The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Day 5: Thursday Afternoon, Friday Morning

Debbie dropped in for a visit on Thursday afternoon. Jimmy noticed that Debbie’s hair was even closer to shampoo-model perfection than it had been three days earlier, and Debbie’s hair was six inches longer than it had been three days earlier. Debbie was slimmer, and her body more toned, than on Monday afternoon. Debbie now was bursting with energy.

* * *

Debbie ended her drop-in visit by asking Jimmy, “Is there anything you need or want before I go?”

Jimmy put on a goofy grin and said, “Yeah, how about a blowjob before you leave?”

Jimmy was prepared to laugh the remark off if Debbie got angry. Debbie did not even frown; instead, she got on her knees and sucked Jimmy’s dick.

She even sucked him long enough that he came in her mouth. She immediately spit his cum into a paper towel—but still, Debbie Smith sucked his dick till he cummed!

The first thing that Debbie said, once she was off her knees, was, “Our date for tomorrow night is still on, right?”

That brought Jimmy crashing back to Earth. Debbie expected lavish dates as her due; what was she going to expect tomorrow after sucking him off today?

* * *

By Friday morning, Lucille in the cafeteria line had carrot-colored hair that was as shiny and frizz-less as hair in a shampoo commercial, and the bun on the back of her head was huge. Lucille had the slim waist, slim hips, slim legs, and toned arms of a dance instructor.

By Friday morning, Krissi in English class had shiny, frizz-less, thick, brunette hair that went down to her butt. Krissi’s flabby pear-shape was gone; Krissi also looked like a dance instructor. Krissi moved like a dance instructor; she had so much energy!

* * *

By Friday morning, Debbie, Lucille, and Krissi each looked like her Monday-self’s hottie twin sister.

Jimmy figured out that something was changing those three girls. Jimmy wondered what would happen next.

Jimmy would not have to wonder long, because he had a date with Debbie that night.