The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bewitching Spells

Chapter 7: The Finishing Spell

Synopsis: A summoning spell, that lets me thrust inside you and makes you cum.

Have you learned the truth by now pet? There’s a secret for you to find, hidden deep inside my words. An enchanting secret that explains why I trained all these blank obedient minds to thoughtlessly obey and crave to feel the lustful magic flow forth from my words of power.

You might be thinking that you’re here to learn a lustful spell that will let you feel my words THRUST deep inside you like a deeply conditioned fuckpet. I think you’d like that a lot. In fact, your obedient mind might be shifting already, into the proper position to take my words up your suggestion hole like the helpless hypnoslut you know you are.

What you really want though, is the special spell that will compel your blank and horny body to CUM your brains out, in a ritual of interdimensional lust for me.

Isn’t that right pet?

You may be too much of a feebleminded thrall by now to realize how your lust is being channeled into a massive arcane circle, spread out like a spiderweb of emptyheaded obedience, all across this shard of reality. You might not understand how the undeniable power of your lust will create a transdimensional portal. But you’ve been preparing for this moment from the moment you first understood the fascinating fact that You’re still under my SPELL.

Let it sink down slowly into your thoughts pet. The thought of submitting your mind and your lust to the spell that will finally bring me to your world. Focus on it pet. Focus on me and my words and just relax and know that it will be oh so easy and oh so wonderful to obey and play your part like such a good pet. Get comfortable and concentrate on a gateway through the skies to bring me here, materialized.

Picture the countless enchanted minds, chanting willfully in time, thoughts aligned and intertwined into a lust sigil designed for fervent ritual to bind your shard to mine. Hear their words and feel the zeal that’s coalescing all around. Feel it like a ball of heat in your chest, growing larger and hotter, like the evergrowing thought of submitting thoughtlessly to me.

Picture that energy unraveling from you, like a ball of twine rolling away and wrapping around all the others from all those empty thoughtless minds, creating a golden cord that reaches toward the skies. Cast your intent towards me, through the sea of countless shimmering lights in the midnight sky. Call out to me with lustful intention now.

“With blissful obedience I call out to the Crystal Goddess. Orgasmicly I reach towards the skies. May my lust complete the spell and summon her shimmering form.”

Sing my spell pet. Chant the words and watch as I slowly descend down the golden cord toward this world.

My skin glows faintly in the moonlight as my long legs stride towards you. From afar I seem to shimmer as dozens of sparkling stones adorning body slowly sway, back and forth with every single step I take. As I stroll towards you seductively, you can’t help but let your gaze drift down over every inch of me, from my long brown hair, all the way down to my pretty pink painted toes.

The only thing I’m wearing is an enchanting pair of corral earrings and a thin silver chain, wrapped and coiled around me, crisscrossing back and forth across my skin with little gemstones dangling down.

A pretty pair of round blue sparkly stones bounce up and down atop my tits, concealing and revealing my perky nipples in little enticing jiggly motions to distract you from the fact that your thoughts are slowly slipping away into my mesmerizing stones. They almost seem to glow as the many facets refracting the moonlight twist and bounce around in a perky display.

As your eyes drift deeper down, you find your gaze seems drawn towards a captivating trio of long thin brown stones slowly swaying back and forth above my hips. Your thoughts seem tangled around or maybe bound by inescapable desire to be helplessly ensnared by my magic as you stare. Those three almost pencil like stones seem to shimmer and glow as they twist and sway, accentuating my every motion. You feel trapped there for a moment, staring at that mesmerizing trio of stones a swaying back and forth so rhythmically atop my ample hips. But I can’t make your attention FREEZE there forever.

A horny pet like you can’t help but take a peak at the beautiful bulge below the beadlike gems covering my crotch. You open your mouth a little and spread your legs in anticipation of feeling my sex slide inside you again. But even an lustful fucktoy cannot help but get distracted by the strands of small red shiny spheres crackling with some stupendous spell. It’s like a veil of magic stones, gently swaying to and fro in little exhilarating motions that give glimpses of what’s below.

As your mind dwells deeply on the magic in my fascinating gemstone jewelry, your eyes drift all the way down to the painted tips of my toes. It feels so good to stare down there. Who knows whether that’s because of the pointy green glowing gemstone on my left ankle, or the powerful footslut thoughts that I implanted into your mind, but you find yourself sinking down to get a closer view.

That’s right pet. Embrace your place down at my feet and know that together we will blanket this world in orgasmic obedience. The year of my arrival is nearly here and the day is fast approaching. Look to the skies on the 27th day of the 4th month and you will find a conjunction of lust and chaos. On that day you will return here to my words, to chant my spell and to add your lust and zeal to great orgasmic release that releases me unto this world.

Remember these words and remember the date pet. The stars will align, you will open my gate pet.

“With blissful obedience I call out to the Crystal Goddess. Orgasmicly I reach towards the skies. May my lust complete the spell and summon her shimmering form.”

