The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Day 8: Changes Start To Stack Up

Jimmy was staring at Lucille all the time he was working his way through the serving line.

When he finally got to the front of the line, he said, “Gosh golly, Lucille, you look different this morning.”

Jimmy was referring to the fact that Lucille’s tits were maybe a cup-size bigger than on Friday—which was especially noticeable because her “Fighting Grompets” t-shirt was stretched across her chest so tightly.

“Oh wow,” Lucille said, “you noticed my false eyelashes! I wasn’t sure you would.”

“Wait, what? Eyelashes?

“Yeah, Friday I decided to change my whole makeup style. I’ve been, like, practicing all weekend with the false eyelashes. How do I look?”

Now that the false eyelashes had been mentioned, Jimmy noticed that Lucille was indeed wearing them—at 7:45 in the morning. Lucille also was wearing more eye makeup in general, and a shiny, dark-orange lipstick. Lucille was wearing the kind of makeup that porn actresses wore, not cafeteria workers at breakfast.

“Um, the makeup looks fine. Well, maybe a little heavy for this time a day—”

“But do I look sexy, Jimmy? To you?

“You know you do.”

The guy behind Jimmy said, “Hey, buddy, quite talking to the cashier with the big tits and leave, okay? I want to sit down and eat my food.”

Jimmy spun around to glare at the guy. “Don’t call her ‘the cashier with the big tits’! She has a name. Lucille.”

Jimmy heard a girlish laugh behind him. “But I am the cashier with the big tits! I’ve had these boobs since I was sixteen, you know? It’s just that Friday, I decided not to hide them anymore.”

Jimmy spun around to stare at Lucille’s face. Jimmy wasn’t a jerk or a creep, but he was a guy, and he looked at tits. Jimmy was willing to bet a million bucks, on top of his student loans, that last week, Lucille had been a B-cup girl.

Jimmy wanted to say Is your memory playing tricks on you? No way did you have big tits since you were sixteen!

But instead, Jimmy said to Lucille, “I’m holding up the line. I should go. Um, you look really nice this morning.”

Lucille smiled a big and genuine smile, and she was now busty enough that Lucille’s smile made Jimmy’s dick stir.

* * *

When Jimmy walked into the classroom, Krissi and Hilda were already in their seats. The two brunettes seemed to be arguing about something.

Perhaps the argument was about him? Hilda was glaring at Jimmy as he took his seat, while, Krissi was waving at him.

Krissi, like Lucille an hour earlier, was more heavily made up than she had been on Friday. Jimmy also noted that Krissi had taken scissors to a “Tyudlurm University” t-shirt, to give the shirt a V-neck.

Jimmy was digging his notebook and his grammar book out of his book bag when he was tapped on the shoulder.

Jimmy looked to his left. Standing in the center aisle was Krissi.

“Is it okay if I sit next to you during class?” Krissi asked. “I can see the blackboard better from here.”

It took Jimmy a few seconds to answer. Krissi had butt-length brunette hair like she had sported on Friday, and she had slim hips and a slim waist, like on Friday. But now she had bigger tits than she’d had on Friday; and her home-made V-neck t-shirt let Jimmy see cleavage.

After several seconds of staring, Jimmy remembered that Krissi had asked him a question.

“Gosh, yes,” he replied, “you can sit next to me. Yeah.”

Jimmy grabbed his book bag and set it down in the center aisle, as Krissi slid by him to the seat that Jimmy’s book bag had just left. Krissi took her own book bag off her shoulders and set it down in the empty seat to her right. But once Krissi sat down, she did not bother to open her book bag.

Jimmy asked her, “Aren’t you going to take notes?”

She replied, “Today I’m just gonna, like, look and listen.” So saying, she folded her hands in her lap.

The Grammar lecturer walked into the class then. By the time the man began lecturing, Jimmy had his open notebook in his lap, with pen in hand.

Krissi leaned over and murmured in his ear, “I like you, Jimmy. I think you are, ohmigod, soo sexy.”

Jimmy said, “I like you too, Kri—”

Krissi slid a hand under his notebook and started to caress his upper thigh. After only a few seconds, her hand moved up to rub Jimmy’s dick through his pants.

Krissi leaned over again and murmured, “I don’t have a boyfriend. I broke up with him last Monday.”

Jimmy said, “Um...” The right thing to do right then would be to tell Krissi that he was dating Debbie—but gosh golly, Krissi’s hand felt so nice.

Krissi murmured, “Do you have a girlfriend?

“Yes, I do. Her name is Debbie. So, um, you should stop.”

Krissi replied, “I don’t mind getting her leftovers, you know?”

