The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Day 16: Brogus Visits Jimmy

Jimmy was whistling as he walked out of the Biology building, holding hands with Bethie. Once he and she were in sunshine, they kissed, Bethie waved goodbye, then Jimmy watched Bethie’s magnificent ass move away.

Jimmy pulled out his smartphone. It said the time was 1:56—he had missed his entire Hythogadynamics class. Jimmy shrugged, then decided to walk back to his dorm.

As Jimmy cut through the Biology building’s parking lot, he noticed an idling black SUV with a paper “Tim Hanson Ford” dealer plate. Something about that SUV and its license plate tugged at Jimmy’s memory.

Seconds later, Jimmy was walking along the sidewalk back to his dorm. He heard a voice to his left: “Good day to you, lad. I wish words with you.”

Jimmy looked to his left. The black SUV was pacing him; inside the SUV were the two men whom Jimmy had met at the diner. Red-haired Brogus with his Irish accent was speaking from the passenger seat; the balding man with the blue tie was driving the SUV.

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place; Jimmy said, “You two aren’t human! You bewitched me with that wooden ring, didn’t you?”

“Aye, lad, I did,” said Brogus. “I would be grateful if you boarded this carriage now, so that your entire school not hear more such talk from you.”

After Jimmy was inside the SUV and the door was shut, Jimmy said, “At the diner, I never told you where I go to school. And I don’t take any biology classes, so how did you know this was where to find me?”

Brogus jerked a thumb at the SUV driver. “GG here can’t tell the future, but he can tell the present.”

Brogus turned around in his seat so that he was face-to-face with Jimmy in the back seat. “Now, lad, you and I really need to talk, man to man. You’ve quite let me down.”

* * *

Jimmy said, “I let you down? How? I haven’t done anything wrong!”

The SUV driver said, “Before Brogus tells you that, please tell us what you’ve figured out after bimboizing Beth, Krissi, Lucille, Debbie, Elizabeth, and Kimberly.”

Jimmy startled—He knows all their names, and he got the order right. Jimmy replied, “The latest two—Elizabeth and Kimberly—they aren’t bimbos. They still look and act like themselves. Well, except now those two like me and they agree to whatever I say.”

Brogus said, “Lad, Friday night they looked and acted like themselves. Now they look like professional dancers, with no fat, firm muscles, long and shiny hair, and plenty of zest. The sharp lass...”

“Elizabeth,” said the SUV driver.

“—still is sharp. But lad, that part of their change is almost over. Tonight at...”

“8:04 p.m.,” said the SUV driver.

“—they start to become bimbos. For the next twelve days, their breasts will grow bigger, their brains will turn dimmer, and their need for sex will build and build. These changes shall come slowly at first, then faster and faster.”

The SUV driver added, “But their craving for sex shall be only with you. No other man interests them today, and no man ever shall.”

Jimmy laughed. “Of course not! They’re lesbians!”

Brogus shook his head. “’Tis not them alone. Ask the lass you just enjoyed...”

“Bethie,” Jimmy and the SUV driver said together.

“—and the three lasses you see every day. They each will tell you: From the time you did lay hand upon her, she did lose all her fire for every other man alive.”

“Gosh golly,” Jimmy said. “I thought that was only Bethie.”

Brogus looked into Jimmy’s eyes. “So you have four women who are dimwits, two women about to become so, and none of them will wed any man but you. You have a duty to care for them—what have you done for them?”

“Now hold on!” Jimmy said. “I didn’t ask—”

Brogus pressed on: “To my eyes, you have done nothing for them but to use them as toys for your diversion.”

* * *

Jimmy said, “Huh? I’m a college student! I’m poor! If he knows the women’s names, then he knows I can’t support six women; I can’t support even one!”

Brogus said, “You turned away from your duties, you missed classes to enjoy these women—deny it not!”

The SUV driver said piously, “With great power must come great responsibility, Jimmy.”

Jimmy said, “Oh, really? Flip that around, you two—you gave me this power, this power with which I supposedly have harmed women’s lives, without you even waving a wand or speaking a spell. This tells me that you are very powerful beings. But what did you tell me about the ring? What warning or instructions did you give me? Nothing! The responsibility for those women’s lives are yours, because you two have the magic! So spare me your lectures.”

