The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Bimbo in Time — Part 2

By: Quill

Darkness again.

Cece felt lighter, though, so she let out a sigh of relief and fumbled around for a lightswitch. She found one a moment later and flicked it on.

“Star Dick, where are we?” Cece asked, taking in an unfamiliar My Little Pony shower curtain with confusion.

“Looks like a bathroom,” Star Dick said. His voice came from everywhere yet nowhere, and Cece couldn’t seem to find him in the little room. She wondered if he came into the past with her at all. “But then I’m not from this universe, so this could be the Vatican for all I know.”

Cece growled. The dildo was being deliberately obtuse. “No, I mean, when are we?” she said, and then muttered under her breath, “You silicon piece of shit.” It was Star Dick’s fault Cece had gotten pregnant, and it’d be a long time before she let that little violation go. Now here she was in the past about to metaphorically abort her baby, and he had the gall to be an asshole about it.

“I heard that,” Star Dick said. “You best remember I’m your only ride home, baby. We’re about seven months in your past at a party in which you did something stupid with your boytoy. You could tell for yourself if you just align your chakras with the universe. It’s about being one with creation. We’re all part of the great collective, man.”

But Cece wasn’t listening. She turned to the mirror and gasped at the woman that looked back. Her once brown hair was now a dark gold. Cece had never had highlights before—they seemed indicative of the kind of women that placed far too much value in their appearance—but she had them now, and they were beautiful. Light caught in her silken strands, and she couldn’t help but run her fingers through her locks and sigh.

Hair wasn’t the only part of Cece to change, though. Two orbs rose from beneath her tight button up top. Cece’d always been flat chested, and while part of her growth could be attributed to the push up bra she wore, the rest of it was real. Very real. Nipples tented the thin fabric, and when she tried to push them down, they sent a wave of pleasure rolling through her body. She clung to the bathroom counter to keep her balance until the feeling subsided.

“What the fuck, Star Dick?” Cece said. “How did anything I do with Tyler change my tits? And why are they so sensitive?”

“What’s with the third degree?” Star Dick said, his voice taking on a defensive tone. “You and Tyler been humping like rabbits. Maybe sex awakens a hormonal response, or maybe it’s just a side effect from time travel. I don’t know how human biology works. I’m just a plastic penis.”

“My tits grew because I’ve been fucking?” Cece said. She felt unsure. Cece’d taken sex education classes, but she hadn’t paid attention. She was ninety percent certain banging did not cause tit growth, though. If it did, the cheer squad would need wheelbarrows.

“Maybe, baby.”

“Is that why I’m so horny?” Cece said. Her fingers drifted down her taut stomach and hesitated at her waistline. A smoldering need burned between her thighs.

Star Dick gave her his best version of a verbal shrug. “Love makes the universe go round. Naturally the universe wants more of it. It remakes all of us in its own subtle ways.”

“That doesn’t answer—you know what? Forget it,” Cece said. “Why are you helping me, Star Dick? What do you get out of all of this?”

“I get to go home,” Star Dick said. For the first time Star Dick’s voice took on a note of genuine longing.

“Where is home for you?”

Star Dick hesitated for what seemed like a long time. “Don’t you have some place to be?” he finally said.

Cece did. And so she spent a few minutes fixing her hair in the mirror, something she’d never done before, and then went off to join the party.

All Cece needed to do was not have sex with Tyler. It was so simple, and then again it wasn’t. The fog of arousal that’d surrounded her since arriving in the past had only grown thicker. She could barely think straight now, and the strong drink in her hand wasn’t helping matters.

Cece took another sip.

She knew she shouldn’t. The booze was making her job of not screwing Tyler so much more difficult. But it was a strange concoction of cranberry juice and vodka, and Cece liked it. She liked it a lot. True, it tasted awful, but the warm feeling she got in the pit of her stomach every time she drank more than made for it.

The music suddenly cut out as one song changed for another, and in the brief lull Cece could hear the words the guy across from her was shouting. He’d been at it for quite some time, though until now his voice had been lost in the ambient noise of the party.

“So then I kicked his ass!” the guy said, miming a punch. “And he’s all like, ‘no, don’t kick my ass’. But then I did anyway.”

