The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Bimbo in Time — Part 3

By: Quill

Cece’s knees buckled as her feet hit the grass. A wave of arousal so intense that it sent her vision swimming swept over her. Dirt dug at her skin as she curled into herself, driving the lust down and back into the corner of her mind. There it lay like a slumbering beast, ready to leap and devour her whole. She panted, and the world around her drew into focus.

Cece found herself at the far end of a baseball diamond. The school lay behind her, the kids dotting the blacktop like little dark smudges. Aluminum bleachers lined the chain link fence circling the back half of the diamond. Red dirt puft in the slight gusts of wind that blew across the field.

Far from teacher’s prying eyes, Tyler sat with his friends in the dugout. A fat joint passed from one to the next, and Pink Floyd blared from a cell phone propped inside a plastic bucket. They rolled their heads as one to stare at Cece as she neared.

“Tyler, it’s your old lady,” Fred, a kid with a wobbly neck, said. His words came out slow as if breathing was an effort. “She’s gonna bust us, man. We gotta run!” Fred tried to stand up, but before he managed to rise halfway he collapsed back onto the bench. Then, as if deciding standing was a feat beyond him, his head rolled onto Tyler’s shoulder. Red eyes stared wide at Cece with terror.

“Chill, man,” Tyler said. “Cece’s a bro. She ain’t gonna rat on us, are you sweetie?”

Cece shook her head. She bit her lip and rubbed her thighs together. A drop of lubricant slid down her leg. “Tyler, can we go somewhere more private? I’ve got something you need to take care of.”

“Honey, I’m like… boom, y’know?” he said. Tyler held up a closed fist and opened it. His arm dropped back to the bench like it was made of lead. “You get me?”

“Not in the slightest,” Sean, a lanky and dark haired boy, answered. He seemed slightly more lucid than his two friends.

“Did you know that white light is really all light?” Tyler said. “Doesn’t that just blow your mind?”

“Then what do you call no light?” Fred asked.

“Darkness,” Sean said.


Cece growled and gripped the bridge of her nose between two fingers. “Tyler I really, really need—”

“—Tyler Lexington, please report to the principal’s office,” the school intercom called.

“Sorry, sweetie,” Tyler said. “My public awaits.” He stood up.

“Woah,” Fred said. He opened his eyes wide and leaned forward. “How’d you do that?”

Tyler gave him a sheepish shrug, and then he stumbled out of the dugout. Cece watched him go with a look that was equal parts frustration and amusement. That was her boyfriend. High as balls and cute to boot. It was a shame he’d left her unsatisfied. She flopped down on the bench between his two friends and leaned back, closing her eyes and exhaling a long breath that made her chest rise and fall like a bellow.

When she opened them, Cece came face to face with Fred. He looked a like a frog, unblinking and intense. “I like the way you smell,” he said.

“It’s, uh, real nice to meet you,” Cece said, recoiling even as she spoke. Her back pressed up against Sean’s arm. He casually slipped it around her shoulders. She let him do it. Fred was weird.

“I’m a nice guy. I have a punch card and everything. See?” Fred continued, still not blinking despite the fact that he was long due. He dug into his wallet—velcro of course—and pulled out a punch card with five fedoras. Four of them had little holes in their center. The final fedora was outlined with a star. Under it someone—probably Fred—had written in crayon ‘Free Sex.’ “One more good deed and I lose my virginity.”

“That’s great?” Cece said.

“Maybe I’ll cash it in with you, m’lady,” Fred said with a wink that turned Cece’s stomach.

“Fred, do you like Funyuns?” Sean said suddenly.

Fred licked his lips. “I could go for some Funyuns right now. I’ve got the munchies something awful.”

“Oh yeah?” Sean said. He pointed to the far side of the field. “I’ve got a whole load of Funyuns in my backpack over there. They’re all yours.”

Fred rose from his perch, smacking his lips. “Any Oreos?”

Sean gave him a look. “You know I come prepared.”

Fred nodded, the motion sending his neck wobbling precariously. Then he stumbled off in search of snacks.

“I’m sorry about that,” Sean said. “Every group needs a punching bag and he’s ours. So Tyler just left you, huh?” He placed a hand on Cece’s thigh. It felt good. Warmth radiated from his fingertips and spread to her groin. “What a dick.”

“I just don’t understand how he could have gotten high today of all days,” Cece said. She exhaled and leaned back, letting the pleasant heat of Sean’s hand soak into her soul. “I traveled so far back in time and now he’s not even here to help me with my… needs.”

“Needs, huh?” Sean said. He rubbed in a slow circle, trailing his hand up her thigh and down again. Like a wave, each cycle brought him a little higher, a little closer to her hemline. “What kind of needs?”

Cece knew she should stop him. She could get up from the bench and walk away. Despite the thrumming hunger, she hadn’t sucked a cock yet, and that meant she’d done all she meant to in the past. Cece was a good girl. She could go back into the future and have everything she ever wanted. All she had to do was get up and leave the dugout.

Cece stayed where she was.

“Just, you know, urges,” she said, biting her lip and uncrossing her legs. “I need Tyler to take care of them for me.”

