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Day 13: Orgy With Debbie And The Film-Study Lesbians

Jimmy put out his right hand and shook hands with each of the film-study lesbians.

Blue-haired Elizabeth’s previously-bored face now beamed at Jimmy. “Debbie did not hyperbolize one bit—you are magnificently handsome.”

Pink-haired Kimberly nodded. “Your eyes, your smile, your jawline, your broad shoulders—you’ve got it all.”

Debbie clapped her hands. “So let’s fuck! Let’s all fuck Jimmy!”

Debbie’s loud words drew surprised looks from several people in the video store.

Blue-haired Elizabeth asked, “Is that what you want? To fuck us?”

Jimmy said, “Honestly? Gosh golly, yes!”

“I’m game,” Kimberly said.

“I too consent,” said the blue-haired girl.

Jimmy replied, “Um, okay. But I’ll need to rent a motel room, which means I need to hit up an ATM machine first.” Which means I’ll be spending money tonight that I really can’t afford to spend.

Debbie said, “No need for that. I was totally serious about no blue balls for you.”

Then Debbie whispered something to Elizabeth and Kimberly. They all started whispering back and forth.

Less than a minute later, all three young women were smiling at Jimmy.

Elizabeth said, “My apartment bedroom is spacious enough for all four of us.”

Kimberly said, “I’ve got wine and cheese in my fridge that I’ll donate to the cause.”

Debbie said, “Relax and enjoy yourself tonight, Jimmy. Don’t worry about money.”

“Or blue balls either, it seems,” Jimmy said.

* * *

Elizabeth’s eyes were brown; Kimberly’s were green. Jimmy had not noticed till both women were undressed.

“What kind of sex experience have you had?” Jimmy asked.

“Strictly girls,” said Elizabeth. She gave Kimberly a look that Jimmy could not read. “I lost my sapphic cherry to my gym teacher.”

Kimberly shrugged. “I gave two blowjobs in middle school; and one of the two boys I sucked off, he ate me out. I had a boyfriend Paul in high school and I fucked him once, then I invented an excuse to break up with him. For none of those times was the sex good for me. I thought I was going to be a nun, till Liz seduced me.”

Naked Debbie said, “But now you guys are up for, like, anything Jimmy wants to do with you, right?”

“I’m Yes to anything Jimmy wants,” pink-haired Kimberly said, nodding.

“My feelings exactly,” blue-haired Elizabeth agreed.

“Gosh golly, wow,” Jimmy murmured.

Then Jimmy spoke in a commanding voice: “Elizabeth, I want you on your knees and sucking my dick. Even though you’ve never done that before, try your best. Debbie, lie down on the bed. Kimberly, while Elizabeth sucks me, I want to watch you eat Debbie out—give her basketfuls of orgasms with your mouth.”

Both Debbie and Kimberly got on the bed, while Elizabeth began a D-minus blowjob.

Just before Kimberly put her mouth on Debbie’s cunt, Kimberly raised her head and said to Debbie, “You are Jimmy’s favorite, so you deserve the best pussy-licking I know how to give.”

Jimmy spent the next ten minutes needing to coach Elizabeth at cocksucking. At the end of that ten minutes, Elizabeth was better than when she started—but that was not saying much.

Obviously Debbie, who by now was moaning and thrashing as she was being eaten out by Kimberly, was having a more fun time than Jimmy was having.

* * *

After ten minutes of Debbie getting non-stop pleasured and Jimmy getting occasionally tingled, he said, “Kimberly and Elizabeth, switch places.”

Fifteen seconds later, pink-haired Kimberly was slurping Jimmy’s cock while blue-haired Elizabeth was tonguing Debbie’s pussy.

This turned out to be a better deal for both Jimmy and Debbie, though Kimberly was nowhere near as good a cocksucker as Debbie was.

It really is amazing, Jimmy thought, how in just two weeks, Debbie has become such an eager cocksucker and such an expert one. Even better, whatever did that made Debbie’s tits get so big.

By now, the bedroom reeked of Debbie’s aroused pussy. Or maybe Jimmy was smelling all three women’s aroused pussies—Elizabeth’s and Kimberly’s faces also were flushed with arousal.

* * *

Another ten minutes later, Kimberly had Jimmy hard and happy. Jimmy said, “Stop, everybody. Elizabeth, lie on the bed; I’m going to fuck you now. Kimberly and Debbie, you two find someplace comfortable, and you two kiss and finger each other.”

Debbie and Kimberly wound up lying on the carpet by the bed, where anytime Jimmy looked over, he could see the two women kissing and fondling each other.

Elizabeth, who was lying on her back on the bed, was reaching up to embrace Jimmy. “Be my first man, Jimmy. Use me—your using me gets me hot. Take me.”