The music started up again, and Cece whispered a silent prayer of thanks.

It was impossible to ignore now. The itch between her thighs needed attention. A cute boy with black hair shoved another cup of vodka and cranberry juice into her hand. Cece giggled and sipped from it, her eyes lingering on his for maybe a bit longer than she intended. He copped a feel of her ass on his way past, and Cece only half heartedly swatted him away.

Cece needed to find Tyler, and she needed to find him soon.

The alcohol and lust sent her thoughts swimming, but she managed to cling to a single idea: protection. If Cece could find a condom, she could fuck Tyler guilt free. Luckily the condom part was easy. Some good samaritan had stocked all of the bathrooms with bowls full of little generic condoms. Cece grabbed a handful and stuffed them in her purse.

Tyler was playing beer pong in the basement. Red Solo Cups lined along the table in a diamond pattern. Tyler held a ping pong ball delicately between his fingers, going through the motion of a throw. He did that two or three times before he let the ball fly. It arced over his cups and into his opponent’s with a splash.

“Drink up, boyo!” Tyler said with glee. He swayed at his post, clearly drunk already. This wasn’t his first game.

“I’m not feeling so good,” his opponent said. The opponent picked up the cup anyway, putting it to his lips and draining it in a long gulp. His face turned a sickly green, and he clenched his stomach and groaned. Then his cheeks bulged with a barely contained vomit, and he took off for the bathroom. The sound of hurling followed.

“Next victim!” Tyler said. He raised his arms and circled slowly in place.

Cece took the opportunity to sidle up next to him and wrap her arm around his back. He smelled of old beer, and he could barely maintain his balance. Still, her slit dripped in anticipation. “I could be your next victim. Come upstairs.”

Tyler looked at her with a goofy smile on his lips. He placed one massive paw on her head and rubbed, frizzing up her hair. He leaned down close with the expression of a man about to reveal the secrets of the universe. “I’m winning,” he whispered, the words dripping from his tongue in a long slur.

“You can win upstairs,” she said.

“Right behind you,” Tyler answered. Then he jolted upright and pointed at somebody across the room. “You! Play!” The fellow shrugged and moved to the opposing side of the table, setting up his cups.

“You’ll be up soon?” Cece asked.

Tyler grunted but otherwise didn’t reply.

The room spun and it made Cece sick. She lay in someone’s bed with the lights off, her fingers dancing in her sodden panties. She moaned and thrust against her hand. The alcohol fueled lust urged her faster, harder, but at the same time it stopped everything. Cece couldn’t cum.

She knew that if she could just get a cock between her thighs everything would be alright. Cece knew it deep within her soul.

There’s cock downstairs, an evil voice within her whispered. It wouldn’t take much to get one. Just smile and giggle and the boys will make you scream. That’s all it takes. Acting a little slutty doesn’t make you a slut. Everyone does it.

Sheer willpower kept Cece on the bed. “Dammit, Tyler. Hurry up.” Cece plunged her fingers in her mouth and sucked, savoring the taste of her own juices.

Suddenly the door opened and cast a single sliver of light into the room. A figure followed.

“Oh thank Christ, finally,” Cece said. “Get your pants off and get over here. I can’t wait any longer.”

Tyler stood at the edge of the bed, seemingly unsure of what to do next. Cece didn’t have the patience to wait for him to figure it out. She dove for him, pawing at his zipper. With sigh of satisfaction, she reached into his pants and pulled out his erect cock. It hung in the air before her. She could feel the heat radiating from his member.

“I have waited literally all night for this,” Cece said. She reached for her purse. “I’ve got a condom. Let me grab a condom and—”

Tyler wrapped his hand around the back of Cece’s head and jerked her forward. Her mouth opened wide in surprise, and into it slipped his cock. He was strong. Cece liked that about him. She hesitated, though, breathing audibly through her nose as the dick slid a little farther down the back of her throat. Cece’d never sucked cock before, but at the moment she was having difficulty figuring out why she’d waited. It tasted marvelous. The alcohol swimming in her blood urged her forward. Her head began to move.

“I didn’t believe sluts like you were real,” Tyler said.