“I don’t see Tyler here,” Sean said. His hand drifted higher. “Maybe I can take care of them for you?”

“No, I should—”

“If you need something you then really can’t go without it,” Sean said. His voice felt like silk trailing along her skin. “That’s kind of its definition.”

Cece sank towards his hand. A small moan slipped from between her lips. “I love Tyler,” she said, but the words sounded weak even in her ear.

“Fuck him.”

“No,” Cece said. The last shreds of her willpower crumbled beneath Sean’s palm. “Fuck me.”

Sean plunged his hand beneath Cece’s skirt, sinking into her slit up to his knuckles. A whorish cry slipped from her lips. Cece pressed herself against him, driving him deeper inside. She clawed at his hair. Charcoal locks wrapped around her fingers. He pulled her onto his lap. When Sean’s lips found hers, it was like someone set off a firework in her mind. Everything went white.

Kissing Sean made the experience real. No matter how right it felt, Cece was cheating, and she was doing it with Tyler’s friend. But she couldn’t tell Sean no, and, what was worse, she didn’t even want to.

“Please, don’t stop,” Cece moaned. “Don’t ever stop.”

A bulge grew beneath Cece’s butt. She pressed into it. A heat radiated from Sean’s jeans, rising through the thin fabric of her skirt. It ground against the crack of Cece’s ass, slotting in perfectly between the gaps in her cheeks. It was almost like it was made for it. She thrust her tongue down Sean’s mouth. They broke apart, chests heaving.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Sean said. His eyes bore into hers with an intensity that sent a

shiver up her spine.

Cece felt herself nod. “Ok.”

Sean picked her up and shoved her against the fence. The metal links dug into her skin, and the meat of her tits pressed between the rings, bulging obscenely. He fumbled briefly with his zipper, and Cece felt something large and hard press against her slit. She let out a small whine, pushing back against him, but Sean’s firm grip kept her in place.

Sean leaned down close until his breath blew hot against the nape of her neck. “Who do you love?”

“I love Tyler,” she mewed. “He’s the most important person in the world.”

“And who are you about to fuck?”

Cece hesitated. Shame and betrayal welled up in her chest, but the heat radiating from Sean’s cock forced the words from her lips. “You. I’m about to fuck you.”

“And why is that?”

Cece whined but didn’t answer.

A cracked echoed across the baseball diamond, and then a flash of pain bloomed in Cece’s backside. “Why are you fucking me?!”

“Because I’m a whore,” Cece moaned.

Sean grinned, she could hear it in his voice. “And don’t you ever forget that.” Then he shoved, filling Cece until she feared she might burst. Fingers clawed desperately at the chain link fence, holding her trembling body up by sheer force of will. Her throat felt ragged and raw from moaning, but her slit pulled at him, drawing Sean’s cock deeper inside herself.

Cece didn’t care that Tyler might see her. She didn’t care that Frank was probably wanking off under a tree. All Cece could focus on was the six and a half inches of dick driving itself into her dripping slit. She thrust back against Sean, sighing in contentment as he bottomed out. His breathing grew short. A primal sort of instinct screamed at her that he was about to cum. The knowledge thrilled Cece to the core.

“Cum on my face,” Cece panted between thrusts. “Paint me white.”


“I need to taste it,” she said. The hunger in her voice was unmistakable. She licked her lips and salivated.

“Oh you are a proper slut,” Sean said.

“Yes, I am,” Cece said. Even as the words left her lips she knew that they were true. They had become true. Cece was a slut. It seemed to fit.

Sean grunted and yanked out of her. Cece swung around and dropped to her knees. The hard dirt of the baseball field painted her skin a dusty red. The grains dug into her flesh. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, closing her eyes and smiling.

When the first splash of salty cum struck her face, Cece let out a long sigh. She swallowed and placed her lips on the cock’s head, making sure to suck every last drop of seed. It seemed strange that cum would taste so good. Unnatural even. It filled her with an overwhelming sense of calmness, as if she had just accomplished her one and only purpose in life. Her lips left the cock with a loud pop. A single strand of cum dangled from Cece’s chin. She gathered it on her index finger and placed it into her mouth.

Sean leaned against the chain link fence. Sweat glistened on his brow, and his chest heaved from exertion. “Well, slut, it’s been great. Clean yourself up. You don’t want Tyler to find you looking like that.”

“Like what?” Cece asked. Her thoughts felt like they were moving through sludge.

“Like a fresh fucked whore,” Sean said with a smile. He pulled up his pants and wandered off in the direction of the school.

Cece watched him go. Guilt and lust warred through her thoughts. She felt gross and slimy, but she also felt strangely happy. There would be consequences for what she’d just done here. Star Dick would make sure of that. For some reason, though, Cece couldn’t find the will to care. The first stirrings of lust rose between her thighs. In just a few hours it would become again the raging torrent that had driven her to Sean. The only difference now was that she knew how fantastic it felt to fuck.

And that scared Cece more than anything.

