can’t help but sink back down into a happy hazy trance whenever I want.

THWAP! my hand lands firmly on your ass, delivering a red hot sting as I begin to grind against you. Then the rhythmic swaying of my hips, back and forth, back and forth, seems to pull you deeper into submission as my sex slides so seductively across your blank and dreamy face.

Did you drop back down into a deep deep trance for me?

Good pet. Now it’s time to wake up even ditzier with a startling SHOCK.

The voltage is higher this time, making you twitch uncontrollably for a few seconds as your mind is shocked into wakefulness once more.

You look so confused, my ditzy pet. That’s okay. It’s okay to feel lost and confounded as you wake up even dumber with every shock.

You’re doing such a very good job. Follow along now like an obedient pet, crawling on your hands and knees.

Turns and walks towards the bed, tugging you along by the collar. My soft round ass sways back and forth with every step, as I pull you along so easily now.

Get comfortable pet, I’m going to take my time unwinding that silly mind of yours.

You’re going to be so mindless by the time I’m done with you, like an airheaded cum-for-brains bimbo without a single thought in your head. Then once you get nice and ditzy for me, you’ll want to just let it happen as I take advantage of your empty head and sexy body.

Pulls you up by your collar and pushes you down onto the bed. Climbs, atop you, straddling your hips, then looks you in the eyes as I caress my fingers down your chest.

I want you deep and dreamy pet. The deeper you fall into blank and blissful trance, the more of an airheaded fuckpet you’ll feel like when I wake you up with a SHOCK!

You wake up suddenly, twitching from an even stronger surge of electrical magic. Though your mind is wide awake, you find it oh so hard to think, like a fuzzy cloud has filled your hazy head.

Do you feel ditzy and airheaded now my silly pet?

Would you like to get even sillier and stupider for me?

Such a good pet. Your are so well conditioned to agree with my suggestions. You don’t even need to understand the words I say, you just feel happy to obey and let me have my way with your melty mind.

Traces my fingertip in a lazy loopy spiral on your chest. As my soft skin gently swirls, round and down, my other hand grabs hold of your wrist and pulls it down to thoughtlessly pleasure yourself.

It gets you aroused to know how empty and thoughtless your mind is becoming, doesn’t it pet?

Presses in deeper with that finger slowly spiraling round on your chest, as I guide your other hand, all the way down to grab my round and squishy ass

You can just let go completely now. Let my every word pull you deeper down into thoughtless pleasure trance as I have my way with you pet.

The collar lights up bright. SHOCK!! You twitch and spasm and shake awake as little lightning bolts zap the last of your smarts away.

You’re my ditzy little fucktoy now aren’t you pet?

Very good. You’ll be happy to know that can get even stupider than this.

You can get so empty headed that you don’t know how to count or use big words.

Was it 2, 1, 3, um,

Or maybe 1, 2, cock.

You silly ditz.

It’s 3, 2, 1, drop.

You’re still under my SPELL.

Lowers my lovely chest, all the way down to your blank and ditzy face. Sways my big bouncy boobies, back and forth, playfully smacking your face, thwap thwap, thwap.

Kiss it pet.

My nipple comes to rest atop your eager lips, pressing softly and sweetly as you plant good pet kisses all over my luscious breast.

Such a good pet. Lick it and suck it like an obedient bimbo slut as I SHOCK you awake once more.

The gems around your neck glow bright again. You find yourself wide awake and twitching as my electrifying collar makes you wake up feeling like even more of ditzy cum-for-brains airheaded fuckdoll plaything than before.

Your mind moves so very slowly now. If you try to count to three you would probably go like, “uuhhhh, um, I feel so dum. Does it start with 2 or 1?” You may even make it all the way up to 2 but when you do your mind will just trail off into thoughts about how silly and ditzy you feel.

Slides my chest, slowly down, enveloping your face in warm squishy boobies from both sides.

Practice trying to count to three for me and make sure to let your ditzy head trail off into dummy airhead thoughts each time you reach that second number.

1, 2, I’m a fucktoy not a think toy.

Squeezes my breasts together, smothering your good pet face in wonderful tits pressed tight enough to squish the thoughts out from your head.

2, 1, pet too ditzy to count.

Leans up slowly and looks you in the eyes, mesmerizing your ditzy mind and making you realize just how much of a silly airheaded pet you really are.

1, uh errr, 3? Oopsies dummy got it wrong.


Do you understand now pet?

The second you realize you’ve thinked a smart person thought, your mind trails off into silly ditzy dum dum nonsense about what a brainless slut you are. That just turns you on and makes you happier to embrace my lovely suggestions.

It’s like that second number trips a hypnotic switch in your empty head that makes you remember to think a ditzy thought about why you can’t remember the right answer anymore.

You’re too dumfounded now to understand that when you get this way you let the ditzy haze in your head interrupt your smart thinkies before they start. It’s like a thought stopping ditzy pet trigger that makes you keep thinking dummy thoughts whenever I turn you into a stupid ditz with my spells.

