The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Days 11 Through 13: Debbie’s Attitude Has Changed

When Jimmy arrived at the dorm cafeteria, he saw instantly that the waiting line was longer than usual.

A minute later, Jimmy figured out the reason: the serving line was moving much slower than normal.

Once Jimmy moved up past the entrance door and could grab a tray, he saw that Lucille was the reason for the holdup. Most of the time, she scanned a guy’s meal card right, but roughly one guy out of four, she messed up on. Eep—Card not accepted. Lucille would try again. Eep.

About the time Jimmy figured out how Lucille was messing up, the cafeteria manager walked up to her and said, “I’ll take over here. You go to the back and wash pots. We need to talk after I close the serving line.”

“No problem, Mr. McDavid,” Lucille replied. She smiled as she said those words, which shocked Jimmy. She could get fired this morning—doesn’t she know that?

Lucille left the register then; but instead of heading into the kitchen, she walked behind the servers until she was standing in front of Jimmy. “Could you, like, wait for me after you finish breakfast? It might take a while before I clock out, you know?” She nodded her head sideways to mean the cafeteria manager.

* * *

The cafeteria clock said 8:22 when Lucille walked out of the serving-line exit door.

Jimmy was shocked when he saw her.

For one thing, Lucille’s tits had grown bigger in just two days. Now her tits were the size of grapefruits.

Jimmy also was shocked because Lucille sure was not trying to hide her sexiness. Besides porn-actress makeup, now Lucille was wearing a tight, green t-shirt that read, “Bad To The Bone, Good To The Boner.”

Finally, Jimmy was surprised to see Lucille smiling. He was sure that she would look glum after talking to her boss.

Lucille not only was made-up like a stripper, but she sashayed toward Jimmy’s table like one. A smile glowed on her face, while her hips swung back and forth and her long red hair waved from side to side.

When Lucille got close, Jimmy asked, “So how did things go?” Because of Lucille’s big smile, Jimmy was expecting happy news.

Instead, Lucille shrugged and, while still smiling, said, “I got demoted. I’m on the serving line, starting at lunchtime. No more cashiering.”

“Oh. I’m ... sorry?” Lucille’s big smile was confusing him.

“I’m not!” Lucille said, grinning. “I got to keep my job without blowing Mr. McDavid. So things are good, right?”

Then Lucille added, “Besides, working that cash register is so hard, ohmigod.”

* * *

If truth be told, Lucille’s tight shirt, big boobs, and slutty makeup all were getting Jimmy horny. So when Lucille dropped a hint about seeing his dorm room again, Jimmy quickly agreed.

Jimmy and Lucille walked out of the cafeteria and past the dorm TV lounge, the dorm office, and resident mailboxes. They walked to the staircase by Skekskem’s front doors, With all this walking, Jimmy and Lucille passed many young men. Every guy was checking Lucille out.

The two young lovers climbed the stairs to the third floor, walked a short hallway, then turned right onto the main hallway where Jimmy’s dorm room was. Now Jimmy saw his dorm-room door.

Now Jimmy also saw Debbie standing in front of his door.

Debbie turned a quarter-turn. Debbie saw Jimmy—with Lucille.

* * *

Jimmy murmured then, “Gosh golly, I am in such trouble.”

“What’s wrong?” Lucille asked.

“See the babe there in the denim skirt?”

“The one with the tight red top that shows off both her big boobs and her red lipstick?”

“Uh, right. Her. That’s Debbie.”


“My, ahem, girlfriend.”

“She’s ‘Debbie,’ you say?” Lucille didn’t wait for Jimmy to answer, but started to move toward Debbie. If anything, Lucille’s sashay now, walking toward Debbie, was even sexier than the sashay that Lucille had given Jimmy in the cafeteria.

As Jimmy hurried to catch up with Lucille, he was looking worriedly at Debbie’s face. Surprisingly, Debbie did not look angry. Instead, Debbie looked ... interested?

When Lucille stopped moving, she was standing only six inches away from Debbie. Only two people about to fight, or two people about to fuck, stood so close.

“We have a man in common,” Lucille purred.

“Jimmy Bailey,” Debbie replied in a sultry voice.

“I was going to fuck him,” Lucille said.

“Gosh golly, Lucille!” Jimmy exclaimed.

Debbie gazed into Lucille’s eyes and said, “I was going to suck Jimmy’s dick till he told me to stop.”

Jimmy cringed. “Um, Debbie? This is not—”

Lucille said, “Debbie, I’ve never done sex with, like, another woman. But if you’re with Jimmy, I want to finger you till you soak the sheets.”

Debbie nodded. “I’ve never had sex with a woman, either. But Lucille, I want to eat you out while Jimmy watches.”

Then Debbie and Lucille kissed each other on the lips. It was a brief kiss—only one second—but gosh golly, two big-breasted babes were kissing each other in a guy’s dormitory!

Neither Lucille nor Debbie said anything more after that; but they both turned and looked at Jimmy with their eyebrows raised.