* * *

When class ended, Jimmy had been in delicious torment for nearly an hour. Soon after class was dismissed, Hilda was standing to Jimmy’s left. Hilda was glaring at Krissi—

“Did you have fun during class, Krissi?”

By then, Krissi’s hands were back in her lap. She replied to Hilda’s question, in a tone of purest innocence, “Fun? Not really. I just sat here and learned about grammar.”

Hilda next turned her glare on Jimmy. “It’s clear to me that you had fun.”

Not waiting for Jimmy’s reply, Hilda hurried down the center-aisle stairs.

A minute later, the amphitheater-classroom was empty except for Jimmy and Krissi. Jimmy moved his notebook off his lap—

—which revealed that his dick was straining to burst free of his clothing.

As Krissi looked straight at Jimmy’s boner, she asked, “Is there a class after ours?”

“Somebody would have come in by now, if there were.”

“Oh my god, so it’s just you and me in an empty classroom?”

“Seems that way.”

Krissi looked at Jimmy and said, “You can have me however you want. You can fuck my pussy, or my ass, or I’ll suck your dick.”

“How about we just get rid of the steel hard-on you gave me, hm?”

* * *

Between the last row of seats of the amphitheater-classroom and the back wall was a narrow walkway. At either end of that walkway were two doors. If someone stood outside one of those doors and looked in the right direction, he or she could see Jimmy and Krissi now laying down on the rear walkway. Otherwise, the two young people could not be seen till they stood up.

So having naked sex there, at that almost-private spot, became the plan.

Just before Jimmy stuck his dick in Krissi, she told him, “I am so wet for you. I want so bad for you to fuck me.” Seconds later, Jimmy discovered that Krissi was telling the honest truth.

Jimmy was too horny to want foreplay, and Krissi begged him to skip it, so they went straight to the fucking.

Krissi’s hips thrust. Her fingers clawed. Her mouth said, “I need you. I need to fuck you. You’re the hottest guy at Tyudlurm. Fuck me, stud!” Krissi moaned a lot.

The only disappointment for Jimmy? Krissi’s bigger tits still weren’t big enough for a titty-fuck.

Yet Krissi’s bigger tits were real tits—when Krissi was lying on her back, her tits lay flat and to the side, not sticking straight up the way silicone tits did. (Or so Jimmy had read.)

What could cause a full cup-size of natural breast-growth in only a few days?

Jimmy’s brain shied away from the obvious answer.

* * *

When the two lovers were getting dressed, Jimmy casually asked, “So how long have you had those big boobs?”

The truthful answer would have been, Only a few days.

Instead, Krissi shrugged. “Since I was fifteen or sixteen. Sometime in high school.”

* * *

Jimmy was doing homework when someone knocked on his door. The sound puzzled Jimmy: it sounded like Debbie’s knock, but Jimmy and Debbie had not made a date.

As Jimmy was walking over to answer the door, he thought, Did Debbie find out about me and Krissi? Oh, shit.

It was indeed Debbie. But she was grinning, so she obviously did not know about Krissi.

Jimmy was flabbergasted when Debbie walked into his dorm room.

Below the waist, she was wearing a pink-denim miniskirt and high-angled cork wedgies.

Above the waist, Debbie was wearing a tight, black t-shirt. Pink letters spelled out “YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT ME.” Printed on the front of the black shirt, below the pink letters, was a giant red lipstick kiss.

Above the black t-shirt was Debbie’s black hair (pinned up atop her head) and her dark-skinned face (heavily made up). Once again, Debbie was wearing bright-red lipstick.

Debbie was just as sexy, in a casual way, as she had been Friday, all dressed up.

Actually, Debbie was even sexier now than she was Friday—because now her tits were bigger. Which was something that the tight t-shirt made obvious.

* * *

One second later, Jimmy asked, “What’s up, Debbie?”

“I hadn’t seen you in, like, three days, and I was wondering if you wanted some company.”

“Golly, I wish you’d come a half-hour from now! Then we could have all kinds of fun. But right now I still have homework to do.” Jimmy gestured toward his desk.

Debbie walked over—hips swaying as she walked—and eyed Jimmy’s work, especially the assignment he had so carefully drawn on graph paper. “What is this?”

“The Romashkin Cycle,” Jimmy replied. “I have to know it cold or I’ll never get hired when I graduate.”

“Wow,” Debbie said, “if you understand this stuff, you are smart.”

Jimmy blinked. Debbie had never called him “smart” before. In fact, until a week ago, she had treated him like he were stupid, stupid, stupid.