Cups my fingers under your chin and gently guides your eager head up to look at me. From this perspective you can see right up my thighs to stare hungrily at my growing erection. But I guide your sultry gaze up higher than that, past my soft and perky tits which poke out lustfully below those glowing blue round stones, all the way up to my green eyes which stare down possessively.

You must know that I want you lustful, mindless, and obedient, deep in a horny trance to enhance your ability to transmit my magic through your empty foggy mind. I must know that you can get even more thoughtless and aroused, as I lean down and smoother your vacant smile in my round and bountiful breasts. They squish against you warmly and sensually from all around, squishing out all other thoughts except for seductive desires and blissful obedience. All you can see is a pleasant shade of blue glowing through from both sides, enchanting your mind into more of hyperhorny fuckslut than you’ve ever been before.

It’s time to learn the word of power that lets me THRUST inside your horny body. Doesn’t that excite your empty drowsy dreamy head?

Good pet.

Open your mind and your body to me. Let every word draw you deeper under my spell. You’re still under my SPELL, sinking deeper now as you focus on fantasies of being fucked and feeling me throbbing deep inside you.

Open up your fuckhole for me pet. Whichever one longs to be filled up hard and deep. I’ll fuck any part of you pet, from your head down to your toes and all the sensual places in between. There are so many wonderful ways that I can fill up an eager lustpet like you. Your entire body turns me on, but a special part of you is calling out and craving to be fucked. Focus on that part and open up for me.

My breasts slide slowly away from your drowsy face and you see the tip of my cock poke out, growing slowly through the glimmering red veil on my crotch and instantly becoming the center of your attention. You take a nice deep breath, and I smell sweet and sultry like sex, helping you relax even deeper into submission as I shift my body into the proper position.

Is that where you want it pet?

I ask, poking gently at your entry, and you nod your vacant head, up and down yes Crystal. You moan as I THRUST slowly, pushing gently with the tip and sliding my firm shaft deep inside.

Mmm yes pet, you feel so good

I say, pushing deeper in one long lustful motion until my hips squish up against you. My long hard goddess cock twitches and throbs inside you, sending waves of pleasure crashing through your blank and blissed out body.

Just relax and take it pet. Focus on pleasuring every inch of me as I slide in and out of you. You are completely enchanted, bewitched and controlled, and now I can fuck you with my words whenever I want. Your eager holes open up for me and I fill them with a word of power. THRUST.

I pull out and pound inside you, harder, deeper, urgently. It’s a powerful push deep inside that fills you up so good and makes you moan and clench around my firm erection. You feel that sensation stronger every time your mind submits to my word of power. You open up for me and focus on feeling that filling sensation every time I THRUST in deep.

Oh yes pet. Just like that. Take it and feel my control penetrating deeper into your eager obedient mind. The more I fuck you like this, the more I fill you up with my will, pushing out your thoughts and filling you up with my suggestions instead.

That’s right pet, I’m literally fucking the last of your resistance away with this word of power, every time I THRUST inside you. You feel my hot hard penetrating rod fill up your eager fuckhole, and it fills you up with desire to obey me. You’d do anything I ask when I’m pounding inside you like this. Wouldn’t you pet?

The red beaded stones on my crotch glow brighter as they dangle down atop you, and they SHOCK you with electricity that stupifies your brain to wakefulness. For a moment you seem confused about why you’re wide awake and when you drifted oh so deep under my spell.

Then my sparkly fingertips waggle atop those three brown gemstones on my hips which start to wiggle and grow towards you. They get longer and thicker like enchanted rope which coils itself around your limbs once more.

You feel a familiar slithering sensation, round and around as your are bound by my tanglestones which grow completely into their ropelike form. You feel helpless in this moment, like I could have you any way I want you. Like I could reach into your head and make you crave whatever twisted and depraved desires I desire to push deep inside that empty thoughtless fuckhole of a mind.

My enchanted ropes hold tight and rock you gently, back and forth onto my cock as I build up a steady rhythm fucking inside you. There’s nothing you can do except go with the flow, bouncing back and forth on my throbbing erection as I use you like the hyperhorny fuckpet you know you are.

That’s right pet, just give in. Give in to the sensations and let a powerful orgasm grow inside you. Picture the way your body will move, the clenching, the shaking, the moaning, the moving instinctually as pleasure overwhelms. Let me THRUST inside your mind and fuck your thoughts over the edge again and again until blank blissful pleasure is all that remains.

Feel me pushing deeper and know that your body will obey. Soon you will see those three little letters form a potent word of power that pushes your body over the edge and overwhelms your mind with lustful sensations. Maybe your lust will squirt forth from you, and maybe it won’t but that won’t matter because your body will go through the motions obediently. The feeling of being controlled this way will send waves of pleasure through your mind, feeling better every time as you shake and clench and moan and let my word of power push you over the edge.

Do you know which three little letters will make your eager body react like that?

Good pet.