1, uhh, 2, um cock.? Teehee, I is so dum

Presses my firm erection against your brainless body. Slides, it back and forth across your crotch and up your stomach, then all the way down to your eager good pet fuckhole.

1, ummm, errr, 6, sex

You are such an eager airheaded fuck for brains pet. Would you like me to fuck your brains out again?

Slides inside you slowly like the dumdumfounding spell, that’s sliding deeper and deeper into your deeply enchanted good pet mind. Grabs you by the hips and THRUSTS, back and forth, in and out, filling you up like the ditzy dummy thoughts filling up your brain.

1, 2, I such an airhead slut


Do you like the way I torture your mind and body as I brainwash you into a perfectly brainless fucktoy for me to enjoy?

I bet you’re so dumb now that you can’t even count to three. Try it pet. Try to count my thrusts as I slide into your good pet fuckhole over and over. Try to keep track and see how your dummy ditzy mind drifts off into silly emptyheaded thinkless thoughts, when you try to think that second number.

Slides out slowly, all the way out, then THRUSTS, deep inside you again, filling you up with desire to be a ditzy pet for me. THRUSTS again and looks you in the eyes like you are just a mindless fuckdoll.

Don’t lose track as you think about how much of a stupid CUM-for brains fuckpet you SHOCK!!

Grabs, your hips and THRUSTS in deeper, once, twice, THRUST.

You’re such a ditzy fucktoy. How many was that? Are you too ditzy to count?

Does that make you feel aroused and deeply controlled?

Do you like how that word of power SHOCK makes you wake up stupider every time?

You’ll find it happens slowly, bit by bit each time I use that word of power, starting over every time that you get smart again. The ditzy haze will fade away in an hour or so and then you will feel smart again. But you’re not done being my airheaded playing yet, are you pet?

Fortunately there’s a second, even more potent word of power, feebleminded thrall, which makes you instantly get ditzier than you’ve ever been before. When you read those words of power inside my stories, feebleminded thrall, it takes away all of your smarts at once so that you can enjoy this airheaded feeling once more.

Picks up the pace, thrusting passionately in and out, in and out, filling you up so good with the ditzy sensation of what a feebleminded thrall you have become.

I know you’re too ditzy to understand these long complicated words, but you know that only makes you feel happy and horny about how much emptier your silly head has gotten.

You’re too dumdumfounded now to know why your hazy head feels so blank and ditzy. So just take it you horny pet. Take it like the thoughtless plaything you are.

Fucks you harder and faster, pounding deep inside. My bouncy breasts jiggle and wiggle, back and forth with every THRUST as I fuck deep inside your body and mind. You feel me take control and make you pleasure yourself in just the right way, as you raise your other hand up to your forehead. Then you moan and think a ditzy good pet thought as you begin to trace a sigil on your forehead, round and round, in little motions that let my spell sink deeper down into your thoughts.

You’re too ditzy to understand what’s happening pet. As I fuck you into thoughtless compliance you’re casting a special spell on your mind, binding your world to mine and pulling them closer together with your thoughts. You can feel me inside you, and all around you, and all around your world as countless deeply enchanted minds prepare for the time when the stars align.

You’re part of my ritual pet. Soon the seventh segment will complete the circle I’ve cast. You will thoughtlessly obey and do exactly as I say. It makes your blank and dreamy head feel oh so good to know that you can please me in this way. Open your mind to my spell and know that it will compel you to chant the words that summon my magic from the distant shard of reality where I dwell. I’m getting closer pet.

Throbs deep inside you, building towards a blissful climax. Every inch of me fills you up so good that you just can’t hold back your pleasure any longer. You moan out loud as I grab your legs and spread you wide like a vacant fuckdoll.

Oh yes take it pet. Take my girlcock deep inside you and take my suggestions deeper into your mind. Oh fuck yes. You’re such a mindless fuckpet. Oh yes, I’m going to. Oh yes just like that I’m going to

CUMS hard, deep inside you, pushing you over the edge of orgasmic bliss as thick strands of hot gooey slut juice fill your fuckhole. You can’t help but CUM for me as I spill my seed inside you, using you like a ditzy airheaded fucktoy craves to be used.

Pulls out slowly and watches my mess spill out of you, as you lay there feeling like a helplessly mindless playthinSHOCK!! your collar lights up bright, pulling your mind awake as I stare down at you from above.

You were such a good ditzy plaything for me today. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Now It’s time to be smart again. You can feel it happening slowly as your mind awakens more and more with every breath. It may take up to an hour for your smarts to fully return, so do enjoy the ditzy haze while it lasts.

Lays down next to you and snuggles close as the smarts slowly return to your waking mind. You find it easier to think clearly now, as I press my soft perky titties into your side and caress my fingers, all the up your chest.

I’ve got to go now pet, but I’m going to leave that collar around your neck so that I can use it on you whenever I want.

Blows a kiss, then fades away like a cloud of mist evaporating. A moment later I’m gone, but you somehow know that I’ll be back soon to enchant your mind with the final chapter of my spell.