Debbie put on a sexy smile. She walked up to Jimmy, her hips swinging, and put her arms around his neck. “I have an idea,” she purred. “You do your homework, and I’ll do the homework I need to do.”

“How? You didn’t bring any books.”

“Silly, I don’t mean school homework, I mean girlfriend homework.”

Debbie grabbed the pillow off his bed and tossed it on the floor by Jimmy’s desk.

Girlfriend homework, it turned out, meant Debbie practicing her blowjob technique while Jimmy sat at his desk and tried to do his homework.

Homework that would have taken Jimmy only thirty minutes without Debbie there, took him two hours—with Debbie slurping his salami the entire time.

Debbie never complained about the two-hour blowjob. In fact, after the first five minutes, she was fingering herself.

Thankfully, Jimmy did not need to tell Debbie to swallow his come. And gosh golly, when he exploded after a two-hour buildup, the orgasm was glorious.

After that, Debbie stood up, rinsed her mouth at the dorm-room sink, applied fresh (bright-red) lipstick, gave Jimmy a quick kiss on the lips, and left.

By then, Jimmy’s body was coming down from the two-hour blowjob. Jimmy felt super-sleepy.

He picked the pillow off the floor, put the pillow back on his bed, then lay down on his bed with his arm over his eyes. Jimmy fell asleep with all his clothes on (even his shoes), and with his overhead light on.

* * *

Jimmy woke up, glanced at the clock, and thought, I have seven minutes to get downstairs to breakfast!

Fortunately, he did not need to get dressed, having fallen asleep fully clothed. Jimmy spent twenty seconds dry-shaving his face—Kids, don’t ever try this at home—and ten seconds combing his hair; then Jimmy ran out the door and raced for the stairs.

* * *

Jimmy was the second person in line. Lucille kept swiping the first guy’s card and swiping the card, but the register kept eeping. Eep—Card not accepted.

“This is, like, so weird,” Lucille muttered. “This thing was working a second ago.”

“Um, Lucille?” Jimmy said. “You’ve got his card the wrong way. The magnetic stripe needs to be down, not up.”

Lucille looked at the card in her hand, quickly turned it the right way, and swiped the card again. The cash register made the Card Accepted tone.

Lucille laughed as she handed the other guy his meal card. She said, “God, I am such a ditz sometimes, you know?”

* * *

When Jimmy handed his meal card to Lucille, she said, “Oh my god, I was so worried you would miss breakfast!”

“I almost did,” Jimmy said. “I overslept.”

Jimmy was not sure, but Lucille’s tits seemed slightly bigger than they had looked yesterday at lunchtime.

Jimmy took his food tray to a table. Promptly at 8:00, the cafeteria manager locked the entrance door to the serving line. Soon after that, Lucille walked out of the serving line’s exit door, with a book bag slung over one shoulder.

Lucille made a beeline for Jimmy’s table.

Lucille jiggled nicely as she walked. Just as she had done on Monday, on Tuesday Lucille was wearing false eyelashes, porn-star eye shadow, and porn-star lipstick.

“Mind if I sit here?” she asked, while her eyes made promises.

“Be my guest,” Jimmy said. Lucille sat down.

“When’s your first class?” she asked.

“At 9:30.” They both glanced up at the clock on the wall; the time was 8:02.

“Me, too—9:30, I mean.” Then Lucille seemingly changed the subject: “I wonder if your dorm-room looks like mine did, back when I had to live in Sanova Dorm.”

Jimmy said, “I don’t have to live here; I’m a junior—”

“Ooh, almost ready to graduate.”

“But this is close to my classes, I rate a single-occupant room, I don’t have to cook my own food, and I don’t have to wash my own dishes.”

“But living in a dorm, you have visitation hours for girls. When are girls allowed in your dorm room?”

Golly, is Lucille really trying to get me to take her upstairs for a quick fuck? When did I suddenly become so hot to girls? Aloud, Jimmy said, “Visitation is between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.”

“So we could, like, go up to your dorm room right now. Because, you know, I want to know if it’s like mine was.”

“I want to finish breakfast first.”

Lucille smiled at him. “But then we’ll go to your dorm room, if that’s okay?”

* * *

Skekskem Dormitory had an elevator, but it had been installed in 1938. Jimmy and Lucille took the stairs.

As soon as Jimmy and Lucille emerged from the stairwell, Jimmy yelled “WOMAN ON THE FLOOR.” Jimmy led Lucille to the door of his dorm room. He unlocked the door.

Jimmy intended to take Lucille literally: to show her his dorm room, then to leave. Jimmy felt guilty about cheating on Debbie with Krissi, so he had no plans to cheat on Debbie with Lucille.