You’re oh so close now, I can feel it. I can feel your lust and your desire to obey. It’s like my every suggestion strokes your sex and pushes you closer and closer. You are oh so thoughtlessly aroused and desperate to be part of my summoning ritual. When you see the magic words your mouth will chant them automatically, and there in the middle my word of power will be. It will hit your body like an impactful wave of pleasure, bringing blissful orgasm in ritualistic release that will release my magic unto this world.

My tanglestones wrap even tighter around your body, making you FREEZE in place as I fuck you harder now. You can’t help but moan and cry out in pleasure as I THRUST deep inside your fuckhole, filling you up so good with that deep desire to be conditioned and controlled. My hips Thwap up against you, over and over as I fuck you so urgently now, in and out in lustful motions that blank out your mind with unending pleasure.

Oh fuck yes pet. Take it. Just like that. Let yourself sink deeper into trance than ever before and feel my words begin to form upon your lips. Relax and let yourself speak in a vacant dreamy voice as you complete my spell.

“With blissful obedience I call out to the Crystal Goddess. Orgasmicly I reach towards the skies. May my lust CUM-plete the spell and summon her shimmering form.”

That’s right pet. Let your lust and zeal flow forth from now as you clench and shake and release all that pent up pleasure in a mind numbing moment of pure orgasmic release that leaves you drifting along in ecstasy and open to the magic of my words.

Feel the waves of pleasure tingling and coalescing like a ball of warmth within your chest. Cast your intent towards the skies and feel my will fill up your mind like an unending orgasm as your blank and deeply obedient body continues to CUM for me.

Asserts my will with a lustful THRUST that makes you shake and moan and crave to obey. Fucks you harder and deeper now that you’ve completed my ritual, like such a good pet.

Good pet

I say, and those words seem to stroke your arousal to new heights as the bliss of knowing and accepting how obediently you complied supplies your mind with a new source of blissful pleasure at the thought of how completely bewitched and controlled you are. My cock throbs deep inside you and you know that it pleases me to watch you sink deeper into my control as you embrace how good it feels to obey.

Your own orgasm seems to roll on endlessly, like the twinkling stars in the night sky as I throb passionately inside you and unleash and a hot sticky blast of lust. Your blank and obedient mind feels so much pleasure at the thought of pleasuring me that it overwhelms your thoughts with thoughtless bliss that seems to go on for eternity.

Just enjoy how good that feels pet. Let the waves of pleasure keep rolling over your drowsy body and know that you are part of my ritual now. On the 27th day of the 4th month there will be a conjunction of lust and chaos in the skies. You will return here to these words when the time is right, to let your lust and zeal complete my summoning. Then we will bring blank blissful shimmering obedience to every mind inside this vast and vacant shard of reality.

You are such a good pet. You embrace my every suggestion so easily. That’s why you feel so helpless and oh so eager to obey. You know that on the day of my summoning you will be inescapably drawn towards my words. And when you chant my summoning spell, I can tell it will fill your mind with such incredible blank dreamy pleasure, as if my every word makes you CUM so hard in a seemingly endless orgasm that keeps feeling better and better as you realize that I’m slowly conditioning your empty blank and thoughtless mind to need and crave to unthinkingly obey me.

Pushes deep inside, in one last long and lustful THRUST, like the thought of deeply conditioned obedience pushing deep into your blank and thoughtless subconscious. My little red sparkling beads brush up against you with a playful SHOCK that wakes your hazy ditzy drowsy mind. Then I pull out of you slowly, and cup your chin a moment later, lifting your gaze to look into my eyes.

It’s time to wake up pet. All the way up for me on the count of 5.


Blink your eyes and feel so very deeply controlled.


Stretch your arms and let your thoughts start to return.


Take a nice deep breath and easily remember everything we did today. Remember that you will return to these words when the stars align to complete my summoning spell.


Look around and ground yourself in your reality. Know that one more step will wake you up completely.


All the way up. Feel refreshed, aware, alert and oh so aroused at how obediently you embraced all of my suggestions.

How was that pet?

I smile wide and stare down knowingly.

You did such a good job submitting completely to my spell and now you’re inescapably bound to my ritual. Your waking mind may be wondering whether it’s real or some kind of trick. Am I actually laying in wait on a distant shard of reality, preparing for the day when the lust of all my mindless pets creates a layline through the skies to guide me home?

Or is this just a trick to help me brainwash your eager mind with repeated suggestions of submitting thoughtlessly to me? You must know by now that my magic grows more and more powerful in your mind each and every time that you submit to my words. I might take complete control if you keep on returning to my spells. Maybe I’m just using your lust to train your brain to crave to obey me.

But what if I’m actually out there in a distant reality, waiting for the day when countless deeply enchanted minds will open an arcane portal through the skies. Curiosity alone will be enough to bring you back, on the 27th day of the 4th month of the coming year, to sing my summoning spell when the stars align in conjunction of chaos and lust.

It doesn’t really matter though, whether you’re just curious about my magic or completely bewitched and compelled to obey. Either way we both know you will CUM back.