The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive



An hour after Jimmy talked with Brogus and the SUV driver, Jimmy was in Elizabeth’s apartment, smiling at Elizabeth and Kimberly. Those two women now looked like long-haired gym queens and, so far as they remembered, “always had been” long-haired gym queens. Jimmy stopped their transformations so that they would never become bimbos. In talking to Elizabeth, Jimmy was surprised to realize that not only was she (still) smart, she was actually more intelligent than he was.

Eleven days after Jimmy talked with Brogus and the SUV driver, Jimmy won an $80 million Powerball jackpot. Jimmy had spent only eight dollars on Powerball tickets.

After federal and state taxes were taken out, Jimmy’s first half-year annuity check came to less than half a million. With the women’s help, Jimmy managed to console himself.

The first thing Jimmy did (once the check cleared) was to trade in his old car for a new SUV that was big enough to carry six passengers.

The second thing that Jimmy did was to assign Elizabeth to find him a four-bedroom house, hopefully near Tyudlurm.

Elizabeth had barely started on this when Friday afternoon arrived. Jimmy loaded his four bimbos, and his two not-bimbos, into his new SUV and took them home to meet his family. Jimmy told his relatives, “The seven of us will be living together as soon as I buy a house.” Jimmy’s kinfolk had many questions, and Jimmy wound up evading most of them. Still, Jimmy’s women were welcomed into Jimmy’s family, to his relief.

Two weeks after Jimmy assigned Elizabeth to shop for a house for him, Jimmy paid cash for a house in a ritzy neighborhood. Then he and his women moved in.

Amid shopping for house furniture, Jimmy, Elizabeth, and Kimberly resumed their college studies. The four bimbos all eventually dropped out of college.

Student loans were no longer a worry. Jimmy paid off not only his own student loans, but his women’s as well.

* * *

“Oh honeys, I’m home,” Jimmy called out, as soon as he entered the laundry room.

The best university Hythogal Engineering department in the USA was at U. C. Berkeley; so it stood to reason that the best hythogal engineering-related companies were in Berkeley, California. Jimmy was still proud of the fact that, two years ago, he had been offered a job at Golden Bears Hythogal Consulting; proud because of how much home-grown competition he had gone up against to land this job.

So for the past two years, Jimmy had worked in Berkeley and lived in Vallejo. The commute had taken getting used to, and nine-to-five working hours were a fading memory; but other than that, Jimmy’s life was great. The view out of his living room, and out of his master bedroom, was spectacular.

So what if the cost of living in California was expensive? Thanks to Jimmy still receiving Powerball annuity checks every six months, Jimmy and his harem could afford to live well beyond what GBHC paid him.

Elizabeth was waiting for Jimmy in the laundry room. She was wearing sunglasses that, at the moment, were pushed up into her ass-length, honey-blond hair.

Jimmy and Elizabeth kissed and hugged.

“Dinner been made yet?” Jimmy asked.

“Beef stew, cornbread, green-bean casserole, and peach pudding, with apple pie for dessert,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth did not need to add that none of the food was actually cooked yet, since none of the women would start this till Jimmy arrived home, and that varied so much. He might walk into the house as early as 5:30, or not come in till after nine. Right now the microwave clock said 6:43.

“You’re filming another porno, looks like,” Jimmy said, referring to Elizabeth’s sunglasses.

Elizabeth smiled. “The bimbos are feeling restless. By the way, I’ve been ‘ordered’ to invite ‘Mister X’ to join in on the fucking and filming.”

Jimmy smiled back. “Maybe ‘Mister X’ will relax tonight as plain old Jimmy Bailey. I hope this isn’t a problem.”

Jimmy gestured to Elizabeth, Walk with me. Jimmy and Elizabeth headed toward the master bedroom.

Elizabeth said, “You know all of us always acquiesce to anything you say. If you don’t wish to be part of the porno—”

Jimmy said, “By ‘problem,’ I meant the sales numbers. For the porno.”

“No, the strictly lesbian pornos sell very well. Still, pornos with Mister X in them, sell better. Hint, hint.”

Jimmy laughed. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

In the four years that Jimmy and his six women had been living together, Jimmy had discovered that the four bimbos did not like sitting around the house when he was not home.

He urged them to each get a job, when the bimbo was not taking classes. Alas, this had turned out to be a disaster—

Each bimbo had been so stupid that she could work at only a minimum-wage job; and the bimbo had looked and had acted so sexy that sooner or later there had been an “incident” with a customer or another employee, and the bimbo had been fired.

After this had happened for the fourth time, Jimmy had joked about the bimbos making porn movies, as a job they would not be fired from. Elizabeth had commented, “Your idea would actually work.”

So it came to pass: Elizabeth became the producer and director of porno movies, Kimberly worked the camera and sound, and the bimbos (and sometimes Jimmy, wearing a black-leather head-mask and a rubber) became the stars.

But considering the super-mega-attractiveness of the women in the films, it simply would not do for Mister X to be pale and pudgy. So in the basement of the Vallejo house was a tanning bed and lots of exercise equipment. For a hythogal engineer, Jimmy was exceptionally buff.

As Jimmy and Elizabeth walked through the house, he said, “Stephen says I might get promoted soon. To team leader. Stephen says the higher-ups like my ‘sense of responsibility, which is surprising in such a young man,’ and it seems clients like me too.”

Elizabeth’s businesslike voice now dropped an octave, becoming sexy. “The clients like you because you have a tan and washboard abs. The clients who don’t want to be you, want to fuck you. I understand that—right now, I want to fuck you too. For hours.”

Jimmy smiled.

* * *

Jimmy and Elizabeth walked into the master bedroom. The king-sized bed was surrounded by bright lights.

Auburn-haired Kimberly was holding a video camera in her hands, but at the moment, she was not shooting anything. Still, even though they were not being filmed, naked Krissi and naked Lucille were sixty-nining each other.

Bethie and Debbie were standing by the bedroom door, well away from the bed. Bethie was dressed in flat black shoes, and she wore an outfit in red gingham that was modest enough to cover both her knees and her enormous breasts. Debbie was dressed as a black-leather dominatrix.

Krissi and Lucille stopped their lovemaking and jumped out of bed when Elizabeth announced, “Jimmy’s here.”

By the time Kimberly put down her video camera, Jimmy was getting hugs and kisses from four other women.

When the hugs and kisses ended, Jimmy nodded toward Bethie and Debbie. He asked Elizabeth, “What’s the story?”

Elizabeth answered, “Farmer’s daughter Julie Carlsson, from Corn Flats, South Dakota, is being corrupted by the aggressive Mistress Deborah.”

Debbie giggled. “I get to use my real name in the porno!”

Lucille asked Jimmy, “Are you gonna fuck us now? As Mister X?”

Krissi did not wait for a Yes; she walked to Jimmy’s big dresser, opened the bottom drawer, took out the black-leather head mask and a box of condoms, and looked at Jimmy with a hopeful expression.

Jimmy grinned. “Tell you what—I got some good news at work today, and I want to celebrate. Let me eat a ham-and-cheese sandwich—hint, hint—and Mister X will show Madame Deborah’s naked slave-girls, virginal Julie Carlsson, and even Mistress Deborah herself, the glories of male-female sex.”

“Huh?” four bimbo voices said.

Kimberly translated: “Jimmy said yes, he’s going to fuck you all, while we film it.”

The bimbos cheered.