As Jimmy hurried to unlock his dorm-room door, a male voice said, “Damn, guy, how do you rate?”

* * *

Five minutes later, Jimmy was sitting in the room’s one chair. He was fully clothed, except for his dick, which was naked and pointing at the ceiling.

Jimmy had figured out quickly that a dorm-room bed was not the right place for him to have three-person sex. So he had told the women that they could use it.

Except that they were not using the bed yet; they were still undressing. Debbie and Lucille getting each other naked was not a frenzied thing, but a gradual thing. At the five-minute mark, all the women had achieved was to shed each other’s tops and to unfasten each other’s bras. Plus kissing—lots of kissing.

“Your hair is so pretty, Lucille,” Debbie said, running a hand down the length of Lucille’s long red hair. Then Debbie gave Lucille another kiss.

“Your skin is so soft, Debbie, and such a pretty color,” Lucille replied.

Ten minutes later, Debbie was still not completely naked; she was wearing her heels and her panties. Debbie was trembling, and one hand was groping Lucille’s boob, as Lucille’s hand worked some kind on magic inside Debbie’s panties. As for Lucille, she now was naked.

Debbie pulled Lucille in for a kiss. When the kiss ended, Debbie said, “I have to taste you.”

“I soo want that,” Lucille breathed.

Two minutes later, Debbie was eating Lucille out. “Oh yes, sugar, keep licking me there,” Lucille said. “That feels”—gasp—“soo nice.”

Debbie was the first to get really aroused, because of Lucille stroking her; but Lucille was the first to come, because of Debbie eating her out.

* * *

Later, Debbie and Lucille were on Jimmy’s dorm bed, kissing and caressing, when Lucille growled, “Let’s finish getting you naked.” (Debbie was still wearing her heels.)

Debbie replied, “We should ask Jimmy.”

Jimmy was surprised completely out of his wienie-whacking. “Huh? Why ask me whether you should keep your shoes on?”

Debbie said, “Because Lucille and me are having sex while you watch, and isn’t that what girls in porn films do? But girls in porn films always wear heels, even when they’re naked.”

“Damn,” Lucille said, “now I wish I’d worn my fuck-me pumps to work this morning.”

Jimmy said, “Since you’re asking: Yeah, keep the heels on.”

Debbie smiled at Jimmy, then kissed Lucille.

Jimmy, meanwhile, was feeling amazed. Before he had left town two weeks ago to visit his family, Debbie had been trying to control his life. Which included trying to control his sex-life. As in, “Once in a blue moon.” But now, Debbie’s attitude was Whatever Jimmy wants, Jimmy gets—even to wearing high-heeled shoes during sex.

* * *

After the women had fun with each other, they took turns sucking and fucking Jimmy. Lucille, it turned out, could clamp down on Jimmy’s dick with her pussy; and Lucille was a marvel at deepthroat.

All in all, Jimmy had a grand time with Debbie and Lucille. He missed his 9:30 class, but he did not care.

Blame Jimmy cumming three times before noontime for this temporary slacker attitude.

* * *

Sure enough, Lucille was no longer the cashier, but now was in charge of serving up sausage and bacon.

In just one day, Lucille’s tits had grown. Not only could Jimmy not tear his eyes away from her chest now, but neither could the guys before and after Jimmy in the serving line.

The new cashier was a skinny guy. When Jimmy handed over the meal card, Cashier Guy tried to make a joke, saying, “I know you’d rather flirt with your babe-girlfriend, but you’re stuck with me now.”

As Cashier Guy handed Jimmy back his meal card, he whispered, “How did you score a hottie like Lucille? What’s your secret? Please, I gotta know.”

Jimmy shrugged. My “secret” is a wooden ring that I wore once, but I haven’t figured out more than that.

* * *

Krissi had come to class wearing a brown-denim skirt, a tight tan top—that made it very clear to Jimmy that Krissi’s tits had grown since Wednesday—and high-heeled sneakers. Jimmy had never even heard of high-heeled sneakers, but today Krissi was wearing them.

As Krissi had done on Monday and Wednesday, she had spent the entire class period Friday rubbing Jimmy’s cock, through his pants and with her hand hidden by his notebook.

Now when class ended, Hilda walked down the center-aisle steps, headed for the front door. “Bye, Hilda,” Krissi called out; Hilda did not answer Krissi or react to her.

Krissi looked sad, but only for a second. Then she smiled at Jimmy and said, “I can’t wait for the class to be empty!”

“Gosh golly, me too,” Jimmy said. His cock was now so hard, Jimmy could punch holes in drywall.

There had been no following class on Monday morning, and none on Wednesday morning; so Jimmy did not expect any student to walk into class now. Jimmy was expecting—actually, counting on—that after the last few stragglers left, the classroom would be empty and would stay empty.

But no, one student did walk into the amphitheater-classroom then. And not just any student.

Debbie?” Jimmy said. “What are you doing here?”

Debbie said, “I figured you’d be horny, surrounded by all those freshman girls. But it looks like you’re okay.”

