The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Day 16: Bethie

Something strange was going on, and Jimmy could no longer tell himself that there had to be a “logical” explanation.

Debbie on Saturday morning was bustier than on Friday night. Likewise, Debbie on Sunday had bigger tits than on Saturday. Also, sometime in the last few days, Debbie had turned stupid. Now Debbie was often giggling and saying, “I’m such an airhead”—and just as often, proving that she was indeed as stupid as a fire hydrant.

Sunday afternoon, after Debbie gave Jimmy another two-hour blowjob in her apartment, she and Jimmy got to talking about their high-school days. Debbie showed Jimmy her yearbook, and he was shocked—

Debbie in the yearbook was a super-buxom younger version of Porn-Star-Tits Debbie, not a younger version of the Debbie whom Jimmy had known a month ago. Whatever was changing Debbie was also changing the physical evidence that Debbie had once looked ordinary.

Monday morning, Jimmy went through the dorm-cafeteria serving line—and he discovered that Lucille also was giggly, stupid, and had enormous breasts.

In Monday morning’s English class, Krissi was the same as Debbie and Lucille: her much more gigantic tits looked amazing in a tight green dress. When the instructor called on Krissi during Monday’s class, Krissi could not start to answer the question; Jimmy felt embarrassed for her.

* * *

Jimmy was walking from his dormitory building to get to his 12:30 Advanced Problem-Solving In Hythogadynamics class. But to get to the Hythogal Engineering building from that direction, Jimmy had to walk past the Biology building.

As Jimmy was approaching the Biology building, a porno actress walked out of it.

Or that was what she looked like. She was wearing a tight pink dress that boasted a high hemline that showed off her shapely legs, and that featured a plunging neckline that drew the eye to her cantaloupe-sized tits. Her hair was blond, ass-length, thick, and curled. When Jimmy finally managed to move his eyes to her face, he saw that she had the face of a model, especially with her beauty-queen smile.

Her hips swayed, her hair swung from side to side, and her tits jiggled as she walked toward Jimmy. The main reason that her legs looked so long was that her pink shoes were six-inch platform stilettos—the same shoes (except for color) as what Debbie had taken to wearing.

The blonde was the most incredible woman Jimmy had ever seen—light-years out of Jimmy’s league.

As the blonde sashayed along the sidewalk, Jimmy noticed that she made a point of smiling at every person she came near or who came near her. So it was with Jimmy: When the blonde was ten feet away, she looked into Jimmy’s eyes and smiled—

Then the blonde blinked, and stopped walking. “Jimmy? Jimmy Bailey?”

“Um, do I know you?”

The blonde rushed up to him—a feat that required long practice with such high heels—and grabbed both of his hands with both of hers. “Ohmigod, Jimmy, I found you at last! I was soo afraid I would, like, never see you again.”

Jimmy said, “Huh? I’m lost.”

“I’m Bethie! Bethie Norman. Remember when you knocked me down with your laundry basket in Sanova Dorm? Like a ditz, I didn’t offer you my phone number. Well, last Friday I looked and looked all through Sanova, and I couldn’t find you! People told me you didn’t live there, and they called me a bimbo!”

“Um, Beth—I mean, Bethie? Sanova is a women’s dorm. I live in Skekskem Dormitory.”

“Oh, jeez, I’m such a ditz. Whereas you’re not only handsome, Jimmy, you’re smart.”

Jimmy was about to say You’re smart too; you’d have to be, to go Pre-Med. But then Jimmy remembered Debbie’s altered yearbook. Jimmy asked carefully, “You’re studying something medical, right? That’s why you take classes in the Biology building?”

Bethie smiled and nodded. “Most of my classes for Medical Assistant, I take at the junior college. But my advisor told me it would be better to take my one year of biology at Tyudlurm. But biology classes here are so hard, you know?”

Bethie shrugged, then grinned at Jimmy. “Oh wow, I’ve found you.” Now Bethie’s beauty-queen smile changed to a wanton smile of invitation. “Whatever you want to do with me now, you can. I’ll strip for you, lap-dance for you, suck you, fuck you, titty-fuck you—you name it, you got it.”

Jimmy laughed. “What, no offer of a pole dance?”

“I don’t see a stripper-pole around here. Do you?”

* * *

Five minutes later, Bethie had found an empty laboratory classroom in the Biology building. The classroom had eight big lab tables, each with its own faucets and sink, and each table being surrounded by metal stools.

Bethie patted the nearest lab table and asked, “Will this work? For a bed?”

As Jimmy nodded, he thought, I’m actually going to have sex with this goddess. Bethie from two feet away was even more wondrous to behold than from ten feet away.

Bethie reached behind her back to unzip her dress, but then she stopped.

She looked into Jimmy’s eyes. “I’m not a virgin. Men and boys, and even girls, want to fuck my body; and whenever I get too horny to think straight, I let them. But I don’t care about any of them. And the sex, it’s not poetry, it’s not romance, I’m just scratching an itch, you know?”

Jimmy nodded.

“But Jimmy, oh Jimmy, you are the man I have waited for, you are totally the perfect man, and I will not play the queen with you. Like I said before: Whatever you want, you get. I am soo happy to have sex with you, and I will make you happy too, sweartogod.”

Minutes later, naked Jimmy told naked Bethie to suck his dick. She knelt down and, just like that, she took all of Jimmy’s dick in her mouth. Bethie deepthroated Jimmy like she had been doing deepthroat for years. (Jimmy did not ask whether she had.)

Likewise, Bethie titty-fucked Jimmy like she had done titty-fucks often before. Jimmy figured that with her enormous tits, she was likewise experienced here too.

She cummed many times when Jimmy fucked her—and she cummed practically from the moment Jimmy stuck his dick in her pussy.

When Bethie cummed, she talked—

“Jimmy, oh yes, oh yes, this is perfect, at last I’m being fucked by the perfect man, I’m so hot when you fuck me, ohh yes, I hope I made you feel as good as I feel now. Jimmy, Jimmy, I am your woman, Jimmy!”

* * *

All in all, the sex lasted for an hour and a half. Bethie delighted Jimmy’s dick over and over, but she never asked for anything in return.

Not only did Bethie often tell Jimmy that she was hot for him, but she proved it, too: Her pussy was slick-wet the whole time he fucked her.

Naturally at the end, after Jimmy got dressed, he asked for Bethie’s phone number. Bethie’s smile was bigger than Jimmy’s smile as she gave him her number.

Again, Jimmy missed one of his engineering classes because of sex. Again, Jimmy absolutely did not care.