So Jimmy did.

Seconds later, he was amazed. Gosh golly, Elizabeth wasn’t lying! For a supposed pure lesbian, her pussy sure is slick around my dick!

* * *

Elizabeth was scratching Jimmy’s back. “Oh god, I’m cumming! A man is fucking me, and I’m cumming! Yes, yes, fuck me with your erect masculine cock! Use me!”

Jimmy knew Elizabeth was not putting on an act. Her hips were thrusting like crazy.

Then Elizabeth thrust her hips right off the bed, while she screamed, while one of her hands grabbed Jimmy’s hair and pulled hard enough to make Jimmy instantly bald.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, it was pink-haired Kimberly lying on the bed and getting fucked by Jimmy.

“Give it to me, Jimmy!” Kimberly said. “When Paul fucked me, it was nothing like this! Ohh, your cock feels so good! Fuck me, let me be a slut for you!”

Over on the carpet, Elizabeth was lying on her back, getting licked by Debbie. Debbie lifted her face from Elizabeth’s crotch and said, “Jimmy, if there’s anything I can do to, like, make your night better, you tell me, okay?”

* * *

At the end of the evening, Debbie sucked Jimmy to hardness, then Jimmy fucked Debbie on Elizabeth’s bed. Kimberly and Elizabeth kissed, caressed, and fondled each other while they watched the Jimmy-Debbie live sex show.

“Mmm, hetero sex is so beautiful,” Kimberly said. “It’s so hot. I’m getting hot watching Jimmy and Debbie.”

Elizabeth said, “It is hot. I crave to get Jimmy priapic, then have his penis fuck my vagina till I climax repeatedly.”

* * *

Jimmy had fallen asleep in Elizabeth’s bed. When he woke up, the bedroom’s window curtains were glowing with sunlight, and Jimmy’s dick felt happy.

Jimmy looked down to discover that Elizabeth was sucking his cock. The blue-haired former lesbian had improved her technique: Now her blowjob was no longer awful, just amateurish.

Also on the bed, kneeling on the mattress next to Jimmy, was Debbie. Debbie was holding a dinner plate and a clear plastic cup filled with orange juice. As soon as Jimmy was looking in Debbie’s direction, Debbie brought the dinner plate down to where he could see it and reach it. Piled on the dinner plate were many cubes of cheese.

Debbie said to Jimmy, “We brought you breakfast in bed. We figure you’re, ohmigod, soo starved.”

Kimberly was sitting in a chair that was close to Jimmy’s head and that was facing Jimmy’s head. Kimberly was naked and masturbating.

Jimmy asked her, “I don’t mind, but why are you doing that? I’m not sexy enough to get you so horny.”

Debbie spoke up: “Ohmigod, that is so wrong. You’re the sexiest man on the planet.”

Kimberly nodded. “Also, it just seems right and natural for me to entertain you with my body.”

Jimmy took a moment to eat some cheese and sip some orange juice. Then he gave the food back to Debbie and said, “Elizabeth, Kimberly, one of you fuck me. Climb on top.”

Elizabeth raised her head up from sucking Jimmy’s cock to look at Kimberly. Some kind of unspoken conversation happened between them, then Elizabeth said, “Let me fuck you, Jimmy.”

Elizabeth climbed on top of Jimmy, positioned herself so that her pussy lips were touching the head of Jimmy’s dick, then Elizabeth’s pussy slid down Jimmy’s shaft.

Once again, when Jimmy buried his cock in Elizabeth’s twat, he discovered that Elizabeth was slurpy wet, without him having to do a thing.

By now, Elizabeth’s hips were sliding up and down Jimmy’s shaft. She yelled out, “Ohh, I’m glad I waited! My first man is the quintessential stud—Jimmy, you set my vagina on fire!

* * *

Later that morning, Jimmy thanked Elizabeth and Kimberly for their “hospitality,” and mentioned that he and Debbie needed to leave.

Elizabeth shook her head. “You don’t need to leave if you don’t want to. You’re welcome to stay all weekend.”

Jimmy was shocked to realize that Elizabeth was not merely being polite; her offer was sincere, perhaps even heartfelt. And not only did Elizabeth want Jimmy to stay, but Kimberly was looking at him with pleading eyes.

It took all of the self-discipline that Jimmy could muster, to say, “Thanks for the offer, but we need to leave.”

Debbie began to gather up her scattered clothing, prior to getting dressed. Jimmy noticed that Debbie’s boobs on Saturday morning were bigger than on Friday night.

Ten minutes later, Jimmy was shocked to notice that Debbie was indeed bustier, but all her pulled-on clothing still fit her perfectly. That’s not possible.