Another bathroom. A heavy plastic counter and too white towels screamed cheap motel. The air reeked of crappy cinnamon air fresheners, but under it Cece could still smell decades of ingrained tobacco smoke. The walls were yellow with tar, and little scorch marks pitted the plastic counter top. Some unfounded optimism resided in a no smoking sticker stuck to the bottom of a glass ashtray.

“Quite the shithole,” Star Dick said from between her legs.

Cece looked down to find that she was pistoning the plastic dildo in and out of her slit. The motion was casual, more a flick of wrist than an effort to reach orgasm. Having Star Dick inside her felt comfortable. With a conscious effort, she pulled the plastic cock out of her snatch. It left her with a loud pop and an intense emptiness.

“Could you put me back?” Star Dick asked. He was big now. Long and thick, he looked more like an oversized cock than the button buzzer he was when she’d found him. Veins ran along his length, pulsing with some sort of fluid. He was warm in the palm of her hand. Star Dick felt alive, and even as she looked at him, he twitched and spurted a few drops of precum from his head. “It was warm in there.”

“You were in my cunt,” Cece said. “Why did I put you inside me?”

“Because you’re a slut that spends more time with a cock inside her than without,” Star Dick said simply. “Now put me back.”

Was this really Star Dick? He’d always been offensive, but he’d never been insulting. At least not so overtly. “What?”

“It’s true. Look to your right.”

A waste bin overflowed with used condoms. There were hundreds of them from a dozen different brands, and they spilled over the edge of the bin and scattered themselves across the floor in a collage of clashing colors. Cece bit her lip and moaned. She should be disgusted by the display, but all it did was turn her on. She couldn’t help but slide Star Dick back inside her, sighing in contentment.

Out of the corner of her eye, Cece caught sight of her reflection. Two large tits rose bare on her chest. Rosy nipples stood tall and hard despite the warm cinnamon and tobacco scented air. A taut stomach slid in a hourglass curve down to her ass, which bulged out against the seat, meat spilling over its edges. Twin curls of perfectly gold hair cascaded around her shoulders in an unbroken silk wave.

From the curve to her breasts to the smokey yearning in her eye, the girl in the mirror screamed sex. She belonged on her back, as if everything in her life had been tooled and refined to get her fucked. Cece blushed in shame, and the girl in the mirror blushed back.

“I have to fix this,” Cece said with a frantic moan. The bathroom filled with the wet schlick of Star Dick sliding in and out. “You have to take me back in time again.”

“Woah there,” Star Dick said. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? No can do, babydoll. Your body is pumped full of so much fourth dimensional radiation that if we go back again there won’t be anything of you left. All you’ll be able to do is take cock and scream for more, though I suppose that won’t be much of a change. Still, I need your mind intact, and it won’t do having them cart you to an insane asylum.”

“But you need me to get home. You said so,” Cece whined.

“You’re already giving me plenty of energy just the way you are, my little whore,” Star Dick said.

“You were using me?” Cece asked, breaking the words up between gasps and thrusts.

“From the beginning,” Star Dick answered. “I’ve gotta get home, baby, and I can’t do that without the power of love. And now that I’ve turned you into the biggest slut in the solar system, collecting the energy will be a snap.”

“I’ll leave you. I’ll throw you in the ocean and you’ll be down there forever. Nobody will ever find you. And then I’ll go back to normal. Tyler will come back and we’ll live happily ever after.”

“Bitch, do you think this is Disney?” Star Dick said. “Tyler ain’t in much of a rush to save you. He left. Six months ago after he walked in on you with four of his friends. You were so wrapped up in the act that you didn’t even notice. Besides, baby, I’m part of you.”

Star Dick expanded and locked himself in place. He pressed up inside her until he felt like he was part of her skin. A small hole appeared at the base of the dick, widening until it seemed the dildo was nothing more than a ring circling her slit. The plastic felt so thin that Cece could almost believe he wasn’t even there, and then, all of a sudden, he wasn’t. She could feel every sensation, and they seemed magnified somehow, as if Star Dick had made her more sensitive.

“Don’t feel bad,” Star Dick said. “You’re the thirty-seventh woman I’ve done this to. I’ve been on this rock for almost three thousand years, and I’ve probably got another few millennia to go. You weren’t the first and you certainly won’t be the last. Just live your life how you normally would and I’ll be right here.”

“But I’m horny!”

“Oh yeah, that’s not going away. Your sex life is going to be amazing,” Star Dick said. “Hell, you might even come to like it. And, as a fringe benefit, I’ll keep you looking young. You won’t ever have to deal with old age, creaking bones, or sagging tits. I’m here to help, baby, so let’s make some love.”

A man laughed from outside the bathroom. “You aren’t starting without us, are you?” he called.

“Your public awaits,” Star Dick said. He sent a surge of hormones into Cece’s sex soaked mind.

Lubricant streamed down the inside of her thigh. She swallowed and rose slowly from her seat, hating herself for each step that brought her towards the door. The handle turned easily. Six men in various states of undress gathered around the motel mattress with cocks in hand. Cece stared at each in turn. Saliva flooded her mouth and the edge of her vision grew dark.

“Just getting myself warmed up,” Cece heard herself say. “Who’s first?”

The End