Krissi said to Jimmy, “Ohmigod, is she mad at us? But she doesn’t act mad.”

Jimmy said, “No, she’s not mad.”

Then Jimmy once again did Strange Introductions: “Debbie, this is Krissi. Krissi, this is Debbie.”

Debbie said, “Pleased to meet you. Has Jimmy tried fucking your big boobs?”

Jimmy blinked in surprise.

Krissi said, “No, we’ve never tried that. But ohmigod, now we have to! Thanks for the idea.”

“Jimmy and me haven’t done any titty-fucks either. But ohmigod, I did them a lot in high school.” Debbie gave Jimmy a pleading look.

Jimmy, meanwhile, felt like he was dreaming a very pleasant, but very strange, dream.

He said, “Here’s an idea: Since I’ve never done a titty-fuck before and you both want to, why don’t we do that now?”

Krissi said, “That is totally a good idea.” Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Debbie said, “Jimmy is soo smart. He’s majoring in Whatchacallit Engineering, you know?”

Within seconds, both Debbie and Krissi were on their knees, naked from the waist up, and grinning at Jimmy.

Debbie and Krissi were kneeling shoulder to shoulder on a step of the center aisle, and Jimmy was standing on the next step down and facing the women. Jimmy’s dick was out of his pants; it was hard and eager.

* * *

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum on your big tits!” Jimmy said (twice).

“Oh yes, Jimmy baby, cum on my boobs!” Jimmy heard (twice).

Jimmy had a grand time during that hour. Titty-fucks did wonderful things to his nerve endings; something not to be sneered at. But adding to his excitement? Two women were having sex with Jimmy, they each looked porn-movie hot, and they each were eager to pleasure him. Also stoking Jimmy’s fire: the danger of getting caught.

With all that stimulation, Jimmy cummed twice by titty-fuck, and Jimmy cummed hard.

Neither time did the girl whose tits he was cumming on, react with less than a smile. Jimmy heard no ewws; he saw no scrunched-up expressions. Both times, the girl’s response to getting semen spurted on her slurp-sacks was to turn her head and to kiss the girl who was kneeling next to her, before turning her face back toward Jimmy and popsicling his dick.

Titty-fucking Debbie and Krissi was a mammarable experience, udderly delightful.

* * *

“Fuck, she’s back!” a male voice exclaimed.

For the second Friday in a row, Debbie had dressed up like a movie star, then had let Jimmy talk her into going on the cheapest date he could afford. So for the second Friday in a row, Jimmy had taken Debbie to Jack In The Box; and again Jimmy and Debbie were checking out the video store.

When Jimmy and Debbie walked into Grompet Video, the customers (openly) and the store employees (covertly) stared at the young couple.

Mainly because of Debbie’s mind-boggling chest. Jimmy was convinced that, just between Friday morning and Friday evening, Debbie had gotten boobier.

Debbie also was getting stared at in the video store because she was dressed up fancier than everyone else in the store—including Jimmy. Tonight she was wearing a rich-green slinky dress and a gold necklace—a gold rose at the end of a golden chain. The necklace drew the viewer’s eye to Debbie’s valley of cleavage.

Add to that, Debbie’s bright-red fingernails and bright-red lipstick, her fuck-me eye-makeup and her sky-high heels, and Debbie in the video store was as hot as any starlet pictured on a video box.

Debbie now said in a low voice, “The girls with the baby-blanket hair are back.”

The two film-study lesbians, one pink-haired and the other blue-haired, were two of the customers still staring after Debbie had made her entrance.

Debbie asked Jimmy, “Do you want me to ask them to, ohmigod, have sex with us?”

Jimmy turned and stared. “You’re okay with that? Assuming they’re interested in me, which I doubt.”

Debbie looked serious. “If a man has blue balls for too long, he gets sick. He could even die. I don’t want you to die, ohmigod. If looking at those two gives you blue balls, I should share you with them, right?”

Jimmy thought, That’s not what you said last week.

Then Debbie said, “If they won’t fuck you, let’s see if they’ll fuck me while you watch. You okay with that?”

Jimmy was too stunned to reply; he could only nod. Debbie kissed his cheek and then sashayed over to the film-studies girls.

Every pair of eyes in the place (including those of the film-studies girls) watched Debbie wiggle and jiggle.

* * *

Ten minutes later, Debbie was back, and somehow the lesbians were with her.

Debbie said, “Oh god, I always forget the rules with introductions, you know? I’m such a ditz.”

The two film-studies girls shared a look. Then the blue-haired girl said, “You introduce younger people to older first, and men to women first.”

“Gotcha,” Debbie said. Debbie put on a smile and said, “Elizabeth and Kimberly, here is the bestest boyfriend in the world, Jimmy Bailey. Jimmy, here are Elizabeth Morton”—Debbie gestured toward the blue-haired girl—“and Kimberly Fuller.” Who had the pink hair.

“How do you do?” said Elizabeth and Kimberly, sounding bored.

Then Jimmy put out his right hand and shook hands with each of them.