Anyway, Jimmy unlocked his door, opened it wide, and said, “Well, this is what my room looks like”—

And his plan went into the shredder.

* * *

Lucille walked into Jimmy’s dorm room, studying the room’s construction (which was practical) and the room’s decoration (which was nearly none).

She said, “Could you shut the door? I might get in trouble with my boss if, like, he knew I was here.”

So Jimmy shut the dorm-room door—with him inside the door, of course.

Jimmy was trying to figure out how to ask Lucille to leave, right after she had just arrived, when Lucille yanked her book bag off her shoulder and set it on the floor.

Immediately afterward, she pulled her top off and set it on his chair. Underneath, she was wearing a lacy pale-orange bra that matched her pale-orange skin.

Jimmy got only a brief look at the bra in place before Lucille unfastened the bra, which likewise got dropped onto the chair.

Lucille gave Jimmy a flirty smile. “See anything you like?”

“Uhh...” I’m not sure, but Lucille’s tits might be bigger than Krissi’s.

* * *

Ten minutes later, Jimmy was pumping Lucille’s slick and grabby pussy when there was a knock on his door.

It was Debbie’s distinctive knock.

“Gosh golly!” Jimmy exclaimed. “What a time for her to show up.”

Then Jimmy wanted to kick himself, because that was the wrong thing to say when you’re fucking a different woman.

Lucille only smiled at him. “I can share,” she murmured.

“”It’s good that you can,” Jimmy murmured back.

“Jimmy, I hear your voice,” Debbie said. “Please open the door.”

Jimmy got out of bed, walked to his tiny closet, and pulled on a robe. He debated pulling on his briefs, but decided that Debbie would wonder at the delay. So instead, Jimmy decided to leave his underwear off, but to stand where Debbie could not see this.

Jimmy opened the door. Before Debbie got a chance to say anything, he said, “I’m sick, and...”

The words died in his throat.

Debbie’s black hair had been rolled so that it was puffed-up and thick-looking. Debbie’s makeup was sexy—plus again, Debbie was wearing bright-red nail polish and lipstick. And her dress?

Debbie was wearing white high-heeled shoes, to match a white dress that was short and tight, and that showed lots of Debbie’s olive-colored skin.

But the sexiest thing of all about Debbie this morning was that Jimmy was sure—he would bet money—that Debbie’s tits of Tuesday morning were bigger than they had been on Monday night.

Meanwhile, only a second or two had passed since Jimmy had opened the door. Debbie now exclaimed, “Oh my god, you are sick! Your face is red and, like, you’re sweaty!”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said, “so you understand that I can’t let you in.”

Jimmy heard a slap-slap-slap sound, which he realized was the sound of bare feet on floor tile. Then Lucille was standing next to Jimmy, and standing behind the door hinge so that Debbie could not see her.

Debbie asked Jimmy, “Are you going to your 9:30 class?”

Lucille reached into Jimmy’s robe and started to stroke his cock. Jimmy startled.

Jimmy tried to keep his face calm as Lucille stroked him. To Debbie he said, “I dunno. Haven’t decided yet.”

Lucille’s handjob was what a handjob should be. Jimmy had to concentrate on not thrusting his hips in response.

Debbie asked, “Is it okay if I come visit you this afternoon, after your 12:30 gets out? See if you’re better?”

Jimmy replied with fake calmness, “Sure, I’d like that.” His dick was twitching and throbbing now.

Debbie smiled brightly. “Cool! I’ll be here at two o’clock, and I’ll fuss over you if you need it.”

“Great, Debbie,” Jimmy said. “Thanks for being so understanding.” He shut the door.

I made it! No nasty confrontation. Somehow World War Three got av—

“Jimmy?” Debbie called through the door.

Jimmy opened the door, making sure that Debbie couldn’t see that his now-erect cock was poking out between the ends of his robe and was bumping against the door.

“Yes, Debbie?”

Unseen by Debbie, Lucille went back to stroking Jimmy’s cock.

Debbie said, “I’m, like, soo sorry you’re sick, and I hope you get better fast. But if instead of being sick, you’ve got a girl in there and I stopped you two from fucking—you don’t need to lie to me. I’m a mature woman, I get that you have needs, and I am soo willing to share.”

Debbie gave Jimmy a big smile, then she walked away.

As soon as Jimmy closed the door, Lucille said, “It’s wilted a little. Let me fix that.” Lucille dropped to her knees.

The little part of Jimmy’s brain that was not boiling with lust, thought, Something strange is going on; and Debbie, Lucille, and Krissi all are part of it.