The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Days 2 And 3: Something Is Different

As soon as Jimmy entered the serving line, he noticed that something was different about Lucille the cashier.

But as hard as Jimmy tried, he couldn’t figure out how Lucille was different, only that her “differentness” had something to do with her hair and her clothing. Her clothing fit her differently somehow.

When Jimmy handed over his meal card, he asked, “Um, pardon me, did you do something different with your hair?”

Lucille smiled at him. “No, just washed it with conditioner, same as always. Do you like my hair?”

“Yes, your hair is pretty,” Jimmy replied, even though Lucille’s hair was not anything special. For one thing, her hair was frizzy.

As Lucille handed Jimmy back his meal card, she smiled at him. “I’m glad you think my hair is pretty. Have a good day, James Bailey.”

“Please, call me Jimmy.”

“You got it, Jimmy. Have a good day.”

* * *

As Jimmy went through the serving line, he noticed that Lucille usually said nothing to anyone, except for a bored-sounding “Thank you” at the end.

Only with Jimmy did Lucille carry on a conversation, and she smiled only to Jimmy. Only to Jimmy did Lucille say “Have a good day.”

Again, Jimmy had the feeling that Lucille was a little different from Monday. But again, Jimmy could not pin down what that difference was.

* * *

Jimmy was playing a video game when Debbie called him up on his smartphone.

It was an unusual phone call.

First of all, it was unusual that she called him, without Debbie making an appointment for a time when Jimmy had damned well better call her back.

Secondly, Jimmy expected Debbie to start an argument over him “making” her give him a blowjob. But Debbie did not bring up the topic, not once.

Thirdly, the call was unusual for what did not happen. After Jimmy told Debbie about his day—except that he did not mention flirting with Lucille—he waited for the usual round of orders-disguised-as-advice: You need to do X; you need to stop doing Y; you’re too easygoing, Jimmy. But Debbie gave him no orders during that phone call. None.

When Jimmy ended Debbie’s phone call, he was actually relaxed. How long had it been since that had happened?

Jimmy was puzzled by how Debbie’s phone call ended: with her asking, “Is there anything you need? Anything I can come over and do for you?” Debbie’s questions were asked in a caring voice, not in a sexy voice; and besides, this was Debbie asking—but how else was Jimmy supposed to interpret that signoff but Would you like me to come over and suck your dick again?

* * *

Her hair is less frizzy, Jimmy thought. This is what’s different about Lucille: Her hair is less frizzy than it was two days ago.

Minutes after Jimmy realized this, Lucille was handing him back his meal card, while she wished him a good day. As she was saying these things, she was turned a quarter-turn from the cash register, in order to face Jimmy straight on.

Lucille’s fitted t-shirt revealed her hourglass shape. Jimmy noticed that this hourglass shape was more striking than two days ago, because Lucille’s waist was slimmer.

But Jimmy didn’t compliment Lucille for hitting the gym for the last two days—mainly because then Jimmy would be forced to admit that he never hit any gym ever.

* * *

When Jimmy walked into the lecture hall, he spotted the brunette friends Krissi and Hilda. Hilda had already taken her seat, which was four rows above and behind Jimmy’s favorite seat. An empty seat next to Hilda told Jimmy where Krissi would soon be sitting.

Be Krissi was not sitting next to Hilda. Krissi was standing on the center-aisle steps, next to the seat where Jimmy had sat Monday morning.

Jimmy and Krissi exchanged greetings, then Krissi gave him a “friendly” hug. When Jimmy and Krissi broke the hug, she tried to make cheery conversation—

—all of which Jimmy missed.

Because Krissi’s hacked-off hair from Monday was now longer and shinier; and her big hips and thick waist of Monday were visibly slimmer now.

Jimmy wondered, Is something going on?

* * *

As Jimmy moved through the serving line and up to Lucille, he spent a lot of time looking Lucille over.

Lucille spent a lot of time giving Jimmy big smiles back.

Lucille’s red hair was always in a bun when she was working, so it was hard for Jimmy to tell if her hair was growing longer. But her hair was definitely less frizzy than it was two days ago.

Also, now Jimmy was certain that Lucille’s hips were slimmer than on Monday, her waist was slimmer, and the muscles in her arms had more definition.

Jimmy wondered, What is going on?