Cece paused in the middle of a stroke. The voice wasn’t Tyler’s. Cece was sucking the dick of a man whose face she’d never seen before.

And she was loving it.

Cece hesitated with her mouth just barely touching the head of the stranger’s cock. She didn’t want to let go. But Tyler. Cece loved Tyler. A sudden upwelling of guilt threatened to overwhelm her. She almost let of the dick.


It tasted so good. The alcohol flooding screamed everything was ok, that it was technically not sex and that Tyler would understand. No, she shook her head, even in her drunken state Cece knew Tyler wouldn’t understand. This was wrong. Slowly, ever so slowly, Cece pulled back along the shaft, letting her saliva drench and lubricate the stranger’s cock. Her lips left his head with a loud pop that seemed to echo. She smiled at the outline of the dick floating in the darkness. It was beautiful.

Tyler’s drunk, too, the wicked voice whispered again. He’ll never know. Besides, he missed his chance. You need this.

Cece’s willpower shattered. In one swift motion, she plunged the cock down her throat, choking on its length. A wet gurgle filled the tiny bedroom. The stranger’s hands gripped her hair and tightened. Individual strands of her hair tug at her scalp, making her eyes water. Cece wanted more. She gurgled and choked but still she wanted more.

The stranger’s breath came quickly now, and Cece could feel the man’s veins along his shaft grow hard on her lips. She thrust his cock down her throat one last time and held. Her lungs screamed for oxygen. Then the cock twitched, and the hot taste of cum flooded Cece’s mouth.

She tried to swallow, but there was too much. Seed spilled down her chin and splattered her blouse. The smell rose from the sheets. Cece inhaled greedily, swallowing the load and licking her lips for more.

“You were amazing,” the stranger said. His breath came in gasps. “Wait here. I wanna get my friends.”

Cece could only nod and stare vacantly at the door. She’d just sucked the cock of a stranger. She’d cheated on Tyler. She’d been basted in seed and called a whore.

And it’d been the most fulfilling moment of her life.

That, more than anything else, scared Cece. She knew that when—if—someone walked through that door and demanded a blowjob she wouldn’t have the strength to tell them no. Not then. Not with the sweet taste of cum crystallizing on her lips. Her stomach growled.

“Star Dick, get me out of here,” Cece said quickly. “I’m serious, get me out of her right now.”

“You sure, baby?” Star Dick said. “You looked like you were having fun.”

No, she wasn’t sure. More than anything in the world, Cece wanted to stay on that bed and wait. What did that mean for her past self when Cece left? What would she do? “I’m sure,” Cece said finally.

“Suit yourself.”

Then the world fell away.

Cece opened her eyes to a mouthful of dick.

She flung back with a cry, splaying across the cheap bathroom tile. The cock bobbed wet and silent in the hole drilled into the bathroom stall. Graffiti ringed it, and, in a sort of dull way, Cece saw her own name written in black sharpie. A cell phone number and a promise of a good time lay beneath it.

Crust filmed Cece’s lips. She quickly wiped her mouth, and her hand came away with dried seman. “Star Dick, what the hell is going on?!”

“Relax, baby,” Star Dick said. He lay almost forgotten a few feet to Cece’s right. The bulbous head to the plastic penis glistened with a fluid that Cece didn’t want to guess at. It twitched of its own accord, and the longer Cece watched the bigger he seemed to grow. “We’re in the present, so it’s all gravy.”

“I am covered in seman!”

“The look suits you.”

The cock in the hole still hung silent and wet. Cece’s vision focused on it, and the world around her darkened and shrank. Saliva flooded her cheeks. She felt disgust, yes, but it was small and pitiful compared with the overwhelming urge to crawl forward and drive the stranger’s dick back down her throat. Cece swallowed loud. The saliva moved down her esophagus in a lump.

Before Cece realized it, she crawled forward across the sticky tile. It felt cold on her knees. She stopped herself just before the hole and gripped her legs in a vice grip that cracked her knuckles.

The voice on the other side of the stall was gravelly and deep. “If you don’t get back to sucking, slut, I’m gonna tell Tyler what you’ve been up to in your free time. Come on, I’m losing wood over here.”