Silence. The SUV driver and Brogus looked at each other, ashamed.

Then the SUV driver sighed. “Don’t feel bad, Brogus. I made the same mistake a few years ago—and if not for Tim Hanson’s good character, my failure to give warnings could have caused a disaster.”

* * *

After more silence, Jimmy spoke: “Couldn’t you at least have coded the Midas-spell so each girl kept her brains? Then we wouldn’t have this problem.”

The SUV driver said, “The magic can’t work like that.”

Brogus nodded. “To make the lasses be buxom, randy, bonny, and pliant, I had to also make them slow of wit.”

The SUV driver said, “Brogus? Better late than never with the rules, I think.”

“Aye,” Brogus said with a gloomy face.

Brogus then looked at Jimmy and said, “Those last two girls, when you touch each girl with your left hand and say, ‘Change no more,’ her change will stop. But lad, make haste with such touch.”

The SUV driver said, “Not to rush you, but after 8:04 tonight, things start to turn serious with those girls.”

Jimmy asked, “Is there a way to make the changes not start? What do I do the next time my mother or sisters ask me for a hug?”

Brogus smiled a lopsided smile. “I am not a complete dolt; your touch does not work on any woman who be your first cousin or closer. But for any woman who be not kin, touch her with your left hand before you touch her with your right hand, and no change shall befall her.”

The SUV driver said, “Tell him about the aging.”

At Jimmy’s puzzled look, Brogus said, “Those two girls of Friday...”

“Elizabeth and Kimberly.”

“—if you stop their transformation today, they shall age seven years in eight. The other four women, who now be but hours away from finishing their changes, they shall age only four years in eight. Not only shall all six women age more slowly, but always they shall be the comeliest of wenches for the age they seem.”

Jimmy did the math: “Forty years from now, I’ll be an old coot, Elizabeth and Kimberly will look like AARP calendar girls, and the bimbos will be MILFs. Gosh golly.”

* * *

By now the SUV was parked in the parking lot of Skekskem Dormitory.

Jimmy said, “I’ll call up Elizabeth and Kimberly as soon as I get out of your car, I’ll arrange a place to meet, and I’ll fix their problem ASAP. But what do I do about the others, about my bimbos? How do I make them happy?”

Brogus said, “Every lass you change by your touch, is happy when she knows she’s pleasing you. She will dress and act like an Irish nun and be contented with such life, if ’tis by your order. Or else she will fuck an entire club of footballers if that be what she thinks you want.”

The SUV driver spoke up: “If you want my advice, don’t stop your bimbos from jilling themselves or from touching each other when you’re not enough of a fuck-machine. Because if I know Brogus, you won’t be enough, even if you had only one bimbo.”

Brogus said, “Aye. It takes two stout and horny young lads to quench the fires of one young bimbo.”

Jimmy laughed. “Yes, that part, I’ve already figured out.”

Then Jimmy turned serious. “Okay, I’m going to man up now, I’m going to take care of the six woman I own. But again I say: I don’t see how I can. If I drop out of school tomorrow, I can work only whatever jobs a high-school graduate can get, and those jobs don’t pay well. If I stay in college, I’ll have a Hythogal Engineering degree, and hopefully a good-paying job, two years from now, but the bimbos could all have big money troubles by then. I’m stumped—do you guys have suggestions what I should do?”

Brogus frowned. “Sorry, lad, but you shan’t be getting any of me gold. ’Tis precious to me.”

Jimmy said, “Yeah, I already figured as much.”

The SUV driver said, “The next Powerball drawing is tomorrow night. Buy a ticket.”

What? That’s not a way to make money, it’s a way to lose money.”

The SUV driver shrugged. “A ticket is only two dollars; it won’t kill you. You won’t win tomorrow’s jackpot—”

Of course I won’t; the odds of winning a jackpot are zillions to—”

“—but every time they have a drawing, buy a ticket. Soon, you’ll win.”

Jimmy stared at the SUV driver. Then Jimmy asked Brogus, “Can he do that? Rig a Powerball drawing?”

Brogus nodded. “I’ve watched him do stranger things.”

“Gosh golly,” Jimmy said.