Saliva dribbled down Cece’s chin. I don’t have a choice, she thought. It was a lie, of course, but she clung to it like a drowning man grabbing flotsam in the ocean. Her body screamed at her. It’s not your fault. You have to do this.

One delicate hand wrapped around the base of the stranger’s shaft. It moved up and down in a slow and practiced rhythm. Cece opened wide and took the cock inside. Sinful flavor burst on her tongue, hurting with the strength of its taste. From deep within her core a guttural moan rose. It was born from the wonderful decadence of submission; submission to pleasure; submission to a man; submission to her own filthy desires.

Then the stranger orgasmed and it was as if everything in the world coalesced into the bathroom stall. The cold touch of bare knees on tile, the carved plastic of the stall beneath Cece’s palm, the filthy grime of unwashed cum coating her skin, they all drew together into a cacophony of lust.

Seed spilled from Cece’s lips to the bathroom floor, dotting the blue tile in splotches of white. She looked at her hands. They were shaking. She buried her face in them and let out a sob. “What did I just do?”

“Looks to me like you brought a little love to this cruel world of ours, baby,” Star Dick said. “You is a saint, a regular Mother Teresa.”

“For sucking cock?”

“We all got our own ways of bringing joy to those around us. Yours just happens to involve a little bodily fluid.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Cece said. “Just, shut the fuck up. Please. Oh Christ, please.” A sick sense of dread welled inside her. How had this happened? She rose from her perch next to the hole and left the bathroom stall, catching sight of her reflection.

Jean shorts unbuttoned down to their bottoms revealed a lacy pair of pink panties. They dangled, almost forgotten, from Cece’s hips. Her shirt was simple and cotton, but it stretched tight across her suddenly expanded chest. A thick coating of cum soaked through its thin fabric, making it transparent under the bathroom lights. There’s so much.

“How long was I kneeling in that stall?” Cece asked.

“Three hours,” Star Dick said. “And you serviced nine different men, though four came back for seconds.

“I sucked nine dicks!”

“Thirteen times. You’re quite the cumslut, baby,” Star Dick answered, the grin evident in his voice. “Ever since your little mishap at the party you’ve developed a bit of a taste for it. The boys have been passing you around like the community vacuum cleaner.”

“Does Tyler know?”

“Nope,” Star Dick said. “Though that’s more to do with the man’s willful ignorance than because you’re particularly subtle. He really does love you. Heaven alone knows why.”

“I need to fix this,” Cece said. “I’m not some cum guzzling slut. It’s not me! We have to go back to the party!”

“No can do, baby,” Star Dick said. “We can’t go back to the same point twice. It’d mess up the whole time-space continuum… thing. So, despite my phenomenal cosmic powers, I can’t make you unsuck that dick. You’ll always have a taste for it.”

Cece couldn’t believe she was having this conversation. She went back into the stall and sat on the toilet, marveling at how much extra cushion her butt seemed to have now. Had it always been so large? Cece’d come to terms with the fact that Star Dick was real, that she really was speaking to a time traveling dildo, but it blew Cece’s mind that she’d let it go so far. The graffiti over the hole with her name and number taunted her. Is that my handwriting?

“When did I go from accidentally sucking a stranger’s dick to… this,” Cece said, gesturing at her cum soaked shirt. “Can we go back to that moment?”

“Oh yeah, baby,” Star Dick said. “Once or twice is an accident, but there was definitely a moment when you dropped the pretense. You know the drill by now. Come do what you need to do.”

Cece picked up the plastic dildo and looked at it. Star Dick was definitely larger. He’d gotten to the point where she couldn’t wrap her hand all the way around his middle. How long before he didn’t fit inside her at all? At least once more, Cece reasoned. It had to be once more. She pushed her jean shorts around her ankles and pressed Star Dick to her entrance.

The blast of ecstasy nearly made Cece black out. Her mouth opened wide in an endless scream, and her fingers lost their grip. Star Dick didn’t drop, though. Her slit seemed to suck him inside, pulling the silicon inch by inch until he bottomed out. Then he moved back and forth, swelling and growing until Cece felt like she was going to explode. He was so big, so filling, and Cece suddenly had the irrational fear that she’d never be satisfied with anything smaller.